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French 1873 | French Agent

English Translations of Nationalities and Months
Nationality - French English
Allemande German
Alsacien Alsatian
Anglais English
Belge Belgian
Français French
Hollendais Dutch / Netherlands
Italien Italian
Lorrain Lorraine
Luxembourg Luxemburg
Polonais Polish
Suisse Swiss
Month - French English
Avril April
Mai May
Juin June
Juillet July
Août August
Septembre September

English Translations of French Occupations 1873
Female Occupations - French English
Blanchisseuse Washerwoman / Laundress
Brodeuse Embroideress
Cardeuse Carder of fibre/wool/silk
Confectionneuse Clothier
Couturière Dressmaker
Cuisinière Cook
Domestique House Servant
Fermière Farmers wife
Ft.d'ornements Maker of Ornaments / Trim parapluie (Fabricant de) Maker of Umbrellas
Giletière Waistcoat maker
Institutrice School Teacher
Journalière Day worker
Lingère Linen worker / undergarments / table cloths / church trappings
Mécanicienne Mechanic / Engineer / Sewing machinist
Ménagère Housewife
Modiste Milliner
Ouvrière en __ Worker in __
Ouvrière en dentelle Lace worker
Ouvrière en parapluie Umbrella worker/maker
Papetière Stationer / Paper maker
Parfumeuse Perfumer
Passementière Trim and Braid maker for chairs, curtains, clothing
Plumassière Feather Dresser / Dealer
Prof. de piano Piano Teacher
Sage-femme Midwife
Servante Servant / Maid
Tailleuse Tailor
Male Occupations - French English
Agriculteur Farmer / Agriculturist
Ajusteur Fitter
Apprenti Apprentice / Beginner
Armurier Armourer / Gunsmith
Aubenas (Wind-mill/Wind-vane maker?)
Boucher Butcher
Boulanger Baker
Briquetier Brick-maker
Calfat Caulker
Chainetier Chain maker
Chapellier [sic] Chapelier Hatter / Hat-maker
Charbonnier Maker of charcoal
Charcutier Pork Butcher
Charpentier Carpenter
Charretier Carter
Charron Wheelwright / maker of carts, wheelbarrows
Chaisier Chair maker
Chaudronnier Coppersmith / maker of kitchen pots, pans and utensils
Chauffeur Stoker / Fireman (modern usage: Driver)
Cocher Carriage driver
Coiffeur Hairdresser
Comptable Book-keeper / Accountant
Confiseur Confectioner
Cordonnier Shoemaker
Corroyeur Curer and processer of tanned skins
Coutelier Cutler
Couvreur Slater / Thatcher
Cuisinier Cook / Chef
Cultivateur Farmer
Découpeur Material and cloth cutter (for forming)
Domestique House Servant
Ébéniste Cabinet-maker
Emballeur Packer
Employé Clerk
Ferblantier Tinsmith
Fermier Farmer
Ferrant / Maréchal Farrier
Fileur Spinner
Fleuriste Florist
Fondeur Founder / Smelter
Forgeron Blacksmith
Forgeron-frappeur Hammerer (see Frappeur)
Fabt. de pianos (Fabricant de) Maker of Pianos
Frappeur Hammerman / striker in metal works __ (Fabricant de __) Maker of __ Chocolat Maker of Chocolate Horlogerie Maker of Watches / Clocks
Ft. de Stéarine Maker of Stearine (used in candles)
Fumiste Stove-setter / repair and installation of chimneys and furnaces
Garçon de ferme Farmhand (boy)
Garçon de salle Houseboy / Servant
Graveur Engraver / Etcher
Homme de ferme Farmhand (man)
Horloger Watchmaker
Imprimeur Printer
Industriel Skilled tradesman / Industialist / Manufacturer
Instituteur School Teacher
Jardinier Gardener
Journalier Day worker / Labourer
Laboureur Ploughman
Lingueur Linen worker
Maçon Mason
Maître Maçon Master mason
Manœuvre (see Journalier) Unskilled workman
Marbrier Marble worker
Maréchal / Ferrant Farrier
Mécanicien Mechanic / Engineer / Machinist
Mégissier Tanner of white, soft leather for kid gloves etc. / remover of wool and hair from skins
Menuisier Joiner / Woodworker
Mineur Miner
Modeleur Moulder / Patterner
Mouleur Caster / Founder / Moulder
Négociant Merchant / Trader
Papetier Stationer / Paper maker
Peintre Painter
Plâtrier Plasterer
Plombier Plumber
Poelier Dealer or maker of stoves
Potier d'étain Pewterer / Pewter worker (potter of pewter)
Prof. de Musique Music Teacher
Relieur Bookbinder
Rubanier Ribbon and thread maker
Scieur de ___ Sawyer of ___
Scieur de long Pit sawyer
Scieur de pierres Stone cutter / Quarryman
Sellier Saddler
Serrurier Locksmith
Sommelier Butler / Wine waiter
Taillandier Sharp tools maker / Blacksmith, maker of cutting tools (for tailler) and tools for farmers
Tailleur Tailor
Tailleur de pierre Stone cutter
Tanneur Tanner
Tapissier Maker of cloths for covering walls (upholsterer)
Teinturier Dyer
Télégraphier Telegraph operator
Terrassier Ditch digger / Navvy
Tisseur Weaver
Tisserand Weaver
Tonnelier Cooper
Tourneur Pot Maker / Clay pot maker
Tourneur cuivre Turner / Copper / Brass / Bronze
Tourneur en bois Turner of Wood
Tourneur en fer Iron "Turner" / Lathe operator
Trappeur Fur Trader/Trapper

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