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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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barque Peter Goddefroy / Peter Godeffroy, 740 tons, Captain S. Johannsen, from Hamburg 11th May 1857, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 7th September 1857 ... departed Adelaide 16th September, arrived Melbourne 19th September 1857

The South Australian Register, Tuesday September 8 1857:
Monday September 7-The barque Peter Godeffroy, 350 tons [sic], Johansen Master, from Hamburg May 11 ....
Miscellaneous News
The Peter Godeffroy, from Hamburg, having 268 Passengers, arrived on Monday, en route to Melbourne. She has no cargo for Adelaide, and will most probably sail for Melbourne today.
[the original Hamburg passenger list states a total of 258 steerage passengers and 11 cabin, which comprises 131 steerage for Adelaide and 127 steerage for Melbourne, for a total of 269 passengers — the Melbourne arrival list for this vessel does not appear to have survived, but those passengers can all be found on this page]

The Argus, Melbourne, Monday 21 September 1857:—
September 19.-Peter Godeffroy, Hamburg barque, 360 tons, [sic] S. Johansen, from Hamburg, via Adelaide 16th inst., ninety-three passengers. Neuhauss, Haller, and Co., agents.

The Argus, Melbourne,Wednesday 23 September 1857 - Advertisement
For Valparaiso direct, This fine new Hamburg clipper barque Peter Godeffroy, 1,200 tons, S. Johansen, Commander, will positively sail on Saturday next, the 26th instant, for the above port, and has superior accommodation for all class passengers.
For passengers, apply to Neuhauss, Haller, and Co., 110 Flinders-lane west.

note: the exaggeration of the tonnage of a vessel in advertisements, was a very common practice for the period.

An index from the State Library South Australia (SLSA) shows that 238 in total, but only 133 German migrants for Adelaide on the Peter Godeffroy, I have been able to find 137 as listed below. — Regards Robert.

note.— There are very few surviving original lists of German passengers, so the data below has been compiled from a variety of sources, such as contemporary newspaper(s), internet sources, input from descendants and the South Australian Heraldry Genealogy society, (SAGHS).
I know the list is incomplete and may contain errors, so any feedback with additions or corrections, will be most appreciated. Please contact me using the link above. Regards Robert, Adelaide
BBI Brandenberg Index from Ancestry

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( )

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Cabin, all listed for Melbourne
Furst / Fürst August 37 Merchant - Hamburg  
  Julia Henriette 35        
Homburg Wilhelm 39 Merchant 768/1 Braunsch  
  Caroline Magdelena Pauline (Schumacher) 32        
  Emma 15        
  Alwine 11        
  Robert 9       NAA 3181782 ?
  Eduard 8        
Kreisler Otto 29 Artist - Liegnitz Prussia  
Steffens Anna Maria 26     Nordtorf Holstein GMI
Viemann Anna 24     Stellau Holstein  
Names Age Occupation B-index BDM Residence Remarks
Last Given
Families for Adelaide
Albrecht Johann Gottfried 54 Shepherd - D Glogsen Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57 | GMI
  Johann Rosina (Apelt) 36          
  Johanna Eleanore 26         daughter from previous marriage
  Johanna Louise 11          
  Karl Heinrich 8          
  Gustav Reinhold 18 mo          
Fielke Johann Gottlieb 27 Landmann 498/2 B Gunthersberg Crossen Prussia BBI 57 | GMI | NAA 3178879
  Ernestine Wilhelmine (Schichholz) 23         BBI 57 indicates age 30 and Geb. = geborene = 'born' ie. maiden name (Schichholz) | Hamburg list has this couple listed separately, by their own surnames | GMI indicates age 30 and maiden name (Reiser) ..see more about Reiser, below..
  note: to add to the confusion, the BBI 57 also lists an Ernestine Wilhelmine Fielke, age 21, Ledig = single, also from Gunthersberg, who is not listed on the Hamburg list.
Graboswky / Graboswki Johann Heinrich Hans 43 Landmann 599/1 M/D Doberan Mecklenburg  
  Catherine Elisabeth Dorothea 45          
  Sophie Marie Magdalena 24          
  Maria Catherine 17          
  Christine 11          
  Johann Ludwig 21          
Gaertner Johann Gottfried 44 Landmann 541/2 D Gunthersberg Crossen Prussia BBI 57
  Anna Elisabeth (Schwenzer) 31         BBI 57 indicates age 35, Hamburg list age 31
  Ernestine Wilhelmine 10          
Graeber Friedrich August 29 Smith 599/3 D Crossen Prussia BBI 57 | GMI | NAA 3177521
  Anna Dorothea (Promnitz) 29          
  Marie Pauline Auguste inf          
Heidrich Robert Peter 39 Shoemaker 712/1 D Crossen Prussia NAA 829267
  Johanna Louisa Karoline (Minge) 37          
  Robert Friedrich Wilhelm 8         NAA 7276
  Emma Auguste Louise 6          
  Minna Johanna Bertha 3          
Heilgans Johann Gottlieb August 29 Landmann - B/D Spitteldorf Prussia  
  Johanna Charlotte (Rause) 30          
Heinrich Johann Christian 46 Shoemaker 714/1 M Gross Blumberg Luckau Prussia BBI 57 | GMI
  Johanne Christiane (Feister) 45          
  Johann August 18          
  Johann Gottfried 17          
  Johann Gottlieb 14          
  Johann Friedrich Ferdinand 11          
  Johanne Auguste 8          
  Johanne Louise 5          
  Johanne Pauline 3          
Julge Ottomar Emil 36 Confectioner - B/M Steinau Prussia  
  Juliane Charlotte (Puchol) 28          
  Pauline 6          
  Charles Julius 2   869/2      
  Robert inf          
Karger Johann Gottlieb 55 Landmann 874/3 M Radnitz Prussia BBI 57 | GMI
  Johanna Dorothea (Schmidt) 42          
  Johann Friedrich 23         NAA 3181017 ?
  Johanne Pauline 11          
  Auguste 7          
  Johann Fritz Ferdinand 4          
  Wilhelmine Emma 2          
Kruger Carl 36 Landmann -   Rusdorf Prussia  
  Sophia 30          
  Maria 3          
  Henriette 1          
  Caroline 24          
Kubisch Johann Wilhelm August 30 Carpenter 941/3 B Glogsen Prussia BBI 57 GMI
  Johanne Eleanora (Schultz) 26         BBI 57 indicates as "Ledig = single" with maiden name, but listed together as Kubisch on Hamburg list
Leschen Christian Heinrich 65 Goldsmith 957/1   Rensburg Holstein GMI
  Therese 37          
  Friedrich 24          
  Heinrich Adolph 20         NAA 3197149 ?
  wife Maria Magdalena (Porath) and children Helene and Christian not with family on this voyage
Matschoss Johann Friedrich 32 Coachman 1037/1 B/D Zullichau Prussia BBI 57
  Johanne Louise (Lemke) 27         BBI 57 indicates as "Ledig = single" with maiden name, but listed together as Matschoss on Hamburg list
Neumann Gottlieb 61 Landmann -   Crossen Prussia BBI 57 | GMI | father and daughter, both emigrated on Zebra 1839
  Johanne Louisa 20        
Paech Johann Wilhelm 36 Landmann - B/M Neudorfel Prussia BBI 57 | NAA 30895
  Maria (Liebsch) 38          
  Friedrich Wilhelm 11          
  Auguste 7          
  Wilhelmine 3          
  Johann Friedrich 1          
Parbs Hans 31 Landmann -   Tarnewitz Mecklenburg  
  Sophie 20          
Preuss Christian 54 Landmann - M/D Friedrichslaesgen Zullichau Prussia BBI 57
  Anna Dorothea (Hoffman) 45          
  Johann Wilhelm 20   1309/2     NAA 3170844 ?
  Johanne Auguste 14     M   not entered on BBI
  Carl Heinrich 10     M   not entered on BBI
Reiser Christian 64 Landmann 1344/1   Gunthersberg Crossen Prussia GMI | BBI 57
  Marie Elisabeth (Geisler) 54          
  note: the records for this family are confusing too. The Hamburg list has this couple listed separately, by their own surnames with ages [as above] the BBI has Christian listed as Christian Keiser, age 59 and Marie Elisabeth listed as Marie Elisabeth Geisler, Verh. [= verheiratet = married name] Keiser, age 57, "Frau von Christian." The GMI has them listed as above with the emigration ages the same as the BBI. The GMI also shows their daughter to be the wife of Johann Gottlieb Fielke [see above] which family also adds confusion to many of the passengers from Gunthersberg. The "Keiser" recorded on the BBI could easily be a transcription error of Reiser. ..any assistance from descendents will be most welcome..
Rex Johann Gottlob 45 Landmann 1356/2 D Skyen Crossen Prussia BBI 57 | GMI
  Louise Wilhelmine (Reinhold) 43          
  Johann Friedrich Ferdinand 15 Landmann       NAA 28553
Vorrath Carl 56 Joiner 1652/2 M/D Tuchheim Prussia GMI | Vorate / Varrah 1642/3
  Sophie 46          
  Henriette 23          
  Marie Louise 15          
  Maria Friedricke 5          
Winckler Johann Gottfried 51 Landmann - D Zullichau Prussia BBI 57
  Anna Elisabeth (Feister) 47          
Zippel Anna Marie (Wolff) 55 widow - D Nickern Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57 | GMI
  Johann Friedrich August 25 Shepherd 1761/2 M/D   NAA 3178501
  Johanna Louise 22          
  Johanna Dorothea 20          
  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm 17          
Names Age Occupation B-index BDM Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & Women for Adelaide
Alt Hermann 28 Rope maker -   Steinau Prussia  
Baldermann Johann Gottfried 33 Landmann -   Ulbersdorf Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57
Bartsh Johann Gottlieb 35 Coachman -   Crossen Prussia BBI 57
Bitter Franz Heinrich Christoph 25 Landmann - M Detershagen Mecklenberg NAA 34903
Bitter Johann 36 Landmann -    
Bitter Sophia 16        
Bradtke Hermann 22 Shoemaker -   Britz Prussia  
Elchen Sophia 26       Detershagen Mecklenberg travelling with the Bitter family
Grasge Christian 26 Landmann -   Gunthersberg Crossen Prussia  
Graske Johanne Caroline (Schmidt) 26       Zettlitz Crossen BBI 57
  note: the BBI lists Johann Friedrich Christian Graske, age 26, from Zettlitz Crossen with wife Johanne Caroline (Schmidt) Graske, age 26. On the Hamburg list they listed separately, by their own surnames, he "Christ. Grasge" and her "Caroline Schmidt," both from Gunthersberg.
Grien Wilhelmine 21       Neudorfel Prussia  
Heusler Wilhelm 28 Landmann     Blankfeld Prussia  
Klocke Johann Gottlieb 28 Landmann 923/2? M? Pommerzig Crossen Prussia BBI 57
Kluske Heinrich 21 Landmann -   Laesgen Prussia  
Krause Emilie 41   936/2   Berlin Prussia  
Lange Sophia 19       Detershagen Mecklenberg travelling with the Bitter family
Lehmann Gottlieb 57 Landmann -   Laesgen Prussia  
Lehmann August Reinhold 30 Smith -   Biehlow Prussia BBI 57
Mattner Carl Wilhelm 20 Wheelwright - M Grunow Prussia GMI | NAA 3170667
Merkel Peter Martin 27 Gardener 1096/3 M Niestadten Holstein  
Niehuus Theodore Heinrich Nicolaus 20 Merchant 1186/1 M Rendsberg Holstein travelling with Leschen family
Opitz Wilhelm 38 Landmann -   Wilkau Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57
Paschke Gottfried August 28 Coachman - M Crossen Prussia BBI 57 | GMI
Perka Maria 32       Butow Prussia  
Promnitz Johann Carl August 26 Landmann 1314/1 M Schegeln Crossen Prussia BBI 57 | NAA
Raake Anna Dorothea 23       Nicken Prussia  
Reinheten Louise 43       Skyen Prussia  
Rothe August 28 Landmann 1391/2   Ulbersdorf Prussia BBI 57
Schawanert Marie 12       Rendsberg Holstein travelling with Leschen family
Schmidt Louise 26       Radnitz Prussia  
Schultze Cath. Marg. 52       Hamburg  
Thiel Wilhelm 30 Joiner -   Steinau Prussia  
Walter Louise 28       Zeltitz Prussia  
Walter Rosina 26        
Zeunert Johann George 24 Landmann 1760/1 M Kay Prussia BBI 57 | GMI | NAA 3185981
Zeunert Johann Friedrich 30 Landmann -   BBI 57
Zeunert Marie Elisabeth (Wenske) 70 widow     BBI 57
Zeyn Johann Hinrich 27 Butcher -   Schminde Hannover  
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
Last Given
Families for Melbourne
Behrmann Hinrich 29 Watchmaker - Hamburg  
  Christiana 24        
Gallus Friedrich 31 Landmann 544/1 Niedewitz Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57
  Johann Louise (Lorke) 29        
  Pauline Mathilda 3        
  Emilie Bertha 2        
Gogell Friedrich 38 Landmann - Ostritz Prussia BBI 57
  Maria Elisabeth 33        
  Wilhelm 12        
  Carl 8        
  note: a Friedrich Gogell, age 38 appears on the BBI, coming from Krauschow, Zuellichau, no family shown, The Hamburg list includes the family as above.
Gripp Claus 35 Landmann - Bramsted Holstein  
  Margarath 24        
Gruntztorff F. Wilhelm 54 Goldsmith - St. Pauli Hamburg  
  Lene 49        
  Elise 22        
  Nancy 14        
  Claus 26        
Huhsch Johann Christian 49 Landmann - Radnitz Prussia  
  Anna Rosina 51        
  Johann Friedrich 21        
  Johann Christian 19        
  Carl Heinrich 10        
Kubale Johann Friedrich 31 Landmann 941/1 Leitersdorf Crossen Prussia BBI 57
  Johanne Louise (Preiss) 31        
  Pauline Preiss 4 step-child of Johann Friedrich      
Lorke Gottlieb 54 Landmann - Niedewitz Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57 | GMI
  Anna Dorothea (Jaecke) 52       GMI indicates Anna Dorothea (Koch) | BBI indicates Anna Dorothea (Jaecke)
  Friedrich Wilhelm 27        
  Johanne Ernestine 12        
Muenge / Münge Gottlob 39 Landmann - Niedewitz Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57
  Anna Louise (Pollack) 31        
  Johanne Pauline 5        
  Johanna Louise 2        
Roy / Reu Wilhelm 35 Mason - Niedewitz Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57
  Louise (Preschning) 34        
  Auguste Pauline 9        
  Carl Heinrich 7        
  Wilhelmine Pauline 3        
Seyffert Johann Friedrich 47 Landmann - Pommerzig Prussia BBI 57
  Anna Elisabeth (Redlich) 46        
  Johann Gottfried 21        
  Johann Gottlieb 18        
  Johanne Louise 15        
  Johanne Auguste 14        
Stibeck Johann 31 Landmann - Storubeck Bohmen  
  Maria 23        
Names Age Occupation B-index BDM Residence Remarks
Last Given
Single Men & Women for Melbourne
Ashland H.M. 28 Landmann     Bennien Hannover  
Bietendufel F.W. 25 Landmann     Gerden Hannover  
Bock Heinrich 29 Beer Brewer     Hanringer Braunsch.  
Bressing Christian 65 Landmann     Niedewitz Prussia  
Buhlert Wilhelm 23 Merchant     Dahlenburg Hannover  
Cassuven Fr. 28 Joiner     Kellinghusen Holstein  
Crome Conrad 21 Landmann     Hayesloh Hannover  
Dieckstal J.F. 22 Landmann     Kuckum Hannover  
Dittmer H.F. 26 Farmer     Uedermunde Prussia  
Dorl Carl 24 Seaman     Steigerthal Hannover  
Dreyer Heinrich 37 Landmann     Gitter Hannover  
Ebert Gottfried 27 Smith     Padligar Prussia BBI 57
Eschemann Heinrich 23 Farmer     Gitter Hannover  
Fisher Detlef 21 Joiner     Stellau Holstein  
Fleidt Jacob 18 Landmann     Zillerthal Prussia  
Franckhauser Andreas 18 Landmann     Zillerthal Prussia  
Fricke J.C. 28 Cooper     Hamburg  
Gelman Hermann 20 Merchant     Braunschweig Oelman
Gelman Wilhelmine 25       Braunschweig Oelman
Gerke Hermann 24 Musician     Braunschweig  
Gogell Maria Elisabeth 26       Ostritz Zuellichau Prussia BBI 57
Gottsche Heinrich 30 Landmann     Rade Holstein  
Grabsch George 21 Landmann     Glauchau Prussia BBI 57 | NAA 1592648
Gregurke Gottlieb 24 Vine Dresser     Padligar Prussia BBI 57
Grewe Johanna 19       Kellinghusen Holstein  
Grewe Julie 26        
Grewe Wilhelm 23        
Grimme Christian 31 Farmer     Saltmannsdorf Hannover  
Hander Ehler 28 Landmann     Kellinghusen Holstein  
Hansen Robert 42 Seaman     New York America  
Heinsdorf Coraline 24       Hanringer Braunsch.  
Herdack Johann Gottlieb 33 Landmann     Cunersdorf Crossen Prussia BBI 57
Hermann Johann Gottfried 25 Landmann     Pommerzig Crossen Prussia BBI 57
Heydeke Carl Friedrich Wilhelm 24 Musician 731/2   Braunschweig  
Heydeke Theodore 26 Musician 731/2?   Braunschweig  
Holm Claus 25 Landmann     Brunsen Holstein  
Holten Jacob 18 Miller     Erdmannsdorf Prussia  
Jensen Jens Christian 21 Turner 841/1?   Slagelse Denmark  
Krauter Ph. 35 Goldsmith     Worms Darmstadt  
Kubale Johanne Dorothea 19   943/3   Leitersdorf Crossen Prussia BBI 57
Langenheim Friedrich Christian 32 Merchant     Schleswig  
Lindau C. 28 Musician     Braunschweig  
Mumme Albert Henry 5     M Hamburg NAA 4983
Mumme Carl August 2     M  
Mumme Carl Edmund 18 Merchant 1149/3 M NAA 53315
Mumme Emil 17 Merchant      
Mumme Friedrich Wilhelm 65 Merchant   D  
Mumme Heinrich Gustav 22 Merchant 1149/3 M NAA 3172903
Mumme Helene 15     M  
Mumme Ida 3        
Mumme Maria Elisabeth 45     D  
Mumme Friedrich Wilhelm 20 Landmann     NAA 3173041
Neumann Carl August 50 Merchant     Hamburg  
Neuse Wilhelm 22 Musician     Salzmansdorf Hannover  
Offt Claus 30 Landmann     Hohenwestedt Holstein  
Ohrt Heinrich 36 Landmann     Einfeld Prussia  
Pacholke Johann Gottfried 22 Wheelwright     Pommerzig Crossen Prussia NAA 1814166
Pacholke Johann Gottlieb 20 Grinder      
Passow August 23 Landmann     Bardeheide Holstein  
Petzke Johann Gottlieb 24 Landmann     Gross Blumberg Prussia BBI 57 | NAA 1587290
Piller Fr. 30 Seaman     Steigerthal Hannover  
Rahm Johann 41 Landmann     Erdmannsdorf Prussia  
Rahm Jos. 35 Landmann     Zillerthal Prussia  
Rathgen Hans 27 Landmann     Bangfeldt Holstein  
Rathje Catherine 18       Kellinghusen Holstein  
Rathje David Fr. 32 Landmann      
Ronneke Fr. 18 Joiner     Gitter Hannover  
Runge Joachim 20 Landmann     Kellinghusen Holstein  
Schachert Gottlieb 45 Sailor     Pommerzig Crossen Prussia  
Schack Heinrich 35 Landmann     Kellinghusen Holstein  
Schluter Ph. 31 Butcher     Gitter Hannover  
Schoeser Jos. 24 Landmann     Erdmannsdorf Prussia  
Schooe Hermann 25 Musician     Braunschweig  
Schrader Heinrich Ludwig Christian 25 Musician     Braunschweig NAA 506985
Staben Henning 21 Landmann     Dorfstedt Holstein NAA 1813778
Steinhagen Sophie 25       Hamburg  
Stock Michael 19 Miller     Seidorf Prussia  
Timmerman F.W. 28 Landmann     Westhagel Hannover  
Twiesselman Peter Friedrich 24 Architect     Elmshorn Holstein  
Wegschneider Georg 19 Joiner     Zillerthal Prussia  
Ziegenhein Andreas 28 Landmann     Gitter Hannover  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formerly ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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