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New York Times - Nov 07, 1851 p. 3                                                   Prometheus was Panama Route steamer owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt

Arrival of the Prometheus

     The steamer Prometheus, Capt. C. Churchill [sic - Henry], arrived at her wharf yesterday morning from San Juan de Nicaragua, via Havana, with 500 passengers, having left the former port on the 26th ult., and the latter on the morning of the1st inst.
     We are indebted to R. Lord, Purser of the Prometheus, for memoranda and a list of passengers.
     The steamship Independence arrived at San Juan del Sud on the 19th ult., with 400 passengers, and $150,000 in gold dust on freight, having left San Francisco on the 4th October.
     Jonathan Clifford, from Barnett, Vt., died on the outward passage of the Prometheus, October 13th, aged 28 years.
     The Prometheus brings dates from San Francisco to October 4th, and $600,000 in gold dust in the hands of the passengers.
     The steamer has encountered head winds from the capes of Florida.

The following is the List of Passengers by this arrival:—

R.L. Smith R.M. Price Mr. McSpeden, lady & 4 children
G.A. Ross, lady & child Mr. Gilbert Capt. William Weir
E. Marshall S.W. Haight Capt. Thomas Wright
George S. Wright Dr. Elliott Capt. George Rollins & son
Capt. S.O. Haskell Capt. A. Brown Capt. J.T. Shandler
W.B. Geering Col. H. Folsom & sevant Capt. J.T. Hetz & servant
J. Troquin Capt. W.M. Harron Miss Cammell
Miss C.H. Jenkins Edward Sheppard S. Stewart
William Church R.F. Adams J.A. Wetherall
B.R. Wartin T.W. Kitteridge M. Cannon
C. Stansford D.L. Beck G.P. Lee
W. Camp N. Cleaveland B. Oakley
J.H. McArdle C.D. Davis Mrs. C. Davis
Mr. Rickston A.I. Gwin R.W. Bagley
—?— Nagle ? Bennett S.A. Sayer
W.H. Parks John Eschenburg J.R. Eschenburg
W.H. Harrison G.W. Barber D.H. Nuly
I.M. Murry D.W. Provost T. Conrad
W. McCamvells William Cary A. Hart
John Jones John H. Van Sawen M. Young
C. Moore W.B. Wood Charles Allen
W.I. Moses H.R. George H.S. Halen
J. Wilcoxen S. Ridcout (Rideout) James R. Ridcont (Rideout)
S.B. Berry I.H. Crunkshawk [!] F.F. Killerson
Samuel Drakely John A. Richards Kitt. Barber
H.M. Cohan William Beach George C. Clark
B. Bergen I. Spicer A. Bleeker
Peter Knapp I.A. McDonald A.B. Drake
M.H. Gillingham F.M. Parrett T.F. Berndes
H. Gehsld Dr. Doty Mr. Pedden
John Hart A.H. Hathaway E.R. Remington
N. Burnham J.C. Thompson J. Sibley
R.B. Woodward A.J. Gladding John Randall
Henry Isaacs J. Goldsmith Dr. Owen
D.B. Freeborn P.W. Norris W. Wash
C.S. Discomb R.J. Raymond E. Champlin
J. Gaskell C. Rice J.E. Charles
J. McDonneley M. Cafers W.J. Thompson
S.T. Culp W.R. Halney W. Goodwin
W.G. Hill C.R. Booth W.G. Taylor
A.C. Mason Mr. Roland Mr. Planshaw
Mr. Jolley W.K. Bryant J.W. Gibson
Ira Drake A.S. Ballard H. Randell (Randall)
John Randall (duplication?) H. Dexter A.J. Gladding (duplication?)
William A. Beckit R.B. Woodward (duplication?) Adam Wilson
W.A. Culver H. Mitchell Lewis Jibo
T. Cornwall M. Hart J. Majors
Joseph Crandell John Lewey (Lowey) J.C. Hicks
D. Wolfe E.W. Setzer J. Seymour
H.M. Payson George Payson Thomas R. Toules
A. Nicholas C.C. Phillips C. Green
C.H. Hathaway L. Green J. Luryea
William H. Hackett P. Gillien William Hughes
S. Witham William Thompson James Wilkinson
William Barns B. Barns S.M. Stover
John Rood John W. Sargeynt Amos Patterson
J. Wheelock John T. Smith C.J. Parsons
D.D. Lane H. Goodwin G.M. Norton
James Hogan Robert Field S. Meade
A. Noble Charles Stevens D. Morris
E.S. Barns J. Jones G.W. Whitlock
J. Smith ? Wrights Mr. J. Forbes
Mr. Baker Mr. Chase . . . . . and 320 in the Steerage


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