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Emigrants from Isle of Arran, Scotland, in April 1831, to Lower Canada

The name of the ship on which these families took their passage is unknown, at present. Following is a Memorial from the Duke of Hamilton and Brandon, to the Secretary of State, Colonial Department, at London. A list of the emigrants is annexed with the Memorial; it is stamped "received" on July 7th 1831.

To the Right Honourable The Secretary of State
for the Colonial Department
The Memorial of His Grace the Duke
of Hamilton and Brandon

That early in the year 1829 an arrangement was entered into between His Majesty's Government and your Memorialist whereby a number of Emigrants, chiefly from your Memorialist's Estates in the Island of Arran, were agreed to be provided with lands in Canada ; to the extent of 100 acres for each family. — Your Memorialist then urged His Majesty's Ministers to make a grant of a Township to your Memorialist, in as much as it was in contemplation that successive bodies of Emigrants should from Season to Season proceed from the same districts in Scotland to the same neighbourhood in Canada to which their Countrymen and precursors had removed.
That His Majesty's Government did not deem it expedient to accede to this proposition, but agreed to make a grant on certain terms, to the families who then removed ; and undertook that whenever additinal bodies of Emigrants should go out, the Governor of Canada should be instructed to locate them as near to those from the same Estates in Scotland, already settled, as should be practicable.
That the families who went out upon the faith of this arrangement, obtained Lands at the distance of about 40 miles from Quebec ; and your Memorialist is happy to be able to add that as far as the experience of the period for which they have been settled reaches, the Settlement has been completely successful and prosperous, and the conduct of the Settlers has met with the entire approbation of the local Government and Authorities.
That a subsequent Emigration took place from the same Quarter in Scotland to the same district in Canada in 1830, and is attended with the same prospects of success.
That an additional body of thirty-five families, proceeded in April last to join their Countrymen in Canada, but your Memorialist has been informed that it is not now the intention of His Majesty's Ministers to grant Lands there upon the same terms as before, _ vizt _ a prospective quit-rent, but to require the purchase out and out of the Land intended to be settled. ——— As to the future, your Memorialist can have no objection that the Settlement of those families whose Emigration he presented should be on any terms that may be hereafter agreed upon ; but your Memorialist trusts, that with regard to the families and individuals who, encouraged by the success of their Countrymen, and relying upon the arrangement made with His Majesty's Government, have recently gone to Canada, it is expedient and just that they should be permitted to be located upon the same footing, in all respects, with those who have (as stated) preceded them.

Your Memorialist therefore prays, that directions may be issued to the Governor of Canada, that the Families in as is mentioned in the annexed list, who have left Arran for Canada in the present year, may be received and located as near as practicable to the Emigrants who have already proceeded from the same district, and upon the same terms and footing.

And Your Memorialist will ever pray
July 5th 1831
Hamilton & Brandon

Annexed here are the names of the "Head" of each of the thirty-five families and the name of their former residence

List of Persons referred to in the annexed Memorial
Dugald McAllan Lochranza
Hugh Kerr Urinbeg [?]
widow McKillop -do-
John Kerr -do-
Angus Robertson -do-
Archibald McKenzie Glen
Donald Kerr Nanachar [Imachar / Innachar ?]
William McKenzie Lochranza
John Kelso Corrie
widow McKillop -do-
James Stewart North Kiscadale
Archibald Cook Mid Kiscadale
Alexander Stewart Corriecravie
Dun[ca]n McKelvie Knocken [Knockew ?]
Donald Hendry Preacher  
Alexander McKinnon Corriecravie
John McKinnon -do-
Daniel McKinnon -do-
Andrew McIntyre Slidderie
Duncan Sillars Monyquil
Peter Hamilton -do-
John McKinnon elder Slidderie
William Hamilton Cloined
Alexander Cook -do-
Daniel Nicol West Bennan
John Cumming Largymeanoch
William Hamilton Glenloig
Archibald Fullarton Brodick
Alexander Fullarton South Blairmore
Will Murchie Ballymichail
Donald Hendry Corrygills
John Sillars Monyquil
John Robertson Kilpatrick
Donald McDonald Glaister
Donald Sillars Monyquil

Colonial Office 384, vol. 28 pp. 341-342 - National Archives of Canada microfilm B-950

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