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Ottawa British Colonial Steamship Co. of London. Captain Frederick Archer. From London, England 1865-10-04 to Quebec, Que. 1865-10-23 / Montreal, Que. (there are several obvious Norwegian passengers onboard, who embarked at London)
Surname given name age occupation Nationality notes
Amekke Ole 37 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Anderson Abraham 24 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Bennett William Fredk. 26 Farmer English single
Brenton Samuel 21 Labourer English single
Brenton [no name entered - male] 27 Labourer English single
Berg Ingwald 20 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Brorby [!] Arne Arnesen 23 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? not onboard - single
Brorby [!] Jens Paulsen 35 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Blyberg Carl 50 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Blyberg Edward 16 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Boger [!] Martin 24 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Bergstrom Agnes Amalie 18 -- non-British - Norwegian? single
Birmingham Peter Thos. 23 Groom Irish single
Buckley David I./J. 40 Teacher Irish single
Blackmore Sarah 30 none English married
Blackmore Arthur 2 male-child English single
Blackmore Florence 6mo. female-child English single
Christensen August 22 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Callaghan Alexander 19 Labourer English single
Dyer William 10 male-child English single
Dyer David 6 male-child English single
Dyer Mary Ann 7 female-child English single
Dyer Jemma 3 female-child English single
Dyer Emma 40 widow English married
Eriksdatter Sigfrid 24 -- non-British - Norwegian? single
Engebretsen Jørgen 30 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Guldbrandsen Marius 5 none non-British - Norwegian? single
Guldbrandsen Frithjof 3 none non-British - Norwegian? male - single
Guldbrandsdatter Johanne 15 [Labourer] non-British - Norwegian? female - single
Gun Alfred 24 Gardener English single
Hansen Hans 22 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Hansen Leon 28 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Iversen Gulbrand 33 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Isaac James 27 Draper non-British married
Isaac Alice Ann 27 -- non-British married
Johannesdatter Gunhild 51 [Labourer] non-British female - single
Jones Aug. Thos. 20 Clerk English single
Johannesen Gustav 39 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? married
Johannesen Maren Andrie 42 wife non-British - Norwegian? married
Johannesen Johan 8 male-child non-British - Norwegian? single
Johannesen Georg 6 male-child non-British - Norwegian? single
Kundsen [Knudsen!] Karl 34 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? married
Kundsen [Knudsen!] Karen 22 wife non-British - Norwegian? married
Knappen Halvor Gundersen 40 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
King Thomas 24 -- English single
Lavis [!] George 30 Farmer English single
Lund Olaves 21 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Larsen Andrew 28 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Lysholm Karl 28 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? married
Lysholm Marie 36 wife non-British - Norwegian? married
Lazarus Lewis 44 Engraver English single
Michelsen Carl Johan 40 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Olsen Gulbrand 45 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? married
Olsen Martha 46 wife non-British - Norwegian? married
Olsen Franz 22 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Olsen Ole 30 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Olsen Peder 29 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Pedersen Johannes 24 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Pedersen Hans 28 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Paterson William Melville 24 Engineer English single
Pannell/Parnell George 25 Tailor English married
Pannell/Parnell Elizabeth 27 [wife] English married
Reash Ann 24 none English single
Spindler [!] Sarah 30 none English single
Taraldsen Andreas 28 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Tergersen Peder Fredrik 25 Labourer non-British - Norwegian? single
Tallov Patrick 26 Clerk Irish single
Waller Henry 17 Clerk English single
West John 21 Labourer English single
Hamilton William 23 Agriculturalist English single
Thomson James D. 40 none English single
Hall Charles 21 Labourer English single
Hall Frederick 19 Labourer English single
Cabin -- -- -- -- --
C*ke J. Talbot 24 Military English single
Clarke Marianne 20 Servant English single
Emersen William 50 Merchant non-British married
Emersen Kate 31 wife non-British married
Emersen Emma 11 female-child non-British single
Emersen Kate 9 female-child non-British single
Emersen Coulter [male] 8 male-child non-British single
Emersen Lucy 6 female-child non-British single
Emersen William 5 male-child non-British single
Emersen Gilbert 2 male-child non-British single
Giles Albert 19 Gentleman English single
Hammond Thirga [female] 5 female-child English single
Hammond Emily 11 female-child English single
Hemman Charles W. 24 Gentleman English single
Smith Ellen G. 8 female-child English single
Stone J. [I.] [male] 25 Merchant English single
Whiteaves John Frederick 29 Gentleman English married
[W****] [M***] -- widow English scratch on film
Way Thomas 17 Clerk English single
Windsor Samuel B. 47 Clergyman English married
Windsor Blanche M. 36 [wife] English married
Windsor Chs. Edwd. 11 male-child English single
Windsor Evelyn Blanche 10 female-child English single
Windsor Henry Dumay 7 male-child English single
Windsor Alicia Marian inf female-child English single
Watts John Burchley 41 Gentleman English married
Watts Ann Fowler 35 [wife] English married
Watts William Henry 15 -- English single
Watts Roger George 13 -- English single
Watts Agnes 11 female-child English single
Watts Mary Clare 9 female-child English single
Watts Francis Olia [male] 5 male-child English single
Watts Reginald Edwd. 3 male-child English single
Watts John Augustine 1 male-child English single
Young Miss E.A. 30 none English single

This passenger manifest is on Microfilm at the National Archives of Canada [NAC], in Ottawa. Microfilm Number C-4520. The LDS microfilm number for this record ~ 0889440 ~ 1865 ~ port of Quebec.

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