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The Fleets

Galway Line / Royal Atlantic Steam Navigation Company

The Galway Line was formed in 1858 and in 1860 they began a Galway to Boston route via Newfoundland. The line ran until 1861 when they lost the transatlantic mail contract. Sailings suspended for two years until 1863 when the mail contract was revived, but they ceased operations in 1864.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

1858 white with black top.
1859 black with broad white band.


1858 1859
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Adelaide 1852 1859 chartered from Australian Royal Mail S.N. Co. for two voyages, 1863 sold to C. R. Stock, Liverpool renamed Mersey. 1,400
Adriatic 1856 1861 purchased from Collins Line, 1868 sold to Bates & Co, Liverpool converted to sailing ship. 3,670
Anglia 1863 1866 sold to Turkish Government. 2,913
Antelope 1846 1858 chartered from J. O. Lever but used as a coal and supply ship from Wales to Galway, 1864 sold and renamed Coral Queen. 1.200
Argo 1852 1859 chartered from General Screw Shipping Co. for one voyage but wrecked Trepassey Bay, NF on return leg; no loss of life. 2,315
Brazil 1852 1859 chartered from Anglo-Luzo-Brazilian Line for one voyage, 1861 renamed Lady Jocelyn. 1,824
Circassian 1856 1858 chartered from North Atlantic S.N. Co. for 8 voyages, used as Blockade runner in American Civil War, 1862 captured by USS SOMERSET and transferred to U.S. flag. 1,387
Columbia 1861 made four voyages, 1866 sold to Turkish Government. 2,913
Connaught 1860 1860 destroyed by fire while 150 miles off Boston on return leg of second voyage. 2,959
Golden Fleece 1853 1860 chartered from General Screw Shipping Co. for one voyage, 1869 sank in Penarth Roads. 2,768
Hibernia 1863 1869 sold to Telegraph Maintenance & Construction Co, converted to cable layer. 3,000
Indian Empire 1848 ex- Hansa, 1858 purchased from North German Confederation Navy by T. Howard renamed Indian Empire, 1858 chartered for two voyages, 1862 destroyed by fire while being refitted at Deptford. 1,904
Jason 1859 1859 chartered from General Screw Shipping Co. for two voyages, 1862 wrecked near Madras. 2,667
Pacific 1854 1858 chartered from Sydney and Melbourne S.P. Co. for 4 voyages, used as Confederate blockade runner in American Civil War, 1866 sold to United States and United Kingdom Line. 1,469
Parana 1851 1860 chartered from Royal Mail S. P. Co. for three voyages, 1868 hulked at St. Thomas. 2,250
Prince Albert 1857 ex- Duc de Brabant, 1858 chartered from Soc. Belge des Bateaux a Vap. Transatlantiques, Antwerp for 14 voyages, renamed Prince Albert, 1862 sold to Lopez Co, renamed Isla de Cuba. 2,028
Propeller 1855 1858 chartered from W. S. Andrews for one voyage, 1861 sold to German Government renamed Roland. 900
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