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Emigrants from Isle of Skye to Cape Breton, 1830

The names of the ship(s) on which these forty-nine [sic 48] families took their passage, is unknown at present. Correspondence in Nova Scotia indicates they settled at Margaree. Following is correspondence from the head of the party, Alexander Beaton, to the Honorable Charles Grant M.P. at London, with the list of emigrants. The letter is stamped "received" on June 15th 1830.

Honored Sir,

In obedience to your instructions of the 22nd May, I have enclosed a list of the names of the families of the Settlers from this place for North America and having so mercifully interceded in our favour, we beg your farther interference for a supply of some implements of husbandry on our arrival at the Cape, if such favour can be extended toward us.

We are Honoured Sir, your obedient Servants,
in name and by authority of the whole,
Alexander Beaton, Leader
& head of the Party.
Isle of Skye
5th June 1830

note: Please read the three annotations at the end of the list. Several families, marked with an X sailed to Cape Breton in the same year, 1830, but on a different ship so the heads of those families will be indicated in red. Four families had emigrated to Prince Edward Island one year earlier, 1829, so those heads of families will be indicated in green. One family was delayed until 1831 so that head of family will be indicated in blue. ; several females are referred to as "Ket" which is probably short-form for Catherine or Katherine. & "Cursty" for Cristy / Christy / Christian ? ; it is not known, but can probably be safely assumed, that the children listed under the wives of families, are listed in order of birth.

List of the Names of the intended emigrants to Cape Breton, North America, from the Isle of Skye in June 1830, Alexander Beaton to be considered as head or Leader of the Party.
N.B. Opposite the names of heads of families stands the names of their respective wives.
No. Heads of Families Women & Children
1 Alexander Beaton Mary Beaton
  Leader Anne Beaton
    Ket Beaton
    Donald Beaton
    Isobel Beaton
    John Beaton
2 Samuel Beaton Ket Beaton
    Mary Beaton
    Donald Beaton
3 John McInnes Flora McInnes
4 John Beaton Margaret Beaton
    Mary Beaton
5 Murdo Gilles Margaret Gilles
    Cursty Gilles
    Asa Gilles
    Malcolm Gilles
    John Gilles
    James Gilles
    Donald Gilles
    Susan Gilles
6 Archibald Gilles Ket Gilles
    Murdo Gilles
    Margaret Gilles
    Ang[us] Gilles
7 John Ross Mary Ross
8 Murdo Campbell Anne Campbell
9 Neil McDermid Margaret McDermid
10 John Gilles Flora Gilles
    Sarah Gilles
    Dun[can] Gilles
    Mary Gilles
    Archibald Gilles
    Cursty Gilles
11 Malcolm McKenzie Cursty McKenzie
    Roderick McKenzie
    John McKenzie
    Flory McKenzie
12 Peter Stuart Margaret Stuart
    Allan Stuart
13 John Gilles Jannet Gilles
    John Gilles
14 John Stuart Cursty Stuart
    Ket Stuart
    Jannet Stuart
15 John McKinnon Flora McKinnon
    John McKinnon
    Cursty McKinnon
    Alex. McKinnon
16 Alexander Buchanan Jannet Buchanan
    Dun[can] Buchanan
    Malcolm Buchanan
17 Donald Ross Ket Ross 1st
    Ket Ross 2nd
    Margaret Ross
    Mary Ross
18 Neil McKinnon Marion McKinnon
    Malcolm McKinnon
    Mary McKinnon
    Ket McKinnon
    Margaret McKinnon
19 Malcolm McInnes Marion McInnes 1st
    Marion McInnes 2nd
    Neil McInnes
    Ket McInnes
20 Angus McInnes Margaret McInnes
    Mary McInnes
    Angus McInnes
21 Jno. Beaton widower
    Anne Beaton
    Jno. Beaton
    Betsey Beaton
    Isobel Beaton
    Donald Beaton
22 Malcolm Beaton Mary Beaton
23 William Beaton Mary Beaton
    Donald Beaton
    Neil Beaton
    Jannet Beaton
24 Ang[us] Gilles Flora Gilles
25 Donald McKenzie Anne McKenzie
    Peggy McKenzie
    Dun[can] McKenzie
    Alexander McKenzie
26 Ang[us] Campbell Ket Campbell
    Anne Campbell
    Ket Campbell
    Dun[can] Campbell
No. Heads of Families Women & Children
27 Malcolm Campbell Anne Campbell
28 Andew McLean Peggy McLean
    Thomas McLean
    Andrew McLean
    Margaret McLean
29 Donald McPherson Marion McPherson
    Donald McPherson
    Jno. McPherson
    Alexander McPherson
    Mary McPherson
    Margaret McPherson
30 Alexander Stuart Mary Stuart
    Donald Stuart
    Agnes Stuart
    Anne Stuart
    Jannet Stuart
    John Stuart
31 Alexander Nicolson Margaret Nicolson
    John Nicolson
    Donald Nicolson
32 Alexander Campbell Cursty Campbell
    John Campbell
33 Donald Cameron X Anne Cameron 1st.
    Anne Cameron 2nd.
    Charles Cameron
    Mary Cameron
34 Miles McInnes X Mary McInnes
    Mary McInnes
    Cursty McInnes
    John McInnes
    Flora McInnes
36 John Ross X Mary Ross
  no family No. 35 Mary Ross
    Ang[us] Ross
    Cursty Ross
    Bell Ross
    Murdo Ross
37 Donald McKinnon X Cursty McKinnon
38 Alexander Finlayson X Curst(y) Finlayson
    Anne Finlayson
    Cursty Finlayson
    Ang[us] Finlayson
39 Duncan Nicolson X Anne Nicolson
40 James Nicolson X Margaret Nicolson
    Anne Nicolson
    John Nicolson
41 Alexander Ross X Anne Ross
    Mary Ross
    John Ross
    Donald Ross
    Rund. (Ronald ?) Ross
    Flora Ross
42 Dun[can] McDonald X Christ(y) McDonald
    Flora McDonald
    Donald McDonald
43 Donald Beaton Jannet Beaton
    Malcom Beaton
44 John McNab Ket McNab
    Mary McNab
    Anne McNab
    Andrew McNab
    John McNab
    Marion McNab
45 Donald McLeod X Mary McLeod
    John McLeod
    Anne McLeod
    Margaret McLeod
    Donald McLeod
    Malcolm McLeod
    Roderick McLeod
    Samuel McLeod
    Mary McLeod
    Marion McLeod
46 Dun[can] McDonald Anne McDonald
47 Jno. McKenzie Ket McKenzie
48 Samuel Nicolson Ket Nicolson
    John Nicolson
    Donald Nicolson
    Alexander Nicolson
    Mary Nicolson
    Andrew Nicolson
49 Donald McDonald Bell McDonald
    Dun[can] McDonald
  step-sons Colin Campbell
  Charles Campbell
  Lachlan Campbell
This family ( John McNab family, No. 44) detained by inconvenience till next Season. The Leader is requested to make some preparations for its reception when they arrive.
No.s 46, 47 & 48 are families connected with Malcolm McKenzie No. 11 and who have emigrated last year to Prince Edwards, he prays for the favour of getting grants for them in the Cape.

The families marked thus X (in red) are taking their passage in a different transport

note: The list indicates "The whole 220 souls" however there are only 173 names listed. There is no explanation for the difference and no indication whether the names of infants / toddlers, were omitted from the list.

Colonial Office 384, vol. 23 pp. 300-302 - National Archives of Canada microfilm B-946

Within the papers of Charles Grant M.P., London, was a list on a single sheet headed "Canada" and stamped "received" on June 24th 1830. There is nothing to indicate the Scottish origin, nor Canadian destination of the listed families.

Norman Mackenzie & family of 7 children
Alexander Mackenzie & family of 6 children
Murdoch Mackenzie & family of 2 children
Angus Matheson & family of 5 children
Norman Macleod & family of 1 child
Allan Macleod & family of 4 children
John Macleod & family of 3 children
Malcolm Maclean & family of 3 children
John Munro & family of 3 children

Colonial Office 384, vol. 23 p. 305 - National Archives of Canada microfilm B-946

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