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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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Wreck of the AMOOR | Doctor Douglas April 1866 report | Doctor Douglas June 1866 report | 1866 Immigration report

ship Trevelyan, 1,042 tons, Captain Edwin Gooch, loaded at London 25th November 1865, sailed from Plymouth 15th December, 1865 arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 21st March 1866 .. including some boys from the Refuge for Homeless and Destitute Boys, No. 8, Great Queen-street, Holborn (see Immigration report above).

The South Australian Advertiser, Thursday 22 March 1866 p. 2

Wednesday 21 March:— Trevelyan, ship, 1,042 tons, Edwin Gooch, master, from Plymouth December 15. Elder, Smith & Co., agents.
Passengers— Mrs. Gooch, and Dr. Winstone (Surgeon-Superin
tendent), in the cabin ; and 424 Government emigrants in the steerage:

. . . . — 2nd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1866 ; —4— births and —-4— deaths on the passage ; Mr. John G. Winstone, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, Assisted Passage = AP ; Colonial Nominees = CN ; General Emigrants = GE ; General Passengers = GP ; Passage Paid = PP ; Remittance Emigrants = RE. — Robert
The South Australian Advertiser, Thursday 22 March 1866 p. 2
Cargo of the Trevelyan, from London — 100 bdls. wire, C. B. Fisher ; 12 cases, G. Phillips and Co. ; 2 do. , Whyte, Counsell, and Co. ; 1,408 rabble-heads, Manager E. and A Copper Company ; 2 cases, Order; 3 do., E. S. Wigg; 26 pkgs., Order; 14 cases, 3 pkgs., J. Hill; 10 casks, 4 cases, Order ; 3 casks, J. L. Young ; 4 cases, L S. Henry; 3 do., G. A and H. Bartleet; 1 do., R, Palmer ; 25 hhds.,F. Clark and Sons ; 45 cases, Order ; 42 casks, Elder, Smith, and Co. ; 2 cases, Rev. J. Watsford; 2 do., A. Macgeorge; 3 bales, W. Young husband, Jun., and Co. ; lease, W. Mair ; 1 do., F. W. Trelearen ; 9 cases, 6 bales, C. Gooch and Son; 3 cases, Order; 1 do., H. J. Pink; 4 pkgs. J. Greatorex;; 100 cases, Order; 6 casks, E. and W. Hackett; 2 cases, Cleland', Page, and Co. ; 40 tanks, Elder, Smith, and Co. ; 40 hhds. , W. Peacock and Son ; 2 cases, T. F. Williams ; 24 bales, Magarey and Co. ; 10 bales, 3 casks, 4 cases, 9 grindstones, 5 campovens, W. W. Blyth ; 1 case, Martin and Sach ; 40 brls., Whyte, Counsell, and Co. ; 2 cases, Armbruster and Uhlmann ; 7do., Virgoe, Son, and Chapman ; 7do., Order ; 9 bales, 2 casks, 2 cases, 6 pnehs., 1 pkg., George Phillips and Co. ; Ipkg., 3 cases, Hall and Co. ; 1 cask, 1 case, W. Duflield and Co. ; 4 cases, D. Thomas; 3 do., R. Stuckey ; 20 half-tierces, Order ; 2 cases, Virgoe, Son, and Chapman; 3 cases, E. Solomon; 15 do., Order; 2 do., P. Falk aud Co. ; 4 do., 1 pkg., Virgoe, Son, and Chapman; 1 cask, S. Sach; 11 cases, W. Peacock and Son ; 1 tierce, 2 cases, 1 drum, G. and W. Birks ; 370 bdls. wire, Jones Brothers ; 797 bars, 353 bdls., 15 plates, 8 casks, 9 cases, 82 ' kegs, 1 cask, 1 boiler, Martin and Sach ; .2 cases, ' Tempi, and Morey; 2 do., E. Giles; 3 do.? G. 'WWte.; | do., J. W. 3. Walsh ; 31 bales, 27 cases, 28 boxes, 27 pkgs., G. ana R, Wills and Co. ; 2 cases, Elder, Snath, and Co. ; 19 do., J. Colton and Co. ; 11 tanks, Giles and Smith; 14 trunks, A Dowie; 2 cases, Order; 24 casks, Giles and Smith; lease, 2 casks, F. Clark and Sons; 7 cases, 1 parcel, E. Spicer; 1 case, E. S. Wigg; 30 tons coal, 4 casks, 7 bdls., 1 case vices, 2 do., machinery, Pearce, Wincey, and Co. ; 250 do., J. Darwent; 3 pkgs., N. Shreeve ; 2qr.-casks, Hon. S. Davenport ; 9 cases, Jones Brothers; 11 bales, W. Younghusband, Jun., and Co. ; 1 box, 1 bale, Order ; 15 cases, 1 bale, Order ; 40 casks, 200 cases, W. Morgan and Co. ; 94 cases, 10 casks, 27 bdls., 3 pkgs., Padman and Co. ; 3 bales, 20 cases, D. and 'W'. Murray ; 6 casks, 15 kegs, 2 cases, J. Gurr ; 98 bales, 82 cases, 100 boxes, D. and J. Fowler; 73,000 bricks, Proprietors Wallaroo Mines ; 29 plates, 526 bdls., 1,877 bars, 10 cases, 1 cask, 140 pieces, 6 bales, 2 pkgs., J. Colton and Co. ; 35 cases Muntz metal sheathing, Captain Gooch.
Miscellaneous Shipping

The Trevelyan is a handsome iron clipper ship which has made her passage out in 95 days, and this after being delayed for over a fortnight beating about in the chops of the channel against most adverse weather ; in fact she was at sea during the gale which proved so destructive to the ill-fated London. But after storm then calm, and the course to the southward in the North Atlantic was made through light variables, and instead of brisk N.E. trades the northern tropic was drifted over. She passed Madeira on January 6, shaped a track inshore of the Cape de Verdes, and was on the Line on January 23. The southerly trades merged into such strong easterly winds that the ship was compelled to keep well to the westward, and it was February 10 before sighting Gough's Island, and eight days after the meridian of the Cape was passed. Then a long succession of fine fair winds induced a hope of a speedy termination to the passage, and a rapid headway across the Southern Ocean was made in 46 ° S. ; but not an iceberg hove in sight to break the monotony of the every day spectacle. On reaching Cape Leuwin, however, the usual local winds were in vogue, and over a week has been spent in very slowly attempting to make Cape Borda. After seeing the light, two days more elapsed before receiving Pilot Wellsinan on board. She anchored at the Lightship on Wednesday ; but as soon as the floodtide made, proceeded in tow of the Young Australian to the Stream moorings.

The South Australian Advertiser, Thursday 22 March 1866 p. 3

The arrival of a shipload of emigrants is always an event of some importance, but it is very gratifying when a ship like the Trevelyan reaches our shores after a voyage marked with no serious disturbance amongst the people, or the existence of any sickness worth mentioning. She is a fine iron ship of over a thousand tons built, and launched under the personal supervision of Captain Gooch, consequently it is not surprising she obtained the charter to bring out passengers as below.
Every attention is paid to ventilation and proper cleanliness. Having a height of 7 feet 6 inches, a constant current of air kept the various compartments as fresh as possible — not by Dr. Edmunds's system of the midship cowl trunkways and uptake, for in all this the Surgeon-Superintendent is no believer, and speaks rather disparagingly than otherwise of the apparatus, which may be all very well in low vessels, but not in commodious spacious craft. The distiller also has not given the satisfaction for which the invention of Dr. Normanby is almost proverbial ; for soon after leaving England the water produced was of such an inferior quality that the Surgeon's ingenuity was severely taxed to rectify and repair the machine, which has subsequently accomplished all that could be wished. It was not only in this particular instance his tact and good judgment were exhibited, but throughout the passage his unvarying course of conduct has been the cause of quelling any trifling disturbance, and promoting the well-being of the people on board. In this direction he has received much valuable assistance from Captain Gooch, though perhaps the fact of those two gentlemen sailing in the same vessel on a previous voyage had something to do with the cordial understanding between them.
At Plymouth the ship embarked 424 souls, of whom there were several who had previously started fruitlessly in the Amoor, and had waited in depot some time for the following ship.
The selection of trades men and mechanics is in excess of former vessels, and there are also on board a number of domestic servants, recommended as being well adapted for the requirements of the colony. There are 66 married couples, 121 single men, 77 single women, and 93 children.
English— 270 adults, 77 children
Scotch— 42 adults, 12 children
Irish — 19 adults, 4 children
And in all those but four deaths and four births have occurred, so the number arrived is the same as at embarkation. The surgeon has been most fortunate in conducting previous passages, for on four successive voyages he has lost no children, and but a very low percentage of adults. The names of the deceased are John and Mary Newton, George Hosking, and Manuel Rogers. The vessel had scarcely time to anchor and furl sails, than the Health Officer, with usual attendants, boarded to muster, and expressed his pleasure both at the ship and manifest good conduct of the people, who have thoroughly made it a period of pleasant instruction, for a glance at the scholastic statistics will at once reveal the improvement made in that department, especially amongst the females. But not only in this point has the Superintendent cared for his flock, for amongst them were some heroes of the 'sock and buskin,' whose appeal for stage accommodation was readily acceded to by the captain, and under his supervision the waist became the stage, the poop the boxes, the quarter-deck the pit, and the sails the scenery. As for a play-bill, that written and sent aft to the cuddy would vie with Barry Sullivan. But those who are inclined to patronize the stage should visit the ship tonight, when the farewell performances, by command of the captain's lady, are to take place. 'Faust' is the piece, and a farce to follow. At any rate the people have enjoyed themselves, and on landing here will, we trust, prove good colonists and an acquisition to South Australia.
We subjoin the official list of the names of the immigrants, with their national and industrial classifications : —

English — Sarah A. Adams, Mary A. Adams, James Allen, John, Mary J., Richard, and John T. Angrove, Isaac Armstrong, Mary A. Axworthy, Ann Bailey, Margaret A. Bailey, Joseph, Mary, Mary A., Joseph, and Louisa Bailey, John Bassett, John Bennett, Thomas S., Charlotte, John S., and Ellen Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Mary Bice, John Bice, James Bisgrove, Selina Blight, John, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, Jessie, Lucy, and John Briley, Frances Brown, Charles Brownhall, Charles Buckingham, Sam Causby, James Causby, William, Mary A., Mary F., Eleanor, Benjamin and William J. Clayton, George and Selina Clifford, Gregory Cock, Anthony Cock, Sarah A. Cock, Frances, Frances, Catherine, Mary J., and Eliza Cock, Josiah, Matilda, and James Cock, Julia Collins, John Collins, Thomas Cox, John Cross, Thomas Cundy, John H. Cundy, Thomas Cundy, John Cutter, Andrew Grace, Andrew, Robert, John, Fred, and Henry Daddow, Henry and Emma Dansie, William and Eliza Dansie, George Dansie, Eliza and Mary A. Dansie, William, Eliza, and Alice M. Day, Sarah Dunell, William Dwyer, Robert, Elizabeth, William C. Octavius, John, and Robert H. Dyer, Richard Dyer, Mary J. and Elizabeth Dyer, Henry and Mary Eathorne, Jas. and Mary A. Ellis, John Ellis, Selina Ellis, Amerin Evans, Henry Franks, Elizabeth Frankham, James, Harriet, and Emma Fletcher, Frederick, Eliza, Louisa J., and Mary L. Fry, Elizabeth Fuller, Walter and Ruth Galloway, Reuben Garraway, William and Emily Gerrard, Silas Gladen, Ann Glover, John, Mary J., Samuel, Wm. H., Edward, and John Gundry, James Guy, William Hall, Jane Hall, William, Sarah A., Isabella, and James W. Hancock, Edwin Harris, Jane Highman, Thos. H., Janet, and Mary F. Hill, Elder and Mary A. Henton, Sam Holman, Charles Horder, George Hosking, William Hodge, William Hocking, Richard, Elizabeth, Richard, and William Hosking, Emma Hosking, John Howells, William and Gwenwilliam Howells, Richard Humphreys, Henry T. and Jane Hunt, Benjamin Hutchinson, Thomas James, Henry James, Elizabeth Jeffrey, Henry Jeffreys, John and Giden Jenkins, Martha Jennings, Mary A. Kelly, James Kenniford, Joseph Lambden, William, Mary A., Charles, Lydia, and Thomas Lambden, James Langdon, John Longhurst, John Little, Alfred Lock, Adolphus Lock, George, Ann, George, James D., Erasmus, and William H. Matthews, Emma Matthews, Johanna Matthews, Mary Matthews, Richd. Matthews, John McFarlane, David McKay, Mary A. Meagan, Henry and Mary J. Medlen, George H. and Cat. L. Mitchell, Emily and Eliza J. Mitchell, Fanny Mitchell, John, Jane, John, Lucy, Sarah A., and Thos. Mitchell, Jane Morse, John Murphy, Alfred, Ann, Edward A., and Ann P. Mutton, George, Caroline, and Ann M. Netherway, William, Catherine, John, and Mary A. Newton, Elizabeth Nicholas, John, Sarah A., and John Nounan, James Oakley, Emma Baker, Thos., Charlotte J., and Ephraim Palmer, James Parker, Hercules Pascoe, Emily J. Penhouse, William Penrose, Benjamin Pentreak, William, Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, William, Arthur, and Emily Piercy, William Phillips, John Pollard, Francis, Amelia, and William F. Pope, George Reading, Fanny Rex, Matthew, Elizabeth, Charles, Amelia, Mary A., and Mary Richards, Thos. Roberts, Elizabeth and Mary A. Rodda, Walter, Elizabeth, Henry, William H., Prothesia, Maud and Violet Rogers, Mary A. Rosewear, Thomas Rosewarne, John James, Elizabeth J., Richard, and William Rowe, Henry and Ann Runnalls, James Russell, James Ryan, Henry Saxton, Henry, Frances, William H., and Alfred Scadden, William, Caroline, John, and Caroline Sellick, John Selmore, Thomas Shug, John, Susan, William H., and John H. Shewes, Henry Shorland, Henry and Edward Shellick, Sam. Skewes, William and Thomas Skuse, John, Caroline, and William T. Sims, Jas. Smith, Edw. Stamp, Garrett, Margaret, Barbara, Cornelius, Mary, Garrett, and Margaret Sullivan, Sophia Stephens, Sarah Symonds, Hannah Smythe, Gregory Tabb, William Taillor, Sam., Caroline, Jane, and Caroline Terrill, John Thomas, Joseph Thomas, James and Mary A. Thome, William Touping, William Powell, John T. and Sarah Treloar, Bennett Treloar, William, Harriet, and Michell Trembarth, Benjamin Tripconey, John Uren, Mary J. Veal, Samuel Vicary, James Waite, Henry Warren, Martha Webb, Rachael Williams, Philip Williams, Chas. Williams, Rees Williams, William Williams, Amelia Williams, James H. and Eliza J. Williams, William, Fanny, and Fanny Willis, James, Julia, Julia, and Minnie Wilson, George Wilson, John Wright, Charles W. and Philip Wolley.
Scotch — Maria Allan, Maxwell Allan, John, Ann, John, Thomas, and Ann Allan, Robert Bissett, William and Ann Boath, Martha Boath, Adam Broomfield, Mary Campbell, Alexander, Isabella, Ann, and Alexander Ferguson, Peter Flynn, Sinclair and Janet Ganson, Elizabeth and Alexander Hendry, Isabella Homsbel, Alexander and Mary Hordie, Joseph James, Jessie Lamb, Anthony, Helen, and Rosanna McFayden, John McGibbon, David McKay, Isabella McKay, Mary McLaughlane, Jane McNeil, William and Jessie Mitchell, John Nairn, Janet, Janet, Walter, and Helen Nairn, Nathaniel Packer, James, Elspet, and James Raff, James, Mary, Isabella, Mary, and Jemima Robertson, Elizabeth Ross, Jane Stewart, Catherine Young.
Irish — Edmund Callaghan, Ellen Finn, Pat Hennessy, Mary Kean, William Kelby, Alice Linahan, Peter McNamara, William Meinham, Margaret and Ellen Mulcahy, James O'Brien, John O'Brien, Edmund O'Keeff, John, Mary, Anne, Alice, Maurice, and Pat Ryan, James Ryan, Margaret Ryan, Mary Sheely, Margaret Treasy.

The following are returned as ploughmen : —
Single — James Allen, John Bennett, Thomas Bennett, Adam Broomfield, Edmund Callaghan, John Cross, Amerin Evans, Peter Flynn, William Hall, Alexander Henry, William Hocking, Samuel Holman, Charles Horder, John Howell, Henry Hutchins, Henry James, William Kelly, Alfred Lock, John McGibbon, David and Wm. McKay, John O'Brien, James Parker, Hercules Pascoe, William Phillips, George Reasing, James Ryan, Samuel Skewes, William Skuse, Edward Stamps, Gregory Tabb, William Tonkin, William Towall, Benjamin Tripconey, John Uren, Samuel Vicary, James Waite, Henry Warren, James Wemford, Philip Williams, W. Williams, William Wineham.
Married — John Allan, Joseph Bailey, William Boak, John Briley, J. Cundy, William Davy, James Fletcher, Sinclair Ganson, Elver Hinton, Richard Hosking, Anthony McFadyen, Alfred Mutton, Jack Ryan.
Summary.— English, 349 ; Scotch, 57 ; Irish, 17. Married men, 66 ; married women, 67 ; single men, 121 ; single women, 76. Children from 1 to 12 : — Boys, 48 ; girls, 35. Children under 1 : — Boys, 4 ; girls, 6. Total, 432 — equal to 371½ statute adults.

Laborers 18, servants 25, farm laborers, &c, 48, housekeeper 1, nurses 2, brick layers and masons 3, blacksmiths 6, gardeners 5, grooms 5, carpenters 6, gasfitter 1, cordwainer 1, laundresses 3, hammerman 1, builders' laborers 3, shoemakers 7, brickmakers 3, printer 1, engine-driver 1, charwoman 1, sawyer 1, painters 2, matron 1, carter 1, drover and slaughterman 1, tinworker 1, engineer 1, cook 1, saddler 1.
English— 349
Scotch— 57
Irish— 17
Grand total 432 equal to 371½ statute adults.    

GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Newton, George 23 January 9th, 1866 Febris at sea
Rogers, Maud 3 January 14th, 1866 Scald at sea
Hosking, George 23 January 18th, 1866 Febris at sea
Newton, Mary 19 February 16th, 1866 Febris at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Cock, Matilda   December 17th, 1865 Female  
Medlen, Mary   January 13th, 1866 Female  
Clifford, Selina   February 26th, 1866 Male  
Richards, Mary   March 19th, 1866 Female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
GE Allen John 43 Gardener 17/1 ?   Edinburgh St. Giles, Midlothian with family | John senior, Anna & Maxwell, born Caven, Ireland
    Anna 41          
    John 11          
    Thomas 5          
    Ann 1          
GE Angove John 22 Miner -   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Eva) 17          
    John Thomas 1          
    Richard 11          
GE Bailey Joseph 32 Labourer 56/2   England  
    Mary 38          
    Ann 14          
    Mary Ann 10          
    Joseph 3          
    Louisa inf          
GE Bennett Thomas Saundry 24 Mason 113/2   Truro, Cornwall  
    Charlotte Ann (Mannell) 23          
    John Saundry 1          
    Ellen inf          
GE Boath William 21 Farm Labourer 136/1   Scotland  
    Ann (Young) 19          
GE Breley John 37 Farm Labourer -   Christow, Devon  
    Elizabeth (West) 28          
    Elizabeth 9          
    Jesse 8          
    Lucy 4          
    John inf          
GE Calloway Walter 25 Farm Labourer 228/2   Penzance, Cornwall died at Kadina, 1869
    Ruth (Whinnen) 18         remarried, Thomas Heaven, 1870
GE Clayton William 32       Lancashire first arrived aboard Grand Trianon, 1855
    Mary Ann (Court) 31          
    Mary Trianon 10         born on board Grand Trianon, 24 Feb. 1855
    Benjamin 7         born in SA, 21 Jan 1858
    Eleanor [Hellena] 4         born in SA, 06 Sep 1861
    William Joseph 2         born in SA, 15 Jul 1863
GE Clifford George Henry 22 Labourer 285/2   Stroud, Gloucester  
    Selina (Horward) 24          
    male inf         born at sea, February 26th, 1866
GE Cock Josiah 23 Miner 291/1   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Matilda (Messer) 23          
    James 1          
    female inf         born at sea, December 17th, 1865
GE Cundy John 28 Farm Labourer 357/1   England  
    Mary Jane (Uren) 29          
    Samuel 10          
    William H. 8          
    Edward 6          
    John inf          
GE Daddow Andrew 38 Miner 363/2   St. Agnes, Cornwall  
    Grace Robbins (Johns) 43          
    Andrew 12          
    Robert Johns 11          
    John 8          
    Frederick 6          
    Henry 4          
? Dansie Henry 20 - 370/3   Norwich St James, Norfolk not married ? | son of William & Eliza
    Emma (Lambert) 20          
? Dansie William 51 Groom 370/3   Norwich St James, Norfolk with family
    Eliza 42          
GE Day William 24 Farm Labourer 389/3   Axbridge, Somerset  
    Elizabeth Anne (Puddy) 18          
    Alice M. inf          
? Dyer Robert 43 Cordwainer 446/3   Newton Tracey, Devon with family
    Elizabeth / Betsy (Prouse) 43          
    William Charles 12          
    Octavius 9          
    John Prouse 7          
    Robert Harold 5          
GE Eathorne / Eathern Henry 31 Miner 451/2   Wendron, Cornwall  
    Mary (Williams) 30          
GE Ellis James R. 24 Copper Miner 466/2   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Firstbrook) 22          
GE Ferguson Alexander 32 Shoemaker 492/2   Scotland  
    Isabella 37          
    Ann 5          
    Alexander 2          
GE Fletcher James 24 Farm Labourer 512/1   Stroud, Gloucester  
    Harriett (Bailey) 22          
    Emma Mary 2          
GE Fry Frederick 31 Gardener 536/2   Malmesbury, Wiltshire  
    Eliza (Sollis) 27          
    Louisa Jane 4          
    Mary Lucy 1          
? Ganson Sinclair 23 Labourer 456/2   Wick, Caithness  
    Janet (Levack) 21          
GE Gerrard William 22 Farm Labourer 559/3   Yeovil, Somerset  
    Emily (Russell) 19          
GE Hancock William 26 Miner -   Stoke Damerel, Devon  
    Sarah Ann (Littleton) 24          
    Isabella 2          
    James W. inf          
? Hill Thomas Henry 33 Miller 740/3   Maidstone, Kent  
    Janet (Hunter) 30          
GE Hinton Elver 20 Farm Labourer 745/1   Chipping Sudbury, Gloucester  
    Mary Ann (Usher) 23          
GE Hosking Richard 27 Miner 779/1   Ludgvan, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Champion) 25          
    Richard 3          
    William 1          
GE Howells William 24 Carpenter 785/3   Cardiff, Glamorgan  
    Gwenllian (Jenkins) 23          
GE Howie ? Alexander 26 Gardener 786/1   Scotland  
    Mary 23          
GE Hunt Henry Thomas Francis 24 Labourer 196/3   Exeter, Devon  
    Jane (Carnell) 20          
GE Jenkins John 25 Agr. Labourer 838/3   Brigend, Glamorgan  
    Gwen (Williams) 19          
GE Lambden William 35 Farm Labourer -   Mortimer West End, Hampshire  
    Mary Ann (Stacey) 24         2nd wife, married Dec. qtr 1865
    Charles 11          
    Lydia Jane 9          
    Thomas 7          
GE Matthews George 43 Gardener 1038/2   Madron, Cornwall with family
    Ann (Dennithorne) 39          
    Johanna Dennithorne 14          
    George 12          
    James Dennithorne 9          
    Erasmus Dennithorne 6          
    William Henry 4          
GE McFadyen / McFayden Anthony 28 Farm labourer 1065/1   Scotland  
    Helen (Jackson) 23          
    Roseanna 4          
GE Medlen / Medlin Henry 25 Labourer 1090/1   Falmouth, Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Uren) 24          
    female inf         born at sea, January 13th, 1866
GE Michell George Henry 25 Labourer 1102/1   Redruth, Cornwall to NSW before 1887
    Catherine (Donnithorne) 25          
GE Mitchell John 43 Agr. Labourer 1119/3   Christow, Devon with family
    Jane (Lethiby) 43         2nd wife, 1849
    John 12          
    Lucy 10          
    Sarah Ann 7          
    Thomas 2          
GE Mitchell William Francis 25 Agr. Labourer 1122/1   Scotland  
    Jessie (Logan) 26          
GE Mutlow Alfred 32 Labourer 1159/3   Ireland Hereford, England ?
    Ann / Hannah 32          
    Edward A. 5          
    Ann 3          
? Nairn Janet 45   -   Glasgow, Lanark  
    John 15 Painter 1162/2      
    Janet 13          
    Walter 8   1162/2      
    Helen 3          
GE Nethway George 21 Brickmaker 1173/2   Malmesbury, Wiltshire  
    Caroline Esther (Golding) 21          
    Ann M. 1          
GE Newton John 23 Miner 1180/2   England died at sea, January 9th, 1866
    Mary J. 19         died at sea, February 16th, 1866
GE Newton William 34 Miner 1180/2   England  
    Catherine 33          
GE Norman John 21 Bootmaker 1194/3   Brighton, Sussex  
    Sarah Ann (Goldsmith) 22          
    John 1          
GE Palmer Thomas William Parker 19 Smith 1234/1   Exeter, Devon  
    Charlotte Jane Griffith (Newcombe) 19          
GE Piercy / Pearcy William 31 Brickmaker 1283/2   Nettlebed, Oxford  
    Sarah Ann (Chandler) 30          
    Fanny Elizabeth 7          
    William 6          
    Arthur 4          
    Emily 2          
GE Pope Francis 23 Miner 1299/2   Helston, Cornwall  
    Amelia (Medlyn / Medlen) 22          
    William F. inf          
GE Raff James 30 Labourer 1326/3   Scotland  
    Elspet 25          
    James 9          
GE Richards Charles 23 Miner 1349/1   St. Just, Cornwall with mother and siblings
    Amelia (Thomas) 24          
    Mary A. 2          
    female inf         born at sea, March 19th, 1866
GE Robertson James 29 Bricklayer 1368/1   Scotland  
    Mary Mowat nee Mill ? 30          
    Isabella 10          
    Mary 7          
    Jemima inf          
GE Rogers Walter 33 Labourer 1380/2   England  
    Elizabeth (Cobb) 26          
    Henry 6          
GE Rogers William Henry 25 Carpenter 1380/3   Plymouth, Devon  
    Prothesia (Goss) 25          
    Maud 3         died at sea, January 14th, 1866
    Violet 1          
GE Rowe James 38 Farm Labourer 1395/1   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Ellis) 25          
    Richard J. 4          
    William 1          
GE Runnalls Henry 21 Stone mason 1403/3   England  
    Ann 18          
GE Ryan John 32 Farm Labourer 1410/1   Ireland  
    Mary 30          
    Anne 11          
    Alice 8          
    Maurice 5          
    Patrick 3          
GE Scadden William Henry 22 Sawyer 1433/1   Camborne, Cornwall  
    Frances Ann (Jeffery) 25          
    William Henry 1          
    Alfred John inf          
GE Sellick William 40 Publican / Carpenter 1462/2   Nether Stowey, Somerset  
    Caroline (Selway) 35          
    Henry Edmund 15          
    Edward 13          
    Thomas 11          
    Caroline 7          
GE Sims John 24 Miner 1492/1   Penzance, Cornwall to Victoria
    Caroline (Wills) 23          
    William 1          
GE Skewes John 27 Farm Labourer 1494/3   Helston, Conwall  
    Susan (Hicks) 30          
    William Henry 4          
    John H. 1          
GE Sullivan Garrett 36 Labourer 1596/1   England  
    Margaret 35          
    Barbara 13          
    Cornelius 10          
    Mary 8          
    Garrett 5          
    Margaret n/a          
GE Treloar John Samuel 18 Miner 1619/2   Redruth, Cornwall  
    Sarah (Cock) 20          
GE Terrell Samuel 25 Miner -   Truro, Cornwall  
    Caroline (Tonkin) 24          
    Jane 4          
    Caroline inf          
GE Thorne James 22 Carpenter -   Taunton, Somerset  
    Mary Ann (Bucknell) 24          
GE Trembath William 25 Miner -   Penzance, Cornwall  
    Harriet (Pengilly) 25          
    Michael 1          
GE Williams James Henry 20 Miner -   St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Jane (Thomas) 19          
GE Willis William 29 Brickmaker -   England  
    Fanny 26          
    Fanny 1          
GE Wilson James 26 Labourer -   England  
    Juliana (Burnett) 30          
    Julia 3          
    Minnie 2          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
GE Allen Maxwell 21 Painter 17/3   Edinburgh St Giles, Midlothian with parents
GE Allen James 27 Farm Labourer 17/3   England  
GE Armstrong Isaac 21 Labourer 37/1   England  
GE Bassett John 29 Farm Labourer -   England  
GE Bennett John 19 Ploughman -   England  
GE Bennett Thomas 20 Agr. Labourer -   England  
GE Bice John 20 Miner -   England  
GE Bisgrove James 15 Farm Labourer -   England  
  Bissett Robert 24 Engineer -   Scotland  
GE Bladen Silas 21 Blacksmith -   England  
GE Bromhal Charles W. 24 Blacksmith 180/2   England  
GE Broomfield Adam 25 Shoemaker 184/3   Scotland  
GE Buckingham Charles 17 Gardener 197/2   England  
GE Callaghan Edmund 24 Farm Labourer 227/1   Ireland  
GE Candy Thomas 22 Miner -   England  
GE Causley James 25 Farm Labourer 251/2   England  
GE Causley Samuel 18 Groom 251/2   England  
GE Cock Gregory 21 Miner 290/2   England  
GE Cock Anthony 18 Miner 290/1   Camborne, Cornwall with mother, Frances
GE Collins John 22 Gas fitter -   England  
GE Cox Thomas 24 Blacksmith 334/2   England  
GE Cundy John Henry 22 Blacksmith 357/1   Sheffield, Yorkshire  
GE Cundy Thomas 20 Gardener 357/1   England  
  Cundy Thomas 22 Miner 357/1   England  
  Dansie George 16 Servant 370/2   Norwich St. James, Norfolk with parents
GE Dwyer William 19 Labourer 446/1   England  
  Dyer Richard 14 Servant 116/3   Newton Tracey, Devon with parents
GE Ellis John 21 Miner 466/3   England  
GE Evans Anierien 22 Agr. Labourer -   Avening, Gloucester  
GE Flynn Peter 23 Agr. Labourer 514/3   England  
GE Franks Henry 23 Agr. Labourer 529/1   England  
GE Garraway Reuben 21 Porter 550/2   England  
GE Guy James 21 Farm Labourer 632/1   England  
GE Hall William 21 Farm Labourer 650/1   England  
GE Harris Edwin 17 Shepherd 676/1   England  
GE Hendry Alexander 34 Agr. Labourer 719/1   England  
GE Hennessy Patrick 23 Agr. Labourer 720/3   Ireland  
GE Hocking William 24 Agr. Labourer 752/1   England  
GE Hodge William 18 Farm Labourer 753/3   England  
GE Holman Samuel 19 Labourer 766/2   England  
GE Horder Charles 31 Farm Labourer 774/1   England  
GE Hosking George 23 Miner -   England died at sea, January 18th, 1866
GE Howell John 20 Farm Labourer 786/1   England  
GE Humphreys Richard 21 Farm Labourer 793/3   England  
GE Hutchins Benjamin 23 Agr. Labourer 803/2   England  
GE James Henry 21 Ploughman 826/2   England  
GE James Joseph 23 Miner 827/3   Scotland  
GE James Thomas 18 Miner 828/2   England  
GE Jeffreys Henry 35 Labourer 835/3   England  
GE Kelly William 23 Farm Labourer 889/2   Ireland  
GE Kenniford James 23 Farm Labourer 897/1   England  
GE Lambden Joseph 23 Farm Labourer -   England  
GE Langdon James 20 Farm Labourer 951/1   England  
GE Little John 30 Labourer -   England  
GE Lock Adolphus 20 Ploughman 980/3   High Ham, Somerset  
GE Lock Alfred 18 Ploughman -   England  
GE Longhurst John 18 Labourer -   England  
GE Mathews Richard 20 Miner 1039/2   England  
  McKay / Mackay David n/a   -   Scotland  
GE McKay / Mackay David 19 Farm Labourer -   England  
GE McKay / Mackay William 18 Farm Labourer -   England ?
GE McFarlane John 23 Hammerman -   England  
GE McGibbon John 21 Saddlers 1066/1   Scotland  
  McNamara Peter 21 Labourer -   Ireland  
GE Miniham William 20 Farm Labourer -   Ireland  
GE Murphy John 15 Shoemaker 1154/2   England  
GE Oakley James 16 Painter -   England  
GE O'Brien James 20 Farm Labourer 1203/3   Ireland  
GE O'Brien John 27 Agr. Labourer 1204/2   Ireland  
GE O'Keefe Edmund 21 Labourer 1210/3   Ireland  
GE Packer Nathaniel 18 Farm Labourer 1227/2   Scotland  
GE Palmer Ephraim 22 Quarry man 1233/1   Nether Stowey, Somerset  
  Parker James 25 Agr. labourer 1238/2   England  
GE Pascoe Hercules 18 Farm Labourer 1244/2   Kenwyn, Cornwall  
GE Penrose William R.B. 23 Miner 1267/3   England  
GE Pentreath Benjamin 21 Engine Driver 1267/3   St. Just, Cornwall  
GE Phillips William 26 Gardener -   England  
GE Pollard John 20 Farm Labourer 1296/1   England  
GE Reading George 21 Agr. Labourer -   England  
GE Richards Matthew 20 Miner 1350/2   St. Just, Cornwall with mother and siblings
GE Roberts Thomas 19 Agr. Labourer 1366/1   England  
GE Rosewarne Thomas Henry 24 Labourer 1388/1   England  
GE Rowe John 19 Agr. Labourer 1394/2   England  
GE Russell James 22 Bricklayer 1405/3   England  
GE Ryan James 28 Agr. Labourer 1409/2   Limerick  
GE Sexton Henry 16 Carpenter 1464/3   England  
GE Seymour John 18 Agr. Labourer 1466/3   England  
GE Sharland Henry 22 Gardener 1469/3   England  
GE Shugg Thomas 22 Carpenter 1484/3   St Ives, Cornwall  
GE Skewes Samuel 23 Farm labourer 1494/3   Helston, Conwall  
GE Skuse Thomas Aubrey 17 Farm Labourer 1496/1   Charlton, Wiltshire  
GE Skuse William 17 Farm Labourer 1496/1   Charlton, Wilshire  
GE Smith James 15 Shoemaker -   England  
GE Stamp Edward 24 Agr. Labourer 1531/3   England  
GE Tabb Gregory 18 Farm Labourer 1572/1   England  
GE Taylor William 19 Miner 1582/3   England  
GE Thomas John 21 Miner 1593/3   England  
GE Thomas Joseph 21 Mason 1594/2   England  
GE Tonkin William 20 Agr. Labourer 1612/1   England  
GE Towill William 18 Farm Labourer 1614/3   Ashcombe, Devon  
GE Treloar Bennett 23 Miner 1619/1   Cornwall  
GE Tripcony Benjamin 19 Agr. Labourer -   St Keverne, Cornwall  
GE Uren John 27 Driver 1638/3   England  
GE Vicary Samuel 22 Agr. Labourer -   England  
GE Waite James 28 Farm Labourer 1657/1   England  
GE Warden Henry 21 Ploughman 1672/3   England  
GE Williams Charles Chichester 25 Porter 1715/2   Brighton, Sussex  
GE Williams Phillip 20 Farm Labourer 1720/1   England  
GE Williams Rees 21 Brewer 1720/1   England  
GE Williams William 20 Farm Labourer -   England  
GE Wilson George 16 Shoemaker -   England  
GE Woolley Charles W. 21 Smith 1744/3   England  
GE Woolley Phillip S. 17 Smith 1744/3   England  
GE Wright John 16 Shoemaker -   England  
Single Women & children
  Smythe Hannah 36 Matron     England  
GE Adams Mary Ann 16 Nurse 8/3   England  
GE Adams Sarah Ann 22 Housekeeper 7/1   England  
GE Allen Maria Jane 17 Kitchen hand     Edinburgh St Giles, Midlothian with parents
GE Axworthy Mary Ann 18 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Bailey Margaret Ann 20 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Bice Mary 18 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Blight Selina 21 Doemstic Servant     England  
GE Boath Martha 17 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
GE Bowen / Brown Frances A. 20 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Campbell Mary Ann 24 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
GE Cock Catherine 16 Domestic Servant 290/1   Camborne, Cornwall  
  Cock Eliza Ann 12 child      
GE Cock Frances 22 works in Mine 290/2    
  Cock Frances / Fanny 45 widow     with son Anthony
  Cock Mary Jane 14 child      
GE Cock Sarah Ann 20 Domestic Servant 291/2    
GE Collins Julia 28 Domestic Servant     England  
  Dansie Eliza 22 Servant     Norwich St. James, Norfolk with parents
  Dansie Mary A. 14 Servant    
GE Dunell Sarah 28 Laundress     England  
  Dyer Elizabeth 17 Servant     Newton Tracey, Devon with parents
  Dyer Mary Jane 19 Servant    
GE Ellis Selina 24 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Fankham Elizabeth 19 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Finn Ellen ? Domestic Servant     Ireland age 24, 25 ?
GE Fuller Elizabeth 19 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Glover Ann 25 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Hall Jane 18 Domestic Servant 647/1   England  
GE Hendry Elizabeth 32 Cook     Scotland  
GE Highman Jane 21 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Hormsbee Isabella 18 Domestic Servant 776/2   Scotland  
GE Hosking Emma 20 Domestic Servant 778/3   England  
GE Jeffery Elizabeth 26 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Jennings Martha 23 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Kean Mary 19 Domestic Servant 877/3   Ireland  
  Kelly Mary A. 22 Dairy woman     England  
GE Lamb Jessie 22 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
GE Lineham Alice 20 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
GE McKay / Mackay Isabella 17 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
GE Matthews Emma Jane Dennithorne 16 Domestic Servant     Madron, Cornwall with parents
GE Matthews Mary Dennithorne 19 Domestic Servant 1036/1  
GE McLaughlan Mary 24 Nursery maid     Scotland  
GE McNeil Jane 27 Laundry maid     Scotland  
GE Meagan Mary Ann 28 Laundress     England  
GE Mitchell Eliza Jane 14 Servant     Christow, Devon with parents
GE Mitchell Emily 15 Servant    
GE Mitchell Fanny 20 Cook    
GE Morse Jane 20 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Mulcahy Ellen 25 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
GE Mulcahy Margaret 27 Domestic Servant 1146/1   Ireland  
GE Nicholas Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Packer Emma 17 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Pinhorne Emma Jane 20 Domestic Servant     St. Ann Blackfriar, Middlesex  
GE Rex Fanny 19 Housemaid     England  
GE Richards Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant     St. Just, Cornwall  
GE Richards Mary 54 Dairy woman     with sons
GE Rodda Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Rodda Mary Ann 22 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Rosevear Mary Ann 27 Domestic Servant 1387/2   England  
GE Ross Elizabeth 27 Domestic Servant 1388/3   Scotland  
GE Ryan Margaret 21 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
GE Shiely Mary 21 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
GE Stephens Sophia 29 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Stewart Jane 27 Domestic Servant     Scotland  
GE Symonds Sarah 21 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Treasy Margaret 26 Domestic Servant     Ireland  
GE Veal Mary Jane 19 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Webb Martha 27 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Williams Amelia 22 Domestic Servant     England  
GE Williams Rachel 16 Domestic Servant     England  
  Young Catherine 36 Servant     Scotland  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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