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this partial list has been compiled by Mary Wilkinson, who has kindly submitted it to TheShipsList

partial passenger list for the ship Agnes, Captain Thomas McCawley / McAlley, sailed from Cork, Ireland on the 9th April 1847, arrived at port of Quebec, 10th June 1847.

My great-great grandparents, Maurice DINAN and Catherine (nee HARTNEADY) came to Canada on this ship. I have been able to harvest the names of some of the crew and passengers who died at sea, at the Grosse Isle Quarantine Station in Quebec or in the hospital there. I hope this is of interest and possibly will help someone else. The true count of those who died before they reached their final destination will never be known. These names were taken from the Quebec Morning Chronicle newspapers for that deadful summer and from the book by Marianna O'Gallagher and Rose Masso Dompierre "Eyewitness Grosse Isle 1847" (Livres Carraig, Sainte Foy, Quebec, Canada, 1995, ISBN 0-9690805-9-X). If you can add any information to this list, please contact me, so the list can be made as complete as possible. Thanks, Mary Wilkinson

The Agnes cleared to sail April 9, 1847 and set sail from Cork Harbour on the 10th. She was the 8th ship to arrive at Grosse Isle Quarantine Station for the 1847 navigation season on May 21, 1847, with her passengers suffering from fever and dysentery. The ship was not released from quarantine until June 9, arriving at the port of Quebec on June 10.
The Agnes carried 2 cabin passengers and 427 / 428 steerage passengers ; 19 died at sea ; 35 at the quarantine station ; 96 in the hospital ; (total deaths 160).
[ sources vary regarding numbers of dead. Dr. Douglas at the quarantine station reported 79 dead at Grosse Isle and 190 sick with fever and dysentery when the ship was released to Quebec on June 9th ; Mr. A.C. Buchanan, the Chief Emigration Agent, reported 41 days at sea, 18 days in quarantine with 39 deaths at sea, 35 deaths on the vessel at quarantine, and 96 deaths in the quarantine Hospital, for a total of 170 ]
This list is some of those who traveled to the New World on the Agnes, one of the worst of the "Coffin Ships" with an estimated mortality rate of about 40%. So far Mary has found the following: Died at Sea 19 (plus 9, name unknown) ; Survivors 1 ; Died at Hospital on Grosse Isle & at Quarantine Station 131 ; Died on Board ship At Grosse Isle 29 ; Reported in Newspaper 1 additional child.

AYLARD, James, 18, died at sea (?) AYLWARD, James, 3, died at sea  
BARRY, John, 30, died at sea BARRY, Margaret, 30, d. June 13-19 BARRY, Mary, 21, d. July 11-17
BARRY, Patrick, 50, died at sea BERRY, John, 30, died at sea (see BARRY) BERRY, Margaret, 30, d. June13-19 (see BARRY)
BRADLEY, Charles, 40, d. June 20-26 BUCKLEY, Timothy, 28, d. May 30-June 5 BURKE, Thomas, 25, d. May 23-29
CADY see KEADY CAHILL, Mary, 20, d. June 13-19 CARTY, Ellen, 6, d. June 6-12
CLANSEY, Michael, 26, d. June 6-12 (CLANCY) COAKLEY, Honora, 60, d. July 25-31 COAKLEY, Mary, 18, died at sea
COAKLEY, Thomas, 24, died at sea COCKLAND, John, 23, d. May 30-June 5 (COUGHLAN) COLBERT (COLBAITS), Ellen, 35, d. June13-19
CONAGHTON, Honora, inf., died at sea (CONNAUGHTON) CONNOLLY, Mary, 28, d. May 23-29 COURTNEY, Dennis, 40, June 13-19 ; effects, 2 amounts, 4s. 6d. and 10, the latter to "Rev. B. McGauran"
witnesses: NOWLAN, John ; LYNCH, Bernard ; McKAY, Murdock ; LAURENCEL, Peter ; FITZSIMMONS, Patrick
CRANE, T., 1, died at sea CRONIN, John, 10, died at sea CRONIN, Thomas, 23, d. June 20-26
CUNNINGHAM, James, 26, May 30-June 5 CUNNINGHAM, Patrick, 36, d. July 4-10  
DAMRIE, John, 24, May 30-June 5 (DAMERY) DAVIS, John, 50, d. May 30 in hospital, buried June 1, cook of the Agnes (Crew) DENAHY, Eliza, 33, d. June 20-26 (DENNEHY)
DENAHY, Francis, 12, d. June 6-12 DENAHY, Michael, age 4, d. June 6-12 DEENAN, Denis, 1, died at sea
DEENAN, Timothy, 36, died at sea    
* DINNAN, Timothy, 2, d. week of June 13-19, reported in Quebec Morning Chronicle of Aug. 28, 1847; the son of Maurice Dinan and Catherine (nee Hartneady) of Ogonnelloe Parish, County Clare ; others in family: Maurice & Catherine, Michael (8), Bridget & Mary (twins, age 6), Catherine (3), and John (infant) ; Mary and Bridget died before reaching Toronto. One of them is buried at Kingston, Ontario.
DINNING, Daniel, 6, d. June 20-26 DINNING, Eliza, 22, d. July 4-10 DONNELLY, Jeremiah, 2, d. June 13-19
DONOVAN, Catherine, 8, d. June13-19 (listed twice ?) DONOVAN, Cornel, 20, d. May 23-29 DONOVAN, Daniel, 23, died at sea
DONOVAN, John, 30, died at sea DONOVAN, Mary, 18, d. June 20-26 DONOVAN, Michael, 37, d. June 6-12 (DUNOVEN)
DONOVAN, Patrick, 28, died at sea DONOVAN, Timothy, 30, d. June 20-26 DONOVAN, Thomas, 8, died June 13-19
DONOVAN, Thomas, 20, d. June 13-19 DRENNAN, Dennis, 6, d. May 23-29 DRISCOLL, Timothy, 30, died at sea
DRISCOLL, Theodore, infant, died at sea DRISCOL, Mary, 3, d. June 13-19 DUNOVEN see DONOVAN
FANNING / FANNON / O'FANNON, Charles, from Limerick * survivor FEEHAN, Mary, 24, d. July 4-10 FENTON, Mary, 24, died at sea
FINLAY, Margaret, 2, died at sea FINN, Donald, 25, died at sea FINN, Hodly, 3, died at sea
FINN, James, 30, died at sea FINN, Michael,1, died at sea FINN, Timothy, 22, d. June 6-12
FINN, Theodore, infant, died at sea FLEMING, Diana, 7, d. June 6-12 FLETCHER, Richard, 24, d. June 6-12
FOLEY, Jeremiah, 25, d. June 20-26 FOLEY, Thadeus, 30, d. July 11-17 FORD, Dennis, 26. d. August 22-28
HALFPENNY, Bridget, 26, d. June 27-July 3 HALL, James, 28, died at sea HARNETT, Garret, 56, d. June 6-12
HART, Daniel, 2, died at sea HART, Michael, 30, d. May 30- June 5 HART, Michael, 1, died at sea
HART, Michael, infant, died at sea HAYES, Patrick, 22, d. June 6-12 HAYES, Patrick, 14, d. June 6-12
HENRY, Patrick, 26, died at sea HOLLAND, Margaret, infant, died at sea HOLLAND, Mary, 40, d. July 4-10
HOLLAND, Ellen, infant, died at sea HORRIGAN, Bridget, 20, d. June 13- 19 HURLEY, Catherine, 28, d. June 13-19
HURLEY, John, 18, d. June 6-12    
JENNINGS, Matthew 3 , d. June 13-19    
KEADY, Elizabeth, 22 , d. June 6-12 (CADY) KEADY, Thomas, 28, died at sea KEANE, John, 55, d. June 13-19
KENNEALLY, Helen, 30, died at sea KENELLY, Margaret, 2, died at sea KENELLY, Mary, 1, died at sea
LAFFY, William, infant, died at sea LAUGHLIN, Edward, 6, died at sea LAUGHLIN, M., 14, died at sea
LAWSON, Catherine, 60, d. June 20-26 LAWSON, John,190, d. June 6-12 LEARY, Denis, 52, d. June 13-19
LEARY, Mary, 2 , d. June 6-12 (O'LEARY) LOWRY, Judith, 19, died at sea LYONS, Mary, 20, d. July 4-10
MAHON, John, 26, d. May 30-June 5 MAHONY, Michael, 16, d. June 27-July 3 MCCARTHY, Daniel, 24, d. August 15-21
MINIHANE, Cornelius, 50, d. May 23-29 MINIHANE, James, 25, died at sea MINIHANE, Johanna, 28, d. May 23-29
MINIHANE, John, 20, d. May 30-June 5 MONAGHAN, Cornelius, 6, died at sea MONAGHAN, Daniel, 36, died at sea
MONAGHAN, Ellen,10, died at sea MONAGHAN, Margaret, 30, died at sea MOORE, Jane, 26, wife of Francis Skews, of the Parish of Derris, County Cork, d. May 28, on board the Agnes, buried May 29 (see SKEWS)
witnesses: SKEWS, Francis (husband) & BORLAND, William
MURPHY, John, 17, d. May 30-June 5 MURPHY, Johanna, 22, d. July 4-10 MURPHY, Mary, infant, died at sea
MURRAY, Patrick, 24, d. June 6-12    
NEENAN, Dennis, 2, died at sea NEILL, Andrew, 25, died at sea  
O'DONNELL, Helen, 2, d. May 23-29 O'LEARY, Mary, 2 , d. June 6-12 (see LEARY)  
QUINLAN, Ann, 30, d. July 4-10 QUINLAN, Ellen, 20, d. June 27-July 3 QUINTON, Ann, 35, d. May 23-29
REID, John 3, died at sea REILLY, T., 30, d. May 23-29 (RYLEY) ROBINSON, John, 34, d. June 6-12
ROBINSON, John, 21, carpenter on the Agnes, of Parish of Lalkirk, Linlithgowshire, Scotland; d. in hospital June 9; buried June 10 (Crew) ROCHE, John, 24, d. July 4-10 ROGAN, James, 30, died at sea
ROSS, Alexander, 19, d. May 23-29    
SCULLY, Jeremiah, 23, d. May 30-June 5 (SKULLY) SCULLY, John, 23, d. July 4-10 SCULLY, Michael, 50, d. June 6-12
SHEA, Jane, 30, died at sea SHERRY, John, 1, died at sea SHERRY, Richard, 12, died at sea
SKEWS, John, 18 months, son of Francis Skews, Labourer, of the Parish of Derris, County Cork and of Jane (nee Moore); d. June 1 on board the Agnes, buried June 1 (see MOORE)
witnesses: FITZSIMONS, Patrick & MOORE, Richard
SMITH, John, 22, d. June 6-12 SPILLANE, Catherine, 8, d. May 30-June 5
SPILLANE, Edward, 40, d. June 6-12 SPILLANE, Eliza, 5, died at sea SPILLANE, Nanny (Nancy), 45, d. June 20-26
SPILLANE, Nicholas, 50, d. June 6-12 SPILLANE, William, 12, d. June 6-12 SULLIVAN, Alexander, 29, d. June 6-12
SULLIVAN, Bartholomew, 30, d. June 13-19 SULLIVAN, Bridget, 17, died at sea (listed twice) SULLIVAN, C., 45, d. June 20-26
SULLIVAN, Catherine, 40, d. June 20-26 SULLIVAN, Humphrey, 32, died at sea SULLIVAN, John, infant, died at sea
SULLIVAN, John, 18, d. June 6-12 SULLIVAN, Judith, 1, died at sea SULLIVAN, Judith, 22, died at sea
SULLIVAN, Mary, 30, died at sea SUTHERLAND, Alexander, 35, steward on the Agnes, d. in hospital June 10, buried same day (Crew) ; effects, 2-2s.
witnesses: NOWLAN, John ; LYNCH, Bernard ; McKAY, Murdock ; LAURENCEL, Peter ; FITZSIMMONS, Patrick
SWEENEY, Eliza, 7, d. June 13-19
TOBIN, Elizabeth, 25, died at sea TOBIN, Michael, 6, d. May 30-June 5 TOBIN, Nancy, 2, died at sea
TORMEY, Ed; 60, d. May 30-June 5 (TORNY)    
WHITE, Catherine, 1, died at sea WYNNE, Cornelius, 29, d. May 30-June 5 (WYNNIN)  

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