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Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1830

The following information on arrivals, due to the condition of the papers, has been taken from various sources including the Montreal Gazette MG, Montreal Herald MH, and the Canadian Courant & Montreal Advertiser CC.
note: if ships' rigging or name of Master unpublished, it is indicated by -- (The newspapers were often filmed within their binding, making one side of some entries, unreadable, or only partly legible. This can lead to errors in the interpretation of the entry or missed entries. ) Be aware that there may be two or more ships of the same name, from the same, or different ports, during the same year. A few ships also made two trips in 1830.

see also St. Lawrence Steamboat Co. Passenger Records for New Swiftsure, Chambly, Waterloo & John Molson.

April 25 - June 06 | June 07 - July 09 | July 10 - September 08 | September 10 - November 25

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 19th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 10 brig Maria Vautier 04 July Arichat   to P. Sheppard / rum, sugar & fish
July 10 ship Jane Warnock 27 May Belfast 100 settlers
(see two notes below)
to John Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
July 10 bark Catherine Taylor 27 May Belfast   to John Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
July 10 brig Shannon Matches 25 June Newfoundland   to R. Methley / in ballast
July 10 brig Thompson Mass 25 June Newfoundland Mr. Scott to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
July 10 brig Mulgrave Castle Green 20 May London   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
July 12 ship Rankin London   to Gilmour & Co. / in ballast
July 12 schooner N. Binny 02 July Halifax   to H. Dubord / rum & sugar
July 15 ship Guinare, 338 tons William Summerson 22 May Whitby 203 / 230 ? settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
July 10— brig Friends, Hudson, (for) Bridgwater
July 10— schooner Felix, Marmaud, (for) Newfoundland
July 10— brig Grecian, Cockerill, (for) Tralee
July 10— brig St. George, Thompson, (for) Maryport
July 10— bark Triton, Keigley, (for) Hull
July 10— bark Elizabeth, Wright, (for) Liverpool
July 10— brig George IV, Collier, (for) Lynn
July 10— brig Ythan, Bains, (for) Dundalk
July 10— ship John Francis, Miller, (for) Liverpool
July 10— brig Astrea, Smith, (for) Dundalk
July 10— brig Ontario, Arnold, (for) Bristol
July 10— schooner Phoebe, Simonds, (for) Arichat
July 10— bark Concord, Johns, (for) Bristol
July 12— bark Crown, Hopper, (for) London
July 12— schooner Margaret, Boudrot, (for) Arichat
July 12— ship John Campbell, Patterson, (for) Cork
July 12— brig William, Ritchie, (for) Liverpool
July 12— brig Percival, Johnston, (for) Dublin
July 12— brig Cynthia, Turner, (for) Sunderland
July 12— bark Dependent, Carr, (for) Bristol
July 12— brig Enterprize, Terry, (for) Woodbridge
July 12— brig Glenora, Ware, (for) Whitby
July 12— brig Preston, Woodthorpe, (for) Yarmouth
July 12— brig Pomona, Brown, (for) Dublin
July 12— bark Faside, McArthur, (for) Port Glasgow
July 12— ship St. Mary, Gill, (for) Hull
July 13— brig Donegal, Heyton, (for) Maryport
July 13— brig John, Callender, (for) Liverpool
July 13— brig Constantine, Berry / Barry, (for) Sunderland
July 13— brig Experiment, Collins, (for) Cardigan
July 13 bark Wallsend, Cooper, (for) Limerick
July 13— brig Robert W. Burns / Robert William Harris !, Searchwell, (for) Liverpool
July 13— brig Friends, Butlers, (for) Dublin
July 13 brig Earl of Dalhousie, Raisback / Raisbeck, (for) Hull
July 13— brig Joseph & Mary, Thirlwall, (for) Stockton
July 13— brig Archibald, Hunter, (for) London
July 13— brig Thetis, Gorman, (for) Limerick
July 13— brig Blenheim, Ballard, (for) Waterford
July 13— — Fanny, Crawford, (for) Liverpool
July 14— brig Ann, Walker, (for) London
July 14— bark Montreal, Frost, (for) Liverpool
July 14— bark Tobago, Sheppard, (for) London
July 14— brig Irton, Gatskill, (for) Liverpool
July 14— — Aurora, Poirier, (for) Miramichi
July 14— ship Ann, Key, (for) Ross
July 14— ship Suffolk, Peal, (for) Hull
July 14— — Mary, Wright, (for) Jamaica
July 14— brig Canadian, Hamilton, (for) Liverpool
July 14— brig Margaret Balfour, Gellatly, (for) Dundee
July 14— brig Mayflower, Moore, (for) Ballyshannon
July 14— brig Mary, Brown, (for) Carnarvon
July 14— ship Atlantic, Johnson, (for) Liverpool

In the Canadian, Mr. and Mrs. Cormick, of Glasgow ; Mrs. Kidd, of Laprairie

The woman Elizabeth Birch, who was stated in the papers lately to have been committed to prison for an attempt upon the lives of her children, has been liberated upon bail. No such charge was ever preferred against her, the depositions of her neighbours tended only to represent her as keeping a disorderly house, which was by them deemed a nuisance. The circumstance of one of her boys having been tied to a post with a rope around his neck, which by some was conjured up into an attempt at strangulation, has been proved to be a punishment which she inflicted upon her urchin on being found guilty of stealing a cock from a neighbouring yard. The boy denied that he felt inconvenience from the manner in which he was confined.

The following is a comparison of the number of vessels, their tonnage, and the number of emigrants arrived at this port to the 14th July, 1829, and the same date of 1830:—
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1829 384 105,887 7,874
1830 431 110,863 17,209
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 22nd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 16 brig Itinerant Nicholson 22 May Belfast 120 settlers to Symes & Son / in ballast
July 16 brig Hope Macfarlane 15 May Leith 25 settlers to J. Hamilton & Co. / general cargo
July 17 brig Tarbolton O'Hagan 25 May Newry 170 settlers to order / in ballast
July 17 brig Nicholson Carr 25 June Newfoundland   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 17 brig Alert Davidson 27 May Aberdeen   to C. Connery / in ballast
July 15— bark Volunteer, Thompson, (for) Cork
July 15— brig Sprightly, Johnson, (for) Dundee
July 15— brig James Johnson, Jordieson, (for) Cardiff
July 15— brig Elizabeth, Brown / Browne, (for) Workington
July 15— schooner Wellington, Hartray, (for) Newfoundland
July 15— brig George, Brown, (for) Leith
July 15— brig Sir George Murray, Williams, (for) Liverpool
July 15— brig Jamieson, Murray, (for) Sunderland
July 16— brig Dart, Blay, (for) Jamaica
July 16— brig Urania, Younger, (for) Leven
July 16— brig Onyx, Harvey, (for) Galway
July 16— brig Henry V, Thomas, (for) Neath
July 16— brig Cordelia, Hudson, (for) Sunderland
July 16— schooner Mary Ann, Sire, (for) Newfoundland
July 16— brig Trial, Wilson, (for) Belfast
July 16— brig Robert Burns, Ridley, (for) Liverpool
July 16— brig Cherub, Selkirk, (for) Greenock
July 16— brig Braganza, Ashwood, (for) Cadiz
July 16— brig Commerce, Burton, (for) Potbelly
July 16— bark Ellergill, Corbet, (for) Hull
July 16— schooner Elizabeth, Hall, (for) Plymouth
July 16— ship Westmoreland, Knill, (for) Hull
July 16— brig Richard & Ann, Smith, (for) Waterford
July 17— — Venus, Turner, (for) Labrador
July 17— brig Cabinet, Finn, (for) Dungarvon
July 15— brig Dalrymple, Dawson, (for) [Newcastle]
July 15— bark Miriam & Jane, Poolton, (for) [Newcastle]
July 17— brig Baltic, Miller, (for) London
July 17— brig Maria, Voutier, (for) Arichat

In the Cherub, for Greenock, Mr. Morris, of Montreal.
Among the passengers by the London packet ship Corinthian, arrived at New York, we notice the names of Mrs. Herbert Cornwall, Masters H. and F. Cornwall, and three servants, of St. John, New Brunswick.
In the James, at Halifax, from Boston, were passengers, Mrs. Irvine ; B. Tremain Esq., Mr. Edward, Master and Miss Tremain, of Quebec ; Miss Pyke and Miss Hartshorne, (of Halifax) from Montreal.
The celebrated Miss Frances Wright has returned to England from the United States, in the packet ship Hannibal, for London. Her sister, Mrs. Whitby, went to England in the same vessel.

Shipping Intelligence.—
The brig Daniel O'Connell, at Sligo, May 10th, for Quebec, arrived at New York, July 12th, with settlers.
Miramichi, July 7th.— On Wednesday last, the Jane of Cork, 130 tons register, bound to Quebec, arrived here with 170 passengers, all of whom were suffering either from disease, or want. As soon as these circumstances were made known by the Official Report of the Health Officer, the most prompt and efficient measures were adopted by the Magistracy, for the detention of the vessel, and the prevention of communication between her and the shore.

note about ship Jane, from Belfast
.... While on the subject of Emigration, without any intention of imputing improper or wilful conduct to any one, we may remark on the impropriety of vessels, arriving with Emigrants, not hauling to a wharf, but lying in the middle of a rapid current. The consequence of not doing so, is the annual loss of many lives ; as in the case of the ship Jane, which arrived on Saturday evening with 100 settlers from Belfast. We understand the she lay anchored in the middle of the River until Monday at noon, when a Steamboat went alongside, and took on board the passengers. It is known that in passing from this vessel, a boat with ...[missing text]... had she hauled to a proper situation the unfortunate accident would not have occurred. To many it may appear that such accidents are occasionally unavoidable, but there is more in it than this. On the arrival of a vessel with Emigrants, probably distressed for provisions, the first natural wish is to proceed on shore, and purchase the supply of their little necessities. Very few passengers of a higher station, and better means, would be content, after a long voyage, and in a crowded vessel, to remain nearly 48 hours in sight of land and comfort. In the case of a poor settler, who longs to get on shore to buy a loaf of bread, or a little milk for his child, the privation of this convenience is most oppressive. Every one at all acquainted with the wharves and harbour must admit the difficulty of getting a boat at all to go aboard a vessel ; and in subject the poor stranger and his family, to the expense of half a dollar and sometimes more, for conveyance to the shore, appears to us a real hardship. No blame attaches to the Harbour Master for this, but if his authority is not sufficient to obviate the evil and inconvenience of passenger vessels remaining so long in the stream, it is respectfully to be hoped, that the subject will not escape notice in the proper quarter.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday July 26th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 21 brig Molson Law 02 June Dundee Mr. Mitchel to Molson, Davies & Co. / general cargo
July 21 brig Cartha Smith 03 June Greenock Miss Lilly & Master Lilly ; 148 settlers to G. Ross & Co. / coals, iron &c.
July 19— brigantine Susan, Sereton, (for) New Brunswick
July 19— brig Jane, Burke, (for) Waterford
July 19— ship Maida, Becket, (for) Liverpool
July 19— ship Cumberland, Gardiner, (for) Liverpool
July 19— bark Wilberforce, Clark, (for) Hull
July 19— brig Trusty, Wylie, (for) Letterkenny
July 19— brig Dew Drop, Wokes, (for) London
July 19— bark Friendship, Tucker, (for) London
July 19— bark Robert & Ann, Richmond, (for) [New York]
July 20— ship William Pitt, Wildredge, (for) Hull
July 20— brig Neptune, Reay, (for) Clare
July 20— brig Squaw, Williams, (for) Aberystwith
July 20— brig Voyager, Andrews, (for) Liverpool
July 20— bark John & Thomas, Jones, (for) Belfast
July 20— bark Pons Ælii, Callender, (for) Gloucester
July 20— brig Camden, Hay, (for) Sunderland
July 20— bark New John, Ayre, (for) Limerick
July 20— — Union, Wilson, (for) Neath
July 20— bark Reaper, Rhena / Rhind, (for) Greenock
July 20— ship John Danford, Hepburn, (for) London
July 20— brigantine Roseway, McQueen, (for) Halifax
July 21— brig Denton, Denton, (for) Dundee
July 21— — Lancaster, Creighton, (for) Whitehaven
July 21— — Hibbert, Henderson, (for) Halifax
July 21— brig Thomas, Macready, (for) New Brunswick
July 21— brig Hope, Lloyd, (for) Chepstowe
July 21— brig Harrington, Halliday, (for) Cardigan
July 21— brig Ann, Hewson, (for) Hull
July 21— brig Fairy, Wilburne, (for) Liverpool

Among the strangers who have been lately in town, during their tour through the Canadas, we notice the names of General Lavalla, formerly Governor of Mexico, and Minister of Finance of that State ; Madame Ituride, the widow, we understand, of the late celebrated Emperor of Mexico ; Colonel Fornel, who holds a diplomatic appointment from the Republic in the United States ; and the Hon. David Finlayson, Speaker of the House of Assembly in the Island of Jamaica.

The Weather.
The weather at Quebec lately have been equally oppressive with that experienced in Montreal. The Mercury of Saturday the 17th says :— The weather has for some days past been unusually hot, even for this season of the year.Yesterday, at half past 3pm, the thermometer upon the most approved principle, and placed in a fair situation in the shade, indicated 104 of Farenheit, the wind had blown during the day from the westward. The Mercury, we believe, has never been observed, in Quebec, to rise above 106 in the shade, and we are informed that in one situation in the Upper town, it was marked at 105 yesterday evening. Neilson's Gazette of the succeeding Monday says :— The weather during the last week has been dry and unusually warm. On Friday and Saturday the thermometer was at 95 in the shade ; some have said at 105. Yesterday there were thunder showers, but the temperature still continues high.

The Army.
The Limerick Chronicle of the 2nd June says :— " Transports to convey the 8th and 32nd from Dublin to North America, have arrived at Kingstown." It is probable from the above that the 32nd Regiment left Ireland before 1st June, and may now be hourly expected.
The Neva Transport, Lieut. Adamson, R.N. Agent, sailed from Quebec on Wednesday for Woolwich. Major Coffin, Captains Faddy and Birch, Lieuts. Greenwood and Matson, and Assistant Surgeon Richardson, of the Royal Artillery, Lieut. Walpole, R.E. and Lieut. Nixon, 55th Regiment, (late of the 66th,) proceeded to England by this vessel. There were likewise on board 130 men of the Royal Artillery, 23 women and 53 children. Mrs. Captain Trotter, R.N. daughter and sevant, were also passengers.
D.A.C.G. Tidmarsh, of the late Commissary of Accounts Department, returned to England in the John Danford, which sailed on Thursday, from Quebec.
Lieut. Young, 24th Regiment, was a passenger in the packet ship Cambria, sailed from New York for London. In the Florida for Liverpool, we observe the name of C. Jarborough, Esquire, of the British Army.
Ensign Fownes, 71st Regiment, proceeded to New York on Friday, on his way to England.
The first division of the 32nd Regiment arrived at Quebec on Saturday.
Portsmouth, June 5th :— The Branches freight ship for Quebec, with detachments of the 71st and 79th Foot, put in here on Wednesday with contrary winds.

Neilson's Gazette of Monday relates the following:
A circumstance has recently occurred, which is so intimately connected with the public health, as to deserve particular notice. The ship Jane, from Belfast, Captain Warnock, having arrived in the harbour on the 10th instant, with emigrants, was immediately boarded by the Harbour Master, who in conformity with the law passed at the last Session for preventing the introduction of contagious diseases, required of the Captain to state whether there was any person sick on board ; to which he replied that there was none. The Harbour Master made his report accordingly to the Health Officer, with the certificate of the Captain annexed. It turned out however that there were six of the children affected with the small-pox, five of whom were put on board some of the Montreal Steamboats which took them up the River that evening. The other was found the next day on one of the wharves, and immediately sent to the Fever Hospital at Pointe Levi. The Health Officer, having learned from the mother of the child the existence of the contagion on board the Jane, immediately visited her, and enquired of the mate (the Captain being absent) whether some children affected with the small pox had not been landed from the ship ; to which he replied that neither he nor the Captain were Medical men, and that they could not tell the small pox from any other disease, that they did not know that any of the children were sick at all.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday July 29th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 23 schooner Three Friends Vallerand 03 June the Canaries   to Messrs. Buchanan & Co. / with wines and fruit
July 23 brig Maria Laurie 30 June Newfoundland   to Gowan & Co. / in ballast
July 23 brig Harmony Edington 22 May London   to Price & Co. / in ballast
July 23 bark Britomart (Transport) Blake 02 June Dublin six officers, Captain Reoch ; Lieutenants Gardiner, & Wilson ; Ensigns Baines & Grogan ; Asst. Surgeon Griffin & 125 men of the 32nd Regiment to Government
July 25 ship Chieftain H. Blair 09 June Liverpool Mr. Strange & Mr. Knox ; 17 settlers to G. Ross & Co. / general cargo
July 25 brig Kelsick Wood Glover 10 June Workington 82 settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / coals
July 25 bark Forster Callender 29 May Hull 129 settlers to R. Methley / goods
July 25 ship Mountaineer Clark 26 May London 6 settlers to W. Patton / in ballast
July 25 brig Welcome Kirk 31 days Trinidad Mr. Trotter to Pemberton Brothers / in ballast
July 25 brig Mary Brown 22 May Sligo 110 settlers to James Saunders / in ballast
July 25 brig George Canning Callender 03 June Greenock 140 settlers to McNaught & Co. / rum
July 25 brig Aisthorpe Kenny 20 June Sligo 142 settlers to order / in ballast
July 25 brig George Anderson 17 days Newfoundland   to T. Cringan & Co. / in ballast
July 22— brigantine Hannah, Culleton, (for) Wexford
July 22— bark Fletcher, Forster, (for) Liverpool
July 22— bark Spence, Murray, (for) Dublin
July 22— bark Ranger, Davidson, (for) Limerick
July 23— ship Mansfield, Stainback, (for) London
July 23— brig Betsy Miller, Robertson, (for) Aberystwith
July 23— brig Mirables, Skipsey, (for) Newcastle
July 23— brig Hope, Huddart, (for) Dublin
July 23— brig Thomas Gelstone, Laurie, (for) Belfast
July 23— brig Collins, Smart, (for) Puhelly
July 23— brig Dale, McNeil, (for) Aberystwith
July 23— bark Atbury, Cunningham, (for) Colchester
July 23— brig Britannia, Halliday, (for) Annan
July 24— brig Blagdon, Croft, (for) London
July 24— ship Robert Kerr, Boyd, (for) Liverpool
July 24— brig Young Samuel, Bureau, (for) Newry
July 24— brig Margery, Handyside, (for) Berwick
July 24— brig Milham, Miller, (for) Drogheda
July 24— brig Bob Logic, Leagues, (for) Newfoundland
July 24— brig Canada, Cozen, (for) Limerick
July 24— brig Domus, Ord, (for) Sunderland

It is with pleasure says Neilson's Gazette of Thursday, we record one of numerous instances of the noble and intrepid conduct of English sailors. Yesterday while the John Danford was leaving Carman's wharf, being about to sail for England, two women (wives of some of the Royal Artillery) going home in this vessel, fell from the wharf with a child. Captain Hepburn of the John Danford immediately jumped overboard, having seized one of the ends of the ships' braces, and rescued these three persons from immediate death.

About ten days ago as a boat from Hunt's wharf, Quebec, was proceeding with passengers, emigrants, to the Steamboat Richelieu, lying in the stream, from the ignorance of the boatmen, who had given up the steering to a passenger, who could not manage a boat, it came in contact with the wheels of the Richelieu, which the stream tide had caused to be turning, and immediately upset, when seven out of twelve unhappily perished, five men and two women. Great praise is due to the sailors of the Richelieu and the St. Lawrence Steamers, who at the imminent hazard of their own lives succeeded in rescuing five from a watery grave. The bodies of James Smith and woman unknown have since been picked up in the St. Lawrence, opposite the town ; the bodies of another woman and of a person, apparently a sailor, have also been found on the Island of Orleans in the South Channel. These individuals appear to be those, who lost their lives by the upsetting of the boat referred to above.

The following melancholy accident occurred to a part of the crew of the Triton, off the Falls of Montmorenci some days ago. Three men had gone in the long boat with the anchor, and a heavy chain cable to moor the vessel, and sere towed by a skiff having four other hands on board. The Captain, observing that the anchor was badly hitched, called out to the men in the long boat to rectify it unfortunately they all went aft for the purpose, when the boat sank. The men in the skiff then pulled towards them to render assistance, and, with a precipitation too common in such cases, all rushed to one side of the boat to pick up their drowning comrades, when the skiff also upset, and of the seven only one was saved. They were we learn, all young men, the eldest not twenty-five years of age, and belonged to respected families in Sunderland.
The Mate of the Henry V. also lost his life in carrying out an anchor to moor that vessel ; in letting it go he slipped over the stern of the boat and went down with the anchor, as afterwards appeared, for upon weighing it twelve hours afterwards the body was found clinging to it. The bodies of two men have since been found on the Island of Orleans in the North Channel, who appear to be those that lost their lives, while raising the anchor of the Triton.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 2nd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 27 ship Asia White 01 June London   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
July 27 ship Camden Briggs 20 May London   to W. Patton / in ballast
July 27 brig Emerald Storr 20 May London   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 27 schooner Pomona Davidson 23 days Pictou 50 settlers to the Master / paving stones
July 28 brig Isabella Morris 14 days Halifax   to Pembertons / rum & sugar
July 28 brig Lively Graves 04 June Wexford   to Pembertons / in ballast
July 29 bark Mariner Swinton 09 June Liverpool 155 settlers W. Patton & Co. / in ballast
July 26— brig Harriet, Atcheson, (for) Barbadoes
July 26— brig Canada, Wood, (for) Aberystwith
July 26— — Nancy, Robson, (for) Newcastle
July 26— bark Robert Russel, Bell, (for) Liverpool
July 26— ship Blenheim, Frankland, (for) London
July 26— brig Margaret, Neilson, (for) Liverpool
July 26— brig Triton, Denton, (for) Topsham
July 26— brig John & Mary, Hodgson, (for) Sunderland
July 27— bark Britannia, Chambers, (for) Hull
July 27— brig Latona, McCulloch, (for) Westport
July 27— brig Justinian, Reay, (for) London
July 27— — Sylla, Duncan, (for) Liverpool
July 27— brig Neptune, Brown, (for) Leith
July 27— ship William Pitt, Ogilvy, (for) Liverpool
July 27— brigantine Gaspé, Blair, (for) Jamaica
July 27— brig Allies, Hill, (for) Chepstow
July 27— ship Dunlop, Gowen, (for) Belfast
July 27— bark Isabella, Banks, (for) Liverpool
July 27— ship Columbia, Ward, (for) Dublin
July 27— ship Carouge, Spalding, (for) Liverpool (new ship)

A trial trip was made Saturday afternoon by the British America, the splendid new steam vessel lately built for the Tow Boat Company. She went as far as Long Point, returning in about an hour and a half, and we understand that her running on this occasion fully realised the anticipations of her enterprising proprietors. Her engines and machinery, all from the foundry of Messrs. John D. Ward & Co. are distinguished for that excellence of workmanship for which the Messrs. Ward have rendered themselves so prominent. The British America has still some carpentry and other work to complete, and will probably make her first trip to Quebec in the course of this week.

The steamboat Chambly, when on her way from Quebec to Montreal on Friday last, struck on a rock in the Richelieu, which induced the Captain to run her ashore to prevent her filling completely. The John Molson brought up carpenters from Quebec, and the boat, having been got off on Saturday, was to be taken to the south shore to be repaired. It is expected that she will be ready to resume her place in the line in about a week.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 5th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
July 30 brig Ann & Mary Thomas Evans 07 June London   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
July 30 brig John McFarlane 02 June Leith   to Pemberton Brothers / coals & goods
July 30 ship Norval O'Brien 63 days London   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
July 30 bark Hannibal Smith 05 June Liverpool   to J. Hamilton & Co. / salt
July 30 brig Dryad Power 18 June Liverpool   to Leslie, Stuart & Co. / salt
July 30 bark Mint Smith 24 May London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
July 30 brig Grace Dixon 11 July Newfoundland   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
July 30 brig Richardson Donally 11 July Newfoundland   to T. Froste & Co. / in ballast
July 30 brig Ami Millar 09 July Newfoundland   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
July 30 brig Hope White 17 June Liverpool Mr. Young to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
July 31 brig John Dryden 26 days Boston, U.S.   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
July 31 brig Foundling Scott 08 June Greenock Mr.& Mrs. John Taylor ; Mrs. and Miss Watson ; Mr. James McKenzie ; Mr. S. Leith and Mr. K. McKenzie to McNaught & Co. / general cargo
July 31 brig Earl Bathurst
(237 tons)
Robert Smith 23 May London Mr.& Mrs. Williams and family ; Mr.& Mrs. Ferrier and family ; Mr. James to W. Price & Co
July 31 two schooners 11days Miramichi   in ballast
July 31 bark Brothers Methley 56 days London   to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
Aug 01 bark Christiania Wilkie 26 May London   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Aug 01 ship Thomas Wallace Pearson 21 June Portsmouth   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Aug 02 brig Lady Normandy John Teasdale 15 June Liverpool   to Froste & Co. / general cargo
Aug 02 brigantine John & Charles Mead 20 days Labrador   to William Budden / fish
July 29— brig Carricks, Johnston, (for) Dundalk
July 29— brig Sally, Ditchburn, (for) Drogheda
July 29— brig Eden, Purcell, (for) Cork
July 29— bark Sappho, Mullens, (for) London
July 30— brig Claremont, Tolson / Thompson, (for) Cork
July 30— brig Cherub, Phelp, (for) Sunderland
July 30— brig Andrew Nugent, Crangle / Cringle, (for) Sligo
July 30— schooner Marie Louise, —, (for) Miramichi
July 31— schooner Honora, Richardson, (for) Newfoundland
July 31— brig Pembroke Castle, John, (for) Carmarthen
July 31— brig Grace, Master, (for) Neath
July 31— brig Enterprize, Angus, (for) Newcastle
July 31— brig Spring, Close, (for) Yarmouth
July 31— bark Four Sisters, Clay, (for) Newcastle
July 31— ship Alcoyne, Muir, (for) Liverpool
July 31— bark Cicero, Robinson, (for) London
July 31— brig Brown, Barnes, (for) Isle of Man
July 31— brig Promise, Shearer, (for) Liverpool
July 31— brig Sarah, Halliday, (for) Newry
July 31— ship Active, Bowie, (for) Newcastle
July 31— bark St. David, Dale, (for) Bristol
Aug 02— ship Brothers, Jenkinson, (for) Hull
Aug 02— ship Ocean, Elstob, (for) Lynn

At Quebec, on Saturday last, by the Venerable Archdeacon Mountain, George Addenbroke Gore Esquire, Comptroller of His Majesty's Customs, to Mary Ann, daughter of John Racey, of Beauport.

At Quebec, on Monday last, after a lingering illness, Captain Robert White of the Trinity Yacht Pilot, aged 28 years. He was much regretted by his friends and acquaintances.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday & Tuesday August 9th & 10th (special) - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 03 bark Bee Baxter 18 June Glasgow   to A. Gilmour & Co. / in ballast
Aug 03 bark William Woodward 04 June London   to W. Price / in ballast
Aug 03 ship Branches Morrison 22 May London   to J. Dyke & Co. / goods
Aug 03 brig Countess Lonsdale Groom 08 June London   to W. Price / in ballast
Aug 03 brig Lady Ann Simpson 04 June Hull 35 settlers to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Aug 03 brig Samuel McGee 05 June Whitehaven 108 settlers to — / in ballast
Aug 04 brig Derwent Millar 10 June Plymouth 14 settlers to Lemesurier & Co. / goods
Aug 05 bark Hebron Wray 17 June Dublin 176 settlers to Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
Aug 05 bark Duchess of Richmond Alexander 22 June Greenock 129 settlers to Rodger Dean & Co.
Aug 05 ship Edward London   to H. Patton / in ballast | at Riviere du Loup
Aug 05 brig Agenoria Drysdale 05 July St. Vincents   to J.P. Thirlwall / rum & sugar
Aug 06 brig Harriet Price 08 July Havre de Grace   to — / in ballast
Aug 06 brig Cyclops Cochran 20 June Sligo 182 settlers to C. Connery / goods
Aug 07 brig Toronto Marchand 09 weeks Jamaica   to A.C. Freer & Co. / rum & sugar
Aug 07 brig Tom Coulthard 15 June Belfast   to R. Methley / in ballast
Aug 07 bark Hebe Shaughan / Straughan 16 June Dublin   to W. Price & Co. / coals
Aug 07 ship Hibberts Morley 28 May London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Aug 07 brig Fisher Sewell 05 June Harrington 18 settlers to J. Dyke & Co.
Aug 03— ship Antigua Packet, Smith, (for) Liverpool
Aug 03— brig Corrib, McDonagh, (for) Galway
Aug 03— brig Speedwell, Mornamy, (for) Halifax
Aug 03— bark Manchester, Waller, (for) Hull
Aug 03— brig Industry, Boardman, (for) Belfast
Aug 03— schooner Pomona, Davidson, (for) Miramichi
Aug 04— bark Brothers, Hynes, (for) Dublin
Aug 04— bark Isabella, Leighton, (for) Hull
Aug 04— brig British Queen, Rochester, (for) Liverpool
Aug 05— bark Sophia, Blake, (for) London
Aug 05— brig Tarbolton, Hagan, (for) Newry
Aug 06— ship Chapman, Christie, (for) London
Aug 06— ship Rankin, Wishart, (for) London
Aug 06— brig Emerald, Ritzema, (for) London

In the Brigton, from London at New York, Mr. Ridout and family.
In the transport Britomart, for Portsmouth, the Rev. Mr. Winburn, wife and family ; Captain Hamilton, 31st Regiment A.D.C. to His Excellency the Commander of the Forces ; Lieut. Rose, 15th Regiment ; detachments & invalids and Hospital Assistant Peter Baird M.D.

from the August 10th special edition of the Montreal Gazette

It was reported that on Saturday June 26th 1830, the "Death of George the Fourth and Accession of William the Fourth."

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 12th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 08 brig Symmetry Dale 13 July Philadelphia   to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
Aug 08 brig Fame Davies 25 May Yarmouth   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Aug 08 brig Agenoria Hardcastle 23 June Liverpool 14 settlers to Price & Co.
Aug 08 brig Stirling Castle Fraser 23 June Greenock 291 settlers to Price & Co. / in ballast
Aug 08 brig John T. Duckworth Williams 06 July Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / rum &c.
Aug 08 brig Russel Whitway 28 April Bristol via Newfoundland   to Symes & Son / general cargo
Aug 08 bark XYZ Nixon 31 May Newcastle 271 settlers to J. Leather & Co. / coals
Aug 08 bark Intrepid Robinson 12 June Whitby   to — / in ballast
Aug 08 bark Caledonian Carrick 16 June Hull 69 settlers to Symes & Son / in ballast
Aug 08 bark Jackson, 251 tons Jackson 25 June Whitby 22 settlers to — / in ballast
Aug 08 bark Earl Stanhope, 295 tons Jamieson 13 June Whitby 60 settlers to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Aug 08 bark Emperor Alexander McHennon 23 June Portsmouth   to H. Lemesurier & Co.
Aug 08 brig Amity Ray 09 June Glasgow 14 settlers to W. Price & Co. / general cargo
Aug 08 ship Superior Brown 06 June Bristol   to W. Budden / general cargo
Aug 08 ship John Barry Davidson 06 June Portsmouth Mr. Charles Noyes to W. Price / in ballast
Aug 08 ship Brunswick Blake 03 weeks New York   to — / in ballast
Aug 08 schooner Gleaner Wilson 21 June Antigua   to Tucker & Stewart / rum & sugar
Aug 08 brig John Gray 16 June Belfast 150 settlers to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
Aug 08 brig Jane White 16 June Workington   to G. Symes & Son / coals
Aug 08 brig Europe Lodgerton 12 weeks Bordeaux   to A. Gilmour & Co. / in ballast
Aug 09 bark Perseus Jackson 07 June Dublin   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Aug 09 bark Norfolk Slater 07 weeks Cork   to T. Ryan / in ballast
Aug 09 brig Rosebank Boyd 27 June Belfast 268 settlers to J. Brown / salt
Aug 09 brig Sarah Maria Pottinger 03 June London   to H. Atkinson / wines
Aug 09 bark Teviotdale Kane 21 June Liverpool   to T. Froste & Co. / salt
Aug 09 brig Warfinger Evans 16 June Sunderland   to Pembertons / coals
Aug 09 bark Hawkesbury Biggs 27 May London   to W. Price / in ballast
Aug 09 brig Wilkinson Roper 04 June Belfast 130 settlers to T. Curry / in ballast
Aug 09 brig Elizabeth Moore 24 June Padstow   to order / in ballast
Aug 09 brig Two Brothers Evans 22 June Dublin 280 settlers
(see article below)
to Pembertons / in ballast
Aug 10 brig Metis Packet Chaplin 25 July St. George's Bay   to A.C. Freer & Co. / fish and furs
Aug 10 brig Spring Flower Brown 20 June Padstow 57 settlers to L.S. Levey / in ballast
Aug 10 brig Canada Potts 18 June Cromarty 244 settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / coals
Aug 10 brig John Mann 53 days Cromarty 120 settlers to J. Hamilton & Co. / in ballast
Aug 10 ship Briton Dixon 25 June Bristol 38 settlers to W. Budden / general cargo
Aug 10 brig Amphitrite / Amphytrite Chaplin 20 June Newcastle   to Moir & Heath / coals & glass
Aug 10 brig Emperor Alexander McKinnon 19 June Dundalk   to H. Lemesurier & Co. / in ballast
Aug 07— brig Mary Ann, Brambell / Barnwell, (for) Liverpool
Aug 09— ship Catherine, Taylor, (for) Limerick
Aug 09— schooner Triumph, McCallum, (for) Miramichi
Aug 09— brig Francis Peabody, Mock, (for) Liverpool
Aug 09— brig Alert, Davidson, (for) Dublin
Aug 09— brig Nancy, Jefferson, (for) Carnarvon
Aug 09— schooner Nestor, McCallum, (for) Miramichi

The Wilkinson for Quebec, with settlers, was supplied with water by the Rosebank on the Banks, three weeks since.

About 22,000 settlers have arrived this season, being 9,000 above the sum total of Emigrants at this port last year ; of these near 1,200 have arrived since last Saturday evening. The number of vessels arrived this season exceeds that of last year at the same period, by 63. The difference in tonnage in favour of 1830, is a little more than 5000 tons. A number of vessels are still due in this port.

On Sunday morning last, William Harrison, one of the crew of the Lady Normanby, was drowned opposite this city [Montreal]. The vessel was coming through the current in the tow of the Hercules, and he was engaged in lowering the stern boat, when, before it was fairly down, the swift running water upset it, and threw Harrison into the river. The current was too strong to admit of any assistance being afforded him ; and the unfortunate man, after twice rising to the surface, was overwhelmed. His body has not yet been found. — Herald. [the body was found and buried yesterday]

On the 19th June, on board the Southampton, from Quebec to Grenada, whither he was going for the benefit of his health, Mr. Cornelius Peck, a respectable citizen of Montreal.

Among the strangers now in town, we learn the names of the Duke and Marquis of Otranto, two of the sons of the celebrated Minister of Police, Joseph Fouché, Duke of Otranto, and Mr. Shenley, Consul General from the British Government to Hayti.

On receipt of the intelligence of His late Majesty's death, at New York, the British Consul issued the following notice.—

His Britannic Majesty's Consulate
New York, August 6th, 1830

Information of the death of our late beloved and lamented Sovereign George the Fourth, having reached this city this day — and event which calls forth such universal sorrow and unfeigned regret, leads me to request that the Commanders of British vessels in this port will, from this date, cause their colours to be hoisted half-mast each day until the 18th instant.

James Buchanan, Consul

We learn from the Courier and Enquirer that in consequence all British Shipping in the Harbour immediately hoisted their colours half-mast:— the American vessels without delay paid the same mark of respect to the memory of the late King. The Courier remarks " this is a feeling that we are pleased to see exhibited — it is honourable to our Captains, and is decided proof of that good and cordial feeling between the two nations, which we trust will ever be cherished. "

Mr. Buchanan has since issued the following letter of thanks:—

His Britannic Majesty's Consulate
New York, August 7th, 1830

Gentlemen.— The generous and kind sympathy you spontaneously expressed, by hoisting your colours half-mast high, on the arrival of the melancholy findings of the death of His late Majesty George the Fourth, I beg to assure you has called forth, from His Majesty's subjects in this city, respect, admiration and esteem. Such a display of national feeling on your part, is eminently calculated to cherish those sentiments which have happily arisen during the glorious reign of His late Majesty, between the two countries, and which, I confidently hope, will be followed up during the reign of His present Majesty — William the Fourth. I have the honour to remain, gentlemen, the masters and commanders, your obedient humble servant,

James Buchanan

To the Masters and Commanders of American vessels now in the Port of New York
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 16th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 11 brig Britannia Kelk 04 June Youghall 24 settlers to J. Dyke & Co. / goods
Aug 11 brig Scipio Cowan 02 June Dublin 110 settlers to C. Connery / in ballast
Aug 13 brig Deveron McGill 03 July Greenock 117 settlers to Roger Dean & Co. / goods
Aug 13 ship Triton McLean 08 weeks Leith 64 settlers to Roger Dean & Co. / goods
Aug 13 bark Julius Williams 26 June Hull 74 settlers to — / in ballast
Aug 13 brig Camilla Hamilton 01 July Liverpool settlers to R. Methley / general cargo
Aug 13 brig John Binmer Scott 01 July Bristol   to J.P. Thirlwall / in ballast
Aug 10— brig Maria, Laurie, (for) Drogheda
Aug 10— brig Cleopatra, Hewitt, (for) Aberystwith
Aug 10— brig Mars, Gibson, (for) Cardiff
Aug 11— bark Esther, Findlay / Finlay, (for) London
Aug 11— — Otter, Joncus, (for) Miramichi
Aug 11— brig Thorney Close / Thorny Close, Ayre, (for) London
Aug 11— ship Gulnare, Summerson, (for) Liverpool
Aug 11— bark Victory, Simpson, (for) Hull
Aug 11— brig James Deniston, McAlpine, (for) Greenock
Aug 11— ship Camden, Briggs, (for) London
Aug 12— schooner Rebecca, Decasax, (for) Bathurst
Aug 12— brig Shannon, Matches, (for) Whitehaven
Aug 12— brig Welcome, Kirk, (for) Dublin
Aug 12— brig Thompson, Mann, (for) Carmarthen
Aug 12— schooner Three Friends, Valerius, (for) Gibraltar
Aug 12— schooner John & Charles, Mead, (for) Newfoundland
Aug 12— schooner Prudent, Billingsby, (for) Miramichi
Aug 13— brig Isabella, Morris, (for) Drogheda
Aug 13— brig Itinerant, Nicholson, (for) Maryport
Aug 13— bark Madras, Christian, (for) Liverpool
Aug 13— brig Isabella, Noble, (for) Liverpool

Among the passengers by the packet of the 1st August, sailed from New York for Liverpool, we observe Lieut. Fownes, of the 71st Highland Light Infantry, and Messrs. J.C. Reiffenstein and George Okill Stuart, of Quebec.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 19th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 14 bark Baltic Merchant Neagle 21 June London   to L.S. Levey & Co. / in ballast
Aug 14 brig Kingfisher Rayside 08 days Miramichi    
Aug 14 brig Anglia Halburn 08 weeks Bordeaux   to Pemberton Brothers / goods
Aug 14 bark Harriet Locke 16 June London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Aug 15 brig Prince Leopold Richardson 03 June Dublin 180 settlers to Mr. Kenna / goods
Aug 15 bark Doris Hough 24 June Plymouth   to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
Aug 15 brig Anne Steel 13 June Sunderland   to H. Gowen & Co. / coals
Aug 15 brig James Hamilton Wilson 07 weeks Dublin 76 settlers to J. Hamilton / in ballast
Aug 15 brig Sarah & Eliza Woolcotte 21 June Waterford   to — / cordage
Aug 15 brig Henry Wallace 29 June Harrington   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Aug 15 brig Brilliant Simpkins 09 weeks Cork 120 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Aug 15 brig Newcastle Clay 22 July St. John's, Nfld   to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
Aug 16 brig St. Lawrence Blair 20 June Sunderland   to H. Gowen & Co. / coals
Aug 14— brig Aisthorpe, Kenny, (for) Westport
Aug 14— — Caroline, McNair, (for) Miramichi
Aug 14— brig George, Anderson, (for) Liverpool

New Brunswick

The Weekly Observer, published at St. John, contains the following paragraph :— Within these six days past, we have had by emigration from Ireland, an accession to our numbers of nearly seven hundred souls. Some of these emigrants are apparently a superior class, but a great proportion are quite poor. — The Mary, which brought 198 in the steerage, has the small-pox on board and all communication with her is prohibited strictly. We learn that there were six deaths on the passage, five of which were from small-pox, and that there are six or seven now sick, in different stages of the disease. We also learn it to be the intention of the proper Authorities, that the healthy passengers shall be forthwith landed on Partridge Island, where they will remain until their clothes and bedding are washed, and them declared healthy. Those who are sick are to remain on board, for the present. This arrangement will render the situation of the healthy, as well as the sick, more comfortable.

From the same paper we copy the following :— " Novelties.— Under this head may be mentioned the arrival in our port of an East Indiaman to get a load of timber, and of a vessel from Holland with Dutch emigrants, men and women, to the number of 108 — an antique and grotesque looking race, but apparently well fed, very orderly, clean, and comfortable in their habits. Their destination is New York, but finding that they could not be landed in any thing but an American bottom [ie. and American vessel], they were brought in here, and yesterday morning went off to Eastport [Maine], in the Lerwick, which brought them, and will there get some other conveyance. "

NOTICE:— If JOHN BURTON, who formerly resided in Pennyan, in the State of New York, and who is supposed now to be in Canada, will make known his present place of residence, at the Gazette Office, Montreal, he will hear something of moment to him. Any information from other parties, who may be acquainted with the residence of the said John Burton, will be thankfully received.
Montreal, August 19, 1830

The following is a comparison of the number of vessels, their tonnage, and the number of emigrants arrived at this port to the 16th August, 1829, and the same date of 1830:— [last 1-2 digits of numbers of settlers illegible]
Years Vessels Tonnage Settlers
1829 488 135,295 11,530
1830 554 144,330 22,500
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 23rd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 17 brig Chieftain Sparks 23 June Liverpool   to Pembertons / goods
Aug 18 brig General Phipps Robson 28 June Liverpool   to W. Price & Co. / goods
Aug 18 brig Albion Isaacs 47 days Cork 129 settlers to Pembertons / in ballast
Aug 18 brig Belfast Swan 29 July Bermuda Messrs. Middleton and Perrott to Tucker & Stewart / rum & sugar
Aug 18 ship Huntly Hannah 08 July Glasgow 40 settlers to Rodger Dean & Co. / in ballast
Aug 18 bark Europe Marmick 58 days Chatham   to William Price / in ballast
Aug 19 brig Endymion Smith 05 Aug Halifax   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Aug 19 bark Hindosten / Hindostan Lamb 24 June London   to W. Price & Co. / in ballast
Aug 20 brig Retrieve Hague 28 June Gibraltar   to J. Dyke & Son / in ballast
Aug 20 brig Poll Parrot Amy 15 days Gaspe 12 settlers to G. Symes & Son / in ballast
Aug 20 brig Eclipse Bate ? 01 Aug St. John's, Nfld   to James Hunt / in ballast
Aug 20 bark Resolution Ward 17 days Halifax 8 settlers to James Hamilton / goods
Aug 21 brig Dispatch Lefebvre 21 July Grenada   to Forsyth, Walker & Co. / rum
Aug 21 brig Perseverance Watts 01 July Newport   to Gillespie, Finlay & Co. / iron
Aug 21 ship Unicorn Troup 04 July Liverpool   to H. Forsyth & Co. / goods | first vessel on the 2nd voyage
Aug 21 bark Asia Ward 18 July Philadelphia   to order / in ballast
Aug 17— — Bachelor, Caldwell, (for) Halifax
Aug 17— brig Mulgrave Castle, Green, (for) London
Aug 17— brig John T. Duckworth, Williams, (for) Newfoundland
Aug 18— bark Bernard, Hooper, (for) London
Aug 19— schooner Emilie, Nolin, (for) Esquimeaux Bay
Aug 20— schooner Ariel, Martin, (for) Halifax
Aug 20— schooner Active, Lavachie, (for) Miramichi

From the Official Gazette

Some days ago, a party of poor Emigrants, consisting of 31 families, and one hundred and fifty-three souls, were landed at this port from the vessel Two Brothers, from Dublin. They brought with them documents showing that they had been sent out by public subscription, under the sanction of the Magistrates of the County of Kildare, headed by the Duke of Leinster, whose signature is to the recommendation they brought. They are spoken of as being of moral and industrious habits and character, and as having been employed in a woolen manufactory, at Celbridge, in the County of Kildare, until the depression of that branch of trade in Ireland deprived them of the means of supporting their large families, and induced them to emigrate to these Provinces, their passage money having been paid, as mentioned above, by public subscription. On their arrival here, these poor people, whose case seems a sufficiently hard one, applied immediately to Mr. Buchanan, the Resident Superintendent of Emigrants, expecting, as they declared, that pecuniary aid had been transmitted from Celbridge, to be given to them on arrival in Quebec. We are sorry to say no such provision had been made for them, not has any communication been received from Kildare, except what they themselves brought. Such was the story of these poor Emigrants, who were than cast perfectly destitute upon our shores. Owing to the unprecedented influx of Settlers this season, no hope of employment on the Public works in this and the Upper Province was to be entertained, the number of heads being fully complete ;— and the Superintendent was exceedingly at a loss to point out any method of relief to these industrious strangers. It having been reported, however, that a scarcity of labouring hands, to work at the harvest, and on the new roads, was felt in the Eastern Townships, he rightly considered it most advantageous to direct their steps to that section of the country. By the very great kindness and liberality of Mr. Shaw and Mr. Ryan, Agents to the Steam Boat Companies, who promptly granted a free passage to such places on the River as the Emigrants might select for landing, Mr. Buchanan was finally enabled to direct them to situations, where he had good ground for thinking, if they followed his advice, that thy would find then employment, and a portion of them in the avocations to which they had been accustomed. It is to be hoped that the above occurrence, as well the fact o such a number of Pauper Emigrants having been thus sent out without means, and in a manner every way so careless and improvident, will draw public attention to an evil which may become in time of serious consequence. We have reason to believe the matter will not escape notice in the highest quarter here, being fully convinced that His Majesty's Government will never sanction the unrestricted introduction of an unlimited number of paupers into these Colonies, without being certain that reasonable arrangements have been made, and proper precautions taken to prevent their becoming a burthen instead of a benefit to a rising Province. When, some time ago, we spoke favourably of the plan adopted by the Parishes in England, of sending out their superabundant labouring poor to North America, we did so under the impression that sufficient means were to be secured to them on arrival, to enable them to commence an immediate and active career of industry and utility. Under proper authority, and intelligent management, this might easily be done. But against such steps on the part of the Parishes as those taken by the Magistrates of Kildare, we strongly protest on the ground of justice and common humanity, in spite of the powerful name of " Ireland's only Duke. " Most undoubtedly a very wide field for the industrious labourer is presented in this flourishing Colony ; and it cannot be denied that the effect of the liberal grants of the Provincial Legislature, for the improvement of internal communications, has during the last two years, been most beneficially felt, and has mainly tended to afford means of employment and support to a very considerable number of the labouring and Emigrant population.

We are authorised by Mr. Buchanan, His Majesty's Resident Agent for Settlers to express thus publicly his thanks to Mr. Shaw and Mr. Ryan, for their very gentlemanly and prompt acquiescence in his request of a free passage up the River, in favour of a number of destitute Emigrants lately landed here from on board the bark [sic] Two Brothers, from Dublin. Other instances of liberality on the part of these gentlemen, and also of Mr. Greenfield, owner of the Steamboat Lady of the Lake, in giving a gratuitous passage to distressed Emigrants and particularly to the surviving passengers of the ill fated Newry and the brig Triton, states the acknowledgements of the Resident Agent, which he has desired us in his name to make. We need scarcely say, we do so with the utmost satisfaction ; and shall be always happy to record similar instances of benevolence.

No arrivals at the Port of Quebec Thursday August 26th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 21— ship Jane, Warnock, (for) Belfast
Aug 21— brig Aid, Todd, (for) Wexford
Aug 21— — Eleanor, Wilson, (for) Antigua
Aug 21— brig Countess Lonsdale, Groom, (for) Dublin

The Lord Gambier, from New York, and the brig Grenada, 19th July from Grenada, anchored off Green Island Saturday morning last. The Captain of the Lord Gambier has come up to town. The Lord Gambier has experienced nothing but calm and head winds since entering the Gulf — her Pilot was taken on board 12 days since. Brig Sussex was to leave New York for Quebec two days after the Lord Gambier.

The brig Canada sailed on the 25th June from Cromarty for Quebec, having on board more than 200 emigrants, and on Saturday the brig John left the same port, on a similar voyage, with a complement of 114. About a fortnight ago, another vessel, the XYZ sailed from the North with emigrants ; and altogether not less than 680 of out countrymen, chiefly from Sunderland, have this season quitted their native country. — Edinburgh Weekly Journal.
The Stirling Castle and Duchess of Richmond were to sail from Greenock for Quebec, about the beginning of July, the former with 323, and the latter with 320 passengers making the enormous total of 643 emigrants, chiefly, we believe, from the Highlands. At this rate the Highlands must speedily be depopulated. — Ib.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday August 30th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 25 bark Asia Blair 08 Aug Halifax   to H. Atkinson / in ballast
Aug 25 bark Sir Watkin Sanderson 07 July Liverpool 10 settlers to H. Gowen & Co. / in ballast
Aug 25 bark Lord Gambier Taylor 04 Aug New York   to H. Lemesurier / in ballast
Aug 25 brig Sussex Cranson 03 Aug New York   to Pemberton Brothers / in ballast
Aug 25 brig Susan Stephens 04 July Torbay   to R.F. Maitland / in ballast
Aug 25 bark Clarkson Coleman 05 July Cork   to R. Methley / goods
Aug 25 brig Grenada Tuzo 13 July Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / rum
Aug 25 brig Cyrus J. Bell 30 June Sunderland   to Moir & Heath / coals
Aug 25 schooner Mary Ann Sire Magdalen Island   oil
Aug 25 ship John Marsh Chicas 29 June London   in ballast
Aug 25 brig Argyle Kerr 43 days Oporto   to James Hunt / wine &c.
Aug 26 brig Agenoria Brown 14 days Havre de Grace   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
Aug 26 brig Minerva Somerville 14 days Prince Edward's Island   to Pemberton, Brothers / in ballast
Aug 27 schooner William Hastery 06 Aug Newfoundland   to George Symes & Son / oil
Aug 27 brig Hope Turner 08 weeks Dublin 89 settlers to Moir & Heath / in ballast
Aug 27 brig Esther / Father Nicholas 01 July Jamaica Mr. F. Flawers / Flowers to A.C. Freer & Co. / rum & sugar
Aug 27 schooner Fanny Martell 13 days Sydney, C.B.   to James George / rum
Aug 28 brig Columbia Weston 13 Aug Boston   to C.F. Aylwin / general cargo
Aug 23— brig Emerald, Storr, (for) Southampton
Aug 23— bark Edward, Brown, (for) London
Aug 23— brig Sylvanus, Lawson, (for) Sunderland
Aug 23— brig John, McFarlane, (for) — [Leith]
Aug 23— ship Harmony, Edington, (for) Southampton
Aug 23— brig Lively, Groves, (for) Whitby
Aug 24— brig Mary, Brown, (for) Ballyshannon
Aug 24— brig Forster, Callender, (for) Hull
Aug 24— brig Lady Ann, Simpson, (for) Bristol
Aug 24— bark Brothers, Methley, (for) London
Aug 24— schooner Metis Packet, Chaplin, (for) Newfoundland
Aug 25— bark Valleyfield, Corner, (for) London
Aug 25— ship John, Grey, (for) Oporto
Aug 25— bark Christiania, Wilkie, (for) London
Aug 25— brig Cartha, Smith, (for) Greenock
Aug 26— bark Mint, Smith, (for) London
Aug 26— bark Bee, Baxter, (for) Port Glasgow
Aug 26— — William Henry, O'Brien, (for) Halifax
Aug 26— brig Spring Flower, Brown, (for) Padstow
Aug 28— brig Elizabeth, Moore, (for) Padstow
Aug 28— brig George Canning, Callender, (for) Greenock
Aug 28— brig Molson, Law, (for) Dundee
Aug 28— bark Emperor Alexander, Smith, (for) Galway
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday September 2nd - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 29 brig Southampton Howe 08 Aug Grenada   to J. Leaycraft / rum
Aug 29— — Aid, Veith, (for) London
Aug 29— bark Hebron, Wray, (for) Dublin
Aug 29— brig Ami, Miller, (for) Newfoundland
Aug 29— brig Richardson, Donally, (for) Liverpool
Aug 29— brig Foundling, Scott, (for) Greenock
Aug 29— brig Agenoria, Drysdale, (for) St. Vincent
Aug 30— brig Derwent, Miller, (for) Carlisle
Aug 30— — John, Munn, (for) Belfast
Aug 30— brig Sarah & Eliza, Woolcoote, (for) Waterford
Aug 30— ship Mountaineer, Clark, (for) London
Aug 30— bark Mariner, Swinton, (for) London
Aug 30— brig Fisher, Sewell, (for) Aberystwith
Aug 30— brig John Binmer, Scott, (for) Demerara
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday September 6th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Aug 30 bark Ocean Walker 29 June London   to Price & Co. / in ballast
Aug 31 brig Marys Jacobson 13 July Tobermory 64 settlers to Pembertons / in ballast
Sept 01 schooner Marie Catherine Bell 10 Aug Halifax   to — / rum &c.
Sept 01 schooner Margaret Blagdon 03 weeks St. John's, Nfld Mr. Black to S.F. Holcomb, general cargo
Sept 02 ship Portia Taylor 14 July Liverpool   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 02 ship Eliza Paisley 01 Aug Trinidad   to J.P. Thirlwall / in ballast
Sept 03 ship John Bulmer 11 July Liverpool   to R. Methley / salt
Sept 03 bark Boliver Fenwick 29 July Liverpool   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 03 brig Hibernia Sullivan 09 weeks Cork 25 settlers to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 03 brig Sir Thomas Wallace Anderson 23 July Aberdeen   to Moir & Heath
Aug 31— bark Earl Stanhope, Jamieson, (for) London
Aug 31— — Intended, Malzard, (for) Arichat
Aug 31— brig Jane, White, (for) Workington
Aug 31— bark Norfolk, Slater, (for) Dublin
Sep 01— bark XYZ, Nixon, (for) Liverpool
Sep 01— ship Chieftain, Blair, (for) Liverpool
Sep 02— schooner Providence, Hoofman, (for) Newfoundland
Sep 02— brig Grace, Richardson, (for) Workington
Sep 02— schooner Hero, Kelly, (for) Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Sep 02— schooner Mary Jane, Landay, (for) Newfoundland
Sep 03— schooner Fanny, Martell, (for) Sydney, CB
Sep 03— brig Europe, Ledgerton, (for) Exmouth
Sep 03— brig Dryad, Power, (for) Whitehaven
Sep 03— brig Agenoria, Hardcastle, (for) New Ross
Sep 03— brig Kelsick Wood, Glover, (for) Liverpool
Sep 03— brig Belfast, Swan, (for) Barbadoes
Sep 03— ship Norval, O'Brien, (for) London

Among the passengers by the packet ship George Canning arrived at New York Wednesday morning, from Liverpool whence she sailed on the 25th July, we notice the names of the Hon. Ward Chipman, lady and servant, of New Brunswick. Mrs., Miss and Mr. Torrance junior, of Montreal, and Mr. Smith, of York.

Canal Navigation.
We observe, by the Scots papers, that the Swift, a twin-built canal vessel, for passengers and light goods, performs nine miles an hour, on the canal between Glasgow and Edinburgh, filled with passengers ; and it is found that the more rapidly she moves the less is the agitation of the water.


Filho de Puta arrived here from Quebec yesterday in the John Molson steamer. Rumour says he is no longer the property of Mr. Gibb, he having parted with him for $1,500 to three Quebec gentlemen, who intend entering him at the Races which commence here [Montreal] on Monday next.

Arrived at the Port of Quebec Thursday September 9th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 04 brig Catherine McDonald Williamson 23 July Liverpool   to Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
Sept 06 bark Thornton Thompson 01 Aug Leith   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Sept 06 ship Waterloo Rayne 07 July Hull 23 settlers to H.G. Forsyth & Cohen / in ballast
Sept 06 bark Nestor Smith 23 July Plymouth   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Sept 06 brig Birkby Johnston 21 July Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / in ballast
Sept 06 brig Niagara Murray 14 July Liverpool Commodore Barrie & family to G. Ross / general cargo
Sept 06 brig John ? Har—y 05 July Sunderland   coals &c.
Sept 06 hired Colonial brig Kingfisher Rayside Anticosti    
Sep 04— brig Eclipse, Bate, (for) St. John's, Nfld
Sep 04— brig Samuel, Mageen, (for) Whitehaven
Sep 04— brig Britannia, Reid, (for) Swansea
Sep 04— schooner Aurora, Poirier, (for) Miramichi
Sep 06— brig Wilkinson, Roper / Rosier, (for) Dublin
Sep 06— brig Scipio, Cowan, (for) Dublin
Sep 06— brig England, Davies, (for) Shields
Sep 06— bark Hannibal, Smith, (for) Newry
Sep 06— bark Duchess of Richmond, Alexander, (for) Greenock
Sep 06— brig Johns, Dryden, (for) Lynn

At Quebec on the 4th instant, Henry H. Tuzo, Esquire, Commander of the brig Grenada, to Mrs. Anna Maria Clark, of that place.

On Monday, Miss Leocadie, daughter of Captain P.H. Morin, of the steamboat Richelieu, aged 19 years.

At Brighton, on the 5th July, Jane, relict of Thomas Maitland, Esquire, of Shrubbs Hill, mother of His Excellency Sir Peregrine Maitland, Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia.

The Halifax papers announce the death, by drowning, of Captain Dewer of HMS Rose. This melancholy event, of which we will give the particulars in our next, took place in a creek in the Island of St. Charles, on the Labrador Coast, into which the Captain had waded in pursuit of some ducks, and being in all probability attacked with the cramp, this deeply regretted catastrophe was the result.

The Undaunted frigate was in readiness at Portsmouth, in the end of July, to convey Lord Aylmer, the new Governor General of Canada, to Quebec.

New York.
Among the passengers by the packet ship New York, sailed 1st instant for Liverpool, are Captain Douglas of the 70th Regiment, Mrs. Douglas, three children and servant. By the Ontario, sailed same day for London, Mrs. Ford Bowen, Mrs. Johnson and Major Johnson, of Montreal, and Mrs. & Lieut. Col. Roberts, R.A., master Roberts and servant, of Kingston, proceeded to England.

His Excellency Sir James Kempt, accompanied by Lieut. Col. Yorke, Civil Secretary, Col. Heriot, P.A.D.C. and Mr. Maitland, A.D.C. arrived here [Montreal] yesterday in the British America steamer. His Excellency, we understand, remains only a few days in town, and will then proceed to Bytown, from whence he will go through the line of the Rideau Canal to Kingston.

It was determined, at a meeting held a few days ago, at Gananoque, that a new Steamboat should be built at that place, to ply between Prescott and the head of the Bay of Quinté. It is to be of 100 horsepower, and in size about 300 tons, 120 feet being her extreme length, 25 feet beam and 10 feet hold. The new Boat is to be called the William the Fourth. Two engines of 50 horsepower each are to be procured in Montreal, and will be ready by 1st July, 1831.
Arrived at the Port of Quebec Monday September 13th - MG
Date Vessel Master Sailed From Passengers Remarks/Consigned to
Sept 08 ship General Wolfe Harper 13 July Liverpool   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 08 ship William McDougall 04 Aug Liverpool   to H.G. Forsyth & Co. / general cargo
Sept 08 ship Brilliant A. Barclay 31 July Aberdeen 30 settlers to Moir & Heath / in ballast
Sept 08 ship Asia Graham 25 July Liverpool Mr. R. Hunter to George Ross & Co. / coals
Sept 08 bark St. Hilda Barnes 25 July London   to J. Dyke & Co. / in ballast
Sept 08 ship Maria Tindale 20 July London   to Sheppard & Campbell / in ballast
Sept 08 bark Ross Hunter 12 July Londonderry 70 settlers to T. Froste & Co. / in ballast
Sept 08 bark Rebecca Smith 51 days London   to W. Patton / in ballast
Sept 08 brig Lady Douglas Williamson 17 July Liverpool   to J.S. Campbell / in ballast
Sept 08 brig Tinley Hall 22 July Liverpool   to J. Leather & Co. / in ballast
Sept 08 bark Ant Pye 25 July Glasgow   to A. Gilmour & Co. / in ballast
Sept 08 bark Airthy Castle Carling 10 July Bristol 50 settlers to W. Patton / goods
Sept 08 bark Governor Douglas Smith 23 July Liverpool   to H. Gowen & Co. / salt
Sep 07— brig Tom, Coulthard, (for) Whitehaven
Sep 07— bark Perseus, Jackson, (for) Cork
Sep 07— ship Superior, Brown, (for) London
Sep 08— brig James Hamilton, Wilson, (for) Drogheda
Sep 08— brig Cyclops, Cochran, (for) Dublin
Sep 08— brig Endymion, Smith, (for) London
Sep 08— brig Hope, White, (for) Liverpool
Sep 08— [brig] Xenophon, Brown, (for) London
Sep 08— schooner Mary Ann, Sire, (for) Newfoundland
Sep 08— brig Symmetry, Dale, (for) Londonderry
Sep 08— [schooner] Argyle, Baillie, (for) Newfoundland

The intelligence of the Revolution in France was brought to Quebec on Wednesday, the day after it reached this city, by the arrival of the William, Captain McDougall, from Liverpool, whence she sailed on the 4th August, the same day that the New York packet ship, the Hibernia sailed from the same port.

We understand from Quebec that there was full attendance at the late meeting at Wolfe's Cove, for taking into consideration the propriety of building a Steam-vessel to tow rafts. The proposed measure, we learn, will certainly be carried into execution early in the ensuing spring. A very liberal offer was made by the St. Lawrence Steamboat Company of the New Swiftsure's engine of seventy horsepower, to be taken at a fair valuation, and for the full amount they propose to take in stock.

The keel of the Steamboat intended to ply between Quebec and Halifax was laid a few days ago at the former place.

Flogging in the Navy
Captain Mingaye, of His Majesty's ship Hyperion, who has been honourably acquitted of the charge brought against him. The man who was said to have been flogged to death, owed his decease to the accidental presence of inflammatory disease. The Jury praised Captain Mingaye's humanity throughout the transaction.
Mr. Rogers, Assistant Surgeon of the Hyperion, died on board yesterday se'nnight. His death was brought on by a scratch he received while assisting in the port mortem examination of the unfortunate William Welch, who, our readers will recollect, died soon after the infliction of forty-eight lashes, and whose death was followed by the trial and acquittal of the Officers.

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