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1819-1836 index | 1831 Quebec Ship Arrivals

St. Lawrence - 1831 - Crew List
  Date of
Names Situations When
1 April 8th George Meldrum Mate    
2 May 1st Olivier Marcotte 1st Pilot    
3 April 25th Louis Fresqué 2nd Pilot   commenced 2nd May
4   William Perkins Engineer   -/5/- to be paid to Dr. Robert - 29th July
5 April 22nd Mrs. Meldrum Ladies Maid 7th June Abusing Passengers & C
6 April 13th George Irvin 1st Waiter - Deserted
7 April 13th John Stanley 2nd Waiter 8th June Left the boat without leave at 12 noon, returned at 12 noon —?
8 April 20th Mrs. Welch / Welsh Cook 24th Nov 1831 Faithful
9 April 26th Jessie Wood Boots 10th June Promoted
10 April 20th William Lovely C. Mate 9th June missed the boat
11 April 24th Charles Cordit Sailor 30th June Impudence
12 April 28th Edward St. Arnault Sailor 3rd June By impudence, disobeying
13 May 2nd Louis Marcotte Sailor 24th Nov 1831 Faithful
14 April 15th Cassemere St. Arnault Sailor Aug 27th Asked leave to quit
15 April 27th Joseph Barrons Sailor June 16th Asked leave to quit
16 May 7th Moyains ? Bodien Sailor 24th Nov 1831 Faithful
17 May 6th J.B. Vinieux Sailor June 18th Asked leave to quit
18 May 4th Andrew Plot Fireman July 28th Unjust complaints about food
19 May 18th Edward Plot Fireman July 23rd Discharged for Misconduct
20 May 17th Flavien Barrons Fireman July 28th Unjust complaints about food
21 June 3rd E. Trudeau Sailor June 7th Drunkeness
22 June 8th Edward Bellane Sailor Aug 10th Asked leave to quit
23 June 9th Mark Corr 2nd Waiter June 22nd Incompetent
24 June 10th John Larey / Larcy Boots Sept 4th transferred to John Bull
25 June 10th Jessie Wood Cooks Mate Sept 5th transferred to the capacity of Boots
26 June 8th Julia Closey Ladies Maid Nov 24th 1831 Faithful
27 June 17th Alexis Lamotte Sailor Aug 21st Put one in his stead
28 June 13th Patrick McClelland Waiter June 18th For Incompetancy
29 June 18th Thomas McIvey ? Waiter June 22nd Incompetent
30 June 22nd John Haney Waiter June 28th Mr. Molson discharged him for lying
31 June 22nd Nickless Cantwell Waiter Nov 24th 1831 Faithful
32 June 22nd Carpentier Sailor July 23rd Asked leave to quit
33 June 30th Kevin Allen Sailor Oct. 24th Will serve from date —? (7 days cost)
34 July 11th Pierre Brunet Sailor Nov 24th 1831 Faithful
35 June 23rd Joseph Dupre Sailor Aug 19th Asked leav to quit
36 July 8th John Cerl Waiter July 8th Intoxication
37 July 28th Jacque Bodria Fireman Aug 21st Incompetency
38 July 28th Augustin Grenier Fireman Aug 26th Put on board the John Bull
39 July 28th William Grenier Fireman Oct. 3rd Misconduct aboard the John Bull
40 July 29th John Cantwell 2nd Waiter Sept. 14th Committed rape on board the John Bull
41 Aug 22nd Benjamin Noel Sailor Sept 14th Disobeying
42 Aug 22nd Elis Lefevre Sailor Nov 24th 4/- to be paid by him — —
43 Aug 18th Patrick Furey ? Fireman Nov 6th  
44 Aug 25th Andrew Plot Fireman paid  
45 Aug 23rd T. Dusand Sailor Oct 22nd 4/6 to be paid by him — — acc. to M. Dennas
46 Sept 5th John Flynn Cooks Mate Sept 26th discharged from all his — — being paid by brother
47 Sept 10th Alphi Hurban Sailor    
48 Sept 6th Jessie Wood Boots Nov 24th 1831  
49 Oct 16th Pierre Govin Fireman    
50 Oct. 24th Paul Giroux Sailor    
51 Oct 25th Austin Jeniack Sailor    
52 Oct 24th Flavien Allen Fireman   5/- due —? 7 days lost while a sailor
53   C. Gauthier     fifteen days service 15/- paid, Father resides in Rivers
54 Oct 18th John Larcy 2nd Waiter Nov 24th  
55   Edward Coulombe     to assist the Fireman Command, 21st Nov. 1831 at about 20 pound
56 Oct 25th Henry Pye C. Mate Nov 24th  

National Archives of Canada MG 28, III, 57 - Reel M-8281 vol 59

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