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Kindly transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
Return to SA Passenger Lists,1847-1886 or German Emigrants to South Australia

barque Victoria, 390 tons, Captain J.H.O. Meyer, from Hamburg, Germany 15th June 1848, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 6th November 1848

South Australian Register Tuesday 7th November 1848

Monday November 06-the barque Victoria 390 tons, J.H.O. Meyer from Hamburg, 15th June & Rio de Janeiro 31st August.
Passengers: cabin.— S. A. Butefish ; H. W. Gravenhorst ; T. Landmann ; Maurice Whyle ; Alice Whyle ; Henry Abrahams ; Benjamin Amsberg ; Rose Amsberg ; Frederick Amsberg and Hermann Behr, surgeon.
Passengers: steerage.— 9 carpenters ; 6 clerks ; 35 agriculturalists ; 4 shoemakers ; 2 shepherds ; 2 cabinetmakers ; 2 mechanics ; 2 smiths ; 2 tailors ; 1 house servant ; 1 turner ; 1 schoolmaster ; 1 organist ; 1 millwright ; 1 tanner ; 1 baker ; 1 vintner ; 1 jeweller ; 1 druggist ; 1 upholterer ; 1 pastor ; 1 weaver ; 1 saddler ; 1 missionary ; 1 soap boiler ; 56 females ; 71 [children]

The following note was on the bottom last page of one part of the passenger list.

Some of the steerage parties are under engagement to Mrs. Godfrey Mon to furnish working hands to redeem the arrears of passage moneys. It would materially promote the interest of the colony, if these parties can be received by landowners, and their wages be retained to the amount of 10/- per week for each working hand, for account of the ship owners till the said arrears be paid. As Mr. Stackmann has declined the business of collecting the of the said arrears as it takes to much of his time, I am very much at a loss, how to dispose of them-and request Mr. M. Laren to propose to Mr Giles, to step into the contracts, which Capt. Myer will endorse to him, whereby not only the parties themselves will be located on the lands of the South Australian Co. but also, those who will follow with means, and all will become valuable tenants being a religious and hard working people. The "Victoria" touching at Rio, the present notice will be in time to make arrangments for the reception of the passengers, and in hope that some of the gentlemen of the board will also kindly entertain this application for their private lands, and afford me the opportunity of disposing of the contract in question.
This list was completed to this point with a lot of assistance from several sources, one of these was work out of the South Australian Heraldry and Genealogy (SAGHS) Library compiled by Dulcie Love, long time convener of The Germanic Special Interest Group. This was used for cross checking only. Not all the facts came from the Original Passenger list from the State Library South Australia (SLSA), they were obtained from the BDM indexes and the Biographical Index South Australia. There are a lot of gaps on this list, from researching passenger lists I have noted that a lot of German Settlers moved on from South Australia, either to Victoria or Queensland. Any Correction or addition to this list would be gladly accepted. Regards Robert.

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated or alternate name spelling added, it has been included within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Place of Origin Remarks
Last Given
Bartsch Adam 40 Farmer 89/1 Saxony  
  Maria Dorothea (Meinert) 37        
  Je Dorothea 13        
  Adam August 8        
  Je Christiane 2        
Bitrach Augustus 30 Tailor - -  
  Augusta inf        
Bittner John (Johann Gottlieb) 40 Agr. Labourer 128/1 Goldberg  
  wife (Johanne Rosina) 37        
  child (Carl Friedrich Heinrich) 12        
  child (Friedrich Julius Robert) 10        
  child (Emilie Henrietta Louisa) 9        
  Paul 5        
  Henrietta Augusta Maria inf        
Bruhn George n/a Carpenter 193/3 Holstein  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  Jane inf       died SA 1848
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Durske / Dutschke Martin (Johann Carl Friedrich) 30 Landman 445/1 Saxony  
  Maria 22        
Dose / Dost Mr. n/a Saddler - Hamburg  
  wife n/a        
Erfurt / Erfurth Charles ? / George n/a Agr. Labourer 472/1 Priebus  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Fischer Francis (Franz) 28 Agr. Labourer 501/2 Silesia  
  Christiane (Held) 24        
  child n/a        
Forester G.W. (Christian Wilhelm) n/a - - -  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Gebhardt John (Johann) n/a - 555/1 Posen  
  child n/a        
Glatz Carl August 32 Agr. Labourer 576/1 Silesia  
  Anna Rosina (Seifert) 35        
  Ernst Wilhelm 4        
Grieschwitz Gustavus n/a Soap Boiler 619/3 Prussia  
  wife n/a        
  daughter n/a        
Grossmann Johann Christoph 51 Landman 625/1 Silesia  
  Ja Christina (Hanzel) 35        
  Henrietta Ernstine 11        
  Auguste Pauline 8        
  Ja Caroline 2        
  Ja Elisabeth inf        
Hagel John (Johann) 32 Upholsterer 637/3 Hamburg  
  wife (Anna Dorothea (Grell)) 32        
Jahne Traugott (Johann Traugott) 32 Agr. Labourer - -  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Kappler Andreas 46 Pastor 874/3 Saxony  
  Henrietta Wilhelmina (Berger) 35        
  child n/a        
  Eusebia Sophia 15        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  Herbert 4        
  Emanuel inf        
Krugher / Kruger Johann Carl August 46 Organist & Organ builder 940/2 Silesia  
  Maria (Duch) 43        
  August Carl 14        
  Gustav 10        
  Johann Theodor 9        
  Maria Augusta 4        
Leemann / Lehmann Martin 37 Landman 965/2 Silesia  
  Elisabeth (Krants) 36        
  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 7        
  Martin 6 step-son      
  Anna 3        
  Johann 2        
Miatke Georg 36 Landman 1101/2 Brandenburg  
  Maria (Lehmann) 37        
  Johannes Georg 17        
  Friedrich 13        
  Anna 7        
  Marie 1        
Oehlrich Mr. Friedrich Wilhelm George 51 Saddler 1217/2 Hamburg  
  Ja Maria Elise (Meinzolt) 47        
  Heinrich Wilhelm 13        
  Jes Jacob 10        
  Henrietta Sophie 8        
  child n/a        
Oertel John (Wilhelm) 47 Agr. Labourer 1217/3 Saxony  
  Christina (Lonnes) 36        
  Friedrich Gustav 13        
  Anna 9        
  Auguste 3        
  Henry 5        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Pietsch J. Georg 46 Agr. Labourer 1284/1 Pomerania  
  Anna Lydia (Redlich) n/a        
  J.Georg (Johann Gottlieb) 15        
  Anna Rosina 12        
  Johann George 7        
  Anna Elisabeth 4        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Regnier Julius n/a Agriculturalist 1339/1 Silesia  
  Johanna (Push) n/a        
  daughter (Lodowine Clemetine) 4        
  daughter (Antonia Lucia?) 1        
Roerich / Rohricht G. (Wilhelm Friedrich) 47 Landman 1381/2 -  
  wife -       did not sail
  daughter (Johanna Christina) 24        
  daughter (Johanna) 19        
  daughter (Marie Rosine) n/a        
  daughter n/a        
  child n/a        
Sanders Mr. n/a - - Hamburg  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Sauerwald male (Friedrich) n/a Turner - Dortmund  
  wife n/a        
Seiler Michael Ernest 22 Agr. Labourer 1461/2 Saxony b. 5 June 1827 Salzenforst, Bautzen, Saxony
  Agnes (Lehmann) 19       b. 12 May 1829, Saxony
  Moritz Henry inf       b. 9 Sep 1847 Salzenforst, Bautzen, Saxony
Sayer Ernest n/a - - -  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  son 18        
Schneider J.C. (Johann Christian) n/a Agr. Labourer 1442/2 Silesia  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Shoebert / Schubert Ferdinand (Freidrich Wilhelm) 32 Blacksmith 1446/3 Silesia  
  Christiane Scharlotte (Beier) 29        
  Ernestine Emmeline 7        
  son n/a        
  child n/a        
Teschner Martin 32 Landman 1587/2 Turnow  
  Elisabeth (Stapke) 31        
  child n/a        
  child n/a        
Vogt Joseph n/a Carpenter - Silesia  
  wife n/a        
Weckert Wilhelm n/a Agr. Labourer - Posen  
  wife n/a        
  child n/a        
Wittke Johann Georg 38 Agr. Labourer 1734/3 Prussia  
  Je Eleanore (Wittke) 29        
  J. Carl 9        
  J. Wilhelm 7        
  Julianna 2        
  child n/a        
Names Age Occupation B-index Place of Origin Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Baseler G. n/a Millwright - Posen  
Benkert Anton n/a Landman - -  
Borgas Henry 22 Agr. Labourer 145/3 Saxony  
Carlsen J. n/a Clerk 238/2 Schleswig  
Englebricht Wilhelm Ludwig n/a Mechanic 471/1 ? Brandenburg  
Gaeth Johann Heinrich Christian n/a - - Razzerburg  
Gaeth child n/a     Razzerburg  
Gebhardt Gottlieb n/a - - Posen  
Ginzel Andreas n/a Agr. Labourer 573/3 Saxony  
Groch Martin 28 Shoemaker 623/1 Prussia  
Grube / Grute Ed. (Edward) n/a Clerk 626/3 Hamburg  
Gruhl Gustavus (Gustav Hermann Epraim) 31 Carpenter 626/1 Prussia  
Hansel J.C.E. n/a Shepherd 666/2 Prussia  
Hein Gotlove (Johann Gotlieb) n/a Landman - Silesia  
Heinzel John (Johann) n/a Agr. Labourer 715/1 Bradisier  
Hoffman G. n/a Landman 757/1 Saxony  
Hugelmann Hermann n/a Carpenter - Silesia  
Irismann n/a - - -  
Kaplert Mr. n/a Tunnel maker 874/3 Silesia  
Kohn J.S. n/a Clerk 932/3 Hamburg  
Konig Baldwin n/a Baker 933/2 Summerfield  
Kraemer / Kroemer Stephen 28 Tanner 938/3 Silesia  
Krendle / Kahlert Johann n/a Landman 937/1 Silesia  
Krodel August 32 Carpenter 938/2 Saxony  
Kronke / Kroenk Julius (Julius Jacob Christian) 24 Carpenter 938/3 Holstein  
Kuglemann Mr. (Carl Friedrich Hermann) 25 - 943/1 Silesia  
Lahn J.C.L. n/a Shoemaker - Hamburg  
Lallmann J.L. n/a Jeweller - Hamburg  
Malmke Thiery n/a Carpenter - -  
Majerus F. n/a Clerk - Hamburg  
Messner August n/a Carpenter - Silesia  
Meibuss / Mebus W. (M.) n/a Shoemaker 1090/1 Prussia  
Miller / Muller Frederick n/a Vintager - Saxony Vintner
Overt / Offe Isidor (Claus) n/a Carpenter 1217/3 Prussia  
Pole Sigmund (Sigismund) n/a Agr. Labourer 1294/2 Saxony  
Proposch Traugott 49 Schoolmaster - Silesia  
Rechner Julius 27 Clerk 1335/3 Silesia  
Reddlich C. n/a Agr. Labourer - Posen  
Ree Julius n/a Cloth Manufacturer - -  
Resener August n/a Agr. Labourer 1345/3 Saxony  
Richter Martin 19 Shepherd 1354/2 Prussia  
Sawn / Slawn Mr. n/a Mechanic - -  
Schroeder C.F. n/a Apothecary - Hamburg  
Schoulze Andrew (Andreas) n/a Agr. Labourer - Saxony  
Slick n/a - - Silesia young man
Sowerwald Fr. n/a Tanner - - Sauerwald
Tinsman A. n/a Landman - Silesia  
Vieth Josef n/a Weaver - Silesia  
Weber August n/a Tailor - -  
Willke Gotfried (Johann Gottfried) 30 Landman - Posen  
Single Women
Appelt Miss n/a     - joining husband
Ditner / Ditmar Fr. n/a Houseservant   Hamburg  
Hank Elisabeth n/a     Hamburg  
Held Johanna n/a maiden   Silesia  
Hell / Hess Wilhelmina (Louise Wilhelmina) n/a Farm Worker   Silesia  
Hyder Mrs. n/a     -  
Hyder daughter 30     -  
Kochrich Wilhelmina (Elisabeth Wilhelmina) n/a     Prussia  
Kraemer / Kroamer Ludwina n/a     Silesia  
Lehmann Ann n/a maiden   Saxony  
Miller n/a     Saxony daughter of Frederick above
Nehlich Henrietta n/a Schoolmistress   Hamburg  
Peters Mrs. n/a married     joining husband
Proposch n/a     Silesia  
Schubert Mrs. n/a     Kegnitz  
Schubert daughter 20     Kegnitz  
Sonkel / Soenkel Charlotte n/a Seamstress   Hamburg  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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