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The Fleets

Clyde Line / Clyde-Mallory LinePoster

The Clyde Line was established in 1844 by Thomas Clyde, connecting Philadelphia with other east coast ports. The headquarters moved to New York in 1872. Besides connecting the northeast and southeast, the line also served the West Indies, especially Dominican Republic, after 1870s.

The company was purchased in 1907 by Charles W. Morse's Consolidated Steamship Lines, which collapsed in 1908. Clyde Line was then taken over in 1911 by the Atlantic, Gulf & West Indies Steamship Lines, a combine of a number of lines, but the Clyde Line name and flag continued in use until 1932, when Clyde was combined with the Mallory Line name to form the Clyde-Mallory Line. Clyde-Mallory was sold in 1949 to the Bull Line and the company name disappeared.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data and TimeTable images for the poster. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.



Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Algonquin (1) 1890 1924 scrapped. 2,833
Algonquin (2) 1926 1943 U.S. Army Hospital ship, 1946 U.S. Maritime Commission, 1957 scrapped. 5,946
Apache 1901 1902 rebuilt to 4,145 tons, 1928 scrapped. 3,378
Arapahoe 1901 1902 rebuilt to 4,145 tons, 1928 scrapped. 3,378
Carib 1882 ex- President Garfield (W & J. Hamilton, Glasgow), 1896 renamed Kimon for M. Bielich, Trieste, Austria-Hungary, 1898 purchased by Clyde Line renamed Carib, 1915 sold to Walker, Armstrong & Co., Savannah, 1915 mined and sunk in North Sea. 2,087
Cherokee (1) 1886 1922 sold to Gulf & Southern SS Co., NY renamed Tampa, 1929 sold North American Fruit & SS Corp, NY renamed Western Wave, 1932 sold to J. A. Wilson, NY renamed Texan, 1939 scrapped. 2,557
Cherokee (2) 1925 16th Jun. 1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.87 on voyage Halifax - Boston. 5,896
Chippewa 1905 1928 scrapped. 2,696
Comanche 1895 1901 rebuilt to 3,856 tons, 17th Oct. 1925 abandoned on fire off Mayport, Fla. Beached and total loss. 3,202
Croatan 1881 ex- Alpin (Yeves y Cia, Bilbao), 1886 Atlas SS Co., Liverpool, 1889 renamed Joaquin Ancona for N. Ancona, Progreso, Mexico, 1891 purchased by Clyde Line renamed Croatan, 1st Nov. 1898 burnt off Cape Charles on voyage New York - Wilmington, N.C. 1,204
Delaware (1) 1880 8th Jul. 1898 burnt off New York on voyage New York - Charleston, S.C. 1,646
Delaware (2) 1907 1933 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, NY, 1935 scrapped. 1,907
George W. Clyde 1872 1921 sold to Chicago SS Lines, Chicago, 1925 scrapped. 1,849
Goldsboro' 1882 1908 sold to P. Hagan, Philadelphia, 1912 wrecked on Brandywine Shoal on voyage Atlantic City - Philadelphia. 681
Huron 1902 1932 scrapped. 2,949
Inca 1915 1928 sold to General Transit Co., Cleveland, Ohio, 1938 sold Canada renamed Norco, 1964 wrecked Nicaragua. 1,414
Iroquois (1) 1888 1901 rebuilt to 3,602 tons, 1926 scrapped. 2,944
Iroquois (2) 1927 1940 U.S. Navy Hospital ship, 1946 U.S. Maritime Commission, 1948 sold to Turkey renamed Ankara, 1981 scrapped. 6,209
Katahdin 1906 1928 scrapped. 2,696
Kiowa 1903 26th Dec. 1903 sunk in collision with s/s Admiral Dewey off Boston Light. 2,949
Lenape 1912 1917-1918 U.S. Navy requisition, 18th Nov. 1925 caught fire and beached in Delaware Bay, subsequently scrapped. 5,179
Mohawk (1) 1908 2nd Jan. 1925 caught fire off Delaware Breakwater, beached and broke in two. 4,623
Mohawk (2) 1926 1933 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, 24th Jan. 1935 sunk in collision with m/v Talisman off New Jersey. 5,896
Mohican 1904 10th May 1925 burnt and sank off Cape Canaveral. 2,255
Norfolk 1916 1933 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, NY, 1946 sold China renamed Hsin Hwa, 1958 deleted from registers. 2,482
Oneida (1) 1885 ex- Callao, 1894 purchased from Maclay & McIntyre, Glasgow renamed Oneida, 1909 sold to Baltimore & Carolina SS Co., Baltimore renamed Matilda Weems, 1920 sold Greece renamed Aspasia Stavroudis, 12th Jan.1921 on fire and sank off Karpathos Island. 1,323
Oneida (2) 1919 ex- Lake Gilboa, 1923 purchased from US Shipping Board renamed Oneida, 1933 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, NY, 4th May 1943 sank off Norfolk, Va. 2,664
Onondaga 1905 28th Jun. 1918 struck rock and sank off Watch Hill, R.I. 2,696
Ortega 1920 ex- Sioux City, 1924 purchased from US Shipping Board renamed Ortega, 12th Nov. 1928 ashore near Port au Prince, refloated and scrapped. 2,689
Osage 1919 ex- Lake Fannin, 1923 purchased from US Shipping Board renamed Osage, 1933 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, NY, 1946 sold to China Merchants S.N. Co., Shanghai renamed Hai Ying, 1949 sold Panama renamed San Jose, 1951 scrapped. 2,650
Ozama 1881 ex- Craigallion, 1886 purchased from Walker, Donald & Co., Glasgow after grounding damage, renamed Ozama, 21st Nov. 1894 sank off Cape Romain on voyage Philadelphia - Charleston, S.C. 1,028
Ozark 1919 ex- Lake Savus, 1924 purchased from US Shipping Board renamed Ozark, 1933 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, NY, 1946 sold to China Merchants S.N. Co, Shanghai renamed Hai Kan, 1954 sold renamed Nan Hai 162, 1964 scrapped. 2,689
Pawnee (1) 1890 26th Jun. 1899 abandoned on fire off Currituck, N.C. 1,801
Pawnee (2) 1907 1932 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, NY,1940 renamed Pan Orleans for Waterman SS Corp, NY, 1946 Isbrandtsen Co., Honduras registry, 1948 renamed Ascona, 1952 sold Italy, 1959 scrapped. 1,908
Philadelphia 1916 1933 transferred to Clyde-Mallory Lines, NY, 1937 scrapped. 2,482
Saginaw 1883 ex- Benison, 1888 purchased from J. Hoult, Liverpool renamed Saginaw, 1898 sold to East Caicos Co., Turk's Island renamed Benison, 1898 resold to Clyde Line renamed Saginaw, 5th May 1903 sunk in collision with s/s Hamilton off Hog Island, Va. 1,835
Santo Domingo   see Yemasee.  
Seminole (1) 1886 14th Apr.1915 wrecked in Yuma Bay, Dominican Republic. 2,557
Seminole (2) 1925 1942 U.S. Army Hospital ship, 1946 U.S. Maritime Commission, 1952 scrapped. 5,896
Seneca 1894 ex- Yorktown (Old Dominion SS Co., NY), 1898 renamed Resolute for U.S. Navy, 1900 renamed Rawlins for U.S. Army, 1902 renamed Powhatan for Merchants & Miners Transp. Co., Baltimore, 1916 sunk in collision with s/s Telena, salvaged and sold to R. Hasler, Baltimore, 1920 renamed Cuba for Steamship Cuba Inc NY, 1925 purchased by Clyde Line renamed Seneca, 30th Dec. 1927 burned at Hoboken, sold and 1929 scrapped. 2,898
Winyah 1892 ex- John G. Christopher, 1894 purchased from Merchants SS Co., Jacksonville renamed Winyah, 1913 sold and converted to barge. Columbus 1873 1,583 tons, 1878 sold to Imperial Russian Navy, converted to cruiser renamed Aziya, 1923 scrapped. 1,682
Yaque 1915 1928 sold Norway renamed Doris, 1929 renamed Trajan, 1941 sunk by German air attack in North Sea. 1,414
Yemasee 1878 ex- Santo Domingo, 1883 purchased from Thos. Clyde, Philadelphia, 1887 renamed Yemasee, 1907 converted to barge. 1,880
Yuma 1889 wooden steam barge, 1908 sold to Norwich & New York Propellor Co., New London, 1912 renamed Thames, 25th Oct. 1921 sank near Jupiter Inlet on voyage Jacksonville - Miami. 447
Yuna 1915 11th Jan. 1919 wrecked on Mouchoir Bank on voyage Santo Domingo - New York. 1,414

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