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British Parliamentary Papers — 1839 (248) Chelsea Pensioners. Copies of despatches and correspondence relative to Chelsea pensioners in Upper and Lower Canada.

Chelsea Pensioners Part II

A Chelsea pensioner is an in-pensioner at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, a retirement home and nursing home for former members of the British Army which is located in Chelsea, London. Historically, however, the phrase applied more widely, referring to both in-pensioners and out-pensioners. These extracts and tables are for "out-pensioners" who had commuted their Pensions for the purpose of emigrating to the Colonies, in each year from 1830 to 1837.
[be aware of name misspellings and spelling variations]

Medonte 1832 | Sappers 1831 | Penetanguishene 1835 | Commuted Pensioners 1838 | Supplementary 1839 | Relief List 1839 | Missing Names

... return to Part I     
As the magistrates have not generally transmitted their lists to the clerks of the peace for their respective districts as directed in the printed notice, but have sent separate certificates direct to this office, I have been obliged to make this return in its present form. In many instances, too, they have neglected to furnish all the information required ; hence the occasional omissions in the return.
Many of the commuted pensioners being unable to write, their names may in some instances be misspelled. Appended to many of the lists I find remarks to the following effect: — "Some of the parties have lost their papers ; others say that they were given up at the time they received the balance of their commutation allowance at Quebec and Montreal, and that they cannot therefore be positive as to the exact date of their discharge."
The actual condition of the parties can only be ascertained by personal inspection, or from information derived from respectable settlers living in their neighbourhood.
(signed) A.B. Hawke,
Chief Emigrant Agent for Upper Canada.
Emigrant Office, Toronto,
21 December 1838.
Enclosure No. 2 from a letter from the Under Secretary of State for the Colonial Department, to the Secretary of the Treasury, dated Downing-steet, 23 January 1839
War-office, 8 January 1839
Having laid before the Secretary of War your letter of the 7th December 1838, enclosing a copy of a despatch from the Earl Durham, describing the destitute condition of the commuted pensioners in Upper and Lower Canada, and urging their restoration to the pension list, I have received directions to request that you will bring under the notice of Lord Glenelg my letter of the 5th July 1837, stating the reasons which induce Lord Howick still to adhere to the opinion then expressed of the inexpediency of applying to Parliament for an Act authorizing the restoration of pensions to the men above alluded to. The passing of such an Act of Parliament would inevitably induce even those of the pensioners and their families who are now maintaining themselves by their own industry to throw themselves upon the public, and, by taking away their motive to exertion, would no doubt lead to their being speedily enabled to claim the restoration of their pensions upon the same grounds of urgent distress which are now put forward in behalf of those whose sufferings are so strongly pressed upon the consideration of the Government.
The return enclosed, showing the number of pensioners who commuted, and the places to which they emigrated, sufficiently establishes, in Lord Howick's opinion, the inexpediency of taking a course which his Lordship is persuaded would necessarily lead to replacing upon the list almost all of these men who are still alive, thereby throwing a heavy, and, in many cases, a needless burthen upon the public. Objecting, however, as his Lordship must still do, to any proposal for restoring these men to the pension list, he concurs with Lord Glenelg in thinking that the governors of the colonies where the men are now residing should be authorized to give relief in cases in which they may be convinced of its absolute necessity, taking care that it should be rather in kind than in money, and so strictly limited to what is indispensable as not to offer temptation to those who, by proper exertion, might provide for themselves, to become a charge upon the public.
It still appears to Lord Howick that it would have been highly desirable that the expense of any such arrangement should be defrayed from the army extraordinaries, as his Lordship thinks it likely that the demands upon the Government would in that case be less considerable than they will prove to be if publicity is given to the intention of affording relief by applying to Parliament for a vote specially for that purpose, and he should also have thought that this was one of those charges which, as it is impossible beforehand to estimate its amount, and as it is connected with the military service, might very properly have been defrayed out of army extraordinaries ; as, however, the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury conceive that this cannot legally be done, no course appears to remain but that of calling upon Parliament to make a grant for that purpose.
I have &c.
(signed) L. Sulivan.

Return of Out-Pensioners allowed to commute their Pensions since the Year 1830,
showing the Number who received the Balances, and the Places at which they were paid ;
also, the Number whose Balances remain unclaimed.

Headings: Place. | A = Number of Pensioners who have received their Balances. | B = Number of Pensioners whose Balances remain unpaid. | Total.

Place. A B Total.
British America 3,031 130 3,161
Australian Colonies 602 72 674
Cape of Good Hope 16 - 16
West Indies 6 - 6
Gibraltar 2 - 2
United States of America 81 - 81
Hanover 2 - 2
France 2 - 2
Total 3,742 202 3,944

Copy of Despatch from Major-general Sir George Arthur, K.C.H., to Lord Glenelg,
dated Upper Canada, Toronto, 27 February 1839
My Lord,
With reference to my despatch to your Lordship of the 21st December last, No. 116, I have the honour to transmit herewith a return, supplementary to that already sent, of the commuted pensioners residing in this province, which has been furnished by Mr. Hawke, chief agent for emigration.
The channels through which, as in the former instance, the information contained in this return has been derived are the magistrates and clerks of the peace in the various districts where the pensioners are located. It is possible that the details may not be in every particular correct, insomuch as imposition may have been attempted on the local functionaries ; but I have no doubt that any errors of this nature may be readily detected on reference to the records of the War-office ; and I would request your Lordship to consider these observations as applying equally to the return already forwarded.
I cannot forego the present opportunity to bring again under your Lordship's consideration the extreme destitution of the unfortunate individuals whose cases have formed the subject of this and of my despatch before referred to. The burden of their maintenance falls very heavily on the revenues of this provinces ; and I earnestly hope that Her Majesty's Government, taking the whole circumstance into consideration, may be pleased to devise such means as will speedily relieve them from it.
I have, &c.
(signed) George Arthur.

Supplementary Return of Commuted Pensioners residing in the Province of Upper Canada

No. Names Regiment Date
of Discharge
of Service
1 Patrick Terrells 31st 25 Aug. 1832 8 years
2 Thomas Roche 68th 10 Dec. 1827
3 John Cropp 66th 01 June 1833 15 years, 255 days
4 Duncan McVerrick 22nd 14 Sept. 1809 16 years, 9 months
5 Thomas Hurbert 25th Dragoons 29 Sept. 1819 19 years, 6 months
6 William Huston 88th July 1829 16 years, 2 months
7 Henry Stephens 71st 02 Nov. 1814 7 years
8 James Riley 71st 07 Sept. 1814 10 years, 3 months
9 Robert Johnston 17th 24 July 1832 33 years
10 James Hart 2nd Dragoons 18 Dec. 1826 22 years, 8 months
11 Samuel Morrow 1st Regiment 14 March 1829 10 years
12 Bapt. McIlwain 4th 23 Aug. 1814 12 years, 11 months
13 George Reid 79th 13 May 1814 7 years, 8 months
14 Arthur Ross 78th 18 March 1818 25 years
15 Timothy Kinna (Kenna ?) 59th 27 Sept. 1827 25 years
16 Thomas James 41st 25 Oct. 1815 5 years, 6 months
17 John Johnston 12th 11 Feb. 1818 32 years, 158 days
18 James Galloway 2nd Vet. Battalion 16 Oct. 1814 17 years, one month
19 Thomas Thody 38th 07 June 1820 21 years
20 James Healey 37th 08 Sept. 1830 17 years, 9 months
21 Michael McDonough 75th 16 July 1828 12 years, 6 months
22 Patrick Campbell 52nd 25 Feb. 1819 20 years
23 Michael Griffiths 95th 11 Oct. 1826 2 years, 10 months
24 John Cully 72nd 07 May 1825 23 years, 10 months
25 Patrick Duggan 51st 26 Nov. 1817 1 year, 6 months
26 James Brown 27th 06 June 1803 9 years
27 Thomas Glynn 5th Vet. 20 March 1822 11 years, 9 months
28 Michael Body Longford Militia 26 June 1811 17 years, 6 months
29 Robert Miller 52nd
30 William Lawlass (Lawless) 81st 02 Feb. 1825
31 John Bulger 44th 27 Feb. 1822 21 years, 10 months
32 Joseph Brady 85th 16 April 1823 2 years, 10 months
33 William Bray 3rd. G. Battalion 22 Oct. 1816 6 years, 1 month
34 Matthew Mangan 57th 19 Dec. 1816 12 years, 8 months
35 Arthur McCallum 64th 13 Sept. 1822 3 years, 9 months
36 Edward Burke 44th 12 Nov. 1817 14 years, 2 months
37 Henry Duggan 87th 02 Feb. 1815 4 years, 4 months
38 James Gibson 1st 26 June 1816 14 years, 343 days
39 William McLaugh 6th Dragoons — 1832 21 years
40 Thomas Smith 4th Veterans 25 July 1831 17 years, 1 month
41 James Gillers 3rd Buffs 05 Aug. 1829 18 years, 5 months
42 William Carroll 12th Veterans 18 June 1814 17 years, 165 days
43 John Ralph 1st Foot 16 June 1826 14 years, 4 months
44 John Young 31st Foot 13 Sept. 1820 19 years, 10 months
45 James McCaulay 61st Foot 12 Aug. 1825 16 years, 6 months
46 Patrick McCaulay 6th Dragoons 07 Sept. 1814 21 years, 7 months
47 James Boyce Wagon Train — 1824 19 years, 8 months
48 Timothy Twitchell 20th Foot Aug. 1827 11 years, 9 months
49 Joseph Pickins 9th R.A. 01 April 1830 22 years
50 Isaiah Grason 4th Dragoons 09 June 1819 14 years, 9 months
51 Patrick McGee 75th Foot 09 Aug. 1826 15 years, 9 months
52 Thomas Lee Enniskillen Drag. 08 Sept. 1831 25 years
53 Robert Harvey 8th June 1825 13 years
54 Lawrence Murphy 32nd 04 June 1823 10 years, 7 months
55 Christopher Gugelty 27th 04 Oct. 1816 4 years, 1 month
56 Bernard McKenna 90th 19 Dec. 1816 13 years, 8 months
57 Owen McEvay 1st 25 June 1817 23 years
58 Samuel Westerman 29th 30 Oct. 1822 8 years, 262 days
59 James Clotacy 89th 9 years, 11 months
60 Thomas Loughry 13th 20 years, 10 months
61 Patrick Closse 26th 21 Aug. 1817 5 years, 3 months
62 Hugh Browne 5th Guards 05 July 1814 8 years
63 John McKeown 86th Foot 17 Jan. 1821 11 years, 9 months
64 Domingo Francis
65 Thomas McCutcheon 11th 08 July 1824 11 years, 265 days
66 Dennis Danahy 16th 28 Oct. 1818 6 years, 262 days
67 Miles Sweeny 4th Gar. Batt. Feb. 1815 13 years
68 Daniel Ross 3rd Guards 02 April 1817 5 years
69 James Dillon 4th Batt. R.A. 18 Feb. 1818 21 years, 50 days
70 Edward Lane 6th 18 June 1828
71 Mark Sevant 2nd G.B. 28 Oct. 1816 13 years, 3 months
72 Peter McManus 1st 20 April 1817 21 years, 8 months
73 Adam Bryce 71st 25 May 1816 10 years, 9 months
74 Thomas Fay or Foy 9th Dragoons 28 June 1814 8 years, 6 months
75 John McCarthy 21st Foot 28 Nov. 1810 3 years, 293 days
76 Thomas Buyone 87th 18 Feb. 1826 24 years, 6 months
77 James Eagan 87th 24 Oct. 1831 28 years
78 Richard O'Connor 86th 17 Dec. 1823 3 years, 9 months
79 John Good 55th 14 Oct. 1818 24 years, 1 month
80 Edward Dear 15th Dragoons 23 Aug. 1814
81 Timothy May Sligo Miltia 31 Aug. 1814
82 Robert Brown 27th — 1818 14 years
83 Elias Jones 1st Veterans 02 July 1816 5 years, 2 months
84 William Ledbeater 48th 08 Jan. 1817 18 years, 315 days
85 James Applegard 91st — 1819 8 years, 9 months
86 Robert Hawkins 70th — 1822 9 years
87 John Gorman 12 Dragoons — 1805 14 years
  Number of Names in First Return 567
  Number of Names in Supplementary Return 87
  Total: 654


Despatch to Major-general Sir G. Arthur, K.C.H., Upper Canada
Sir, Treasury Chambers, 25 March 1839
     I have it in command from the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury to acquaint you further, for the information of the Marquis of Normanby, with reference to your letters of 23rd January and the 2nd February, and the communication addresses to you on the 13th February, relating to the commuted pensioners who have emigrated to Canada, that in conformity with the intention therein expressed, my Lords are now prepared to make arrangements for the relief of such of those emigrants as shall be found to be in a state of destitution by the distribution of indispensable articles of food and clothing ; and as the emigration agent in Upper Canada has already been engaged in investigating the state of the commuted pensioners, it appears to my Lords that the details of this service may be most advantageously conducted, under the direction of the Lieutenant-governor of the province, by this functionary, with any requisite assistance from the officers of the commissariat and ordnance store department, in procuring or issuing the articles in which the relief is to be afforded.
     In effecting this object the following rules should be observed:—

1st. That the identity of each individual claiming relief as being a commuted pensioner, and comprised in the list hereafter referred to, is distinctly and satisfactorily established.
2ndly. It should be shown that the claimants for relief are actually destitute and unable to obtain employment, or at least to earn sufficient for their maintenance.
3rdly. That relief is not to be given in money, but only in such articles of food and clothing as are needed ; and in issuing relief in food, except in cases of peculiar and urgent necessity and under special authority from the Lieutenant-governor, the quantity should not exceed two-thirds of an ordinary soldier's rations for the men, without wine or spirits, except when required for such as are in need of medical aid ; one-half of a ration for their wives, one-third of a ration for children above seven and under fourteen years of age, for whom employment cannot be found, and one-quarter of a ration for children under that age.

     Clothing or blankets will be furnished by the Ordnance Store Department in cases where the emigration agent is satisfied that they are indispensably necessary, and that they cannot be otherwise procured by the parties ; and the ordnance officers will likewise be instructed to afford any requisite assistance in providing shelter for such of the commuted pensioners as are houseless, or in placing them on their respective locations.
     I am to request you will further observe to Lord Normanby, that it will be necessary that every precaution should be taken by the parties intrusted with the distribution of the relief to guard against attempts at imposition ; and in order that the pensioners may still be induced to look rather to their own exertions than to the assistance that may be thus administered to them, it will be advisable that the relief should in every case be limited to the smallest possible amount, and that it should be given only upon the daily and personal application of each individual requiring it ; and it must be distinctly understood that the relief is entirely eleemosynary [dependent on charity], and liable to be withdrawn in the event of any misconduct, or when employment can be found for the applicant.
     I am to request you will likewise state to his Lordship, that it has been found, on a revision of the return which accompanied Lieutenant-governor Sir George Arthur's despatch on 21st December last, that some of the parties therein named were not commuted pensioners, and that my Lords have therefore directed a copy to be forwarded to his Lordship of a list, with which they have been furnished by the Secretary at War, of those men to whom it has appeared to Lord Howick that any relief that may be given should be confined, and from which all those persons borne on Sir George Arthur's return, who were not commuted pensioners, have been excluded, as well as those commuted pensioners who, previously to obtaining pensions, had not served seven years, and who are therefore not considered to have any further claims on the public beyond what they have already received.
     My Lords have also directed a copy to be forwarded to Lord Normanby of a list of other men, named in Sir George Arthur's return, who cannot be traced in the books of Chelsea Hospital, or of the Ordnance Department, according to the descriptions given, but who may possibly be found, in further inquiry, to have been commuted pensioners, although erroneously described in the return ; and I am further to request you will move his Lordship, provided he sees no reason to dissent from the views adopted by the Secretary at War and by this Board, to convey instructions to the Lieutenant-governor of Upper Canada, to direct the agent for emigration to make arrangements in communication with the officers of the Ordnance and Commissariat Department, for administering relief to the military emigrants in the manner proposed.
James Stephen, Esq.
&c. &c. &c.
I am, &c.
(signed) G.J. Pennington, pro Sec.


List referred to in the Secretary at War's Letter of the 28th February 1839 to Mr. Baring,
of Commuted Pensioners residing in Canada, to whom it is proposed to grant Relief.
No. Names Regiments Rate of
      s. d.
1. Patrick Rodgers 64th Foot -. 09
  Henry Miller 40th Foot -. 06
  Terence Flynn 27th Foot -. 06
  William Doherty 9th Foot -. 06
  John Tunmin or Temmings 83rd Foot -. 09
  William Francis O'Meara 84th Foot -. 07
  John Murray 97th Foot -. 09
  Terence O'Neal 30th Foot -. 06
  John Gallagher 23rd Foot -. 06
10. James Davidson 92nd Foot -. 09
  John Johnson 50th Foot -. 09
  Thomas Paisley or Pasley 16th Foot -. 09
  Patrick Casey 60th Foot -. 06
  Daniel O'Connor 2nd Ceylon Regiment -. 09
  Philip Mannon or Marren 3rd Garrison Battalion -. 09
  John Brown 49th Foot -. 07
  John Bailey 28th Foot -. 09
  John Logan 31st Foot -. 06
  William Cox 5th Veterans -. 09
20. Daniel Fighe or Tigh 88th Foot -. 09
  James McCarton 83rd Foot -. 09
  Michael Shea 68th Foot 1. 10
  Clement Dixon 6th Dragoon Guards 1. 00
  Joseph Harris 26th Foot 1. 00
  John Smurphet 64th Foot 1. 01
  Nicholas Harvey 40th Foot -. 06
  Francis Clancy 5th Foot -. 09
  John Flanagan 3rd Veterans -. 09
  David McCready 50th Foot -. 06
30. Patrick Missitt 6th Veterans -. 09
  John Hughes 8th Foot -. 06
  Bernard Campbell 82nd Foot -. 09
  William Blake or Bleake Tipperary Militia -. 05
  Thomas Blake 7th Dragoons Guards 1. 00
  Alexander Owens 27th Foot -. 09
  John Bremnan 79th Foot -. 10
  William Norborough 91st Foot -. 06
  Daniel Fahey 49th Foot 1. 00
  William McDonald 44th Foot -. 09
40. Terence Conroy 3rd Foot -. 05
  Richard Taylor 85th Foot -. 06
  William Ford 6th Foot 1. 01½
  James Bryen or Bevan 1st Foot Guards -. 09
  Æneas Bell / Eneas Bell 49th Foot 1. 02½
  John Shittick or Shaddock 11th Foot -. 06
  William Smith 24th Foot -. 06
  Robert Frost 43rd Foot -. 09
  Robert Pudney 67th or 69th Foot 1. 04½
  William Oakley 18th Dragoons -. 05
50. William Ingleden 19th Foot -. 06
  Thomas Gandy or Gauly 52nd Foot -. 09
  Andrew Hawkins 20th Foot 1. 02
  James Hewton 87th or 89th Foot -. 09
  Patrick Kelly 88th Foot -. 09
  James Kells 26th Foot 1. 00
  John Joyce 88th Foot -. 06
  Patrick McSherry 71st Foot -. 09
  John Donahey 27th Foot -. 09
60. John Finley 31st Foot -. 06
  Southwell Bradshaw 81st Foot -. 09
  John Manley 10th Dragoons 1. 00
  Edward McGibbon 6th Veterans 1. 00
  George Piper 17th Foot 1. 00
  William Cox 5th Veterans -. 09
  Peter Mansfield 41st Foot 1. 00
  William Cooke 36th Foot -. 09
  John Boyle 18th Foot 1. 00
  Bernard Hand 8th Foot -. 09
  John Vance 30th Foot -. 09
70. James Kennedy 44th Foot -. 06
  Jonathan Brown 19th Foot -. 06
  Michael Harlin 71st Foot -. 06
  Edward Fitzgerald 26th Foot 1. 00
  Neil Harkin 26th Foot 1. 00
  Patrick Tulley 6th Veterans 1. 00
  Samuel McGill 1st Foot 2. 01
  William Hart 12th Foot -. 06
  Matthew Kinshills 89th Foot 1. 00
  Bryan Hamner 80th Foot -. 10
80. John Banett or Barrett 63rd Foot -. 09
  William Heaslip 58th Foot 1. 00½
  James Byrns or Byrnes 32nd Foot -. 06
  Patrick Walsh 97th Foot -. 09
  Robert Michael 8th Dragoons -. 09
  William Ryan 27th Foot 1. 00
  G. McGorgan 27th Foot 1. 01½
  Dennis Harrington 2nd Garrison Battalion -. 09
  Laurence McLoughlin 6th Veterans -. 09
  Samuel Cowan 6th Veterans -. 09
90. Hugh McDonald 83rd Foot -. 06
  William Dixon 7th Dragoons -. 06
  John Dodd 89th Foot 1. 03½
  William Higgins 44th Foot -. 09
  Richard Collins Longford Militia 1. 00
  James Fenton 29th Foot 1. 03
  Patrick Flanigan or Flannagan 21st Foot -. 07
  John Usoph or Asoph 44th Foot -. 09
  James Ferguson 25th Foot 1. 00½
  James Waddle 4th Veterans -. 06
100. John or James Howe 27th Foot -. 09
  Alexander Rafferty 87th Foot -. 06
  Robert Hartley 23rd Dragoons -. 06
  Thomas Kelly 11th Foot -. 09
  Thomas Cuthbert 8th Foot -. 09
  John McCahey 45th Foot -. 06
  Daniel Meehan or Meighan 83rd Foot 1. 02
  John Sentick or Lentick 6th Veterans -. 09
  Robert Gorman 32nd Foot -. 06
  Robert Beamer or Balmer 8th Foot 1. 00½
110. David Creighton 19th Dragoons 1. 00
  William Falls 6th Dragoons 1. 00
  Patrick Wheelan or Philan 88th Foot 1. 06
  Robert McCarroll 10th Foot, found from the Militia -. 10
  John Hunter 18th Foot -. 09
  John Leahy or Leaky Cork Militia 1. 00
  Samuel Smith or Smyth 21st Foot -. 09
  Anthony McDonell or McDonald 12th Veterans -. 09
  John Newell 12th Veterans 1. 03
  Andrew McGee 28th Foot -. 06
120. James McGuire 87th Foot 1. 00
  Nicholas Heney or Heany 2nd Veterans -. 07
  Patrick Finnegan or Finigan 1st Veterans, found in York Rangers -. 07
  Hugh Graham 34th Foot 1. 04
  Patrick Mallon 89th Foot -. 06
  Christopher McGolrick or McGolaush 18th Foot 1. 00
  John Whitehead 84th Foot 1. 01
  Peter Cuffe 27th Foot 1. 00
  Bernard Haughie or Haughey 97th Foot 0. 09
  James Rapley 3rd Foot Guards 1. 00
130. Alexander Hamilton 52nd Foot -. 07
  John Muley or Mothy 60th Foot -. 06
  Dudley McQuirnan or McTiernan 40th Foot -. 09
  Patrick Cassidy 21st Foot -. 09
  Gilbert Simple 25th Foot 1. 00
  James Reid or Read 50th Foot 1. 00
  Charles Mansfield 50th Foot and 2nd Veterans -. 07
  John Casey 64th Foot 1. 06½
  Thomas Bird 70th Foot -. 06
  David Dowell or Dowdle 11th Foot -. 09
140. John Steel or Stutt 34th Foot -. 09
  Dennis Finn 95th Foot or Rifle Brigade 1. 00
  Roderick McCuaig or McQuoig 71st Foot 1. 00
  Thomas Farrell or Parrell 3rd Foot -. 09
  William Pike 100th Foot -. 09
  William Mewer 56th Foot 1. 00½
  Edward McCann 52nd Foot 1. 00
  Bernard McCanna or McKenna Royal York Rangers -. 09
  Stephen Finbarthy or Feineighty 57th Foot -. 09
  James Clangan 2nd Garrison Battalion 1. 00
150. John Haney 60th Foot 1. 05½
No. Names Regiments Rate of
  Patrick Waters 13th Foot 1. 00
  Edward Carey or Thomas Carey 12th Dragoons 1. 00
  Edward Hughes 3rd Dragoon Guards -. 09
  Patrick McClusky 8th Foot -. 07
  Simon Simpson 42nd Foot -. 09
  Arthur Kenney 4th Foot 1. 00
  John Black 45th Foot -. 09
  Daniel Moran 17th Dragoons -. 06
  Thomas Sheean or Sheen 1st Foot Guards -. 06
160. Edward Connor 1st Foot -. 09
  David Craig 12th Foot -. 06
  Thomas Larcin or Loughrea 13th Foot 1. 00
  George Finnen or Fenner 64th Foot 1. 02½
  Richard Lewis 64th Foot -. 09
  Alexander Thompson 2nd Life Guards -. 06
  James Morgan 16th Dragoons 1. 00
  John Henderson 25th Foot 1. 02½
  James Worthington 41st Foot -. 06
  Alexander Anderson 79th Foot 1. 00
170. William Durham or Derham 59th Foot -. 07
  Thomas Doig 78th Foot -. 06
  Reil or Neil Farlane or Fernan 2nd Veterans -. 09
  John Lyons 29th Foot -. 06
  Peter Shannon 28th Foot -. 09
  Daniel Kelly 44th Foot 1. 00½
  John Carr 17th Dragoons -. 07
  John Merry 77th Foot -. 06
  John Thornton 83rd Foot 1. 00
  Philip Connell North Cork Militia 1. 00
180. John Gilmore 6th Dragoon Guards -. 09
  Patrick Brady 3 Rifle Brigade -. 09
  Edward Birmingham 44th Foot 1. 00
  Edward Coghlan 29th Foot -. 06
  Robert Kingland or Ringland 1st Dragoon Guards 1. 10
  John Daly 54th Foot -. 09
  John Riley 1st Foot 1. 00½
  Jeremiah Driscoll 58th Foot 1. 00
  Ralph McDonagh 59th Foot 1. 00½
  Dennis Mackin or Machin 101st Foot -. 09
190. John McDonald 78th Foot 1. 02
  John Dunn 7th or 9th Dragoons -. 09
  George Hunt 10th Dragoons -. 06
  James McLar or McAleer 89th Foot -. 09
  James Cooke 1st Foot 1. 08
  John Stratton 76th Foot -. 10
  George Moore 71st Foot -. 09
  Matthew Smith 27th or 87th Foot -. 09
  James Loftus 59th Foot -. 06
  Hugh Kane or Cain 36th Foot 1. 05
200. Andrew Lawler 52nd Foot 1. 01
  John Boulden 20th Foot -. 09
  Robert Blake 65th Foot 1. 04½
  James Donoghue or Donahoo Dublin Militia -. 10
  Alexander Burke 25th Foot 1. 00
  James Clarke 63rd Foot 1. 02
  Philip Smith 16th Foot 1. 11
  Anthony Brogan African Corps -. 07
  Robert Clarke 34th Foot 1. 08
  Peter Kelly Veteran or York Rangers -. 09
210. Samuel Perry 22nd Foot 1. 02½
  John Smith 39th Foot -. 07
  John Walker 14th Dragoons 2. 00
  William Mysart or Maysent 20th Foot 1. 09
  Patrick Carey 14th Foot 1. 09
  John Luckey 2nd Veterans -. 05
  Sampson Walkerdine 48th Foot -. 09
  Thomas Henderson 87th Foot -. 06
  Hugh Smith 79th Foot -. 06
  Thomas Kingsley 11th Foot -. 06
220. James Brady 4th Dragoons -. 06
  James Kennedy 44th Foot -. 06
  William Conway 44th Foot -. 09
  William McCracker or McCracken 2nd or 3rd Veterans 1. 00
  George McCan or McCann Rifle Brigade -. 09
  John Lumsden Wexford Militia 1. 00
  Thomas O'Neil 5th Dragoon Guards -. 09
  Daniel Ryan 96th Foot -. 05
  John Conelly (2nd) 88th Foot -. 06
  Francis Sharp 14th Dragoons -. 09
230. Thomas Johnson 2nd Foot Guards -. 07
  Joseph Plymouth 6th Foot 1. 00
  Patrick Prosser Roscommon Militia 1. 00
  George Aird 1st Veterans 1. 00
  Joseph Cormick 13th Foot -. 07
  Hugh Moore 88th Foot 1. 00
  Charles Murphy 63rd Foot 1. 02
  Daniel Murphy 40th Foot 1. 00
  James McFearnine or McTeernan 4th Veterans 1. 00
  David Mulcahy 44th Foot -. 09
240. William Davis 13th Foot -. 09
  John Blanco 51st Foot 1. 00
  Dennis Hennessy 45th Foot -. 09
  James Range 81st Foot 1. 11½
  Blythe Armstrong 1st or 31st Foot -. 06
  John Doyle 28th Foot -. 06
  William Grogan 1st Foot 1. 11½
  Andrew McIntyre or McEntyre 8th Dragoons 1. 00½
  Owen Houghey or Haughey Veterans or 21st Foot -. 06
  Thomas Kelly 51st Foot -. 06
250. Richard Keating Meath Militia -. 05
  Thomas Hughes (2nd) 24th Dragoons -. 09
  John Nugent 19th Dragoons 1. 00
  Daniel King Leitrim Militia 1. 00
  Dennis Gleeson 28th Foot 1. 00
  Philip Bennett 27th Foot -. 06
  John Millan or Miller 32nd Foot -. 06
  John Mortimer 26th or 96th Foot -. 09
  Arthur McConnel 91st Foot -. 09
  Edward McDonnell 101st Foot -. 09
260. John Delaney 3rd Veterans or 42nd Foot -. 06
  Roger McHugh 3rd Veterans or 3rd Garrison Battalion -. 06
  Thomas Hatt 3rd Veterans -. 09
  Bernard Caffrey 17th Dragoons -. 05
  George McRoy or McKoy 79th Foot -. 10
  Theophilus Vale Staff Corps -. 09
  Henry or Joseph Godfrey 64th Foot 1. 02
  Walton or William Connors 86th Foot -. 06
  Thomas Simpson 9th Foot -. 06
  James Patterson African Corps -. 06
270. Hugh Munro 3rd Garrison Battalion -. 06
  Patrick Buggea or Buggie 97th Foot -. 09
  John Horsbey or Niesse York Rangers 1. 05½
  William McCleary 7th Dragoon Guards -. 06
  James McKenna 27th Foot -. 06
  Patrick Hughes 2nd Veteran Company 1. 01½
  Patrick Joice or Join 19th Dragoons 1. 00½
  Joseph Butcher 49th Foot -. 06
  Hugh McLennen or McLinnan 79th Foot 1. 00
  Thomas Duff 9th Dragoons -. 09
280. James Davis 32nd Foot -. 09
  Matthew Ryan 37th Foot 1. 00
  Thomas Barrett 83rd Foot 1. 02½
  William Kearnes or Kairns 73rd Foot -. 09
  Alexander Kearnes or Kerns 27th Foot -. 07
  James Keoghoe or Kehre 49th Foot -. 09
  Patrick Carney Longford Militia -. 10
  Barney Cornsky or Bryan Camniskey 35th Foot -. 06
  Samuel Cross 68th Foot -. 06
  Patrick Martin 67th Foot 1. 04½
290. William Shanks 27th Foot -. 10
  William Dynan 12th Foot 1. 00
  Richard Dunegin or Dunnigan 17th Foot or 17th Dragoons -. 09
  Thomas Smith 27th Foot -. 06
  Pierce or Pierre Stapleton 90th Foot -. 09
  William Quigley or Quigg 82nd Foot 1. 00
  Francis Quinn 49th Foot 1. 00
  John Taylor 3rd Foot Guards 1. 00½
  George Hosey 1st Foot -. 06
  Barney Darcy 20th Dragoons -. 06
300. Mark Clark 79th Foot 1. 00½
No. Names Regiments Rate of
  John Nerin or Niven 60th Foot -. 09
  David Brady 20th Foot
  Edward Reed or Reid Meath Militia -. 05
  Moses Wells 9th Foot -. 09
  George Brownlee 81st Foot 1. 00
  Stephen Lewis 17th Dragoons 1. 05
  Patrick Lynn 59th Foot 1. 02
  John Neeson 13th Dragoons -. 06
  John Noble 74th Foot 1. 01
310. Robert McWaugh or McWha 28th Foot -. 09
  Michael Moran or Moraghan 88th Foot -. 09
  Samuel Cowan 6th Veteran Battalion -. 09
  Patrick Carrigan 7th Veteran Battalion -. 06
  William Howatt African Corps 1. 09½
  Thomas McNamara 66th Foot -. 05
  John Lindsay 11th Veteran Battalion -. 05
  Patrick McCassey 47th Foot 1. 00
  John Casey 64th Foot 1. 06½
  William Ashfield Kerry Militia 1. 00
320. Thomas Robinson 3rd Foot -. 06
  Patrick Gay 37th Foot -. 06
  John Macnamara 44th Foot -. 09
  James or John Smith 1st Foot -. 09
  Jonathan Toppen or Tipping 7th Foot 1. 00
  Mark Levant 3rd Veterans or 2nd Garrison Battalion -. 06
  Thomas Lyons 27th Foot -. 09
  William Newburn 3rd Garrison Battalion -. 09
  John Fitzpatrick 37th or 87th Foot 1. 00½
  John Murray 1st Foot -. 06
330. Charles Rodgers 84th Foot -. 06
  John Clark 103rd Foot -. 06
  John Ellworth / Elworth 30th Foot -. 06
  Dennis Keenan or Kienan 68th Foot -. 06
  John McLeod 79th Foot 1. 00
  Thomas Thompson 1st Foot 1. 00
  James McDaniel 12th Dragoons 1. 02
  Thomas Robinson 19th Foot 1. 01½
  Joseph Ellsmore 2nd Veterans -. 05
  John Hynes 85th Foot -. 06
340. Thomas Quail 56th Foot 1. 00
  Thomas Fitzgibbon 5th Dragoon Guards -. 06
  John Fullerton 9th Foot 1. 04
  Justus Rutherford 28th Foot 1. 00
  John Fowler 42nd Foot 1. 00
  John Turnan or Tearning 35th Foot 1. 00
  John Bell 25th Foot 1. 00
  Jeremiah Reardon 59th Foot -. 09
  John Seale 10th Foot -. 09
  James Fox 28th Foot -. 06
350. Cornelius or Neil Lawler 49th Foot 1. 00
  Samuel McClure West India Rangers 1. 00½
  William Kyle 13th Foot 1. 00
  George Overs 3rd Foot Guards -. 09
  Peter Belbu or Belton 12th Veterans 1. 00
  Michael Barlow 88th Foot -. 06
  William Boyle 27th Foot 1. 00
  Patrick Browne 98th Foot -. 09
  John Callaghan 67th Foot -. 06
  James Cowan or Coone 37th Foot -. 09
360. Patrick Casey 85th Foot 1. 01
  William Carroll 62nd Foot -. 09
  Peter Connors 100th Foot -. 09
  James Cavanagh 1st Garrison Battalion -. 07
  William Dunn 67th Foot 1. 04
  John Dunnon 65th Foot 1. 02½
  James Fulton or Fallon 21st Foot -. 09
  James Finan 99th Foot -. 06
  John Grainger 27th Foot 1. 00
  James Gallagher 44th Foot -. 09
370. John Grant 17th Foot -. 09
  James Hurley 45th Foot 1. 00
  Michael Haughey 2nd Veterans -. 07
  Luke Hand 103rd Foot -. 09
  James Halfpenny 44th Foot -. 09
  James Hunt 50th Foot 1. 00
  James Heaney 9th Foot -. 09
  Thomas Haythorne 8th Foot 1. 00
  Luke Harcourt 27th Foot -. 09
  Owen Kearns 88th Foot -. 09
380. John Lawlor 22nd Foot 1. 05
  John Liddy or Leddy 65th Foot 1. 08
  Patrick McAboy or McEvoy 44th Foot -. 09
  John McGovern 97th Foot -. 06
  Michael Malone 59th Foot -. 07
  Patrick O'Brien 16th Foot -. 06
  Stephen O'Brien 44th Foot -. 06
  John Petty 27th Foot 1. 00
  William Ryan 2nd Garrison Battalion -. 09
  Owen Reynolds 6th Veterans -. 09
390. James Smith 52nd Foot -. 06
  Patrick Sweeny 12 Veterans 1. 00
  Patrick White 95th Foot -. 09
  John Rowley 1st Dragoons 1. 00½
  Robert Clarke Sligo Militia 1. 00
  Samuel Murphy 58th Foot 1. 00
  Edward Shields 26th Foot -. 09
  Henry St. Ledger 90th Foot -. 09
  Thomas Smith 89th Foot 0. 09
  John Jameson or Jamieson 3rd Foot 1. 00½
400. James Butler 89th Foot 1. 10
  James Shepperd 9th Foot -. 09
  John McAllister 64th Foot -. 09
  James Connerty 73rd Foot -. 09
  Robert Dudley 26th Foot 1. 10
  Eugene Reardon 62nd Foot -. 06
  John Williams 83rd Foot 1. 02
  Richard Fowler 3rd Garrison Battalion -. 09
  William Tapper 66th Foot 1. 03
  Francis Kane 23rd Foot -. 09
410. Hugh Lavey or Lavery 64th Foot 1. 04
  Edward Gallagher 12th Foot 1. 06½
  Thomas Simms 2nd Dragoons 1. 00
  James McCabe 56th Foot 1. 05½
  James Teadley 18th Foot -. 10
415. John Foley Waterford Militia -. 04½
  Ordnance Pensioners
1. Daniel Anderson Artillery Drivers -. 09
  John Arthur Sappers and Miners 1. 00
  James Blakeley Artillery Drivers 1. 00
  David Ball Royal Artillery -. 05
  John Cock Royal Artillery -. 11
  John Davis Royal Artillery 1. 00
  Philip Develin Royal Artillery -. 11
  Joseph Dixon Sappers and Miners 1. 00
  Thomas Fugard Artillery Drivers -. 05
10. David Frew Royal Artillery 1. 00
  Thomas Graham Artillery Drivers 1. 00
  Thomas Goden Artillery Drivers 1. 00
  James Hart Royal Artillery -. 09
  Andrew Kinghorn Royal Artillery 1. 00
  Angus McDonald Artillery Drivers 1. 00
  Hamilton Neilans Royal Artillery 1. 00
  John Orton Royal Artillery -. 09
  Joseph Patterson Royal Artillery -. 10
  Richard Rogers Royal Artillery 1. 00
20. Miles Reed Artillery Drivers -. 05
  James Smith Horse Artillery -. 06
  Charles Sweeney Royal Artillery 1. 00
  John Wynne Royal Artillery -. 05
  John Witherup Royal Artillery 1. 00
25. Samuel Wilson Royal Artillery -. 09
List of Men included in the Return transmitted by Sir George Arthur, of Commuted Pensioners residing
in Canada, but whose Names cannot be found on the Books of Chelsea Hospital by the Description given
Regiments Names   Regiments Names
97th Foot Thomas Lee   37th Foot James Brooks
20th Foot David Beadon   87th Foot Daniel Gallagher
88th Foot Dennis Mitchell   African Corps William Williams
64th Foot John Campbell   88th Foot Thomas Kelly
7th Foot Thomas Haven   15th Dragoons William Wilts
84th Foot Robert Taylor   14th Foot Patrick Fitzgerald
Veterans Thomas Daly   83rd Foot Thomas Craig
3rd Veterans Richard Humphries   100th Foot Edward McAvoy
95th Foot James Conroy   18th Foot George Ferguson
2nd Veterans Daniel Gordon   Ordnance Hamilton Newlans
3rd Veterans Michael Canada   Ordnance Robert Sullivan
72nd Foot William Brenith   Ordnance George Bryan
1st Foot Dennis Ferm   Ordnance John Johnstone
93rd Foot Bernard Hanskey   Ordnance David Bannister
Memorandum for the information of Out-pensioners desirous of commuting their Pensions
with a view to their becoming Settlers in the British Colonies.
War-office, 1 March 1831.
By an Act of Parliament lately passed (1 Will. 4, c. 41), the Commissioners of Chelsea Hospital are authorized to give to any non-commissioned officer or soldier, entitled to out-pension from the said hospital, who shall be recommended for that purpose by the Secretary at War, a sum of money as a commutation or equivalent in gross, for all annual pensions to which such non-commissioned officers or soldiers might otherwise be entitled.
This measure has been adopted with the view of affording to those who wish to settle in the British Colonies abroad, the means of effecting that object, and will, therefore, be limited to cases of men desirous of living out of Great Britain and Ireland, unless any special cases should occur in which circumstances should render a departure from this rule expedient.
Men who wish to become settlers will be placed on the same footing, with respect to land, as the soldiers who were disbanded in Canada at the conclusion of the late war, which would entitle serjeants to 200 acres and privates to 100 acres each.
They must, however, clearly understand, that they will not receive any other assistance whatever from Government, and as experience has shown that great distress has been brought upon individuals settling with inadequate means, they must be made aware that it will be necessary that they should have the means of maintaining themselves and families for at least twelve months after they are placed on their lands, and of providing themselves with agricultural implements and a log-hut ; and it is equally indispensable that they should be robust men, or if they are not themselves competent singly to contend with the difficulties and privations of forming a settlement in the wilderness, that they should be accompanied by one or more sons possessing the necessary strength and capacity for that purpose.
A man, by commuting his pension, abandons all claim to any future payment of pension ; and if, through his own improvidence, or otherwise, he fail in his attempt to settle, he will have no claim to revert to the pension list.
Before, therefore, he is permitted to deprive himself of the permanent provision which he now enjoys, he must show that he is a fit subject for emigration, and that he has a fair prospect of maintaining himself in the country to which he he proposes to go. With this view, he must state what his age is, what trade he is acquainted with, to what place he wishes to go, what means he has of conveying himself thither, and providing necessaries, and also of subsisting himself and his family, if he has one, until he can bring his land into sufficient cultivation to afford him the means of living on the produce of it ; and he must likewise produce a certificate as to his general character and the state of his health. If he is married and has children, he must specify their number, age and sex.
And to enable the Secretary at War to make inquiries, he must also mention the names and addresses of the clergyman of the parish in which he resides, and the magistrate before whom the pension affidavit has usually been made.
As it is understood that men capable of exercising trades, or desirous of obtaining employment as labourers, may emigrate with every prospect of benefit to themselves, the advantages of commutation will not be confined to those pensioners only propose to settle as agriculturalists, but will be allowed to those pensioners also who may be considered likely to maintain themselves by other means. It will, therefore, be optional with them to take grants of land or not, subject of course to such conditions as are imposed by the colonial regulations.
The amount of commutation will in no instance exceed the amount of four years' net pension, and it will not be paid without reasonable security that it will be applied to the purpose intended. As that purpose is to assist men desirous of emigrating, they will, upon their engaging a passage for themselves and their families, receive so much of the commutation money as will be requisite to provide necessaries for the voyage, and such useful articles as they may wish to take with them to their place of settlement.
On their arrival in the colony, they will receive from the Commissariat Department the balance due, or so much thereof as the proper authorities on the spot may judge proper for their present use, and the remainder whenever it will be most for their advantage to receive it, but not later than one year after having obtained their respective grants of land.
Men desirous of emigrating will not be restricted to the North American Colonies ; but they must clearly understand that the public will not undertake to defray any part of the expense of their conveyance, either to the destination they have fixed upon, or to any other place, in the event of their becoming desirous to change their residence.
The information necessary for their guidance, upon their arrival in the colony to which they may have determined to proceed, will be furnished to them from the Colonial Department, through the War Office, previously to their emigration.
The colonies in which land will be granted to pensioners, under the above regulations, are the following:—
Upper and Lower Canada,
Nova Scotia,
New Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island
in North America
New South Wales,
Van Dieman's Land,
Western Australia.
in Australia
War Office, 1 March 1831. (signed) C.W. Williams Wynn.
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