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Emigrants from Lesmahagow (Lanarkshire), Scotland, to Upper Canada 1831

The name of the ship on which these families took their passage is unknown, at present. Following is correspondence from the head of the party, James Tudhope, to Viscount Goderich, at London. A list of the emigrants is included in the first letter. The letters are stamped "received" on March 22nd 1831 and May 2nd 1831 respectively.

My Lord,

By a letter from Downing St. London of date 29th Jany. with which we have been duly favoured, we are informed that your Grace has been pleased to direct, that a list of the individuals composing the families who are desirous of emigrating from the Parish of Lesmahagow to Upper Canada be transmitted, and that their application for a free grant of land in that province will be considered. And in compliance with this obliging permission, (which we fondly regard as a hopeful indication of ultimate success,) we humbly submit the following, in a form as correct and simple as we are able.
(List &c.)

Heads of families Male members Female
  George Jane
James Tudhope James Catherine
and John Margaret
Christian Brocket Elizabeth
  Walter Janet
William Tudhope James Catherine
widower John Agnes
John Robb John Catherine
and William Janet
Marion Greenshields James Elizabeth
William Mair Jean
James Mair Helen
and Mary Watson
  Archibald Marion
  Thomas Margaret
Robert Walker Jean
and Janet
Jean Temple Helen
Hugh Hutcheson N.B. Newly married
and Margaret Minto
  Single Men  
  William Burns
James Prentice
George Girdwood
William Brocket
William Renwick
William Purdie
James Tudhope
Heads of families in the above list — 12
Male members in the above list —— 11
Female members in the above list 20
Single men in the above list ——— 7
Total Number ————— 50

May it please your Lordship to take into consideration that the humble applicants, have mostly been accustomed to agricultural pursuits, and are particularly anxious to have whatever advantages can be afforded them in respect of climate, soil & extent of land, as they mean to introduce Dairy stock, which will require good pasturage.
Anticipating a favourable return, they have been making active preparaton to leave their native land ; and while they thus hold themselves in readiness to emigrate, nothing will be more distressing than to experience disappointment.

I am my Lord, with great submission
Your Lordship's humble Servant
James Tudhope
for the society
16th March 1831

The second letter is dated at Lesmahagow April 29th 1831

My Lord,

Your letter containing the credentials for the Lesmahagow Society reached us three days after date and was received with gratitude. But as leader of said Society I have made an egregious blunder not knowing the rules of Government. I ignorantly arranged under their respective parents as children, Five of the young men who are all able and willing to act as distinct Heads. And though it grieves me to trouble any Nobleman after receiving such unmerited kindness, yet love to the welfare of the Society forces me to presume on your Lordship's clemency and hold up their case to your Grace's consideration In hopes that it may yet seem good in the eyes of your Lordship to give each of them a separate Grant of Land along with their Fathers, their names are in the former list and are as follows

Under Family 1st — George Tudhope
Under Family 2nd — Walter & James Tudhope
Under Family 6th — Archibald & Thomas Walker

In hopes of a speedy and Gracious answer
I remain your Lordships Humble & Obt. Servt.

James Tudhope

I hereby certify that the foregoing Letter contains a true statement of facts, and as this is the case I beg leave to express a hope that as the young men for whom additional Grants of Land are requested are highly respectable, the request in their behalf will be complied with.

John Wilson, Minister
Mansefield 30th April 1831

Colonial Office 384, vol. 27 pp. 305-309 - National Archives of Canada microfilm B-949

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