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Supporters of TheShipsList website

Over the years, TheShipsList website and companion email discussion list has enjoyed the support of so many individuals and organizations. That support has been provided in so many ways, through donation, volunteerism, cooperation and by database submission. I have no staff, just me, so the wonderful support received, either one-time, or on an on-going basis, from all those listed below has been invaluable and most appreciated by myself and all website visitors.

Of course, maintaining a non-profit free access webspace is never without cost, so if you also appreciate TheShipsList, and are able to contribute to my effort to continue to provide a totally free access website, I have included a PayPal link, the "Donate" button, below. PayPal is a secure, free and fast way to send donations over the internet, and supports International users. No amount is too small, as every 'penny' helps with the cost of webspace, database purchase, photocopying, postage . . etcetera. No amount can ever begin to cover the time expended in transcription of those records.
Thanks in advance. Sue

TheShipsList Supporters in alphabetical order
  Dennis Ahern   USA  
  Lou Alfano   USA, Immigrant Ships website  
  David Asprey   UK  
  Trond Austheim   Oslo, Norway, Norway Heritage website  
  Debbie Beavis   Mildura, Australia - author of "Who Sailed on Titanic"  
  Joe Beine   USA, Finding Passenger Lists website . . and more  
  Gilbert Bossé   Quebec, Canada, Lower St. Lawrence website  
  David Brener   Fargo, ND, USA  
  Hilbert Buist   Canada, co-author of "On His Way in the World"  
  Anthony Cimorelli   USA, Magellan website, etcetera  
  Tony Dalton   Wales, UK  
  Rosemary Dixon-Smith   Durban, Natal, South Africa  
  Harry Dodsworth   Ottawa, Canada  
  Maurizio Eliseo   Trieste, Italy - author of "Andrea Doria" : "Liners of the Golden Age" "Transatlantici" (History of the great Italian fleeting ships)  
  Sunnie Empie   WA, USA  
  Jessie Engan   PA, USA  
  Family Tree Magazine   England  
  Family Tree Magazine   USA  
  Jenny Fawcett   Australia, Genseek website  
  Ted Finch   Norfolk, England, Mariners website  
  Golden Gate Genealogy Forum   USA  
  James Gavin   Montvale, NJ, USA  
  Don Hazeldine   UK, shiphistory website  
  Elizabeth Hebert   WA, USA  
  Robert Janmaat   Adelaide, South Australia  
  Henk Jungerius   Netherlands  
  Marj Kohli   Waterloo Ontario - author of "The Golden Bridge" and Immigrants to Canada website and Young Immigrants to Canada  
  Sue Mackay   Wales, UK  
  Ron Mapplebeck   UK, Tees Ships website  
  Patty McCormack   USA, Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild website  
  Patricia McKeever   NJ, USA  
  Maritime Museum of the Atlantic   Halifax, Canada  
  Lil Mellington   Nova Scotia, Canada  
  Lina Moffitt   Australia  
  Karen Molson   Canada, co-author of "On His Way in the World"  
  Isabella Moreland   Calgary, Alberta  
  Stephen P. Morse   California, USA, many ". .One-Step" websites  
  National Library & Archives   Ottawa, Canada  
  National Maritime Museum   Greenwich, England  
  NB Gen Links   New Brunswick, Canada  
  Randal Oulton   Toronto, Canada  
  Gilbert Provost   Ontario, Canada, Register of Ships website  
  David Quinn   USA, author of "It May Be Forever" and "Leviathan's Master"  
  Jim Rathbun   USA  
  Lorine McGinnis Schulze   Ontario, Canada, Olive Tree Genealogy website . . and more  
  Jodi Senn   Albany, WA, Australia  
  John A. Smith   Council Bluffs, Iowa  
  Marian L. Smith   Washington, DC, USA  
  BÝrge Solem   Trondheim, Norway, Norway Heritage website  
  Lee Turnbull   Merrimack, NH, Turnbull Family of Rossie, NY website  


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