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The Fleets

Thordén Rederierna / Thordén Lines AB / Finnish North America Line, 1926-1963

Gustaf B. Thordén was born in Uddevalla in 1894. After working in the office of Broström in Stockholm, he moved in 1920 to Helsinki, here he became involved in shipping and in 1922 became a part owner of his first ship. 1924 the shipping company and ship brokerage AB Suomi was started where Thordén was a partner. In 1926 Thordén took over the shipping business and the foundation was laid for Thordén Rederierna.

The business grew and both cargo ships and a tanker were owned. The cargo ships were a familiar sight in the North American harbours.

By World War II, there were 16 vessels in Thordén Finnish-flagged fleet. When it looked as if the Soviet Union would acquire control of Finland, Thordén chose to leave the country to re-settle in his childhood town of Uddevalla.
He tried in various ways get the companys' ships to Sweden, but managed only two ships registered in the Swedish register, and eventually one ship was seized by the U.S.A and another by Great Britain.
During the post-war years G.B. Thordén built up his shipping company operating in Sweden in parallel with its Finnish shipping business.

The company's name was changed in 1955 to the Finnish North America Line. In Uddevalla, he founded also Uddevalla shipyard by purchasing a complete American shipyard and shipped it in parts with his own vessels to Uddevalla.
Later the yard became in economic problems which forced Thordén shipping business to go bankrupt and in 1958 Thordén had to close the yard and two years later his Finnish shipping company went also in bankruptcy.
Gustaf B. Thordén died in 1963 in a boating accident in the archipelago of Gothenburg. At that time the Swedish fleet consisted of 11 vessels including 6 coastal ships and tugs. Of the remaining 5 cargo vessels, which were deposited in the North America traffic, three old ships were sold.
1965 bought Red AB Rex, Stockholm the remains of Thordén Lines including the two remaining vessels. The smaller vessels were continued by Gustav B. Thordén’s widow Clary for another few years, but in 1970, the last of these vessels were also sold.

Many thanks to Henk Jungerius and Ted Finch for their assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

  • Routes:
    • Philadelphia, Newport News and New York to Gothenburg, Malmo and Stockholm

Funnel & Flag:


  Funnel Flag
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Aase Thordén 1956 built by Uddevallavarvet Ab, Uddevalla | 1958 sold to Belgian Fruit Lines, Antwerp renamed Frubel Julia, 1966 sold to Criomar Inc, Monrovia, Liberia renamed Kassos, 1981 sold to Trimimar Shipping & Trading, Co. Ltd, Greece for scrapping, 1982 scrapped at Perama. 3,234
Ally Thordén 1948 built by Uddevallavarvet Ab, Uddevalla | 1950 sold to Empresa de Nav Fidalense Ltda, Rio De Janeiro renamed Alcyon, 1954 sold to Empresa de Nav Alliança Ltda, Rio De Janeiro, 1970 sold to Diogo e Cia Ltda, Rio De Janeiro, 1973 scrapped Itajai, Santa Catarina. 841
Amazon   see Mathilda Thordén.  
Anne Marie Thordén 1958 built by Wartsila, Turku | 1959 sold renamed Charlotte, 1963 sold renamed Arawatta, 1970 sold renamed Concordia Fana, 1971 renamed Fanafjell, 1973 renamed Concordia Gleam, 1979 sold renamed Anastasia G, 1980 scrapped at Gadani Beach. 5,510
Astrid Thordén 1937 built by A/B Cricton Vulcan O/Y, Abo (Turku) | 1945 allocated to USSR renamed Gribojedov, 1973 scrapped at Riga. 1,816
Björneborg 1894 built by Ropner & Sons, Stockton on Tees | ex- Maria built for Jos de Poorter, Rotterdam, ex- St Andrew 1897 for A.O. Wilson, ex- Vestland 1916 for R. Amlie, ex- Arnoy 1916, 1924 purchased from Kluver & Co. renamed Björneborg, 1943 sold to Rederi Ab Valborg, Mariehamn renamed Maria, 1953 scrapped at Odense. 2,466
Brita Thordén (1) 1920 built by Sörlandets Skibsbyggeri A/S, Fevig | ex- Aries built for Erik Brodins Rederi Ab, Torö, ex- Eidsbotten 1921 for A/S Forenade Rederier (Gřrrisen & Co.) Kristiania, ex- Gedrun 1927, 1935 purchased from A/S Forenade Rederier (Gřrrisen & Co.) Kristiania renamed Brita Thordén, 1941 seized by Great Britain, 1947 returned to Thordén, 1950 sold to Carl Otto Pernlöf, Göteborg renamed Arcadia, 1954 sold to Ab Auto-Flyg (C. O. Pernlöf), 1958 sold to Rederi Ab Novator (Sven Wirström), Norrköping renamed Norrvik, 1962 sold to Oy Ridal Ab (Rud Johnsson), Helsingfors renamed Norrdal, 1965 sold to European Navigation Co. SA, Panama renamed Mati, 1967 scrapped at Hamburg. 1,866
Brita Thordén (2) 1956 built by Valmet Oy, Helsingfors | 1963 sold to Rederi Ab Westindia (Sture Ödner), Stockholm renamed Trubadur, 1964 sold to Sudoimport, USSR renamed Inej, 1979 scrapped at Ferrol. 3,446
Carolina Thordén 1937 built by A/B Cricton Vulcan O/Y, Abo (Turku) | 26 March 1941 bombed and beached in Thorshavn Bay with the loss of 1 life, 10 April 1942 wreck scuttled at Scapa Flow. 3,645
Clary Thordén 1954 built by Uddevallavarvet Ab, Uddevalla | 1965 sold to Norddeutscher Lloyd AG, Bremen renamed Lindenstein, 1970 Norddeutscher Lloyd merged with Hapag to Hapag Lloyd, 1971 sold to Neptunea Panoceanica SA, Greece same name, 1976 sold to Panama renamed Navikapol, 1984 scrapped. 4,848
Elsa Thordén 1947 built by Hammarbyverken Ab, Stockholm | 1948 sold to Bure Ab (Lars Landmark), Bureĺ renamed Bure, 1951 sold to Joâo Maria Vilarinho, Aveiro, Portugal renamed Conceicao Vilarinho, 1992 deleted from Register. 821
Elsie Thordén 1949 built by Uddevallavarvet Ab, Uddevalla | 05 April 1953 hit submerged object, broke in two and sank near Barranquilla. 2,150
Ester Thordén 1921 built by Fredriksstad Mek Verksted A/S, Fredrikstad | ex- C G Thulin, 1932 purchased from P.G. Thulin renamed Ester Thordén, 1950 sold to Fernstrom & Schander renamed Hanon, 26 December 1953 wrecked at Engey and scrapped at Rosyth. 1,940
Greta Thordén (1) 1906 built by Eiderwerft AG, Tönning | ex- Rendsburg built for Zerssen & Co., Rendsburg, ex- Regnator 1911 for D/S A/S Regnator (Holdt & Isachsen), Stavanger, ex- Frieda Fahrenheim 1913 for A. Fahrenheim GmbH, Rostock, 1920 allocated to Great Britain, ex- Greta 1926 for Rederi Ab Svecia, (P. G. Thulin), Storängen, 1929 purchased from Rederi Ab Roslagen (P. G. Thulin), Stockholm renamed Greta Thordén, 1952 scrapped at Dunston-on-Tyne. 2,084
Greta Thordén (2) 1928 built by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen | ex- Sud Pacifico, 1931 renamed Uruguayo, 1939 renamed Montevideo, 1953 purchased from Ivarans Rederi renamed Greta Thordén, 1959 scrapped at Hong Kong. 4,640
Hjördis Thordén 1953 built by Uddevallavarvet Ab, Uddevalla | 1965 sold to A/S Sobral (Řivind Lorentzen), Oslo renamed Nopal Sky, 1968 sold to Johs. Presthus Rederi, Bergen, Norway renamed Thordis Presthus, 18 January 1970 damaged by fire, 1970 scrapped at Santander. 5,052
Hulda Thordén 1900 built by Blyth Shipbuilding & Drydocks Co. Ltd., Blyth | ex- Woodburn built for Tyne & Blyth Steamship Co., Ltd (Whitefield & Co.), Newcastle, ex- Herbert Fischer 1922, 1928 purchased from F. W. Fischer, Rostock renamed Hulda Thordén, 1954 sold to Rederi Ab Turid (Carsten B. Danielsson), Helsingfors renamed Turid, 1958 scrapped at Brugge. 2,255
Ingrid Thordén 1920 built by A/B Lindholmens Motala, Gothenburg | ex- Knäppingsborg ordered by Rederi Ab Transatlantic, Göteborg, completed for Rederi Ab Borg, Norrköping 1931 chartered from August Börjesson, Kungsbacka (Rederi Ab Aranäs) renamed Ingrid Thordén, 1936 purchased, 1945 to USSR renamed Narva, 1956 scrapped. 1,869
Johanna Thordén 1936 built by Ab Öresundsvarvet, Landskrona | 01 December 1937 stranded and lost. 1,642
Josefiena Thordén (1) 1931 built by Eriksberg Mekaniske Verkstads A/B, Gothenburg | Tanker, 1941 seized by Great Britain, 06 April 1943 mined and sunk with the loss of 15 lives. 6,459
Josefiena Thordén (2) 1955 built by Uddevallavarvet Ab, Uddevalla | Tanker, 1959 sold to Grand Palmas Tankers Inc, New York renamed Cities Service Traveller, 1960 laid up, 1962 sold to Grand Bassa Tankers Inc, Monrovia, Liberia renamed Harmony, 1969 sold to Cosmopolitan Tankers Inc, Monrovia, Liberia renamed Nelson Conway, 1971 sold to Efplia Cia Nav SA, Monrovia, Liberia renamed Efplia, 1974 laid up, 1977 scrapped. 20,144
Karin Thordén (1) 1919 built by Sörlandets Skibsbyggeri A/S, Fevig | ex- Antares built for Erik Brodins Rederi Ab, Torö, ex- Eda 1921 for A/S Forenade Rederier (Gřrrisen & Co.) Kristiania, 1934 purchased from Rederi Ab Norex (C. O. Norin), Göteborg renamed Karin Thordén, 1954 sold to Rederi Ab Tore (Karsten B Danielsson), Helsingfors renamed Tora, 1957 transferred to Rederi Ab Turid, Finland, 1964 scrapped at Travemünde. 1,789
Karin Thordén (2) 1956 built by Uddevallavarvet Ab, Uddevalla | 1958 sold to Belgian Fruit Lines, Antwerp renamed Frubel Maria, 1966 sold to Criomar Inc, Monrovia, Liberia renamed Kos, 1981 sold to Philotas Mar Co., SA, (Pergamos Mar Co.), Greece renamed Island Kos, 1984 scrapped at Gadani Beach. 3,267
Kristina Thordén 1943 built by A/B Cricton Vulcan O/Y, Abo (Turku) | 1964 sold to Stella Marina Navigation SA, Greece and chartered back, 1968 sold to Marhalieto Cia Navigation SA, Panama renamed Alexfan, 1970 scrapped at Durban. 3,501
Mariefors   see Maud Thordén.  
Marisa Thordén 1920 built by J.L. Thompson & Sons, Sunderland | ex- Stakesby built for Headlam & Rowland, ex- Starck 1929, 1935 purchased from Olson & Wright renamed Marisa Thordén, 1941 seized by United States renamed Bushranger, 31 May 1942 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-107. 4,536
Marita Thordén 1928 built by Burmeister & Wain, Copenhagen | ex- Sud Atlantico, 1931 renamed Argentino, 1939 renamed Buenos Aires, 1953 purchased from Ivarans Rederi renamed Marita Thordén, 1960 sold renamed Merivakka, 1968 scrapped. 4,640
Mathilda Thordén 1938 built by A/B Cricton Vulcan O/Y, Abo (Turku) | 1941 Panamanian flag, 1941 renamed Amazon, 1941 seized by USA renamed Thunderer (Management Moore-McCormack Lines Inc, Panama flag), 1946 returned to Thordén renamed Mathilda Thordén, 1965 sold to Arion Armadora SA, Greece renamed Arion, 1974 scrapped at Split. 3,641
Maud Thordén 1921 built by Stavanger Střberi & Dok, Stavanger | ex- Older built for D/S A/S Hassel, Bergen, ex Tergus 1930, 1935 purchased from Rederi Ab Tergus (G. W. Reuter), Stockholm renamed Maud Thordén, 1955 renamed Marifors, 1960 sold to Oy Ridal Ab (Rudolf Johnsson), Helsingors renamed Ridal, 1961 sold to Laiva Oy Selbi (Rud Johnsson), Helsingfors renamed Rauni Margaretha, 1964 scrapped at Travemünde. 1,335
Peggy Thordén 1922 built by Nüscke & Co., Stettin | ex- Erik Larsen built for F.W. Fischer, ex- Hans Fischer 1923, ex- Nervion 1924, 1935 purchased from Fearnley & Eger renamed Peggy Thordén, 1945 sold to Finska Angfartygs renamed Innamo, 1964 sold to Skanska Cement renamed Krossaren I and converted into a barge, 26 July 1967 foundered Tullboden, 3nm east off Gravarne. 1,784
Rosa Thordén 1944 built by W. Butler Shipbuilding Inc, Superior, Wisconsin | ex- Habersham standard ship type C1-M-AV1 built for United States Maritime Commission, 1947 purchased renamed Rosa Thordén, 1952 sold to Korea Shipping Corp (Goverment of South Korea), Pusan renamed Pusan, 1974 renamed Busan, 1976 sold to Ah Jin Shipping Ltd, Busan not renamed, 1976 sold to Sammisa Shipping Co, Ltd, Busan renamed Sam Dae, 1978 sold to Tai Young Shipping Co, Ltd, Busan, 14 April 1979 damaged by fire and scrapped at Inchon. 3,935
Savonia 1890 built by C.S. Swan & Hunter, Newcastle | ex- Arundo built for Hudig & Veder, Rotterdam, ex- Iwan Asbeleff 1905 for Northern Steamship Co. Ltd, St Petersburg, 1918 seized by Great Britain, ex- San Massimo 1920 for Soc. Mar. & Commerciale de France, Rouen, ex- Egholm 1921, 1922 purchased from Red A/S Limfjorden, Aalborg by G.B. Thordén renamed Savonia, 1924 transferred to Rederi Ab Suomi, 1956 scrapped at Emden. 1,689
Selma Thordén 1942 built by A/B Cricton Vulcan O/Y, Abo (Turku) | 1968 sold to Marnorteno Cia Navigation SA, Panama renamed Alexmar, 1969 sold to Strabac Cia Navigation SA, Panama renamed Polinikis, 07 January 1971 grounded Bourgas roads, 1975 scrapped at Varna. 3,503

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