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The Fleets

Compaņia Argentina de Navegación Dodero / Empresa Lineas Maritimas Argentinas

The company commenced Buenos Aires to London passenger voyages in 1949 with the newly built PRESIDENTE PERON and followed this in 1950 with the EVA PERON and the 17 DE OCTUBRE. The same year, passenger services between Buenos Aires, Vigo, Amsterdam and Hamburg commenced. A service between B.A., Rio de Janeiro, Las Palmas, Lisbon, Barcelona, Marseilles, Naples and Genoa with southbound calls at Montevideo soon followed. After the fall of the Peron Government, the Dodero Line ceased operations and management of the fleet passed to Flota Argentina de Navegaceon de Ultramar (FANU). In 1962 FANU and the Flota Mercante del Estado merged to form Empresa Lineas Maritimas Argentinas (ELMA) who took over the passenger services. The Genoa route was discontinued in 1969 and passenger services to London in 1967 and the ships converted to cargo carriers. A service to New York also operated between 1950 and 1962. The Hamburg route was ended in 1972.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for their assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

CAND - Argentine blue with white band and black top.
ELMA - Black with narrow blue band, broad white band containing upright anchor, narrow blue band and black top.

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
17 de Octubre 1950 1955 renamed Libertad, 1974 laid up at Villa Consitucion, 1975 scrapped at Campana. 12,634
Alberto Dodero 1951 1969 sold to Transportes Oceanicos, Buenos Aires renamed Cormoran, converted to livestock transporter, 1974 sold to Singapore. 11,521
Argentina   see Presidente Peron.  
Corrientes 1941 ex- HMS Tracker, 1949 purchased from Royal Navy, converted to passenger ship and renamed Corrientes, 1964 arrived at Lisbon with serious machinery damage and scrapped at Antwerp. 12,053
Eva Peron 1950 1955 renamed Uruguay, 1967 converted to cargo ship, 1969 laid up at Rosario, 1973 scrapped at San Pedro. 12,627
Evita   see Rio Tunuyan.  
Libertad   see 17 de Octubre.  
Maipu 1951 4th Nov.1951 sank near Weser lightship after collision with U.S. transport GENERAL M. L. HERSEY with no loss of life. 11,515
Presidente Peron 1949 1955 renamed Argentina, 1966 converted to cargo ship, 1969 laid up at Rosario, 1973 scrapped at Campana. 12,459
Rio de la Plata 1950 19th Nov.1964 destroyed by fire while uner repair at Buenos Aires, 1968 scrapped. 11,317
Rio Jachal 1950 1962 badly damaged by fire at New York, temporarily repaired and laid up at Buenos Aires, 1968 again badly damaged by fire, 1970 scrapped. 11,342
Rio Tunuyan 1951 1952 renamed Evita, 1955 reverted to Rio Tunuyan, 1972 laid up at Villa Contitucion. 11,317
Salta 1942 ex- HMS Shah, 1949 purchased from Royal Navy, converted to passenger ship and renamed Salta, 1964 laid up at Buenos Aires, 1966 acrapped. 12,053
Uruguay   see Eva Peron.  
Yapeyu 1951 1969 sold to Transportes Oceanicos, Buenos Aires renamed Petrel, converted to livestock transporter, 1974 sold to Singapore renamed Cremona, 1976 renamed Iran Cremona. 11,450

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