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The Fleets

Arosa Line / Compañia Internacional Transportadora 1952-1958

The Compañia Internacional Transportadora or Arosa Line was founded by Nicolo Rizzi.
The AROSA KULM flying the Panamanian flag sailed from Bremen on 18 March 1952 for Zeebrugge, Southampton and Halifax.
The Puerto Rico was purchased by Compañia Internacional Transportadora in autumn 1953 reconstructed and sailed from Bremen on 18 May 1954 as the AROSA STAR. The Felix Roussel was bought from Messageries Maritimes in the spring of 1955 and reconditioned and renamed AROSA SUN. In 1957 the La Marseillaise was also purchased from Messageries Maritimes and renamed AROSA SKY.

In 1957 there was a decline in passengers to and from Canada and the Arosa Line undertook a series of Caribbean cruises from New York between December 1957 and April 1958 and also cruised from Miami, but the results were disastrous owing to several mishaps with the ships.
In September 1958 the Arosa Line was forced to sell the AROSA SKY to the Costa Line and in December that year the AROSA STAR was arrested at Bermuda for debts. On 10 April 1959 a judge at Geneva declared the company bankrupt.
The AROSA KULM was scrapped at Bruges, the AROSA STAR sold for further services and the AROSA SUN was bought by a Dutch concern as a floating hostel for their workers at Ijmuiden.

Many thanks to Henk Jungerius and Ted Finch for their assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

  • Routes and voyages:
    • Quebec, Le Havre, Southampton, Bremerhaven.
      Southampton and / or Le Havre sometimes omitted on eastbound voyages.
    • Return Bremerhaven to Quebec, normally with calls at either Zeebrugge or Hoek van Holland, and with occasional calls at Southampton and Le Havre.
    • Hamburg, Southampton, Le Havre, Quebec.
      One westbound voyage to Montreal instead of Quebec.
    • Eastbound voyages from Quebec (one from Montreal) called at Cuxhaven with debarkation for Hamburg; one voyage from Quebec to Bremerhaven instead of Cuxhaven.
    • Bremerhaven, Southampton, Le Havre, Montreal.
    • One westbound voyage to Quebec instead of Montreal ; one non-stop Bremerhaven-Montreal.
    • One eastbound voyage from Quebec instead of Montreal ; Southampton omitted on one voyage.
    • One voyage from Bremerhaven to Southampton, Le Havre and Quebec. Return from Quebec to Zeebrugge and Bremerhaven.
    • One voyage from Bremerhaven via Zeebrugge to New York. Return from New York to Le Havre.
    • One voyage from Le Havre to New York. Return from New York to Le Havre and Bremerhaven.

Funnel & Flag:
Yellow, with black top and narrow black band.


Funnel Flag
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Arosa Kulm 1919 built by American International Shipbuilding Corp., Hog Island, Pennsylvania | ex- Cantigny (US Army transport), ex- American Banker 1924 for American Merchant Lines, 1934 transferred to United States Lines, 1940 sold to Société Maritime Anversoise, Belgium renamed Ville d'Anvers, 1945 returned to USL, 1946 transferred to Isbrandtsen Line renamed City of Athens, 1947 sold to Incres Line renamed Protea, 1952 sold to Arosa Line renamed Arosa Kulm, 1959 scrapped at Bruges. 8,929
Arosa Sky 1944 built by Société Provencale de Construction Navale, La Ciotat | Launched as Marechal Pétain but scuttled in German retreat, 1947 raised and renamed La Marseillaise, 1949 entered service, 1957 purchased from Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes renamed Arosa Sky, 1958 sold to Costa renamed Bianca C, 1959 rebuilt 18,427gt, 22 October 1961 explosion in engine room when anchored at Grenada abandoned by passengers and crew and foundered in deep water. 17,321
Arosa Star 1930 built by Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corp., Quincy, Mass. | ex- Borinquen built for New York & Porto Rico Steamship Company, ex- Puerto Rico 1949, 1954 purchased from A.H. Bull, New York renamed Arosa Star, 1959 sold to Eastern Steamship renamed Bahama Star, 1969 sold to Western Steamship Co. renamed La Jenelle, 13 April 1970 destroyed while under tow on her way to being converted into a floating hotel. 9,070
Arosa Sun 1930 built by Ateliers & Chantiers de La Loire, St. Nazaire | ex- Felix Roussel, 1955 purchased from Compagnie des Messageries Maritimes renamed Arosa Sun, 1960 sold to Dutch Hoogovens and used as a stationary hotel ship, 1974 scrapped. 20,126

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