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The Fleets

Peninsular & Occidental SS CompanyPoster

The Peninsular & Occidental SS Company was formed in 1900 by the merger of the Florida East Coast Line and the Plant Line which were both owned by railroads. By 1959 the Cuban revolution put a stop to the Florida - Cuba passenger service and the company tried to continue in the Caribbean cruise market, but ceased trading about 1967.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

  • Routes:
    • Miami - Key West
    • Miami - Key West - Havana
    • Port Tampa - Key West - Havana
    • 1954 Cruising to Nassau

1900 Black
1935 Black with representation of house flag.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
City of Key West 1865 built as City of Richmond, 1892 purchased by Florida East Coast Line, 1897 renamed City of Key West, 1900 transferred to P & O, 1907 sold to Joy Line, ended up as houseboat at Perth Amboy, N.J. 939
Cocoa 1879 built as Cuba for Devila y Cia, Havana, 1886 sold to Menendez y Cia, Cienfuegos renamed Argonauta, 1898 captured by USS Nashville, 1899 purchased by Florida East Coast Line renamed Cocoa, 1900 transferred to P & O, 1903 sold to Southern SS Co., Philadelphia renamed M. F. Plant, 1911 sold to Alaska Coast SS Co., 1912 renamed Yukon, 1913 wrecked Unimak Island. 1,214
Cuba (1) 1921 1941 chartered to U.S. Army as transport, 1947 sold Italy renamed Pace, 1960 renamed Sassari, 1962 scrapped. 2,479
Cuba (2) 1927 built as Caracas for Atlantic & Caribbean S.N. Co., Wilmington, Del, 1938 sold to Alaska SS Co., NY renamed Denali, 1955 purchased by P & O renamed Cuba, 1955 transferred to Liberian registry renamed Southern Cross, 1960 scrapped. 3,365
Florida (1) 1887 built as Hondo for J. Little & Co., Glasgow, 1893 purchased by Plant Line renamed Florida, 1900 transferred to P & O, 1903 sold to Texas Co., Galveston, 1924 scrapped. 1,786
Florida (2) 1931 1942-1946 chartered to U.S. Army, 1955 transferred to Liberian registry, 1967 sold to Montreal owners as floating hotel renamed Le Palais Flotant, 1968 scrapped. 4,923
Governor Cobb 1906 1920 purchased from Eastern SS Co., Bath, Maine, 1937 sold to Geo. T. Ellis, New Haven, 1943 U.S. Coastguard renamed Cobb, 1946 U.S. Maritime Commission renamed Governor Cobb, 1947 scrapped. 2,522
Martinique 1897 built as Lincoln for Kennebec Steamboat Co., Bath, Maine, 1900 purchased by P & O renamed Martinique, 1906 sold to Joy Line, NY renamed Kentucky, 1910 abandoned off Cape Hatteras in gale. 966
Mascotte 1885 1900 transferred from Plant Line, 1924 sold to D. W. Simpson, Boston. 1,100
Miami 1897 1900 transferred from Florida East Coast Line, 1932 sold to Atlantic City SS Co., Atlantic City, N.J. renamed Steel Pier, 1949 scrapped. 1,741
Olivette 1887 1900 transferred from Plant Line, 1918 wrecked off Havana. 1,678
Southern Cross   see Cuba (2).  
Tarpon 1887 built as Naugatuck for Naugatuck Valley Steamboat Co., NY, 1891 purchased by Plant Line renamed Tarpon, 1900 transferred to P & O, 1907 sold to J. R. Saunders, Pensacola, 1937 sank off East Pass, Florida. 449
    Chartered Ship  
North Land n/a 1923 -1931 chartered from Eastern SS Co., Bath, Maine for winter sailings. n/a

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