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Passenger Contract ticket for the EAGLE, Glasgow to Quebec 1843
... the Eagle was a barque ; built at Quebec in 1842, by Pierre Thorn ; 370 gross tons ; port of Registry, Quebec ; sailed from Glasgow April 18th 1843, with 91 passengers.

Issued by Alex. G. Gilkison, Miller Street Glasgow.
Licensed Passenger Broker
Schedule (B), referred to in the 19th Section of the Passengers' Act


N.B.,-Any one receiving Money from, or in respect of, any Passenger about Leaving the United Kingdom, for any place in North America, without using this Form, and correctly filling up the blanks therein, and signing it with his name in full, will be liable to a Penalty not exceeding 10 for each such Passenger.

Ship EAGLE of Quebec, 370 tons register burthen, to sail from Glasgow
for Montreal on the 15 day of April 1843.

Names Age  

I engage that the Parties herein named shall be provided with a Steerage Passage to Montreal in the Ship Eagle with not less than 10 cubic feet for Luggage for each Statute Adult, for the sum of 27.00 including Head-Money, if any, at the place of landing, and any other charge ; and I hearby acknowledge; to have received the Sum of 27.00 in full payment.
Water and Provisions, according to the annexed scale, will be supplied by the Ship as required by law, and also fires and suitable hearths for cooking. Utensils for eating and drinking will be provided by the Passengers *. Bedding, will be provided by the Passengers *.

Signature, Alex Gilkison on behalf of the Charterer.
Date, Glasgow 14 April 1843

Mr. William Duff 50  
Mrs. William Duff 40
Anne Duff 18
Janet Duff 16
Thomas Duff 15
John Duff 13
William Duff 10
Alexander Duff 8
Ellen Duff 5
Jane Duff 60
Robert Duff under 12 mo.
Catherine Nicol 25
Deposit   2.00
Balance   25.00
Total   27.00
* Fill up these blanks by stating, in each case, whether the articles are to be supplied by the Ship or the Passenger.
If signed by the Broker, state on whose behalf.
(At the end of this contract, insert the Victualling Scale, which must in no case be less than required under the provisions of the Passengers' Act.)
A supply of water Daily, at the rate of 3 quarts for each Passenger and at convenient times, not less than 2 times a week ; a supply of Provisions after the rate of 7 pounds of Bread, Biscuit, Flour, Oatmeal or Rice, per week, One half at least of the supply shall consist of Bread or Biscuit, and that Potatoes may be employed (at Master's option) to the extent of the remaining half of the supply, five pounds of the Potatoes being computed as equal to one pound of the other articles above enumerated ; and that such issues, as aforesaid, shall be made throughout the whole Voyage, including the time of detention, if any, at any Port or Place before the end of such Voyage.
(Sold by Robert Jackson, Wholesale and Retail Stationary and Bookseller, 5, St. Enoch Square, Argyll Street, Glasgow)
Source: shared with TheShipsList by descendant of the passengers, Kathleen Ogg-Moss, who added this comment,
..."All of the passengers listed arrived safely and I have found descendants of all except Catherine Nicol who fell in love with one of the sailors, returned to Scotland, married and emigrated to New Zealand. (This is what her great-grandson told the pubkeeper in Bankfoot, Scotland)"...


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