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Accounts of Voyages, Diary & Journal Extracts &c.
(arranged chronologically)

  • Diary Account of Charming Molly voyage, 1760
    Henry Evans diary excerpt of his voyage from Massachusetts to Halifax in 1760. Includes list of passengers.
  • county Wexford to Quebec, 1819
    Extracts from a Diary kept by Samuel Baker during the voyage from Ireland to Quebec. After arrival at Quebec, the family took passage to Montreal in the steamboat Malsham, August 20th. The Baker family settled in Hallowell, Ontario.
  • HMS Weymouth Portsmouth to Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth) 1820
    The daily Captain's Log, and the Muster Roll of the passengers on board. The Log also recorded the names and date of death of those who died, before sailing, and during passage. Picture of model of the ship.
  • Great-Great-Grandpa's Scrapbook
    Wonderful varied shipping and emigration / immigration related newspaper clippings, from a Victorian scrapbook, which was compiled by two generations of the seafaring Dalton family - Captain James Dalton 1817 - 1882 & Captain Peter Dalton 1847-1911 and submitted by Tony Dalton.
  • Chelsea Pensioners to Upper Canada, 1830-1839
    Lists of Military out-pensioners who emigrated to Upper Canada and correspondence about their hardships.
  • Accounts on sinking and passenger list for the Cataraque /Cataraqui, 1845
    Comprehensive account, with correspondence, and list of Passengers lost, Crew lost & saved on the barque Cataraque. Cataraque, of Liverpool, Finlay master, from Liverpool bound to Port Phillip with 369 Bounty Emigrants and lost in Bass Strait August 4th 1845. See also Cataraque 1845
  • Rotterdam, 1847
    A description and picture of Rotterdam in 1847, as depicted in the Illustrated London News.
  • Around the Horn 1849 - Passenger Diaries (SELMAN-COLORADO-CRESCENT)
    Journal accounts of the: barque Selman, bound from New York for San Francisco in 1849 and the: brig Colorado, bound from Boston around Cape Horn to Valparaiso, and the: ship Crescent, bound from Salem, Mass. to San Francisco, 1849-1850. Mentions and lists, of passenger names.
  • Rules of 1849 for the SS Great Britain
    The onboard "rules" for passengers on the ship Great Britain in 1849. The "rules" were enacted to be in compliance with the "Passengers Act" which also made rules for ship owners and ship masters, to ensure the comfort and well-being of passengers, on British ships.
  • Journal of the voyage of barque Fatima, from London & Plymouth to Port Adelaide, 1850
    A day by day journal kept by the 15 year old Mr. Henry Hobhouse Turton, beginning with February 7th entry to the completion of the voyage on June 11th 1850. (passenger list)
  • Accounts from the Lyttelton Times, NZ, 1851
    Shipping News from the Lyttelton Times, of December 1850 and January 1851 ship arrivals, with accounts of the voyages of four ships from Plymouth - Charlotte Jane, Southby, Sir George Seymour & Randolph.
  • Impressions of New Orleans, 1853
    New York Times news item about the Irish and German influences in New Orleans in 1853.
  • Highlands & Islands Emigration Society 1852-1854.
    The Highlands & Islands Emigration Society arranged for the emigration of more than 4,000 persons to Australia 1852-1854. This is account of one such emigration, aboard the HMS Hercules in 1853-1854.
  • Voyage of the Jane Boyd, 1855
    Diary written by Gordon Michie EWING during the course of his journey, with his wife and young family, from Aberdeen, Scotland, to Quebec, 'America', aboard the sailing ship Jane Boyd in the year 1855
  • Voyage of Illinois to Panama then John L. Stephens and finally Pacific to British Columbia
    Edward White, one of a group of four Wesleyan Missionaries sent to British Columbia, tells us through his Diary entries, about his trip from New York in the Illinois, and over the Isthmus of Panama (by rail), then onboard the John. L. Stephens to British Columbia in 1859.
  • Launch of the Lady Egidia, 1860 (Passenger list}
    Account(s) of the launch of the Lady Egidia and her Maiden Voyage from Glasgow, Scotland 1860 arriving at Dunedin, New Zealand in 1861. List of Passengers & lists of births and death onboard.
  • Plymouth to Natal, voyage account, 1861
    " How I came to Natal in 1861 by J.A.B., Maritzburg, July 1900 . . . published in the Natal Witness Monday August 20th 1900." Account of the authors' voyages aboard the Union Steamship Co. Norman and then aboard the HMS Gorgon, in 1861.
  • Nonconformist Emigration, London to Auckland, New Zealand, 1862
    The emigration of 800 British Nonconformists to the new colony of Albertland, in New Zealand. Aboard the Matilda Wattenbach and the Hanover, to be followed by the William Miles and the Ida Ziegler.
  • N.Y. to Glasgow Iowa / Liverpool to N.Y. Helvetia, 1867
    Dairy accounts of the voyages of Robert Nicholson Tate, from New York to Glasgow aboard the Anchor Line ship Iowa, with return from Liverpool to New York, aboard the National Line ship Helvetia, in 1867.
  • Hibernian News from Voyage of 1868
    Jovial Newsletter published onboard the Hibernian during a voyage to Quebec in 1868
  • 1870 Emigrants on the Ganges and Tweed
    Illustrated London News article and picture, depicting the departure from London of the Ganges and Tweed with a large party of emigrants from the East-End Emigration club, bound to Quebec in 1870.
  • 1869 Emigrants on the Crocodile (London Dockworkers)
    Hampshire Telegraph article about the first emigration from Portsmouth to Quebec of unemployed Admiralty Dockyard Workers from Woolwich and Portsmouth. Links to Passenger List and Photograph of ship.
  • 1870 Emigrants on the Crocodile (London Dockworkers)
    Illustrated London News article and picture, depicting the departure from London bound to Quebec, of discharged Admiralty Dockyard Workers, onboard the Crocodile in 1870. Links to Passenger List and Photograph of ship.
  • Port of Bremen in 1870
    Descriptive Illustrated London News article about Bremen, "in time of war" in 1870.
  • Scotch Colonists to New Brunswick, 1873
    Full account of the organization and the emigration of the first Scots to the "Scotch Colony" in New Brunswick in 1873, aboard the Anchor Line ship Castalia. Picture of the ship, and link to the Passenger List
  • Polynesian account of voyage from Liverpool to Quebec 1875
    Two accounts, one a letter from a steerage passenger, the other a newspaper account with a cabin passenger's perspective of their voyage, where they were "stuck in the ice" for about 9-10 days.
  • Voyage account of the ship Hesperides, 1875
    The ship Hesperides sailed from London and Plymouth in May 1875 and arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia in August 1875, with nearly four hundred emigrants, The link above also includes the passenger list &c.
  • Account of the sinking of the Cospatrick, 1875
    Sad account of the burning and sinking of the ship Cospatrick, south west of the Cape of Good Hope, in 1875, with the loss of 474 lives. She was sailing from Gravesend to New Zealand with 429 emigrants & 43 crew. Pictures of Cospatrick and of one of her rescuers, Nyanza.
  • Burning of records at Saint John, New Brunswick, 1877
    Illustrated article about the devastating fire at St. John, New Brunswick in 1877 which destroyed a vast portion of the downtown area, including twenty-five public buildings, one of which was the Customs House, with the loss of the Passenger Records. Link to a Photograph of the Customs House after the fire.
  • Loch Long account of voyage from Glasgow to Melbourne in 1886
    Account of the voyage by Jane Scott Snodgrass (1856-1928) as written to her mother Margaret (Lennox) Snodgrass, in Scotland. Photograph of the Loch Long.
  • Days of the Old Packet, New York Times 1891
    Contrast between Present and Past Atlantic Liners, Reminiscences of the Old Passenger Ships—Most of them were Flyers—Hardships from which Present Passengers are Exempt
  • To the Klondike, 1897
    From The Illustrated American. A Californian novelist describes with graphic accuracy the stirring scenes at the wharf when ships sail for the Klondike, in 1897
  • Britannia to New Orleans with Sicilian Emigrants 1898
    Arrival of the Fabre Line, Britannia, as recorded by The Daily Picayune, New Orleans, in 1898. The ship sailed from Marseilles, via Palermo, with 408 Italian immigrants.
  • Fire on the Ocean -- an offsite blog
    This blog is intended as a place to examine, explore, and discover information about SS Volturno, the Uranium Line immigrant steamship that caught fire during a storm the in the North Atlantic on 9 October 1913. Unlike RMS Titanic just 18 months earlier, ten ships responded to Volturno's distress calls, and all but 132 of the 654 on board were rescued. (Regrettably, most of the victims died before the rescue ships arrived on scene.)

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