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St. Lawrence Temperley Line 1116 tons; Captain John James. From London, England 1865-06-21 to Quebec, Que. 1865-07-09 (there are several obvious Norwegian passengers onboard, who embarked at London)
Surname given name age occupation Nationality notes
Balding Archibald 20 Draper English single
Bower Joseph 17 Clerk English single
Baldwin James 50 Merchant English single
Bang Hans Mikel 45 Merchant Norwegian married
Christopher [Christophersdatter?] Anna Catherine 36 [Merchant] Norwegian single
Clark Thomas 27 Engine-driver English married
Clift Samuel 32 Draper English married
Clift Mary 32 [wife] English married
Cameron Jane 32 [Draper] English single
Eades Bernard 40 [Draper] non-British married
Field James 21 [Draper] English single
Gusdal Anders Larsen Olsten !!! 32 [Draper] Norwegian married
Hill Frederick 34 Draper English single
Hoskin Sydney 27 Printer English single
Halvorsen Christina 42 -- Norwegian married
Halvorsen Christina Emilie 11 female-child Norwegian single
Halvorsen Alind Johanette 9 female-child Norwegian single
Halvorsen Walborg 5 female-child Norwegian single
Hannah Charles 53 Pianoforte-maker English married
Hannah Mary 39 [wife] English married
Lewis Lee John 73 -- English married
Lewis Lee Jane 65 [wife] English married
Lewis Lee John Jnr. 43 Storekeeper English single
Lewis Lee Eliza 25 -- English single
Lewis Lee Anne 22 -- English single
Lister George 35 Tailor English married
Lister William Henry 11 male-child English single
Lister Anne Elizabeth 11 female-child English single
Lister Samuel 8 [female-child] English single
Overell William 43 Conductor English married
Overell Sarah 42 [wife] English married
Overell William 15 -- English single
Overell Emily 11 female-child English single
Overell Alice 8 female-child English single
Overell James 3 male-child English single
Poole Edwin 19 -- English single
Poole Henry 17 -- English single
Rowland Eliza 30 -- English single
Rogers William George 22 -- English single
Rupell Arabella 28 -- English married
Rupell Arabella 8 female-child English single
Rupell William 6 male-child English single
Saunders William 19 Draper English single
Westley Hannah 39 -- English married
Westley Mary 16 -- English single
Westley Sarah 13 -- English single
Westley Charlotte 9 female-child English single
Westley Hannah 14 -- English single
Wolf Johan G. 36 -- non-British single
Weborg Elr**rd [!] Gadfried 41 -- non-British married
Weborg Julie Albertine 36 [wife] non-British married
Weborg Ann Magdaline 10 female-child non-British single
Weborg Jenny Sophie 9 female-child non-British single
Weborg Louise 6 female-child non-British single
Weborg Thora 3 female-child non-British single
Weborg Helga Charlotte inf female-child non-British single
Cabin -- -- -- -- --
Bacon Joseph 26 -- English single
Hepburn Richard 65 -- English married
Hepburn Eliza 55 [wife] English married
Hepburn Eveline 19 -- English single
Major John 31 Draper English married
Major Mary 40 [wife] English married
Major Mary E.M. 15 -- English single
Major John Archibald 11 male-child English single
Major Florence 10 female-child English single
Major Walter 8 male-child English single
Major Rupert Edward 6 male-child English single

This passenger manifest is on Microfilm at the National Archives of Canada [NAC], in Ottawa. Microfilm Number C-4520. The LDS microfilm number for this record ~ 0889440 ~ 1865 ~ port of Quebec.


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