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New York Times - Nov 29, 1851 p. 3

Arrival of the Washington

The American steamer Washington, George W. Floyd, Commander, arrived at this port at an early hour yesterday morning. She left Bremen on the 9th, and Southampton at 5 o'clock, P. M., on the 14th—making the passage in 13 days and 14 hours. She has 14 tuns [sic] freight, and 142 passengers. (details and picture of Washington)
Her news is, of course, no later than was received by the Asia. The following is her list of passengers:—

Mr. Salzmann T.B. Coster, lady & child, & servant B.A. Gould
Franz. Schieller (Schieffer) Maurice Franklin Col. Robert E. Cox
A. Pery W. Attenbrough & lady Fredk. Saunders
William Lacy & lady Mrs. Margaret Fry John Fry
James Fry William H. Fry R. Fry
Mar. E. Fry Eliza A. Fry Ellen Fry & servant
Madame Chabot Louisa Varin Richard Jacobs & lady
John Shepstine G.A. Bell & lady Margaret Devereux & child
Ann Skelly Mary E. Hadder & child George Henderson
Rev. Dr. Montgomery John Augusta William Augusta
J.B. Duff (Duif / Dulf) S.G. Olmsted Miss T.E. Mars
Miss M.A. Nicholson A. Buckholtz L.A. Bevorst & son
E.A. Hopkins US Consul, J. Saunders Miss Clark
Miss Tuif J.C. Hendry [J.] Bauwens (Banwens)
L.A. Veldman E. Veldman F. Pieters
P. Damilon J.B. Pieters A. Pieters
R. Pieters F. Pieters J. Pieters
S. Pieters G.A. Douthers Henry Block
Mr. Buckholtz & lady, & servant W. Buckholtz Marie Buckholtz
S. Allsberg Betty Buckholtz Pega Buckholtz
John J. Wenzel Charles Roth H.B. Eylers & lady
Theodore Eylers Edward Eylers Matilda Eylers
J. Wessel & servant F. Cohen D. Fiorlo & child
Oscar Jansson Marg. Kramm Kathinka Henzinger
Anna Henzinger Louisa Habicht Mrs. Elise Susenbeth
Thecla Susenbeth Antoine Susenbeth Mehelmine Schonbound
Wm. F. Zschocke Fred. F. Zschocke Mrs. Z. Ellsaper
Mrs. A. Schieffer I. Rose Rev. C. Hammond
I.B. Moarman Mr. Schenck Mrs. E. Niebuhr
Anna Bou (Bon) Johannes Ramena Louis Schado (Schade)
Miss Brochan Mrs. H. Bernstan & child Caroline Henneby
Mrs. F. Gerhard Rosa Gerhard Zida Gerhard
Anna Gerhard Felix Gerhard Paul Gerhard
Allen Gerhard Johannas Gerhard Mrs. B. Zuben
W. Zuben G. Zuben R. Zuben
Charlotte Hauschild O.W. Schieffer Miss O.C. Hirsch
Miss S.C. Hirsch T.H. Scheoder & lady H. Scheoder
I. Scheoder Louisa Amens George Sombers
L.H. Henning George Floyd Thomas Short
Frederick Wilson   Total, 142

Kossuth, as was expected, has not arrived by the Washington, although it was his full intention to embark by that vessel. The more immediate cause of the delay of the illustrious Hungarian leader arrises from the necessity of his providing means for a number of his exiled and unfortunate countrymen, who are in London ; and his detention, in reality, was caused by the arduous task of arranging and apportioning to their wants the result of a subscription got up for their benefit in London, Manchester, and other places, the application of which was confined exclusively to Kossuth. He will be accompanied by Madame Kossuth, M. and Madame Pulsky, and by the remainder of his officers and secretaries—in all, thirteen persons. A great demonstration was to take place at Southampton, on the occasion of his departure.
Previous to the departure of the Washington, Mr. Richard Andrews, the Mayor of Southampton during the past two years, was again re-elected to that office, and had entered upon the third year of his Mayorality. Mr. Andrews has done much to cement the ties of intimacy and friendly feeling between England and America, and his name will be long gratefully remembered by many of our countrymen, who have experienced the pleasure of his hospitality.


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