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(brig) Trafalgar, from Hull to St. John, N.B. & Quebec, 1817

The (brig) Trafalgar, 267 tons, Captain Welburn, was engaged to carry emigrants from Hull, England to St. John, New Brunswick and Quebec in 1817. Following, is correspondence from the owner of the Trafalgar Hugh Cochran, to the Earl Bathurst. Each letter has an annexed list of persons about to embark aboard the ship, which intended to sail from Hull, soon after June 1st 1817 and might not represent the full list of persons who ultimately did sail. The two lists are not duplicate, although some names seem to appear on both, albeit some with spelling variations.
From another source, "British Parliamentary Papers Report of the Select Committee on Shipwrecks, 1836 XVII (xxx) for vessels to ports outside of UK," we learn that the Trafalgar subsequently became stranded at Brier Island (the westernmost land belonging to Nova Scotia, at the entrance to the Bay of Fundy), on July 25th 1817.

St. John, (N.B.) July 26
Shipwreck!—On Friday evening last, about half-past eight o'clock, the ship Trafalgar, Capt. Welburn, went ashore on Brier Island in a very thick fog, the ship will be a total wreck; chief part of the materials saved—The Trafalgar was from Hull bound to this port, and from hence to Quebec, and had 159 passengers, which together with the crew were all saved.

It is not known at present, whether the passengers continued to either St. John or Quebec, or whether they remained in Nova Scotia.

Hull, 22nd May 1817
My Lord,
     I beg to inform your Lordship that I have laid on my Coppered Ship the Trafalgar, 267 tons register to take out passengers to St. Johns [sic] New Brunswick and Quebec, to sail on or before the 1st June next. I, having the Persons whose names are annexed, engaged to go out in her. I beg your Lordship will be pleased to grant me the usual letter of recommendation which your Lordship hitherto graciously granted.
I have the honor to be
Your Lordship's
Most Obdt Hble Servt
Hugh Cochran.
List of Passengers Names
William Burgess, wife and family William Wildom
Mark Short George Barrat
James Wilburn John Wilkinson
William Harrison & family Thomas Russell & family
John Harrison & family Jacob Barratt
John Watson Thomas Person
William Short George Person
William Saunderson Phillip Nicholson & family
John Short & family William Farrow
George Tenneson John Forster
Francis Best John Howard
Thomas Whyte & family Mark Newsom
George Diggit & family Jacob Townsley & family
John Diggit David Boobhby & family
Robert Harrison George Gowlan & family
John Adamson Jonathan Miller & family
Thomas Walgate Thomas Miller & family
Thomas Drissel & family Stephen Jefferson & family
William Whittaker William Simpson
Richard Marginson & family William Kirkey & family
John Hattham John Holt & family
William Wilkinson & family William Smith & family
William Hodgson & family George Sottorstall
Joseph Mulgrave & family William Hakens & family
Thomas Boldram Thomas Hattham
William Scott David Cook
Thomas Barratt & family Robert Stiling & family
James Barratt & family William Here
Thomas Foster & family Oliver Downe
William Trehem & family John Faulding
Richard Clark & family William Lowther & family
Hull, 2nd June 1817
My Lord,
     I beg to inform your Lordship that I laid on my Ship Trafalgar 267 tons register, at this port to take out settlers only for British America, apreciably [sic] to the inclosed [sic] Advertisment (not enclosed) to which I crave your Lordship's reference, stating that the said ship would clear on or before the 1st June instant in time to avail of your Lordship's letters of Recommendation which I was influenced to do, from the advertisement of your Lordship's Letter to that effect.
     I took the liberty to write your Lordship on the 22nd ult. annexing a List of names which were going out to which I have not had the honor of a reply and I am now in a very anxious state of suspence [sic].
     I have now the honor to annex your Lordship a correct List of Passengers named that have cleared at the Custom House here on the 31st ult. and have to beg the honor of your Lordship to favor me with the letters of your usual recommendation.
     Your Lordship will pray pardon me in stating that several persons are still desirous to go out in the Trafalgar, but the time has elapsed for the great benefit of your Lordship's recommendation which if expedited to three or four days more would afford them am opportunity to go in the Ship.
I have the honor to be
Your Lordship's
Most Obdt Hble Servt
Hugh Cochran.
List of Passengers Names
Francis Best William Louther
Thomas Whyte William Kidney
John Diggit Wlliam Jackson
Robert Harrison Robert Stiling
John Foulding John Harrison
William Burgess William Atkin
George Tennison John Johnston
William Saunderson John Bartchard
John Watson David Cook
William Scott Thomas Osgodly
William Hare Thomas Cliff
Isaac Johnston John Short
Stephen Jefferson Mr. Yaving (Young ?)
George Gowland Mrs. Cross
John Jeffry Joseph Cross
George Kirkey John Hill
Jno. Lear Sarah Lowell
Samuel Walker John Smith
James Milburn Thomas Fraser
Stephen Madd Richard Consitt
William Simpson Mary Dunn
Thomas Beal Jonathan Milliner
Richard Marginson Thomas Millner
Thomas Hotham Thomas Walgate
Thomas Drissel Edward Wright
Mary Johnston  
William Wilkinson  

Colonial Office 384, vol. 1 pp. 127-133 (257-263) - National Archives of Canada microfilm B-876


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