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The Fleets

There were a great many companies involved in the ocean trade. The following fleet list is not complete by any means, but is an attempt to collect the names of the companies, a brief history of each and the names of the vessels they used. This information has been extracted from various sources and should only be used as a guide. Any off-site links provided will open a new browser window.

Please Note: These pages are under always construction. Not all fleets represented, are complete. Any feedback about errors or omissions are welcome, and should be sent to
Commemorating 19th Century deliverery of mail by steamship
Cunard and Allan
Sir Samuel Cunard of Cunard Line Sir Hugh Allan of Allan Line

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following fleet lists were extracted from various sources. They are not inclusive, and should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or the Immigrant Ship web site.

General Information on the Fleets

Table format of the Fleets included below: Effective --April 22nd 2003-- an additional column will be included in the Fleet tables, to separate the "built" date from the "owned" or "operated" date. As time permits, each Fleet will be revisited, and the table reformatted, however all new Fleets added will appear thus.
Years in Service Tons
Column 1 Vessel   Ship name, while in the company's ownership  
Column 2 Built   Date built  
Column 3 Years in Service   Date of acquisition (where different from built date), previous name and owner, fate or sale to new owner and subsequent name
Column 4 Tons   Gross tonnage  
Where ships had several owners / name changes,
ships' histories can often be traced by checking through previous and subsequent owners Fleet lists.

The Fleets
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