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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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iron ship Storm Cloud, 907 tons, Captain James Campbell, from Plymouth 12th February 1858, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 28th April 1858

. . . . — 4th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1858 ; —5— births and —2— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Augustus G. Davies, surgeon-superintendent.
In the Reports by the Emigration Officer, Dr. Duncan, there was often mention made in regard to Nominee's or General Emigrants ; the list below made a special effort to separate those into two lists, so, I have combined these but made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Nominee = N. — Robert
ship Storm Cloud South Australian Government Gazette 12th August 1858
907 tons, sailed from Plymouth on the 13th February and arrived here on the 28th April, the voyage being accomplished in 75 days. She landed in the colony 335 souls. Two births and two deaths were the casualties at sea. The ship arrived in excellent order, and was well adapted for emigrants ; she was well lighted and ventilated. The provisions were abundant and of good quality. The people expressed themselves well satisfied with their diet and treatment. Of the entire number who were landed, 203 were nominated and 132 were selected immigrants. The Storm Cloud was commanded by Mr. James Campbell, and Mr. Augustus Davies was the Surgeon-superintendent, this being his fifth voyage in charge of emigrants. From inquiries which I have made, I am led to believe that the persons who have arrived as nominated immigrants are, for the most part, of a class for which there is little demand in this Colony; ordinary laborers, who are unaccustomed to the details of farming operations, have difficulty in procuring employment. There is at present a supply of such a class in excess of the demand ; while persons who are really good ploughman and accustomed to the various operations of husbandry find ready employment. Good domestic servants are also in great demand.
On Saturday night, 1st inst. [1st May], a serious scuffle occurred on board the ship Storm Cloud, lying in the Port stream, between some of her crew and a body of police who had been sent on board to quell a disturbance. The row arose from an attempt on the part of some of the men to break into the cabins of the single women.
In consequence of messages from the ship for the aid of the police, two men were sent on board to apprehend the disorderlies, but so decided was the opposition offered, that they had to beat a retreat. Serjeant Sullivan then proceeded on board with a body of six men, and having requested of Captain Campbell a reinforcement from the orderly portion of the crew, proceeded to the forecastle with combined forces. The Captain and the Doctor were also present. The entrance of the serjeant was the signal for dousing the police, and he was instantly saluted in the face by boiling tea, panikins of which followed in rapid succession. Before the serjeant could catch a glimpse of his assailants, he received a blow from a shin of beef bone, and one on the back from an iron belaying pin. The doctor also came in for a share of the tea. Eventually, the police, who were ably assisted by Captain Campbell, secured the rioters, who were brought ashore and locked up. — Adelaide Times.
from Lloyd's Register 1858
Master: Captain Campbell
Rigging: iron Ship
Tonnage: 908 tons
Construction: 1854 in Glasgow
Owners: Stephen & Co.
Port of registry: Glasgow
Port of survey: Clyde
Voyage: sailed for Van Diemen Land
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Pangelly, John 1 March 14th, 1858 Inflammation of the bowels at sea
Edwards, Richard inf March 17th, 1858 Consumption at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Jenkin, Caroline   February 19th, 1858 female  
McDonald, Mary   March 8th, 1858 female  
O'Raly, Elizabeth   March 13th, 1858 male  
Hocking, Elizabeth   April 30th, 1858 male  
Hicks, Emeline   May 1st, 1858 male  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
N Adams Edward 30 Labourer 22/2 Surrey  
    Ann (Bailey ?) 28        
N Bowey Richard B. 39 Blacksmith 155/2 Kingsbridge, Devon Totnes
    Mary Ann (Stoneman) 40        
    Sarah Ann 13        
    Richard 12        
    Henry Stoneman 10        
    Elizabeth 7        
    Margaret 6        
    Mary Jane 5        
    Eliza 2        
    William 1        
GE Cock Anthony 27 Miner 290/1 Penzance, Cornwall  
    Alice (Carter) 21        
N Connolly Patrick 23 - 308/1 Galway  
    Mary 22        
N Cunningham George 31 Labourer 357/3 Antrim  
    Agnes 30        
    George 2        
N Davey Richard 37 Miner 375/1 Gwennap, Cornwall  
    Eliza (Williams) 38        
    James 11        
    Edward 10        
    Charles Samuel 8        
    William 2       age ? | William Williams age 3 ?
    Mary 6       age ?
    Susan 1        
GE Dennis William 20 Agr. Labourer 398/3 Cornwall  
    Harriet 23        
N Dwyer Denis 44 Labourer 445/2 Tipperary with family
    Margaret 41        
    Timothy 12        
    Michael 10        
    Peter 1        
N Edgecombe William 43 Farm Labourer 454/1 St. Neot, Cornwall Edgcombe
    Emma (Strikes) 47        
    Jane 12        
    Joseph 9        
    Mary 9        
    Thomas 6        
    Charles 2        
N Edwards John 27 Miner 457/3 Lancashire  
    Jane 22        
    John 4        
    Thomas Henry 3        
    Richard inf       died at sea, March 17 1858
GE Elliott George 24 Agr. Labourer 464/3 Perranzabuloe, Cornwall Elliot ?
    Mary 23       Mary Ann (May ?)
N Forbes James 44 Farm Servant - Angus, Dundee with family
    Margaret 44        
    Susannah / Susan 9        
N Gannisy Patrick 23 Farm Servant 546/2 Clare  
    Mary 23        
GE Goldsworthy William 21 Miner 585/2 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary (Thomas) 19        
GE Goss Samuel 48 Miner 595/3 Lanlivery, Cornwall with family
    Maria (Woolcock) 43        
    Louisa 13        
    Isaac William 10        
    John Woolcock 7        
    Lucy Emma 4        
    Hannah Maria 1        
N Grady Michael 24 Farm Servant 599/3 Clare  
    Mary 20        
GE Gray Francis 25 Miner 607/1 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Ripper) 22        
    Mary Elizabeth 1        
N Halloran Patrick 24 Farm Servant 652/3 Clare  
    Bridget 22        
GE Hawke James 43 Agr. Labourer 697/2 Laneast, Cornwall with family
    Grace 40        
    William Henry 13        
    John 12        
    Francis 9        
GE Hicks Richard 26 Miner 733/2 St. Germans, Cornwall  
    Emeline (Clemas) 26        
    Jane 5        
    James 2        
    male inf       born at sea, May 01 1858
GE Hocking John 23 Miner 751/1 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Goldsworthy) 23        
    John inf        
    William Henry inf       born at sea, April 30 1858
GE Hocking Samuel 22 Miner 751/3 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Francis) 23        
    Samuel inf        
GE Hocking William 47 Miner 752/1 Redruth, Cornwall with family
    Sarah 49        
    Richard 14        
GE Jenkin Thomas 23 Miner 837/3 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Caroline (James) 21        
    Elizabeth Ann inf        
    male inf       born at sea, Feb. 19 1858
GE Jenkins William 33 Farm Labourer 839/1 Yealmpton, Devon  
    Ellen / Eleanor (Brooks?) 25        
    Mary 5        
    William 1        
N Kilkelly John 20 Farm Servant 907/1 Galway  
    Bridget 18        
GE Lewis Thomas Dodding 19 Farm Servant - Cornwell to Melbourne 1859
    Elizabeth (Toole) 21        
N Ledwidge Francis 22 Farm Servant - Oldham, Lancashire  
    Sarah (Whittaker) 18        
N Liddy John 31 Farm Servant - Clare  
    Ann 30        
    Mary 11        
    Patrick 10        
    John 8        
    Bridget 7        
    Martin inf        
GE Martin John 21 Farm Labourer 1028/2 Cornwall  
    Selina 21        
    William 1        
N McDonald Patrick 20 Farm Servant 1061/1 Carlow  
    Mary 21        
    female inf       born at sea, March 08 1858
GE Mills William 24 Miner 1108/2 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Hosken ?) 18        
GE Miners William 25 Miner 1116/3 Cornwall  
    Mary 25        
    Thomas 2        
    James inf        
N Mitchell George 36 Farm Servant 1118/3 Montrose, Forfarshire with family
    Elisabeth (Watson) 36        
    George 12        
GE Mitchell William 19 Miner 1121/3 Redruth, Cornwall Michell, William Henry?
    Mary 20       Mary Elizabeth (Williams?)
N Nash Philip 20 Farm Servant 1165/3 Limerick  
    Mary (Clancy) 22        
GE O'Raly David 21 Miner 1214/2 Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Harvey) 21        
    male inf       born at sea, March 13 1858
N Owens Bernard 36 Farm Servant 1225/3 Westmeath  
    Ellen 30        
    Bernard 2        
    Bridget 12        
    Mary 7        
    Patrick 4        
GE Pascoe Peter 43 Miner 1245/1 St. Keyne, Cornwall with family
    Mary Ann (Ivey) 44        
    John 13        
N Pengilly Thomas 46 Blacksmith 1264/3 Littleham, Devon with family
    Ann (Paska) 42        
    Thomas 13        
    Katherine 11        
    Anne 8        
    John 1       died at sea, March 14 1858
N Rowe Elizabeth 34 Seamstress - Kenwyn, Cornwall  
    Susan 9        
    John 7        
    Mary 5        
GE Sampson James 19 Miner 1419/3 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Susan (Trewella) 19        
N Shanks William 20 Labourer 1468/1 Antrim  
    Elizabeth 28        
    James 5        
    Robert 3        
    Maria inf        
N Spiller Samuel Vincent 37 Farm Labourer 1524/1 St. Thomas, Devon  
    Mary Ann (Bowden) 32        
    Emma 13        
    Fanny 11        
    Eliza 8        
    William 2        
GE Thomas John Hamley 38 Miner 1594/1 Liskeard, Cornwall with family
    Jane (Jones) 36        
    William 13        
    Mary 11        
    Charles 8        
    Elizabeth 3        
    Eliza inf        
GE Thomas William 23 Miner 1596/3 Cornwall  
    Margaret 22        
    William inf        
GE Vivian Edward 25 Miner 1650/2 Redruth, Cornwall  
    Caroline (Blunt) 24        
    Adelaide 1        
N Walsh Fergus 28 Farm Labourer 1666/2 Clare  
    Honor 26        
    Patrick 10   1667/2    
    Bridget 1        
GE Webster Thomas 27 Miner - Redruth, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Willoughby) 27        
    Susan 5        
    Thomas 3        
GE Yole Walter Branwell 22 Miner - Redruth, Cornwall  
    Jane Ann (Daw) 18        
    Susan Edmonds 1        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
N Armstrong Henry 20 Labourer 37/1 Fermanagh  
N Barden Patrick 24 Labourer 72/2 Kilkenny  
N Bradley Henry 22 Labourer 161/1 Tyrone  
N Burke Michael 24 Labourer 206/3 Tipperary  
N Callaghan John 18 Labourer 277/1 Clare  
N Conolly John 26 Labourer 308/3 Meath  
N Cronyn John 20 Labourer 345/3 Kilkenny  
N Crough John 22 Labourer 350/1 Tipperary  
N Cullinan John 16 Labourer 355/2 Clare Cullenan | with sister
N Daly John 19 Labourer - Galway  
N Davey John 15 Miner 374/3 Gwennap, Cornwall with parents
N Davey Martin 19 Miner 375/1 Gwennap, Cornwall with parents
N Davey Richard 17 Miner 375/2 Gwennap, Cornwall with parents
N Davoren Patrick 16 Labourer 384/2 Clare  
N Dwyer William 19 Labourer 446/1 Tipperary with parents
N Eagan Michael 29 Labourer - Tipperary  
N Edgecombe George 20 Labourer 454/1 St. Neot, Cornwall with parents
N Edgecombe William 17 Labourer 454/1 St. Neot, Cornwall with parents
N Fitzgerald James 28 Labourer 504/3 Carlow  
N Gardiner James 18 Labourer 547/2 Galway  
N Gardiner Patrick 32 Labourer - Galway  
N Graham James 25 Labourer 601/2 Fermanagh  
N Green Edward 22 Labourer 610/1 Cavan  
GE Gribble Samuel 18 Agr. Labourer 618/3 Redruth, Cornwall  
GE Grigg Joseph 24 Miner 621/3 Cornwall  
N Halloran Thomas 20 Labourer 653/1 Galway  
N Halpin John 22 Labourer 653/2 Clare  
N Hamilton James 23 Labourer 656/1 Tyrone  
GE Harry John 20 Miner - Cornwall  
N Hartigan Patrick 26 Labourer 687/2 Kildare  
N Hassett John 22 Labourer 694/2 Clare with sister?
N Hassett Patrick 18 Labourer 694/2 Clare with sister?
GE Hawke James 16 Agr. Labourer 697/2 Laneast, Cornwall with parents
GE Hawke Richard 19 Agr. Labourer 697/3 Laneast, Cornwall with parents
GE Hocking Frederick 15 Miner 751/1 Redruth, Cornwall with parents
GE Hocking Phillip 17 Miner 751/3 Redruth, Cornwall with parents
GE Hocking Stephen 19 Miner 751/2 Redruth, Cornwall with parents
N Holohan Patrick 21 Labourer - Clare  
GE Hook John 26 Miner - Devon  
GE Ivey Richard 37 Miner 816/3 St. Keyne, Cornwall brother of Mary Ann (Ivey) Pascoe
GE James Henry 19 Miner 826/2 Cornwall  
GE Johns John 26 Miner 846/1 Cornwall  
N Keast William 17 Labourer 879/3 Cornwall  
N Kelly Michael 29 Labourer 887/3 Meath  
GE Lane John 25 Miner - Devon  
N Liddy James 20 Labourer - Clare  
N Lowther Cornelius 20 Labourer - Tyrone  
N Lowther James 22 Labourer - Tyrone  
GE Manuel James 21 Miner 1015/2 Cornwall  
GE Martin George 19 Miner - Cornwall  
GE May Richard 19 Miner - Perranzabuloe, Cornwall brother of Mary Ann (May) Elliott ?
N McDermott Thomas 21 Labourer - Donegal  
N McManus Patrick 21 Labourer - Cavan  
N McManus Thomas 18 Labourer - Cavan  
N McNamara Martin 20 Labourer 1083/3 Clare  
N Mear Michael 28 Labourer 1089/3 Clare  
N Mear Patrick 26 Labourer 1089/3 Clare  
N Mitchell Henry 14 Labourer 1118/3 Montrose, Forfarshire with parents
N Montgomery Hugh 29 Labourer - Fermanagh  
N O'Brien Patrick 24 Labourer 1205/1 Clare  
N O'Loughlin Timothy 20 Labourer - Clare  
GE Pascoe Peter 16 Miner 1245/1 St. Keyne, Cornwall with parents
N Pollock George 61 Baker - Edinburgh  
N Posingham Henry 24 Labourer 1301/3 Rainham, Kent Possingham
N Posingham William 31 Labourer 1302/1 Rainham, Kent  
N Power John 16 Labourer 1305/3 Tipperary  
N Putrill William 20 Labourer - Limerick  
N Raftery John 24 Labourer - Meath Rafferty ?
N Ringhan Edmond 18 Labourer 1359/1 Clare  
N Ringhan Michael 20 Labourer 1359/1 Clare  
GE Rule George 19 Miner 1401/3 Cornwall  
GE Rule William 21 Miner 1402/2 Cornwall  
N Ryder Charles 16 Labourer 1413/1 Dublin with mother ?
N Ryder William 25 Labourer 1413/2 Dublin "
N Scanlan John 20 Labourer 1433/3 Clare with sister ?
N Scanlan Michael 17 Labourer 1433/3 Clare "
N Smith Patrick 22 Labourer - Cavan  
GE Teague John 18 Miner 1583/2 Cornwall  
GE Teague Thomas 19 Miner 1583/3 Cornwall  
GE Thomas James 18 Miner 1592/3 Liskeard, Cornwall with parents
GE Thomas John 15 Miner 1593/2 Liskeard, Cornwall with parents
GE Thomas William 18 Miner 1596/3 Cornwall  
N Travers Edward 21 Labourer 1617/3 Kilkenny  
N Tremble James 24 Labourer - Fermanagh  
GE Trevennen Henry 18 Miner - Cornwall  
GE Trevillian Stephen 19 Miner - Cornwall  
GE Trevillian William 18 Miner - Cornwall  
GE Turner Humphry 20 Miner 1630/2 Cornwall  
GE Walkey John 22 Miner 1662/3 Cornwall  
N White John 18 Labourer - Clare  
N White Michael 19 Labourer - Clare  
GE Widger Michael 18 Miner - South Hill, Cornwall  
Single Women & children
N Barber Mary Ann 24 Servant   Tyrone  
N Beaty Bridget 13 Servant   Galway  
N Beaty Honora 20 Servant   Galway  
N Beaty Mary Ann 16 Servant   Galway  
N Bickley Harriet 49 Servant   Lancashire  
N Bickley Jane 30 Servant   Lancashire  
N Biggs Isabella 21 Servant   Middlesex  
N Byrnes Margaret 18 Servant   Tyrone  
N Corie Bridget 20 Servant   Clare  
N Cronyn Bridget 21 Servant   Kilkenny  
N Cullinan Honora 18 Servant   Clare Cullenan | with brother
N Dempsey Mary Ann 18 Servant   Wicklow  
N Doyle Bridget 23 Servant   Dublin  
N Dwyer Honora 17 Servant   Tipperary with parents
N Dwyer Mary Ann 15 Servant   Tipperary with parents
N Edgecombe Emma 15 Servant 565/1 St. Neot, Cornwall with parents
N Forbes Helen 12 Servant   Angus, Dundee with parents
N Forbes Isabella 16 Servant   Angus, Dundee with parents
N Forbes Margaret 20 Servant   Angus, Dundee with parents
GE Goss Maria 15 Servant 595/3 Lanlivery, Cornwall with parents
GE Goss Mary Ann 17 Servant 595/3 Lanlivery, Cornwall with parents
N Grant Ellen 27 Servant   Down  
N Green Ann 20 Servant   Cavan  
N Hassett Ann 16 Servant   Clare with brother ?
GE Hawke Annie 20 Servant 697/2 Laneast, Cornwall with parents
N Hillier Mary Ann 26 Servant   Gloucester  
GE Jenkin Sarah 24 Servant   Cornwall  
N Keaney / Kearne Margaret 30 Servant   Galway  
N Halloran Michael 7     Galway also with Thomas Halloran age 20 ?
N Kennedy Bridget 17 Servant   Tipperary  
N Kenny Margaret 20 Servant   Kilkenny  
GE Lane Maria 20 Servant   Devon  
N McManus Ann 25 Servant   Cavan  
N McNally Eliza 21 Servant   Tyrone  
N Mear Catherine 16 Servant   Clare with brothers?
N Neighton Margaret 21 Servant   Kilkenny  
N Oliver Kezia 19 Servant   Middlesex  
N O'Neill Honora 22 Servant   Clare  
N Osmond Isabella 18 Servant   Devon  
GE Pascoe Elizabeth A. 20 Servant   St. Keyne, Cornwall with parents
N Pengilly Elizabeth 18 Servant   Littleham, Devon with parents
N Pengelly Sarah 16 Servant   Devon Pengilly | with family ?
N Power Elizabeth 19 Servant   Clare  
N Quinn Mary Ann 25 Servant   Clare  
N Rodger Isabella 21 Servant   Roxburgh  
N Ryder Mary 44 Servant   Dublin with sons ?
N Scanlan Catherine 17 Servant   Limerick Scanlon
N Scanlan Honora 15 Servant   Clare with brothers ?
GE Thomas Jane 16 Servant   Liskeard, Cornwall with parents
N Tierney Mary 23 Servant   Clare  
GE Woodley Sarah Ann 19 Servant   Devon  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research) ; FreeBMD ; 1851 UK census'

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