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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Utopia, 949 tons, Captain Stewart, from London 18th October, Plymouth 6th November 1863, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 8th February 1864

The South Australian Advertiser, Tuesday 9th February1864 pp. 2 & 3

Monday 8th February:— Utopia, ship, 949 tons, Stewart , master, from London October 18th, via Plymouth November 6th. G.P. Harris, agent.
Passengers—Dr. F.E. West (Surgeon-Superin
tendent)in the cabin ; and 324 Government emigrants in the steerage:

. . . . — 2nd ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1864 ; —4— births and —1— death on the passage ; Dr. Frederick E. West, surgeon-superintendent.
The Passenger List indicates the class of Emigrants, so in the list below, I have combined those lists, but have made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Assisted Passage = AP and Remittance Emigrants = RE and Colonial Nominees = CN. — Robert
Miscellaneous Shipping
The Utopia is from London and Plymouth with Government immigrants, and has made a very good passage of 94 days. She took in cargo in London and sailed on October 18, from which time six days elapsed before anchoring in Plymouth Sound. Having received her emigrants on board, she sailed on November 6, and crossed the equator on December 1, in long. 29° W. On December 30 rounded Cape of Good Hope, and passed between the islands of St. Paul's and Amsterdam on January 14. While in sight of St. Paul's the vessel was becalmed for 12 hours, during which time a large school of whales played round the vessel, blowing in all directions ; indeed, Captain Stewart asserts that during his long sea service he had never an opportunity of seeing so many monsters of the deep at one time. On February 7 passed Cape Borda Lighthouse at 3 p.m., and hoisted ensign and number in expectation of a reply, but no attention was paid to the signal. On arrival she was boarded by the pilot, and came to anchor outside, and it is doubtful whether or not she will proceed into harbour during these springs, as she is drawing over 18 feet aft, but it is probable some trimming may reduce her to 17 in which case she will moor in harbour during the week. In the meantime Dr. Duncan having visited the ship, the immigrants are free to land.
The Utopia is one of the Black Ball Line of Packets, and though not the beau ideal of a clipper, it would be difficult to select a vessel much better adapted for she has been so frequently engaged, that she has the reputation of being a most comfortable ship. On deck the space is ample for every requirement, while a full poop obviates the necessity for intermixture of sexes, that being devoted exclusively to the single females. The 'tween decks are lofty in comparison with some ships, and throughout the general order and state of the fittings reflect credit on the people in some degree, and speaks highly of the efficiency of the Surgeon- superintendent's routine, which has had such a salutary effect, that the voyage is unmarked by any serious disturbance of importance. From their general appearance, we should judge the immigrants are selected with care, and both Captain Stewart and Dr. West bear testimony to their good conduct and willingness to conform to the rules and regulations, while a glance at the following classification will show how fair a proportion of skilled labour is included in the industrial list:—
Agricultural laborers 36, brickmakers 3, laborers 45, carpenters 7, bonnetmaker 1, domestic servants 19, housemaids 9, general servants 19, confectioners 3, dairymaid 1, smiths 5, baker 1, grocer 1, ploughmen 11, shopman 1, plasterers 2, coachsmith 1, butcher 1, cooper 1, brewer 1, gunsmith 1, gardeners 3, masons 3, sawyer 1, miners 5, wheelwright 1, shoemakers 3, porter 1, carver 1, painter 1, mining engineer 1, machinist 1, female farm servants 3, seamstress 1, laundrymaid 1, schoolmistress 1, nurse maids 3, cooks 2, matron 1.
The national selection is as follows:—English 198, Irish 18, Scotch 108— total 324 — Summarised as married—males 46, females 46 ; single—males 109, females 73 ; children —males 14, females 23, infants 11.
Such an increase to the population will be of service should the immigrants be equal to the standard, and as a large number have arrived on assisted passage certificates, doubtless the friends will soon relieve the ship of a great portion of her living cargo. It is gratifying to notice that the sanitary state of the vessel not only on arrival but during the voyage has been most excellent, no fatality having occurred, and but a very trifling amount of sickness manifested itself, which has been of short duration. Although it would be presumptuous to affirm that this arose from the Surgeon's experience alone, yet in a great measure it must be attributed to the superior knowledge and method of treatment adopted as the result of superintending for seven voyages. The vessel is furnished with Dr. Normanby's distilling apparatus, which, strange to say, has proved quite an exception to the general rule ; for, instead of giving entire satisfaction, its labours have been far below the average, though the quality of the water distilled is quite equal to former machines. Some have arrived here in immigrant ships which produce 500 gallons per day, but the one in question has been limited to 10 gallons per hour. This fact does not in the least detract from the excellent invention, but is due to some temporary derangement in its minor details, which, however, could not be remedied on board.
Wooden ship Utopia was built in 1853, by James Johnston, at Saint John, New Brunswick. The vessel was purchased by Baines & Mackay (Black Ball Line of packets) in 1857.
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Williams, female 1 hour January 12th, 1864 Premature birth, 6 months at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
McMahon, Anne   Novermber 14th, 1863 female  
Quin, Bridget   November 30th, 1863 female  
Harris, Maria   December 22nd, 1863 male  
Williams, Caroline   January 12th, 1864 female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes

Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
AP Ambrey William 38 Labourer 23/2   Breconshire 1861 census living at Llanwenarth Ultra, Monmouth
    Jane 37          
    Ambrey 16          
    William 14          
AP Baily Bryan 36 Miner -   Wendron Cornwall  
    Martha 35          
RE Barry Michael 26 Labourer 84/2   Clare  
    Honor 20          
RE Blackman Charles 24 Bricklayer 129/3   Wales ??  
    Sarah 24          
    Elizabeth 2          
    Mary A. inf          
RE Bleakley William 33 Labourer 131/3   Donegal  
    Mary A. 28          
AP Braybrook James 24 Bricklayer 168/3   London Middlesex  
    Elizabeth Sophia 34          
    Selina Amy inf          
AP Carter Stephen 23 Coachbuilder 245/2   St James Westminster Middlesex  
    Emily (Palmer) 28          
    Clara inf          
AP Clack Noah 27   274/2   Middlesex ??  
    Harriett (Baker) 26          
AP Clinch Thomas 22 Miner 286/2   Liskeard Cornwall  
    Mary (-- / Ough) 26         late husband, Richard John Ough
  Ough Susanna Symons 4          
  Ough Samuel John 2          
RE Clune Thomas 25 Labourer 287/3   Clare  
    Winifred 21          
RE Coates Edwin 28 Labourer 289/1   West Bromwich Staffordshire  
    Rhoda (Peate) 27          
RE Connel Michael 25 Labourer 307/1   Westmeath  
    Catherine 21          
AP Dowler Richard 35 Farmer 424/2   Abergavenny, Monmouthshire with family
    Elizabeth 39          
    James 14          
RE Flaherty Edward 33 Labourer 508/1   Lancashire  
    Mary 32          
    Bridget 5          
RE Gage William 30 Labourer 541/3   Middlesex  
    Sarah Elizabeth 28          
    Sarah G. 5          
    Lucy 1          
AP Govett John 24 Labourer 598/1   Liskeard Cornwall  
    Elizabeth Ann (Harris) 20          
RE Greenhill John 18 Carpenter 614/1   Middlesex  
    Mary 18          
AP Harris John 30 Bricklayer 678/2   Somerset  
    Maria 26          
    Hannah 3          
    Elizabeth 1          
AP Harvey William 22 Miner 692/1   Cornwall married ?
    Elizabeth 26       Lanark  
AP Hayes Samuel George 31 Butcher 702/2   Castle Cary, Somerset  
    Elizabeth Anne (Pitman) 24          
    Herbert George 3          
    Helen 1         Ellen ?
RE Haynes Frederick 42 Carpenter 703/3   Bedminster, Somerset with family
    Fanny (Goss) 38          
    Sarah Matilda 14          
AP Hooper James 26 Miner 771/1   Stratton Cornwall  
    Sarah Ann (Wicket) 24          
RE Howlett Robert 29 Labourer 787/1   Kilkenny  
    Eliza (Moran) 26          
    James 2          
AP Hulbert George 59 Cooper 792/3   Bedminster, Somerset  
    Sarah 55          
    William 14          
AP Llewellyn Richard 40 Farmer 979/2   Glamorgan  
    Esther (Thomas) 38          
    Richard 2          
RE Mack Thomas 35 Carpenter 994/2   Clare  
    Mary 32          
    Martin 13          
    Bridget 9          
    Mary 7          
RE Maloney Timothy 24 Labourer 1008/2   Clare  
    Catherine 22          
    Michael inf          
RE McMahon Morty 24 Labourer 1080/3   Clare  
    Anne (O'Conner) 22          
AP McPherson Alexander 28 Labourer 1086/1   Lancashire from Edinburgh ?
    Joan 29          
    Alexander 2          
    Margaret 1          
RE O'Sullivan Thomas 42 Labourer -   Galway  
    Ellen 34          
RE Pennyfield Adam 30 Labourer 1267/2   Cavan  
    Ellen 29          
    George inf          
AP Phillips William 22 Labourer -   St. Cleer Cornwall  
    Mary Jane (Strike) 19          
    Richard 16         siblings of William, children of John and Elizabeth Phillips
    Louisa 14        
    Selena 12        
    Elizabeth 8        
      1851 census, children, Ann 13, William 10, James 4, Louisa 2 ; 1861 census, children, Ann 23, William 20, James 14, Louisa 12, Selina 10 and Elizabeth 6 ; is Richard above, also named James ? ... a Richard James Phiilips was born at St. Cleer, March quarter 1847.
RE Quin Denis 22 Labourer 1321/3   Galway  
    Bridget 20          
AP Rogers George 30 Labourer 1378/1   Breconshire  
    Mary 33          
AP Selby Thomas 21 Labourer 1461/3   Weymouth Dorset  
    Susan (Sargent) 22          
AP Shearer John L. 27 Mason 1473/2   Edinburgh  
    Joan (Calder) 24          
AP Sowden Richard 26 Miner 1518/2   Liskeard Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Worden) 22          
    Mary J. 1         Mary Eugenie Sowden ?
RE Stafford Patrick 24 Labourer 1530/3   Clare  
    Mary 22          
    Bridget 3          
    Ellen inf          
AP Thomas George 26 Labourer 1591/3   Calstock Cornwall  
    Magdalena (Veale) 23          
AP Thomas James 34 Miner 1592/3   St. Cleer Cornwall  
    Jane 33          
    John 11          
    Mary A. 9          
    Elizabeth A. 7          
    Eliza 5          
    James inf          
GE Tomlinson William 35 Machinist 1610/1   Bristol St. George, Gloucester 1861 census, age 50
    Margaret (Mordecai / Mordacia) 38         1861 census, age 40
    Phillip 12          
    William 5          
    Alfred 3          
    Harriet 1          
AP Trezise John 35 Miner 1622/2   St. Hilary Cornwall  
    Martha 34          
    Francis 11          
    Maria W. 7          
    John 4          
    Richard inf          
AP Veale Phillip 18 Miner 1640/1   Calstock Cornwall  
    Eliza Jane (Rowe) 17          
AP Watts James 26 Smith - B Cricklade Wiltshire  
    Martha (Radway) 23          
    William J. inf          
AP Whitford Thomas 32 Miner 1704/2   St. Cleer Cornwall  
    Eliza (Harris) 28          
    Mary Ann 8          
    Thomas Henry 7          
    Eliza Jane 2          
    Victoria inf          
AP Williams Emanuel 25 Labourer 1715/3   Liskeard Cornwall  
    Caroline (Hooper) 26          
AP Williams George 33 Wheelwright 1716/2   Middlesex  
    Elizabeth 22          
    Mary inf          
Names Age Occupation B-index BMD Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
AP Applebee George Ilsley 19 Smith 34/3   Reading Berkshire  
AP Applebee Robert 21 Smith 34/3    
AP Bishop James 20 Labourer -   Somerset  
AP Blainey Thomas 20 Labourer -   Cornwall  
RE Bourke John 25 Labourer 151/3   Clare  
AP Bradford Alfred 28 Gun Smith 160/2   Middlesex  
AP Burridge Benjamin 27 Labourer 210/1   Dorset  
RE Carroll Martin 30 Labourer 243/1   Cork  
AP Catley James 21 Plateman 250/2   Middlesex  
RE Cleary John 18 Labourer 282/3   Clare  
RE Condon John 30 Labourer 305/2   Cork  
RE Condon Maurice 18 Labourer 305/2   Cork  
RE Condon Redmond 20 Smith 305/2   Cork  
RE Connell John 22 Labourer 307/1   Tipperary  
RE Connell Patrick 20 Labourer 307/2   Tipperary  
AP Davies David 23 Labourer 378/1   Carmarthen  
AP Down Michael 20 Labourer 425/1   Devon  
RE Farrell Bryan 22 Labourer 485/3   Wicklow  
RE Farrell Bryan 20 Labourer 485/3   Wicklow  
RE Farrell Edmond 26 Labourer 486/1   Tipperary  
AP Ford Richard 21 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
AP George Francis 19 Labourer 558/1   Somerset  
RE Godwin George 27 Labourer 580/3   Monmouthshire  
AP Griffith William 27 Labourer 621/2   Breconshire  
AP Guy Phillip 24 Bootmaker 632/1   Liskeard Cornwall  
AP Harris Henry 28 Labourer 677/1   Glamorgan  
AP Haynes Frederick A. 15 Labourer 703/3   Bedminster Somerset with parents | Frederick Henry?
RE Hogan Thomas 21 Labourer 760/1   Galway  
RE Hayes Thomas 21 Labourer 702/2   Tipperary  
AP Horsey George 23 Carpenter 777/1   Somerset  
AP Howell Rees 18 Labourer 786/1   Carmarthen  
RE Iggulden Stephen 21 Labourer 825/3   Christchurch Monmouthshire  
AP Jenkins Henry 20 Labourer -   Monmouthshire  
RE Jordan Michael 19 Labourer 865/3   Clare  
RE Keady Michael 26 Labourer 877/1   Galway Thomas Keady ?
RE Kearney Margaret ! 24 Servant -   Tipperary  
RE Keen John 18 Labourer 881/2   Clare  
RE Keen John 23 Labourer 881/2   Clare  
RE Kirby Cornelius 23 Labourer 900/3   Limerick  
AP Knill Alfred 23 Labourer 928/1   St. Martin Worcester  
AP Knill Edward 20 Carpenter 928/1    
AP Laity James 21 Miner -   Cornwall  
AP Langdon Nicholas 24 Miner -   Cornwall  
AP Lewis William 28 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
RE Logan John 22 Baker -   Dublin  
RE Logan William 19 Grocer -   Dublin  
RE Lynch Patrick 20 Labourer -   Cavan  
RE Malone Thomas 19 Labourer 1007/3   Clare  
RE McAuley Donald 22 Labourer 1049/3   Inverness  
RE McCarren John 29 Labourer 1053/1   Tyrone  
RE McDonald Donald 30 Labourer 1059/2   Inverness  
RE McInerney James 20 Labourer 1069/3   Clare  
RE McInerney John 17 Labourer 1069/3   Clare  
RE McInerney Michael 16 Labourer 1069/3   Clare  
RE McMahon James 19 Labourer 1080/2   Clare  
RE McMahon John 22 Labourer -   Clare  
RE McMellan Dugal 25 Labourer -   Lanark  
GE McNally James 56 Labourer -   Antrim  
AP Morgan Charles 25 Painter -   Hampshire  
AP Monro Adam 26 Mason 1128/1   Inverness  
RE Naughton Patrick 17 Labourer 1167/1   Limerick  
AP Nichol James 23 Labourer 1180/3   Edinburgh  
RE Nihill Michael 22 Labourer 1187/1   Clare  
RE O'Connor James 22 Labourer 1207/1   Limerick  
RE O'Connor Michael 30 Labourer -   Limerick  
RE O'Donnell John 20 Labourer -   Tipperary  
RE O'Loughlin Martin 24 Labourer 1211/3   Clare  
AP Osborne Jesse 31 Labourer 1222/3   Glamorgan  
AP Page William 27 Carpenter 1231/3   Somerset  
AP Palmer William 19 Servant 1234/1   Middlesex  
AP Parson James 21 Labourer 1242/3   Cornwall  
AP Paterson William 24 Labourer 1247/2   Edinburgh  
AP Phillips Abraham 23 Labourer -   Glamorgan  
AP Phillips John 21 Miner -   Cornwall did not sail?
AP Pitchford Richard 23 Carpenter -   Monmouthshire  
AP Polkinghorne Joseph 21 Miner 1295/1   Cornwall  
AP Pope Henry 19 Labourer 1299/3   Middlesex  
AP Robertson James 23 Servant 1368/1   Edinburgh  
AP Robertson William 24 Mason 1369/1   Edinburgh  
AP Robinson Thomas 24 Smith 1372/2   Wiltshire  
RE Ryan Michael 23 Labourer 1411/1   Clare  
RE Ryan Michael 21 Labourer 1411/1   Limerick  
RE Sayer Thomas 16 Shopman 1432/3   Kent  
AP Suminson George 20 Painter 1564/3   Somerset  
RE Smith John 22 Labourer -   Cavan  
AP Sperrier Samuel 20 Labourer 1523/2   Gloucester  
AP Stevens William 20 Carpenter 1546/3   Somerset  
RE Sullivan Owen 20 Labourer -   Cork  
AP Thomas John 20 Miner 1593/3   Cornwall  
AP Thomas John 20 Labourer 1602/2   Roscommon  
AP Thomas William 23 Shoemaker 1587/1   Somerset  
AP Thomas David 21 Ploughman 1590/3   Glamorgan  
AP Thomson James 23 Ploughman 1602/2   Perth  
AP Trezise Charles 21 Miner 1621/1   Cornwall  
RE Truscott Christian 23 - -   Devon  
RE Walsh Edmond 23 Labourer 1666/2   Limerick  
RE Walsh James 14 Plasterer 1666/3   Middlesex  
RE Walsh John 19 Plasterer 1666/3   Middlesex  
AP Webb James 21 Miner -   Cornwall  
GE White David 32 Labourer -   Osmington Dorset  
GE White James 66 Labourer -    
AP Willmet Thomas 19 Gardener -   Middlesex  
Single Women & children
GE Walford Miss Selina 45 Matron     Middlesex  
AP Anthony Selena 17 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Baker Rachel 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Benney / Binney Elizabeth / Tamzin E.J. 4 child     East Stonehouse Devon born Kingstone, Ireland
RE Benney / Binney Patience 35 Servant      
RE Benney / Binney William John 3 child     born Kingstone, Ireland
RE Birch Mary 38 Bonnet maker     Middlesex  
RE Birch William 3 child     Middlesex  
AP Cairns Sarah 18 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Condor Ellen 18 Servant     Cork  
RE Daley Bridget 19 Servant     Clare  
AP Dawson Maria 20 Servant     Oxford  
RE Devine Mary 23 Servant     Dublin  
AP Dobie Anne 30 Servant     Dumfries  
AP Dobie Charlotte 24 Servant     Dumfries  
AP Dowler Sarah Ann 20 Servant     Abergavenny, Monmouthshire with parents
AP Duel Emma 18 Servant     Gloucester  
AP Evans Elizabeth 21 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Farren Elizabeth 20 Servant     Middlesex  
AP Fitzpatrick Kate 46 Confectioner     Dublin  
AP Ford Mary 15 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Fraser Anne 18 Servant     Edinburgh  
AP Fursden Eliza 21 Servant     Devon  
AP Gibbons Maria   Dressmaker     Gloucester  
AP Gillie Agnes 30 Teacher     Edinburgh  
RE Ginnane Ellen 15 Servant     Clare  
RE Ginnane Margaret 18 Servant     Clare  
AP Harris Jane 22 Housekeeper     Cornwall  
RE Harvey Elizabeth 26 Servant     Lanark  
AP Herbert Selina 18 Servant     Monmouthshire  
RE Hogan Catherine 18 Servant     Galway  
AP Jeffries Susan 23 Servant     Kent  
RE Johnstone Sarah 25 Servant     Donegal  
AP Jones Margaret 18 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Lane Anne 20 Servant     Somerset  
AP Layden Catherine 22 Servant     Yorkshire  
AP Lewis Janet 19 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Logan Anne 40 Servant     Dublin  
RE Logan Mary A. 20 Confectioner     Dublin  
AP Mann Sarah 27 Servant     Middlesex  
RE McGrath Bridget 19 Servant     Tipperary  
RE McInerney Margaret 13 Servant     Clare  
RE McMahon Hannah 20 Servant     Clare  
RE McMeeney Winifred 19 Servant     Clare  
RE Naughton Bridget 24 Servant     Limerick  
RE O'Halloran Catherine 18 Servant     Galway  
RE O'Halloran Julia 20 Servant     Galway  
AP Over Julia 16 Servant     Berkshire  
AP Paice Elizabeth 17 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Pears Annie 18 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Pender Catherine 20 Servant   1263/2 Carlow  
RE Pender John 10 child   1263/2 Carlow  
RE Pender Mrs. Mary 40 Servant   1263/2 Carlow  
RE Pender Michael 8 child   1263/2 Carlow  
AP Perry Frances 18 Servant     Servant  
AP Robert Elizabeth 19 Servant     Glamorgan  
AP Sage Anne 27 Servant     Somerset  
AP Samuel Elizabeth 17 Servant     Glamorgan  
RE Smith Agnes 21 Servant     Cavan  
RE Smith Bridget 20 Servant     Cavan  
RE Sullivan Margaret 16 Servant     Galway  
AP Telling Mary 19 Servant     Middlesex  
AP Thomas Ruth 20 Servant     Monmouth  
AP Trezise Jane 16 Servant     St. Hilary, Cornwall Mary J. | with parents
RE Truscott Christiana 23 Servant     St. Neots, Cornwall  
AP Wallace Elle 30 Servant     Middlesex  
AP Wallace Margaret 23 Servant     Edinburgh  
RE Walsh Ann 40 Servant     Middlesex  
RE Walsh Mary 13 Servant     Middlesex  
AP Walters Fanny 20 Servant     Middlesex  
AP Williams Elizabeth 22 Servant     Cornwall  
RE Winter Ann 28 Servant     Tyrone  
RE Winter Catherine 25 Servant     Tyrone  
AP Woolener Isabella 21 Servant     Middlesex  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference ; FreeBMD ; UK census'

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