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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1847

The following arrivals were extracted from the Quebec Morning Chronicle of 1847. Please note that sometimes an issue is missing so this extract may not contain all vessels to these ports.

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June 1847

June 1 - 13 | June 14 - 30

Monday, June 14, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday, June 14, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day.

Morning............7h. 19m. Evening..............7h. 38m.
June 12 Bark Ninian Fittock 13 Apr Limerick 261 pass to order
June 12 Brig Mary Brack Smith 3 May Limerick 173 pass to order
June 12 Ship George Simpson 13 Apr Liverpool 297 pass to Sharples & Co.
June 13 Bark Andromeda Hermeath 15 Apr Liverpool   to G.B. Symes & Co.
June 13 Bark Aberdeen McGrath 1 May Liverpool 408 pass to T. Froste, salt
  This morning,-June 14, up to 9 o'clock.
About 15 vessels arrived in port this morning with an easterly breeze. They were not boarded at the time of our going to press. The following are the names of nine of them:-Sea King, Portia, Isabella, Belle, Margaret Pollock, Rankin, Eliza Charlotte, Wellington, and Aleyone.
  Shipping Intelligence
Halifax papers of the 5th instant, received on Saturday, state that the bark Sylvia has been cast away at the Magdalen Islands; and that the brig Lucius Carey, from Glasgow for Pictou, was ashore at the Gut of Canso, with part of her cargo thrown overboard.

The bark Reliance, Crowell, from Cork, at Boston, reports having passed, in lat. 40, long. 57, the wreck of a small bark, painted black, about 300 tons burthen.

The brig Thomas, of Jamaica, was spoken of the 28th May, in lat. 43, long. 68, 30, out 28 days from Havana, for Quebec.

The steamer Huron, owned by the Quebec Forwarding Company, left Quebec for Kingston, direct, on Friday last, with a large number of passengers, principally Germans, lately arrived from Bremen. She had also three barges in tow.

Government Emigration Office,
Quebec, 12th June, 1847
Number of Emigrants arrived at the Port of Quebec
during the week ending this date:--
From England3097
" Ireland6136
" Scotland258
" Bremen202
" Lower Provinces13
Previously reported8681
A.C. Buchanan,
Chief Agent

We learn that on Saturday last there were 1700 sick at the Quarantine Station. This increase is accounted for by the removals from shipboard to the superior accommodation now provided on the island. At the same time there were 26 vessels in detention.

We are informed that Mr. Bazil Demer's steam-ferry-boat St. Nicholas was totally burnt, last night, at the St. Nicholas wharf.

We intimated in our last, that the prayer of the St. Rochs petition, against the erection of sheds near the Marine Hospital, had been adopted by the Council. At the same meeting we had it was further resolved, that a petition be immediately addressed to the Executive, setting forth, that without the immediate erection of a temporary hospital at Point Levy, and of further help at Grosse Isle, the loss of a great number of unfortunate emigrants is certain, and that the health of the citizens of Quebec will be in danger.

Tuesday, June 15, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Tuesday, June 15, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning .................7h. 45m. Evening .....................8h. 3m.
June 13 Bark Edmond Bickford 9 Apr London   to H. & E. Burstall
June 13 Brig Thompson Burton 5 May Sligo   to order
June 14 Bark Pasha Allan 5 May Cork 178 pass to Anderson & Paradis
June 14 Bark Dominica Storach 1 May Cork 254 pass to Pembertons
June 14 Bark Margaret Pollock Pye 7 May Liverpool   to A. Gilmour & Co.
June 14 Bark Rankin Lawson 5 May Liverpool 579 pass to A. Gilmour & Co.
June 14 Bark Alcyone Strick 11 Apr Liverpool   to Welch & Davies, general cargo
June 14 Brig Isabella Gorrell 5 May Bideford 2 pass to order
June 14 Brig Wellington Day 18 Apr Bideford 9 pass to C.E. Levey & Co.
June 14 Brig Edmond Castle Wheatley 20 Apr Newcastle   to T. Anderson, coals and bricks
June 14 Brig Viola Wilkinson 12 Apr Sunderland   to LeMesurier & Co., coals and bottles
June 14 Ship Eliza Caroline Briggs 3 May Liverpool 540 pass to order
June 14 Schr Thomas Burrows 2 May Cuba   to J.W. Leaycraft, general cargo
June 14 Brig Tagus Smith 4 Apr Hartlepool   to Anderson & Paradis, coals
June 14 Brig United Taylor 30 Apr Newcastle   to order, coals, &c.
June 14 Brig Watkins Varty 6 May Liverpool   to W. Price, general cargo
June 14 Brig Grange Ade 27 May New York   to order
June 14 Brig Phœnix Kerr 28 May St. John's, Newfld   to D. Burnet
June 14 Brig Rolls Hayes 22 Apr Painbœuf   to order
June 14 Brig George Hudson Rickaby 9 Apr Sunderland   to B. Hart, coals
June 14 Brig Catherine Thompson 4 May Liverpool   to order, general cargo
June 14 Bark Robert Watt Johnson 4 May Liverpool   to G.B. Symes & Co.
June 14 Ship Sea King Dunn 29 May New York   to J.A. Pirrie & Co.
June 14 Ship Andromache Hunter 26 Apr London   to H. & E. Burstall
June 14 Brig Welcome Pile 9 Apr Limerick   to LeMesurier & Co.
June 14 Bark Ocean Queen Warren 1 June Arichat   to Pickersgill, Tibbets & Co.
June 14 Bark Albion Hindson 14 Apr Falmouth   to W. Price
June 14 Bark Barbara McKay 7 June Halifax   to order
June 14 Bark Countess of Durham Hogg 4 May Liverpool   to order
June 14 Bark Intrepid Watson 18 Apr Hull   to A. Gilmour & Co., coals, &c.
June 14 Bark Calcutta Fraser 13 Apr Greenock   to M. Ray
June 14 Brig Sylyanus Robson 25 Apr Corunna   to Wm Dawson
June 14 Brig Vine Hunter 12 Apr Sunderland   to order, coals
June 14 Brig Ruth Mowat 29 Apr Newcastle   to H.S. Dalkin, coals
June 14 Brig Empress Strutt 4 May Swansea   to H. & E. Burstall, coals
June 14 Brig Arne Storey 17 Apr London   to order
June 14 Brig Dart Harrold 6 Apr London   to H. & E. Burstall
June 14 Brig London Wightman 1 June New York   to J.H. Joseph
June 14 Brig Medora hedges 23 Apr London   to C.E. Levey & Co.
June 14 Brig Ouse Wilburn 10 Apr Lynn   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co.
June 14 Brig Hope James 23 Apr London   to Pickersgill, Tibbets & Co.
June 14 Brig John & Eleanor Tillman 16 Apr Bordeaux   to LeMesurier & Co., general cargo
June 14 Brig Coolock Donal 26 May New York   to order
June 14 Brig Vesta Heward 2 June New York   to order
June 14 Brig Morning Star Addison 1 May Sunderland   to C. Poston & Son, coals
June 14 Brig Williams Wallace 4 Apr Newcastle   to H.S. Dalkin, coals
June 14 Brig Elizabeth Bell 1 Apr Newcastle   to H.S. Dalkin, coals
June 14 Brig Friends Brown 7 Apr Stockton   to T. Oliver, coals and bricks
June 14 Brig Sedulous Levie 22 Apr Liverpool   to Perrin & Bockas, Montreal, general cargo
June 14 Brig Astrea Lewis 25 Apr Weymouth 4 pass to LeMesurier & Co.
June 14 Brig John & Mary Young 1 June Halifax 2 pass to Clark & McKenzie
June 14 Brig Bolivar Morrison 15 Apr Dublin   to order
June 14 Brig Mary Tiffin Harrison 11 Apr Newcastle   to Stewart & Co., coals
June 14 Brig Cleofrid Simm 29 Apr Newcastle   to H.S. Dalkin, coals
June 14 Bark Alchymist Wills 14 Apr Falmouth   to LeMesurier & Co.
June 14 Bark Maria Corrigall 16 Apr Milford   to Atkinson, Usborne & Co.
  This morning,-June 15, up to 9 o'clock
June 15 Brig John & Hannah Hindhaugh 31 Mar Newcastle   to T. Anderson, coals
June 15 Schr Laura Leblanc 20 days Boston   to H.J. Noad & Co., sugar
June 15 Schr Felix Giroux 4 weeks New York   to order, molasses
  Shipping Intelligence
Capt. Hunter, of the brig Vine, arrived yesterday, spoke the bark Cleopatra, from Quebec, on the 6th June, off St. Pauls, making 3 feet water per hour, and was going into Sydney.

The bark Calcutta, spoke the Wm. Pirrie, from Belfast, with passengers, and the Wilhelmina, all well-no date given.

The Bolivar spoke the John Bull, of London, off Cape Chat, on the 11th June.

Mr. Wm. Henry, of this city, furnished the Exchange, yesterday, with the following extracts of letters received by the Eastern Mail:--

"Chatham, 3rd June, 1847
"Captain Thain, of the ship Loostauk, 636 tons, from Liverpool to Quebec, out 7 weeks, had, when she left Liverpool, 349 passengers, out of which 117 have died, and of the ship's crew only five are able to work. The ship's sails are much split, and the jib and foresail are carried away. Within the last three days 35 of the passengers have died; and out of the whole number on board, not more than 20 have escaped sickness. The Captain requires immediate assistance to bring the ship up the river. One hundred of the passengers are sick and the crew unable to work. The Captain says that he and his crew will be compelled to leave the ship, unless assistance is sent, as they consider their lives in danger. Six of the passengers were committee to the deep, five or six miles from Escuminai, yesterday. In the early states of the disease, the sick are seized with delirium, and dysentery follows and soon carries them off."

"Canso, 26th May, 1847.
"News reached here to-day by a schooner, that a vessel bound to Quebec, with 400 passengers on board, was totally lost on the Scatari Islands during the easterly storm last week; and, shocking to relate, only six persons out of the whole were saved.

Wednesday, June 16, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday, June 16, 1847.
June 15 Schr Agenogh Mackay 14 days Pr. Edward Island   to order, oysters
June 15 Schr Brothers Carrier   Carraquet   to J. McNaughton, grind-stones
  June 16th-9 A.M.
We have no arrivals from sea since yesterday morning. Wind W.
  Shipping Intelligence
The Sarah, European, Safeguard, Pearl, and John Bull, were in company on the 10th instant, near Cape Chat, with a fine breeze from the West.

The vessel reported ashore on Red Island Reef., with passengers, has been got off, with little injury, if any, and arrived at Grosse Isle on Sunday last.

The steamer St. George arrived from Montreal yesterday evening with the Douglas and Chapmans in tow.

The steamer Queen, leaves for Grosse Isle at ten this morning, to bring up passengers.

Quebec, June 9, 1847.
To Captain Cockerill.
Dear Sir,-We, the Undersigned Passengers of the Barque Orlando, of Sunderland, from Warren Point to Quebec, feel highly thankful for the kind attention of you and your officers on the passage. Also for the strict discipline and cleanliness which was kept on board, we all humbly believe was the principal cause of not having any sickness, which prevailed on board many other ships bringing Emigrants to this Port.
Signed by One Hundred And Sixty
David Black, Patrick Murphy,
Hugh Henry, O. Murphy,
Hugh Tgreanor, Barnard McNead,
Michael Bennett, Joshua Trimble,
James McCoy, David Sleith,
Matthew McCoy, Samuel Cuy.

Thursday, June 17, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday, June 17, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning...................9h. 18m. Evening....................9h. 40m.
June 16 Bark Defender Gray 8 May Waterford   to order
June 16 Bark Corinthian Orton 8 Apr Hull   to C.E. Levey & Co., coals
June 16 Brig Wear Reed 3 May Painbœuf   to order
  June 17th-9. A.M.
A bark, with passengers, arrived this morning, but not reported.-Wind W.
  Shipping Intelligence
The steamer Neptune returned from Grosse Isle yesterday. She reports that 12 vessels, with passengers, arrived at the Quarantine on Monday, making 32 in all, when she left.

Among the vessels arrived at Grosse Isle on Monday, were the Wm Pirrie, Josepha, Jessie and Wilhelmina, the passengers of which are reported in good health.

The wrecks of the bark Rory O'More and ship John Geddie, have been surveyed and condemned. They will be sold for account of the underwriters, the former on Tuesday and the latter on Wednesday next.

Five or six schooners laden with the goods and materials saved from the Rory O'More, have lately arrived here. The goods The goods are being forwarded to Montreal, and the materials will be sold here.

A Schooner arrived here this morning from Gaspé, laden with goods saved from the Magnet, wrecked on Anticosti last fall.

The steamer North America left for Montreal yesterday with the Per?, Viola, George Hudson, Catherine, and two barges in tow.

The Lumber Merchant also left yesterday for the same port with the Vesta and London in tow.

Miramichi, May 31st-Arrived-Schr. Primrose, Duquet, from Quebec. June 3rd-Schr. Margaret, Desjardins, from do. 5th-Schr Lord David, Corriveau, from do.

Halifax, June 8th-Arrived-Schr. St. Lawrence, Vigneault, 18 days from Montreal.

The steamer St. George left for Montreal yesterday with the Sedulous, Pasha, Phœnix, and a barge in tow.

By the last accounts from Grosse Isle, it appears there are 1500 sick on the island and 1000 on shipboard. The steamer Neptune came up yesterday. She reports the arrival of 12 more vessels, making in all 33 vessels detained in quarantine. It appears that very little diminution has taken place in the mortality. Four of the Roman Catholic Clergymen employed at the station, we regret to say, have been infected with the fever, and a circular has been sent by his grace the Archbishop to those members of the clergy who have a sufficient knowledge of the English language, to be ready at the first notice, to afford their assistance to the sick. The spiritual wants of the Protestant sick are likewise indefatigably attended to by the Lord Bishop of Montreal and his clergy.

The weather has at length taken a favourable turn; yesterday was fair, and there is every appearance this morning of a continuance. During a considerable part of the month of May we had very dry windy weather, after the disappearance of the snow, which caused the country to look bare and brown; but under the influence of the late rains, the pastures have been greatly benefitted, a beautiful verdure now covers the surrounding fields, and with the moisture that the soil has imbibed, it is well prepared for the action of warm sunshine, which is all that now appears wanting to give us a certain prospect of a good harvest.

Montreal, June 15.-Two men were killed, and two others severely injured, by lightning, near St. Pie, during the thunderstorm on Thursday last.

The eastern mail arrived yesterday, furnishing us with Halifax and Fredericton papers of the 10th, and the Miramichi Gleaner of the 8th instant. From the latter paper we copy the following further particulars respecting the passenger vessel Loosthauk, allusion to which we have already made in a previous number.

"Miramichi, June 8.-The usual quiet of our little town was considerably disturbed on Thursday afternoon last, by the appearance of a ship's boat, off Henderson's wharf, and one of the parties hailing some of the persons thereon, stating he wished to be put in communication with the public authorities. A number of individuals speedily congregated, among them two or three Magistrates. The person in the boat then said his name was Thane, that he commanded the ship Loosthauk, belonging to Dublin, of upwards of 600 tons, from Liverpool, bound to Quebec, out seven weeks: that he had when he left port, 467 passengers, 117 of whom died on the passage; that there were now 100 unable to help themselves, and that the crew, from exhaustion, were not able to work the ship. He craved medical attendance, fresh provisions, bread, &c. Two of the Poor Commissioners being present, immediately set about collecting necessaries, and to the credit of the inhabitants of the town, the appeal to their humanity was spontaneously responded to. In a short time a large quantity of beef, bread, and other supplies were collected, and put on board the boat. The Hon. Joseph Cunard furnished the Captain with written instructions to the Commander of his Steamer, which was hourly expected from below, to tow the vessel up to the Quarantine ground. On Friday evening she was brought up by the steamer to the station, near Middle Island, and yesterday the passengers were landed on that island, where temporary sheds had been erected for their reception on Sunday. The number of deaths, as far as we have been able to ascertain since she put into this port, up to yesterday evening, was forty-a shocking mortality-and several bodies were interred on Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday evening on the Island.-Eleven births occurred on the passage-one on Sunday. The disease is Typhus fever.

The Eastern Chronicle, in speaking of the loss of the ship Miracle, before mentioned in this paper, and the arrival of the passengers at Pictou, says:--
"The emigrants without exception were in the most deplorable condition; such as were comparatively well, were afflicted with swelled limbs and mortified toes, and they drew the most horrifying pictures of their sufferings. During the night on which the ship struck, upwards of sixty perished from exposure to cold and wet and from sickness and about 20 more died on the island: 281 were shipped for Pictou, two of those died on the passage, and within the short space of three days, thirteen more we are informed have died."

In the packet ship Waterloo, sailed from New York for Liverpool-Mr. Robert Armour and Miss Armour, of Canada.

Information Wanted:
Patrick McNulty is desirous of obtaining information concerning Catherine, Sarah, James and John McNulty, who left Liverpool for Quebec after the beginning of May last, and whom he supposes to have arrived either here or at the Quarantine Station. Please address to the above at the Emigrant Office, Quebec.
Quebec, June 17, 1847.

Friday, June 18, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Friday, June 18, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning.................10h. 2m. Evening.................10h. 21m.
June 17 Bark Birman Guthrie 29 Apr London 14 cabin
179 steerage
to C.E. Levey & Co., general cargo
June 17 Bark Great Britain Wilson 1 June New York   to J.M. Muckle
June 17 Ship Oregon Herron 30 May Savannah   to order
June 17 Ship Brilliant Elliot 11 May Aberdeen   to LeMesurier & Co.
June 17 Ship Princess Royal Duguid 5 May Liverpool 599 pass to A. Gilmour & Co.
June 17 Ship Josepha Leitch 9 May Belfast 298 pass to G.H. Parke & Co, general cargo
June 17 Bark Mateidor Punett 9 May Bremen 163 pass to H.J. Noad & Co.
June 17 Bark Vasuna Mould 30 May New York   to order
June 17 Brig Cousins Natt 2 May Dublin   to LeMesurier & Co.
June 17 Brig Hero Ledgley 16 Apr Rio de Janeiro   to Pickersgill, Tibbets & Co., coffee
June 17 Schr Mary Pinet 7 June Newfoundland   to W. Hunt & Co.
June 17 Brig Thos. Hanford Herbert 11 May Limerick 154 pass to Curry & Co.
June 17 Bark Mary Jane Townsend 7 June Halifax   to H.N. Jones
June 17 Brig Harrisons Burkitt 2 June New York   to order
June 17 Brig Albion Bowman 21 Apr Limerick 145 pass
22 died on the passage
to H. Patton
June 17 Bark Charlotte Harrison McIntyre 13 May Greenock 302 pass to T.C. lee, genl. Cargo
  June 18th-9 A.M.
June 18 Ship Primrose Irvine 8 Apr Limerick 334 pass to order
June 18 Bark Despatch Walsh 23 Apr Waterford 243 pass to H.N. Jones
June 18 Bark Gilmour Wakeham 24 Apr Cork 337 pass to A. Gilmour & Co.
June 18 Brig Thomas Baker Douglas 6 May Bordeaux   to Pembertons
June 18 Schr Niger McLeod 4 June Sydney 104 pass to order, coals
  Shipping Intelligence
The brig Thos. Hanford, arrived yesterday, reports having seen a large ship ashore at Kamouaska, on Monday night last.

The Schooner Niger, arrived this morning from Sydney, Cape Breton, brought up 101 of the passengers of the Imogene, previously reported wrecked at that place.

Capt. Walsh, of the bark Despatch, arrived this morning, spoke the Governor Douglas of Cork, bound to New Brunswick, on the 19th May, on the Banks, the Captain (Hyde) had died on the 14th May.

In the ship Sophia Moffatt, for London-Mr. And Mrs. Adams and Mr. Redwell.

Saturday, June 19, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday, June 19, 1847


Morning...............11h. 31m. Evening..................None
June 18 Brig Mountaineer Fleming 5 May Hull 36 pass to G.D. Watson (Montreal), coals
June 18 Bark Pacific Welch 4 May Waterford 197 pass to McTavish & Co.
June 18 Brig Sceptre Robertson 4 May Hamburg 127 pass to Ryan Brothers, general cargo
June 18 Bark Standard Ritchie 25 Apr New Ross 363 pass to Provan & Anderson
June 18 Brig Theodosia Creigh 11 May Westport 12 pass to H. & E. Burstall
  June 19th-9. A.M.
June 19 Brig Fero Patterson 9 May Painbœuf 144 pass to Pembertons
June 19 Schr Eliza Ann McNeil 12 days Labrador   to H.J. Noad & Co., oil
  Shipping Intelligence
On reference to our advertising columns, it will be seen that the place of sale of the bark Rory O'More has been transferred from the Stores of Messrs. Moore, Grainger & Co. to the Wellington Wharf.

The bark Boadicea, Borland, cleared at New York, for Montreal, on the 9th instant.

Monday, June 21, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday, June 21, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning..................0h. 18m. Evening.....................12h. 30m.
June 19 Bark Mail Gordon 25 Apr Cork 230 pass to J. Buchanan
June 19 Bark Cape Breton Murray 4 May Dublin 176 pass to order
June 19 Bark Lord Glenelg Martin 6 May Limerick 264 pass to Sharples & Co.
June 19 Ship Elizabeth Grieves 4 May Liverpool 2 pass to Sharples & Co.
June 19 Schr St. Anne Lemarquant 10 June Gaspé   to D. Fraser, genl. cargo
June 20 Brig Cockermouth Castle Mood 9 May Liverpool   to Gillespie & Co., genl. cargo
June 20 Brig Quebec Packet Ditchburn 13 days St. John Newfld   to Sharples & Co.
June 20 Bark Wilhelmina Leslie 8 May Sligo 275 pass to G.H. Parke & Co.
June 20 Schr Catherine Martel 10 June Sydney 38 pass to order
June 20 Brig Britannia Adams 3 May London   to Pembertons
June 20 Brig Traveller Mills 9 May Painbœuf   to Levey & Co.
June 20 Brig Hannah Gregory 13 days St. John, Newfld   to A. Gilmour & Co.
June 20 Brig George Lockwood McKenzie 8 May Bordeaux   to Levey & Co.
June 20 Brig Amity Borrowdale 7 June St. John, Newfld   to G.B. Symes & Co.
June 20 Ship Sisters Christen 23 Apr Liverpool 507 pass to T.C. Lee
June 20 Ship Araminta Rogers 5 May Liverpool 412 pass to G.H. Parke & Co.
June 20 Ship Elizabeth Thompson 24 Apr Liverpool 330 pass to Gillespie & Co., genl cargo
  June 21st-9. A.M.
The following vessels have arrived, and are just reported--
Thetis, Elizabeth & Mary, Briton, Wm. Pirrie, Lady Gordon, Mayflower, Tay, Ajax, Somersetshire, Abbotsford, and Schr Indian Queen.
  Shipping Intelligence
The list of vessels sailed for this port, made up from the London shipping Gazette, will appear to-morrow.

The following list of vessels at the Quarantine, on Friday last, with the cause of their detention was received on Saturday by A.C. Buchanan, Esquire. It will be seen by our list of arrivals, that some of them have since arrived in port:--

"Grosse Isle, 18th June, 1847.
Ship Sisters, was cleared yesterday, and moved off the anchorage ground this morning.

...John McGinnis, seaman of the Charlotte Harrison, was also brought up before the same Justice, on a charge of stabbing one Thomas Scott, second mate of the same vessel, in the check. The defendant was convicted and sentenced in the highest penalty for assault, to pay a fine of £5; was unable to pay and was committed to gaol for two calendar months.

Date Sailed Ships Where from Passengers
May 28 Venilia Limerick 380
May 27 Energy do. 209
May 27 Elizabeth do 111
May 27 Charles do. 113
May 27 Ellen Forristall do. 125
May 3 John Jordine Liverpool 393
June 1 Thistle do 382
June 1 Erin's Queen do. 520
May 29 Virginius do. 476
May 29 Sarah do. 254
May 26 Tamarac do. 523
May 24 New York Packet do. 506
May 21 Elizabeth do. 435
May 21 James Moran do. 352
May 22 Goliah do. 626
May 27 Admiral Waterford 479
May 29 Royal Adelaide do. 198
May 29 Lawrence Foristal do. 140
May 27 Solway do. 360
May 20 Aberfoyle do. 320
May 22 Independence Belfast 436
May 22 Eliza Morrison do. 501
May 22 Huron do. 332
May 19 Herald Dublin 556
May 23 Friendship do. 202
May 23 Coromandel do. 447
May 27 Bolton do. 206
May 28 George do. 104
May 26 Tom do. 114
May 22 Unicorn Londonderry 178
May 22 Woodbine do. 243
May 31 Rose-Anna Cork 267
May 22 Avon do. 550
May 20 Rodden do. 96
May 24 Wakefield do. 381
May 27 Free Booter do. 185
May 26 Lively do. 190
May 29 Sir H. Pottinger do. 402
May 22 City of Derry London 292
May 25 Golden Spring do. 149
May 31 Lloyds do. 201
May 27 Lord Panmure Greenock 175
May 27 Clansman do. 216
May 22 Graham Plymouth 109
June 2 Charlotte do. 336
May 28 Chs Richards Sligo 178
May 24 Jane Blain do. 225
May 14 Anne do. 106
May 18 Triumph do. 111
May 18 Yorkshire do. 288
May 18 Columbia do. 239
May 18 Thompson do. 159
May 18 Camilla do. 137
May 17 Mary do. 155
May 24 Ellen do. 248
May 24 Wonder do. 176
May 24 Jessie do. 257
May 24 Tay do. 302

Total souls,


A.C. Buchanan,
Chief Agent.
Government Emigration Office,
Quebec, June 20, 1847.

Tuesday, June 22, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Tuesday, June 22, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning................1h. 14m. Evening.................1h. 42m.
June 20 Bark Thetis Richmond 10 May Limerick 151 pass to LeMesurier & Co.
June 20 Brig Elizabeth & Mary Jackson 30 Apr Brest   to LeMesurier & Co.
June 20 Brig Briton Younghusband 23 Apr Brest   to W.J.C. Benson
June 20 Ship Wm. Pirrie Agnew 1 May Belfast 413 pass to J.A. Pirrie & Co.
June 20 Ship Lady Gordon Scurr 14 Apr Belfast 204 pass to A. Gilmour & Co.
June 20 Brig mayflower White 8 Apr Newcastle   to T. Anderson, coals
June 21 Bark Tay Langwell 1 May Liverpool 336 pass to Provan & Anderson
June 21 Bark Ajax Scott 16 Apr Liverpool   to Budden & Vennor, general cargo
June 21 Bark Somersetshire Dempster 25 Mar Kingston   to W.J.C. Benson
June 21 Ship Abbotsford Gibson 22 Apr Dublin 350 pass to order
June 21 Schr Indian Queen Buteau 14 days St. John, Newfld. 7 pass to M. Ray
June 21 Brig Siroco Algan 17 Apr Sunderland   to B. Hart, coals
June 21 Brig Redwing Davison 10 May Painbœuf   to C.E. Levey & Co.
June 21 Brig Galatea Hatfield 18 Apr Gloucester   to H. & E. Burstall
June 21 Brig Friendship Tinnel 5 May Hartlepool   to order, coals
June 21 Brig Rambler Chapman 5 May Painbœuf   to order
June 21 Brig Mary Redpath 6 May Liverpool   to Fisher & Davis, general cargo
June 21 Brig Ross-shire Feaster 5 May Limerick 209 pass to C.E. Levey & Co
June 21 Brig Mary & Harriet Shaxson 15 Apr Limerick 174 pass to Pembertons
Total arrived, 1847470
Same period, 1846606
  June 22d-9. A.M.
No arrivals this morning.
The following vessels have arrived at Grosse Isle since Saturday:--
  Brig Jane Avery Tate   Dublin 183 pass to W.J.C. Benson
sickly and had 11 deaths
  Brig Maria & Elizabeth Wood   Liverpool 78 pass to order
had 2 deaths-no sick
  Shipping Intelligence
The brig Sarah, Sim, which cleared hence on Thursday last, for Montrose, put back yesterday with loss of bowsprit, cutwater and figure-head-having been in contact with another vessel,-name not known-on Sunday.

The steamship St. George returned from Anticosti yesterday. She towed up the brig Mary, from Liverpool, with a general cargo. She reports that the new ship Liverpool, hence for Liverpool, with a cargo of flour, &c., was off Kamouraska on Sunday putting back to port. Saw the Lord Erougham, from Shields, in ballast, ashore at Millevaches.

Captain Hatfield, of the brig Galatea, arrived yesterday, reports that on Sunday, when off Patrick's Hole, Ammedale Burton, apprentice, fell overboard, and that Patrick Connolly, seaman, jumped over after him, but they unfortunately both sank before assistance could be given them.

The new bark Scottish Maid, hence on the 25th May for Liverpool, was spoken on the 9th inst., in lat. 45, 42, long. 54, by the Rambler, arrived yesterday.

H.M. troop ship Apollo, Com. Radcliff, with drafts for Regiments in the Lower Provinces and Canada, arrived at Halifax on the 12th instant in 29 days from Portsmouth. She may be expected here daily.

Halifax, June 8-Arrived-Schr Victoria, Vignault, 12 days from Montreal. 9-Schr Shannon, King, 15 days from Quebec. 10th-Velocity, Shelnut, 12 days from Montreal.

Boston, June 15-Cleared-Ship Omega, Garrick, for Quebec.

New York, June 14th-Cleared-Ceylon, Custard, for Quebec. 15-Emmanuel, Eurn?, for do. 12th-Commerce, Harvey, for do.

Belfast, May 28-Put in leaky-John Walker, of Liverpool, for Derry and Quebec.

Aberdeen, May 18-The Heroine, for Quebec, has put back with damage.

Liverpool, May 19-The Princess Maria, Legg, from London to Quebec, was abandoned 9th inst. in lat 46. Lon. 28, a complete wreck: crew saved by the Sir Robert Peel, Chadwick, arrived here.

21-The Yorkshire, for Quebec, has put back leaky, having been on shore.

The Gem, of Sunderland, bound to Quebec, was abandoned on the 15th ult., in lat. 40, long. 37, dismasted; crew saved by the Blanche, arrived off the Lizard.

The Soup Kitchen for the relief of destitute emigrants will be opened this morning at the Engine House in the Cul-de-Sac. Tickets have been printed and distributed, enabling the necessitous to procure a supply of either gruel or soup.

We regret to learn that the heavy rain yesterday compelled the poor emigrants to abandon the sheds on the India Wharf. We understand they have been temporarily lodged in the Marine Hospital.

We beg to remind our readers of the Public Meeting to be held this afternoon, at three o'clock, in the Parliament Buildings, for the purpose of taking into consideration the condition of the Emigrants and adopting measures for the organization of an Emigrant Society for this city.

Hawkins' Quebec Directory For 1847-8.
This little work has again made its appearance. On a perusal of its table of contents, we find its character for usefulness is still maintained....

A Philadelphia paper of the 16th says, the British ship Columbian, Capt. Marshall, was struck by lightning last Monday, off Cape Henry, and sunk. Four of the crew were drowned. The remainder arrived at Baltimore to day.

A Terrible Explosion.-Twenty-Five Lives Lost-By the New-Orleans Picayune and Delta extras issued at noon on the 9th inst., we have particulars of a dreadful explosion which occurred on board the steamer Eda on the 4th inst., in the Ouchita river. Twenty-five persons were killed, and eight wounded.

Wednesday, June 23, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday, June 23, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning...............2h. 9m. Evening.....................2h. 36m.
June 22 Ship Cassandra Gall 18 May Liverpool   to G.B. Symes & Co
June 22 Bark Prince of Waterloo Forbes 9 May Liverpool   to T. Curry
June 22 Brig Maid of the Mill Wilson 17 May Glasgow 9 pass to J. Buchanan, genl. cargo
June 22 Brig Achsah Marrell 11 May Limerick 172 pass to LeMesurier & Co.
June 22 Ship Pursuit Spence 4 May Liverpool 472 pass to McKay & Cassels
  June 23d-9. A. M.
June 23 Brig Elizabeth & Catherine Rankin 13 May Bordeaux   to Wm. Dawson
  Shipping Intelligence
The Elizabeth & Catherine, Rankin, arrived this morning, spoke, in the river, the Swallow, from Limerick, and the Panope, from Dublin, both with passengers, all well.

The steamer Alliance towed down from Montreal, on Sunday, the Glenswilly, Syria, Lady Seaton, Portia, Ærial, and one barge. She left again for the same port on Monday morning, with the bark Great Britain, Mail, Pacific and Friend in tow.

The steamer Princess came down on Monday with the Emma in tow.

The steamer Quebec left for Grosse Isle yesterday to bring up passengers.

Capt. Gall of the ship Cassandra, arrived yesterday afternoon, spoke the ship Elizabeth, off Crane Island, with passengers from Liverpool-30 days out. No date given.

The Hull, and a part of the materials of the bark Rory O'More, A. McMaster, late master, wrecked at Metis, were sold yesterday for account of the underwriters, and adjudged to Mr. W. Stevenson for £600; and whatever cargo remains in her was also adjudged to mr. Stevenson for £200. The remainder of the materials were sold in lots, the amount of which we have not ascertained.

(Long item about the formation of an Emigrant Society with the following objectives:)

1. That in consequence of the arrival of large numbers of Emigrants from different parts of the United Kingdom, and especially from Ireland, many of whom are in a state of extreme destitution and incapable of work, it is expedient to form an Emigrant Society.

2. That for the purpose stated in the foregoing Resolution, it is proper that Subscriptions be solicited from the inhabitants of this city, by means of Collectors, to be appointed for the different Wards, and that a subscription paper be opened immediately at this meeting.

3....(items 3-5 about the organization of the Society)

6. That the Society, when formed, be authorised and instructed to enquire into the effects produced upon this community by the system pursued at the Quarantine Establishment at Grosse Isle, as at present regulated.

7. That the duty of the Emigrant Society shall be to afford such advice and assistance to destitute emigrants as may be required, and which will come within the means at their disposal, and also to seek to remove any abuses which tend to injure the interests of such emigrants.

Thursday, June 24, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday, June 24, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning...................3h. 2m. Evening...................3h. 27m.
June 23 Brig Queen Victoria Gardiner 29 Apr Newcastle   to J.H. Joseph & Co., coals
June 23 Bark Northumberland James 15 May Carmarthen   to Provan & Anderson
  June 24, -9. A.M.
June 24 Ship Lotus Watson 15 Apr Liverpool 516 pass to A. Gilmour & Co
June 24 Bark Quebec Park 15 May Port Glasgow 9 pass to Gilmour & Co.
June 24 Brig Helene Ray 3 May Bremen 138 pass to C. Ross & Co
June 24 Brig Maria Winter 14 Apr Troon   to Wm. Stevenson, coals
June 24 Brig St. George Pool 6 June Harbour Grace, Newfld.   to G.B. Symes & Co
June 24 Brig England Heacock 13 Apr Stockton   to E. & J.E. Oliver, coals, &c.
  Arrived at Grosse Isle on Tuesday:--
  Ship Elizabeth Duggan   Liverpool 435 pass to H. & E. Burstall
had 17 deaths on the passage
  Bark Ann Johnston   Liverpool 308 pass to Sharples & Co.
had 30 deaths
  Brig Eagle Patterson   Dublin 207 pass had 5 deaths
  Bark Agnes Ganson   Limerick 176 pass to order
had 6 deaths
  Shipping Intelligence
The hull and materials of the bark John Geddie, R. McKay, late master, wrecked at Matane, were sold at the Exchange yesterday, for account of the underwriters, and adjudged to Mr. J.W. Pomden, for £710. The cargo on board, 300 chaldrons coals, was adjudged to Mr. J.W. Leaycraft.

The steamer Canada arrived from Montreal yesterday with the ship Aqua-Marine and a barge in tow.

Halifax, June 13th.-Cleared-Schr. Victoria, Blais, chocolate, &c. for Quebec.

Boston, June 16th.-Cleared-Ship Sea King, Martin, for Quebec.

New York, June 19-Up for Quebec-Ship Hindostan, Lamb.

Grosse Isle.-On reference to our shipping intelligence it will be seen that four more passenger vessels had arrived there on Tuesday last with 1126 emigrants, the aggregate number of deaths in these four on their passage having been 58. It is said this morning that a vessel had subsequently arrived at the Station on board which there had been 90 deaths.

Yesterday afternoon, a violent storm of thunder and lightning, accompanied with heavy rain and hail, passed over this city. The electric fluid, we have been informed, struck a cottage on the St. Foy Road, a little beyond the Toll Bar, the property of E. Burroughs, Esq. The damage done was trifling, we believe: none of the inmates were injured, further than being stunned by the concussion.

Adcident.[sic]-A seaman of the Ship Sarah, now in port, was accidentally drowned yesterday afternoon, in going on board.

Friday, June 25, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Friday, June 25, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning...............3h. 52m. Evening.....................4h. 16m.
June 24 Schr Lawrence Forrestal Toole 26 May Waterford 110 pass to order
  June 25.-9. A.M.
June 25 Ship Sesostris Dand 14 May Londonderry 427 pass to T. Curry & Co
June 25 Brig Eagle Patterson 12 May Dublin 211 pass to Ryan Brothers
June 25 Bark Louisa McKinlay 6 May Limerick 213 pass to G.B. Symes & Co
June 25 Bark Juverna Ledgwick 20 May Waterford 181 pass to Pickersgill, Tibbets & Co
  We learn from the Kingston Chronicle and Gazette, that the emigrants, on arriving there, are forwarded as soon as they are able to proceed-and over as wide a section of the Province as possible. About one half of the whole go to Toronto and Hamilton, and the remainder have been distributed between Cobourg, Port Hope, Windsor, and St. Catherines. The Earl Cathcart, Propeller, took a number of indigent emigrants to ports on Lake Erie, and at least 150 have been sent up the Bay of Quinte, and to the Townships in rear of Kingston.

The number already forwarded, amount to from 9 to 10 thousand. The deaths have not been great in proportion-not more than ten deaths in Hospital-and from the Sheds and Lodging House, not more than 20 or 25 at the outside.

Saturday, June 26, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Saturday, June 26, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning.......................4h. 39m. Evening.....................5h. 2m.
  In consequence of the arrival of large numbers of Emigrants, and the expected arrival of many more, from different parts of the United Kingdom, and especially from Ireland, a large proportion of whom are in a state of extreme destitution, it has been found expedient to organize an Emigrant Society for the city of Quebec. A public meeting for that purpose has been held and the necessary preliminaries arranged for carrying out the project.

But little amelioration has taken place in the sickness at the Quarantine Station, since our last summary was written; and the mortality, we fear, has not at all diminished. The number of vessels at the station to this date is about thirteen. The Marine Hospital and sheds adjoining are full of sick; but the deaths at these places, are few in proportion tot he number of sick.

A Soup Kitchen has been established in Quebec, for the relief of destitute emigrants, at which on Thursday last, we learn, 135 families were supplied with soup and gruel, and yesterday the number was increased to 200 families.

Until within the two past days, we have had a continuance of heavy rains. Since Thursday, we are happy to state, dry warm weather has set in, the thermometer ranging between 80 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. No injury, that we can learn, has been done to the crops, which here as well as over every part of the continent of America, give pleasing indications of an abundant harvest. In the State of Ohio they expect the wheat harvest will commence in about a week hence.

We believe all of our spring traders have arrived, except the Vindicator, with a general cargo from Liverpool. Concerning this vessel, we are sorry to state, that not one word of intelligence has been received; and several of our retailers have, in consequence of her non-arrival, been subjected not only to much inconvenience, but to very serious pecuniary loss. Some of them having the greater part of their spring supply on board this ill-fated vessel, their stocks have become exhausted, and in many instances they have been unable to meet the demands of their customers.

The two new ships "Ringfield" and "Riverdale," built by Messrs. G.H. Parke & Co., of this city, the past winter, and now gone to sea, amounted in value, together with their freights and cargoes, to £75,000 and upwards.

Shipping Intelligence
Captain Ledgwick, of the bark Juverna, arrived yesterday, reports having seen a vessel on fire to the eastward of the Banks of Newfoundland, on the 6th instant; could not make out her name; the crew had been saved.

The passengers by the bark "Royalist," Capt. Beveridge, from Liverpool, in a letter published in the Freeman's Journal, have acknowledged in grateful terms, his kind and assiduous attention to them on the passage out. Want of space prevents us from inserting it.

Port of Quebec
Arrivals From The 12th To The 26th June
Names From Varuna N.Y.


Brilliant Aberdeen
Ninian Limerick Pr Royal Liverpool
Mary Brack do. Josepha Belfast
George Liverpool Albion Limerick


Harrisons N.Y.
Andromeda Liverpool Ch'lotte Harrison G'nock
Aberdeen do. Thos Hanford Limerick
Edmond London Mary Jane Halifax
Thompson Sligo



Thos Baker Bordeaux
Pasha Cork Mountaineer Hull
Dominica do. Gilmour Cork
Mgt Pollock Liverpool Pacific Waterford
Rankin do. Despatch do.
Aleyon do. Primrose Limerick
Isabella Bideford Sceptre Hamburgh
Wellington do. Standard New Ross
Ed. Castle Newcastle Theodosia Westport
Viola Sunderland


Eliza Caroline Liv'pool Fero Painbœuf
Thomas Cuba Mail Cork
Joseph Howe do. Cape Breton Dublin
Tagus Hartlepool Lord Glenelg Limerick
United Newcastle Elizabeth Liverpool
Watkins Liverpool


Grange New York C'mouth Castle Liv'pool
Phœnix Newfld. Quebec Packet Newfld
Bells Painbœuf Wilhelmina Belfast
Geo Hudson Sunderland Britannia London
Catherine Liverpool Traveller Painbœuf
Robert Watt do. Hannah Newfld
Sea King New York Geo Lockwood B'rdeaux
Andromache London Amity Newfld
Welcome Limerick Sisters Liverpool
Vesta New York Araminta do.
Coolock do. Elizabeth do.
Williams Newcastle Thetis Limerick
Morning Star Sund'land Elizabeth & Mary Brest
John & Eleanor Bordeaux Briton do.
Hope London Wm. Pirrie Belfast
Ouse Lynn Lady Gordon do.
Medora London Mayflower Newcastle
Loudon New York


Dart London Tay Liverpool
Anne do. Ajax do.
Empress Swansea Mary do.
Ruth Newcastle Somersetshire Kingston
Vine Sunderland Abbotsford Dublin
Sylvanus Corruna Sirroco Sunderland
Albion Falmouth Redwing Painbœuf
Ocean Queen Arichat Rambler do.
Calcutta Greenock Galatea Gloucester
Intrepid Hull Friendship Hartlepool
Cts. Of Durham Liv'pool Ross-shire Limerick
Barbara Halifax Mary & Harriet do.
Mary Boston


Eliza do. Cassandra Liverpool
Elizabeth Newcastle Prince of Waterloo do.
Friends Stockton Pursuit do.
Astrea Weymouth Maid of the Mill Gl'gow
Sedulous Liverpool Achsah Limerick
John & Mary Halifax


Bolivar Dublin Eliz. & Catherine Bordeaux
Mary Tiffin Newcastle Queen Victoria N'castle
Cleofrid do. Northumberland Carnarvon
Alchymist Falmouth


Maria Milford Quebec Pt Glasgow


Lotus Liverpool
John & Hannah N'castle Helene Bremen
Defender Waterford Maria Troon
Corinthian Hull St. George Newfld


England Stockton
Wear Painbœuf Laurence Foristal [sic]



Birman London Sesostris Lond'derry
Great Britain NY Eagle Dublin
Oregon Savannah Louisa Limerick
Cousins Dublin Juverna Waterford
Hero Rio de Jan.
Matador Bremen


Brig Swallow, Wright, 15th June, Limerick, order, ballast, 147 passengers


Bark Secret, Gordon, 17th June, Charlotte-town, Pr. Ed. I., order, ballast, 26 pas.

Arrived at Grosse-Isle:--

Lady Milton
Rose, McKinlay-about 80 deaths on passage
Lady Flora Hastings, from Cork-60
Lord Sandon, from Cork
Sobraon, from Liverpool-35 deaths
Jessie, Gorman, from Limerick-30 deaths
Jane Avery, Tate, from Dublin,-11 deaths
Maria & Elizabeth, Wood, from Liverpool-2 deaths-no sick
Elizabeth, Duggan, from Liverpool-17 deaths
Ann, Johnston, from Liverpool-30 deaths
Agnes, Ganson, from Limerick-6 deaths
Two others, names not yet known.
Several of the above have been detained for some time past.

Monday, June 28, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrivals at the Port of Quebec Monday, June 28, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning...................6h. 8m. Evening..................6h. 29m.
June 26 Schr Victoria Blais 13 days Halifax 3 pass to D. Fraser, sugar and rum
June 26 Schr Quiz Barrett 18 June Paspebiac   to W.K. Baird
June 27 Brig Trade Plewes 17 Apr Waterford   to order
June 27 Brig Thomas Orr Andrew 10 June St. Johns, Newfld   to D. Fraser
June 27 Brig Monkwearmouth Nellis 10 May L'Orient   to H. & E. Burstall
June 27 Brig Sir Edward Rae 8 June St. Johns Nfld.   to D. Fraser
June 27 Brig Wyke Regis Meadus 15 May Poole 6 pass to order
June 27 Ship Queen of the Ocean Tilley 21 May Liverpool 1 pass to Pickersgill, Tibbits & Co
June 27 Ship Lady Milton Hayes 5 May Liverpool 445 pass to C.E. Levey & Co.
June 27 Ship Jane Blain Killea 16 May Sligo 226 pass to T. Kelly
June 27 Ship Herald Auld 20 May Dublin 559 pass to Ryan Brothers
June 27 Bark Lord Sandon Feneron 12 May Cork 245 pass to LeMesurier & Co
June 27 Bark Aurora Heslop 9 June St. John's, Newfld.   to Sharples & Co
June 27 Bark Agnes Gaunson 16 May Limerick 183 pass to order
June 27 Bark Nelson Village McBernie 11 May Belfast 264 pass to W. Henry
June 27 Bark Lady Flora hastings Witherall 11 May Cork 442 pass to J. Munn
June 27 Brig Cornelius Stewart 9 May Painbœuf   to Wm. Dawson
June 27 Brig Union Thompson 23 May Cuba   to Gillespie & Co., sugar, coffee, &c.
June 28 Brig Sarah Barry Harper 1 Apr Newcastle   to H.S. Dalkin, coals
June 28 Bark Peruvian Boyd 28 May Sligo 43 pass to A. burns, general cargo
June 28 Ship Jessy Gorman 18 Apr Limerick 479 pass to C.E. Levey & Co.
Arrived at Grosse Isle:--
  Brig Elizabeth Gascoigne   Dublin 197 pass to order
  Brig Sarah Maria Fawcett   Sligo 110 pass to T. Kelly
  Shipping Intelligence
The brig Monkwearmouth, Nellis, arrived yesterday, reports having seen a brig, apparently aground, on the north shore, about 5 miles below Company's Point.

The bark Boadicea, of London, from New York for Quebec, is reported ashore near Pubnico, about 30 miles S E of Yarmouth, N.S., on the night of the 14th instant, and will probably be a total loss. Lloyd's Agent had visited the wreck, and returned to Yarmouth-crew and passengers saved.

The bark Aurora, Heslop, arrived yesterday, left at St. John's, Newfld., on the 9th instant, brig Cambria, Roper, which arrived on that day from Liverpool, also brig Elizabeth, Nelson; Agnes, Quaill; Eleanor, and Sarah Rose-the four latter bound to Quebec.

The steamer St. George towed down from Montreal, yesterday, the Polly, Alexina, and a barge.

Government Emigration Office,
Quebec, 25th June, 1847.
Number of Emigrants arrived at the Port of Quebec
during the week ending this date:--

From England2681
" Ireland3259
" Scotland9
" Germany138
" Lower Provinces45
Previously reported26,215
To same period last year,21,532
Increase in favour of 184710,806
A.C. Buchanan,
Chief Agent.

Tuesday, June 29, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Tuesday, June 29, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning............6h. 50m. Evening.................7h. 12m.
June 28 Schr Viginnte Joneas 18 days Antigonish   to order, plaster
June 28 Brig Sarah Maria Fawcette 7 May Sligo 80 pass to T. Kelly
June 28 Brig Eleanor Quirk 9 June St. John's, Newfld   to A. Gilmour & Co
June 28 Brig Jane Avery Tate 9 May Dublin 183 pass to W.J.C. Benson
June 28 Ship Elizabeth Duckitt 21 May Liverpool 434 pass to H & E Burstall
June 28 Ship Sobraon Wilson 8 May Liverpool 602 pass to order, general cargo
June 28 Bark John Hutchins 22 May Bideford 1 pass to Pickersgill & Co
June 28 Bark Georgiana Wilson 16 May Dublin 179 pass to Ryan Brothers
June 28 Schr Tweed Hall 17 June Halifax   to R. Hallowell, general cargo
  Shipping Intelligence
The bark Indefatigable was launched out of the East India Floating Dock this morning after receiving considerable repairs; and the ship Reliance will be hauled up in her place for the same purpose.

A pilot, arrived from below yesterday, reports that the ship Coromandel, Hubback, 13th May from Dublin, with passengers, was off Green Island on Thursday last.

The steamer St. George left for Montreal yesterday with the brig Swallow, brig Union, schr Quiz and a barge in tow.

Arrivals At The Albion Hotel
June 29th-Doctor Brigham and lady, of Utica, New York; Robt. L. Read, N. Kellogg and lady, Madigar and lady and two children, New York; Edward Diffenderffer?, Baltimore; D.S. Brown and lady, 3 children and servant, Miss M. Johnson, Miss M. Morris, David Scull, lady and two daughters, H. Grim, Philadelphia; Knapp, P. Duchesnay, Montreal.

We are indebted to the Montreal Gazette for the subjoined particulars respecting the Quarantine Establishment at Grosse Isle:--
The medical staff of the hospitals and sheds consists of,-Drs. G.M. douglas, medical superintendent; Jacquies, assistant medical officer; Fenwick, Dickenson, Malhiot, Larocque, Jameson, jr., Damours, Dease, in charge of tents, &c., ; Pinet, assistant in hospitals; Watt, Robillard, Sauve. Mr. Barker, apothecary; Mr. Cullingford, dispenser of medicines; Mr. McRay, chief steward; Mrs. Fisher, matron.

There are 77 employed, including ten stewards of hospitals, 15 cooks, and 52 orderlies and nurses. The number of sick under treatment on shore, on the 25th instant, was 1830, and on board vessels afloat, 114. Two new hospitals have been erected, and are occupied with 260 beds. Another, capable of receiving 120, would be ready on Friday. Two others are in a state of forwardness, but much difficulty is experienced in obtaining workmen, as few can be tempted, even by high wages, to work in the vicinity of the hospitals.

Tents have been erected on the farm at the east end of the island, capable of accommodating 3000 persons. The healthy from vessels where much sickness has prevailed, are landed, and their baggage, at these tents, where, after washing and purifying for a few days, are shipped direct, on board the steamers for Montreal.

The district of Dumfries, in the upper section of the province, has been visited by most disastrous hail and thunder storms. The farms and orchards are said to be desolated, and within a radius of two miles, the loss of wheat alone is estimated at ten thousand bushels.

Wednesday, June 30, 1847

Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Wednesday, June 30, 1847

High Water At Quebec This Day

Morning...............7h. 34m. Evening.................7h. 5m.
June 29 Bark Richmond Stanbury 18 May Liverpool 1 pass to A. Gilmour & Co
June 29 Brig Thomas Rowell Robertson 10 May London 1 pass to T.C. Lee
June 29 Brig Maria & Elizabeth Wood 5 May Liverpool 62 pass to W. Dawson, general cargo
June 29 Brig Gem Hanford 13 May Bordeaux   to T.C. Lee
June 29 Brig Boatle Nelson 12 June St. John, Newfld   to LeMesurier & Co
June 29 Bark New York Packet Kemp 24 May Liverpool 460 pass to T.C. Lee
June 29 Bark John Bell Carroll 21 May Ross 254 pass to C.E. Levey & Co
June 29 Brig Parope Selly 5 May Dublin 111 pass to C.E. Levey & Co
June 29 Brig Penelope Ellery 29 May Painbœuf   to order
June 30 Brig Elizabeth Wilson 12 June St. John's Newfld   to A. Gilmour & Co
June 30 Brig Elliots Gascoigne 14 May Dublin 179 pass to order
  Shipping Intelligence
The steamship St. George came up from Grosse Isle yesterday. She reports that there were 15 vessels there, with passengers, when she left yesterday.

The St. George left for River du Loup this morning, full of passengers.

The bark New York Packet, arrived yesterday, spoke, on the 18th instant, in lat. 45, 23, long. 56, 24, the bark European, hence for Liverpool.

The ship Coromandel, Hubbard, 42 days from Dublin, to TC Lee, with passengers, arrived at Grosse Isle on Sunday, had 15 deaths on the passage, but was free from sickness when she arrived at Grosse Isle.

New York, June 24-Cleared-Ship Hindostan, Lamb, for Quebec.

Arrivals At The Albion Hotel
June 30th-Mr. And Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. And Miss Cobb, Boston, Mass.; Mr. R.J. Fisk and lady, Boston; Messrs. J Leonard, S.L Beatty, B. Huntington, Covell and lady, New York; Mr. R. W. James, Mr. Cole and lady, Albany, N.Y.; Miss Whitemore, New Haven, Ct.; Mr. R. Christie, London, C.W.; Mr. John S. Gilman, Presscott, C.W., Mr. W.H. Wilson, Brockville; Mr. W.R. Seaver, Montreal.

We copy from a late English paper the following receipt for the prevention of infection from typhus Fever, for which Dr. J.C. Smith is stated to have obtained £5000 from Parliament:--
"Take six drachms of powdered nitre (saltpetre) and six drachms of sulphuric acid (oil of vitriol); mix them in a tea-cup. By adding one drachm of the oil at a time, a copious discharge of nitrous acid will take place. The cup is to be placed during the preparation on a hot hearth or a plate of heated iron, and the mixture stirred with a tobacco pipe. The quantity of gas may be regulated by lessening or increasing the quantity of ingredients. The above is for a moderate-sized room; half the quantity would be sufficient for a small room. Avoid as much as possible breathing the gas when it first rises from the vessel." No injury to the lungs will happen when the air is impregnated with the gas, which is called nitrous acid gas; and it cannot be too widely known that it possesses the property of preventing the spread of fever.

The Chief Agent of Emigration has leased, at a rent of £100, a large store near the "Inclined Plane" wharf, from Mr. Jones, for the reception of such emigrant families as are detained here waiting for the recovery of their sick friends. He likewise proposes to appropriate the building on the India Wharf, for the temporary accommodation of such healthy emigrants as may be landed too late to leave by the evening boat.

The passengers by the bark Nelson Village have presented to Captain McBurnie, the commander of that vessel, a Gold Chain, and a Gold Ring to Mr. Howard, his chief officer, in token of their gratitude for the kind an assiduous attention bestowed upon them during their voyage from Belfast. The presentation was made by Messrs. John Phillips and William McClenon, on behalf of 214 passengers.

Captain McBurnie acknowledged feelingly this mark of approbation, and would cherrish while life should last, the remembrance of this expression of regard for having performed faithfully that which was no more than his duty.

All complaints of the coldness and the moisture of the weather have now ceased. Heat and dryness are the texts for grumblers. In no weather, whatever, that even providence itself can devise, will suit everybody's notions of what is right and comfortable. For the last two days, the sun has shone with intense vigour. Thermometers are, with difficulty, kept down to 88 in the coolest apartments of dwelling houses, and in the open air, they run up some twenty degrees higher. Every body says, as every body says every year, such hot weather never was known. Nevertheless, however disagreeable to the feelings, it is most favourable to the progress of vegetation--Montreal Gazette.

Snow in June!-The Wilmington, (Del.) Journal says a severe snow storm visited the farmers near and above the Pennsylvania boundary line on Monday last. Snow fell for nearly an hour in some places, and must have injured the crops, but we hear of no serious damage.

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