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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Taymouth Castle, 682 tons, Captain Adam Logan, from Plymouth 7th February 1854, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 3rd May 1854

South Australian Register Thursday 4th May 1854

Wednesday May 3rd, 1854:- the ship Taymouth Castle, 680 tons, Logan, Master, from Plymouth February 7th.
Passengers: Mrs. King in the cabin and the following emigrants in the steerage. . . . — 8th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1854 ; 11 births and 2 deaths on the passage ; Jonas King, surgeon-superintendent.

ship Taymouth Castle :—
This Government emigrant ship arrived yesterday, as elsewhere more fully announced, after a passage of 84 days from Plymouth, from which port the departure took place on the 7th February, with 286 souls exclusive of the officers and the crew. The official classification of the emigrants is as follows:-
Married couples 46
Single men 10, Single women 116
Children above one year & under 14 years, male 29, female 31
Infants under one year, male 4, female 4
Births, six occurred during the voyage
Deaths, one infant from dysentery
Total single 126   
Total 286   
Total 292   
Total 291   
. . . so that the total number of souls on arriving was five more than the period of departure from England. We have learned with great pleasure that there has been much harmony during the voyage, and that the emigrants, who appear to be in high spirits, speak very warmly in praise of the Surgeon Superintendent, as also of Captain Logan, his officers, and crew. The Weather is said to have been extremely favourable during the voyage. The Emigrants are chiefy from England, and their healthful condition is highly satisfactory.
BPP 1854-55 (42) Papers relative to Emigration to Australian Colonies part I. New South Wales and Australia; Part II S. and W. Australia, Van Diemen's Land
The "Taymouth Castle" arrived from Plymouth on the 3d of May, after a passage of 86 days, with 295 emigrants ; 11 births and two deaths occurred at sea. The ship was in very good order. The arrangement of the berths in this vessel was on a different system from any hitherto employed. They were grouped together in blocks on the telescope principle, so that when not in use they might be reduced to half their size ; and the tables were constructed in such a manner as to be allowed to occupy the vacant space during the day. I am not disposed to look on this system as being a desirable mode of berthing emigrant ships. When it becomes necessary to allow one emigrant to remain in bed during the day, the table in that group of berths cannot be used, and about 11 persons are put to great inconvenience for the sake of one. Where no great amount of sickness prevails, such a system might not seriously interfere with the general comfort of the ship, as arrangements might be made to meet individual cases of temporary sickness; but were any general epedimic [sic] to prevail, the inconvenience produced by the wants of the tables would be excessive. The inner half of the bottom boards of the berths, constructed in the manner described, were fixtures ; this is decidedly objectionable, as it interferes with the proper cleaning of the ship. The surgeon-superintendent recommends that the different beds should be numbered, as great disturbance was caused amongst the young women every time the beds were taken on deck, by their disputes about ownership. In this ship there was put on board by the Commissioners an oven capable of baking about 160lbs. of bread at a time, in order to afford the emigrants, especially the women and children, an occasional supply of soft bread ; the supply of flour to the emigrants was, by this means, issued to them four times in the week, in the shape of soft bread. This is a great improvement, and, I think, if adopted in all ships would not only add greatly to the comfort but also to the health of the people, if precautions were taken that means are used for properly leavening the bread, so as to make it light and digestible.
The South Australian Government Gazette 1866 p. 85
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
David, Edmund
18mo March 19 diarrhoea at sea
Moore, — 3wks March 23 diarrhoea at sea

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Birthplace Remarks
Last Given
Craze Richard Nicholas 30 Copper Miner 340/2 Cornwall  
  Martha (Harry) 26        
Davis Evan 26 Copper Miner 381/1 England  
  Mary 24        
  Edmund 1       died at sea
Dibble William 44 Miner 402/2 Somerset both age 46 in the 1851 census
  Mary 44      
  Mary A. 18       with parents
  Jane 16       with parents
  William 13        
  Robert 9        
  Harriet 7        
Ebsary Richard 24 Labourer 452/1 Devon  
  Mary Elizabeth (Baskerville) 28        
  Ezekiel 4        
  Patience 1        
Evans John 33 Labourer 475/2 England  
  Janet 27        
  Iaris or Idris ? 9        
  Maria 4        
Greene Francis 38 Miner 613/3 England  
  Mary 36        
  Michael 14       with parents
  John 12        
  Francis 11        
  Mary 8        
  Catherine 4        
  Margaret 1        
Grey Charles 31 Labourer 618/1 England  
  Jane 24        
  Mary Jane 4        
Hill James 46 Miner 738/2 Somerset  
  Sarah 43        
  Mary 17       with parents
  James 16       with parents
  Lucy 14       with parents
  Thomas 12        
  William 5        
Hogan Daniel 40 Labourer 758/3 Ireland  
  Ellen 35        
  Margaret 11        
  Ann 9        
  John 7        
Hopkins William 24 Labourer 773/3 England  
  Ann 22        
Howell David 23 Copper Miner 785/1 England  
  Ellen 20        
Hyans John 38 Labourer 806/1 England  
  Catherine 36        
  Eleanor 14       with parents
  Alice 12        
  William 10        
  Johanna 4        
James Henry 23 Miner 826/2 Cornwall  
  Elizabeth 22        
  John inf       died at embarkation
James Morris 26 Carpenter 827/3 England Gloucestershire ?
  Mary 25        
James Nicholas 20 Miner 827/3 Cornwall  
  Jane 19        
James William 29 Miner 828/3 Cornwall  
  Avice / Avils 29        
  Mary 7        
  Thomas 2        
  William Henry 1       died at embarkation
Jeffery Stephen 23 Miner 835/2 Cornwall  
  Elizabeth 26        
  Stephen inf        
  child ?          
Jennings Edwin 28 Carpenter 840/1 Cornwall  
  Lavinia 28        
Jones Charles 25 Miner Cook 856/2 England  
  Susan 24        
  Charles 2        
Jones Morris 36 Labourer 861/2 England  
  Catherine 40        
  Catherine 13        
  William 11        
Jordan Samuel 22 Miner 866/1 England  
  Alicia 21        
Keefe Daniel 30 Labourer 880/2 Ireland  
  Catherine (Conners) 23        
Knapman William 22 Carpenter 925/2 Devon  
  Charlotte (Bowden) 19        
Lewis Benjamin 25 Miner 968/3 Wales  
  Mary (Edwards) 22        
Mankey John Peters 41 Miner 1010/2 Cornwall  
  Elizabeth 40       age 42 in 1851 census
  John Endian 14       with parents
  Thomas Henry 11        
  Ann Penrose 9        
Martin James 25 Mason 1028/1 England  
  Charlotte 23        
  William inf        
Medlyn Thomas 35 Shepherd 1090/3 Cornwall  
  Grace (Hodge) 27        
Moore William 36 Farmer 1131/1 Wiltshire  
  Ann 27        
  Anna 7        
  Edwin 5        
  Arthur 2        
  infant         born & died at sea
Nugent John 27 Labourer 1200/2 England  
  Mary A. (Telford) 27        
O'Loughlin Bryan 25 Mason - Ireland  
  Bridget 22        
Opie James 22 Mason 1220/3 England Devon ?
  Eliza 23        
  William inf        
Pearce Francis 21 Copper Miner 1255/2 England  
  Margaret 22        
  William 1        
Pearce John 35 Copper Miner 1256/2 England  
  Ann 35        
Penaluna Thomas 35 Miner 1263/1 Cornwall  
  Avis 36        
  John James 10        
  Olivia 8        
  Elizabeth A. 6        
Phillips James 38 Copper Miner 1279/1 Cornwall  
  Catherine 42        
  James 16       with parents
  John 14       with parents
  Amelia 12        
  Catherine 6        
Rees Thomas 27 Copper Miner 1338/1 England Glamorgan, Wales ?
  Elizabeth 26        
  Thomas 2        
  Catherine inf        
Reynolds Thomas 24 Labourer - England  
  Mary 22        
Rillstone John 46 Labourer 1358/3 England Cornwall ?
  Jane 44        
  Jane 20       with parents
  Richard 18       with parents
  William 16       with parents
  James 15       with parents
  Hannah 13        
  Ellen 13        
  Eliza 11        
  Charles 8        
  Susan 5        
  Lucy inf        
Richards Thomas 41 Copper Miner 1350/3 Cornwall  
  Priscilla 38       age 41 in 1851 census
  Elizabeth Ann 17       with parents
  Phillipa 15       with parents
  John T. 12        
  George 10        
  Emily 8        
  Elijah 6        
Ross William 36 Mason 1390/1 England  
  Mary 22        
  Theresa 1        
Ryans Patrick 36 Labourer 1411/2 Ireland  
  Catherine (Murphy) 30        
  Michael 9        
  John 7        
  Ellen 5        
  Daniel 3        
  Mary inf        
Thomas Evan 25 Mason 1591/2 England  
  Sarah 20        
Turner William 37 Quarry Man 1632/2 England  
  Mary A. 37        
  Eliza 5        
  Edmund inf        
Vivian John 36 Copper Miner - Cornwall  
  Mary 36        
  Mary 10        
  Elizabeth (Helen ?) 6        
  John 2        
Williams Abraham 32 Mason 1714/3 England  
  Margaret 31        
  Mary 10        
  John 8        
  Alfred 3        
Williams Edward 28 Mason 1715/3 England  
  Margaret 26        
  Henry 2        
Names Age Occupation B-index Birthplace Remarks
Last Given
Single Men
Cavin William 20 Baker - England  
Mankey James 70 widower ? - Cornwall with family
Single Women
Scammell Mrs. A. 46 Matron   England  
Bailey Bridget 22 Servant   Ireland  
Barrow Anna 22 Servant   England  
Barry Honora 20 Servant   England  
Bennett Fanny 22 Servant   England  
Bennett Sally 19 Servant   England  
Bolton Ellen 22 Servant   England  
Bryan Anna 22 Servant   Ireland  
Bryan Mary 20 Servant   Ireland  
Carney Ellen 20 Servant   Ireland  
Casey Johannah 27 Servant   Ireland  
Casy Bridget 25 Servant   Ireland  
Casy Margaret 20 Servant   Ireland  
Cheevers Mary 27 Servant   England  
Clifford Catherine 21 Servant   England  
Collins Jane 22 Servant   England  
Conolly Kate 22 Servant   Ireland  
Considine Mary 20 Servant   England  
Cosgrove Mary 21 Servant   England  
Cottle Harriet 33 Servant   England  
Cullinan Bridget 20 Servant   Ireland  
Cullinan Susan 20 Servant   Ireland  
Day Biddy 29 Servant   Ireland  
Day Margaret 21 Servant   Ireland  
Dibble Betsy 22 Servant   England  
Doogan Honor 21 Servant   Ireland  
Doogan Mary 23 Servant   Ireland  
Duneen Margaret 22 Servant   England  
Farrell Catherine 17 Servant   England  
Farrell Julia 19 Servant   England  
Farrell Mary 23 Servant   England  
Fratly Bridget 25 Servant   Ireland  
Fratly Margaret 30 Servant   Ireland  
Fitzgerald Ann 20 Servant   England  
Fitzpatrick Mary 18 Servant   England  
Fitzpatrick Mary 20 Servant   England  
Flemming Catherine 25 Servant   England  
Garny Anne 20 Servant   Ireland  
Hallett Hannah 23 Servant   England  
Halloren Margaret 30 Servant   Ireland Halloran ?
Halloren Mary 24 Servant   Ireland  
Hankins / Hawkins Mary 18 Servant   England  
Hayes Winny 24 Servant   England  
Hogan Ellen 21 Servant   Ireland  
Jeffery Jane 19 Servant   England  
Jordan Matilda 19 Servant   England  
Keane Mary          
Keating Anna 22 Servant   England  
Kelly Catherine 19 Servant   England  
Larkin Hannah 23 Servant   Ireland  
Larkin Winnifred 20 Servant   England  
Leech Jane 26 Servant   Ireland  
Leech Margaret 21 Servant   Ireland  
Leinham Bridget 20 Servant   Ireland  
Leinham Catherine 22 Servant   Ireland  
Loorin / Loorim ? Elizabeth 20 Servant   England ?  
Loorin / Loorim ? Margaet 18 Servant   Ireland ?  
Lyons Biddy 24 Servant   Ireland  
Lysaght Ellen 21 Servant   England  
Machel Margaret 19 Servant   England  
Mackell Mary 21 Servant   Ireland  
McCabe Eleanor 20 Servant   Ireland  
McElroy Anne 20 Servant   England  
McGuire Catherine 22 Servant   Ireland  
McGuire Mary 26 Servant   Ireland  
McKeogh Margaret 20 Servant   Ireland  
McKeogh Sarah 22 Servant   Ireland  
McNamara Mary 20 Servant   Ireland  
McQuire Mary 26 Servant   England McGuire / Maguire ?
Minoque Mary 28 Servant   Ireland  
Minoque Norry 24 Servant   Ireland  
Moore Elizabeth 25 Servant   England  
Murphy Anna 18 Servant   Ireland  
Marphy Margaret 20 Servant   Ireland  
Neal Julia 19        
Neal Sarah 24        
Neil Eleanor 27 Servant   Irleand  
Neill Margaret 20 Servant   Ireland  
Neilin Mary 25 Servant   Ireland  
Neylar Bridget 22 Servant   Ireland  
Nolan Mary 22 Servant   Ireland  
O'Brien Margaret          
O'Farrell Kate 18 Servant   Ireland  
O'Keefe Ellen 22 Servant   Ireland  
Pengelly Elizabeth 25 Servant   England  
Power Mary 18 Servant   England  
Power Mary 19 Servant   England  
Prunn Ann 21 Servant   England  
Pryor Phillipa 17 Servant      
Quinlay Bridget 29 Servant   Ireland  
Quigly Catherine 29 Servant   England  
Rabbitt Bridget 20 Servant   Ireland  
Rean Mary 20        
Regan Sarah 22 Servant   Ireland  
Rillstone Mary 26 Servant   England Cornwall ?
Roach Ellen 27 Servant   England  
Ryan Ellen 29 Servant   England  
Ryan Mary 20 Servant   Ireland  
Ryan Emily 22        
Shute Dorothea 18 Servant   England  
Shute Elizabeth 20 Servant   England  
Sparkes Jane 19 Servant   England  
Sullivan Margaret 26 Servant   Ireland  
Telford Jane 17 Servant   England  
Thynne Margaret 30 Servant   Ireland  
Tobin Honora 33 Servant   Ireland  
Tracey Frances 19 Servant   England  
Travis Charlotte 17 Servant   England  
Walsh Anastasia 18 Servant   England  
Walsh Bridget 16 Servant   Ireland  
Walsh Ellen 34 Servant   England  
Walsh Mary 18 Servant   Ireland  
Walsh Mary 18 Servant   England  
Warne Mary Jane 21 Servant   England  
Williamson Susan 25 Servant   England  
Woods Mary Ann 23 Servant   England  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research)

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