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The Fleets

Oceanic Steamship Company

Founded in 1881 by John D. Spreckels & Brothers and ran services from the USA, initially to Hawaii, later to Australia and New Zealand. In 1926 Oceanic sold out to Matson Line and became a subsidiary company.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Alameda (1) 1883 iron ship, 1910 Sold to Alaska Steamship Co. 3,000
Alameda (2) 1944 ex- U.S.S. Shoshone (AKA-65).1947 purchased by Oceanic renamed Alameda, 1961 traded to Matson, renamed Hawaiian Trader. 1961 Sold to Sea-Land Service, Inc, 1964 renamed Short Hills, Colorado. 8,218
Anna 1881 wood schooner,1898 sold to Pacific Marine Supply Co., San Francisco. 239
Australia 1875 iron steamer, 1886 chartered to Oceanic, 1890 received American registry. 1905 Chartered to Russian Imperial Government, captured by Japanese cruiser Suma. 2,737
Claus Spreckels 1879 wood brigantine, built San Francisco. 1888 Lost on Duxbury Reef, north of Bolinas Bay, Calif. 247
Consuelo 1880 wood brigantine, 1900 sold to Charles Nelson. 293
Emma Augusta 1867 wood barquentine. 1889 Lost in Gulf of California. 284
John D. Spreckels 1880 wood brigantine, rerigged as 3 mast schooner for Bering Sea cod fishery. 1913 Lost in collision with British s/s Statesman. 300
Mariposa (1) 1883 iron ship, 1912 sold to Alaska Steamship Co. 3,000
Mariposa (2) 1931 1953 sold to Home Lines renamed Homeric until fire in1969. Scrapped in Taiwan. 18,017
Mariposa (3) 1952 ex- Pine Tree Mariner. 1956 Matson bought for Oceanic, renamed Mariposa and rebuilt as 14,812 ton passenger liner, 1970 sold to Pacific Far East Lines. 9,217
Monterey (1)   see Matson Line. .
Monterey (2) 1931 sister ship to Mariposa (2), 1957 renamed Matsonia (3), 1963 renamed Lurline (4). 1970 Sold to Greece renamed Britanis. 18,017
Monterey (3) 1952 ex- Free State Mariner. 1955 Matson bought for Oceanic, renamed Monterey and rebuilt as 14,799 ton passenger ship. 1970 sold to Pacific Far East Lines. 9,217
Rosario 1879 2 mast wood schooner, built San Francisco, 1882 bought by Spreckels Brothers, transferred to Oceanic, 1887 sold. 148
Selina 1883 wood brigantine. Operated by Oceanic, 1886-1887 chartered by Matson,1887 wrecked Paukaa, Hawaii. 349
Sierra (1) 1900 passenger ship, 1920 Sold to Polish-American Navigation Co. renamed Gdansk. 1924 repurchased by Oceanic, renamed Sierra , 1934 scrapped Japan. 6,076
Sierra (2) 1944 ex- U.S.S. Stokes (AKA-68). 1947 purchased by Oceanic, 1961 traded to Matson, renamed Hawaiian Banker. 1961 sold to Sea-Land, renamed Fanwood. 8,178
Sierra (3) 1945 ex- Sea Centaur. 1947 purchased by Matson, renamed Hawaiian Banker (1), 1961 traded to Oceanic renamed Sierra , 1970 sold renamed Vantage Endeavor. 7,920
Sonoma (1) 1900 passenger liner, scrapped 1934. 6,279
Sonoma (2) 1944 ex- White Squall. 1947 purchased by Oceanic renamed Sonoma, 1961 traded to Matson renamed Hawaiian Pilot, 1962 sold renamed Smith Pilot. 8,258
Sonoma (3) 1944 ex- U.S.S. Burleigh (APA-95). 1947 purchased by Matson, 1961 transferred to Oceanic 1961. 1970 Sold to Pacific Far East Lines. 8,445
Suez 1876 1882-1883 Chartered by Oceanic from Nelson, Donkin & Co., London. Went on to Hong Kong and Atlantic. Later Turkish Hodeidah. 2,166
Ventura (1) 1900 1934 Scrapped. 6,282
Ventura (2) 1944 ex- U.S.S. Todd (AKA-71). 1947 purchased by Oceanic renamed Ventura,1961 traded to Matson, renamed Hawaiian Wholesaler, 1961 sold. renamed Chatham. 8,175
Ventura (3) 1945 ex- U.S.S. Hanover (AKA-116). 1947 purchased by Oceanic, 1965 traded to Matson, 1970 sold renamed Entu. 8,413
W. H. Dimond 1881 wood barquentine, 1904 sold to Alaska Codfish Co. 390
William G. Irwin 1881 wood brigantine, 1901 sold to Tacoma & Roche Harbor Lime Co. 348
Zealandia 1875 1886 chartered by Oceanic, 1898 became military transport under American registry, returned to island service after war until 1902. 1906 Sold to Charles L. Dimon 2,737

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