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The Fleets

burns philpBurns Philp & Co.

Burns Philp was formed in the 1870s and originally concentrated on Australian passenger and cargo coastal trade. In the 1890s trade expanded to the Pacific Islands. The company survived in shipping until 1970 by which time it had disposed of most of it's ships and diversified into other industries.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

  • Routes:
    • Australia to Pacific Islands

Black with broad white band containing zig-zag black band.

- ships over 300 tons (excludes vessels purchased for use as hulks and small inter-island ships)

    Sailing Vessels  
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Costa Rica Packet 1861 barque, 1887 purchased for whaling, 1892 sold in Singapore. 531
Counakyle 1862 barque, 1887 purchased, 1890 disposed of. 589
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Airlie 1884 1904 purchased from Eastern & Australian SS Co., London, 1911 scrapped. 2,337
Braeside 1948 1970 sold to Pacific Trade & Nav. Co., Panama renamed Sula. 5,867
Bulolo 1938 1939 - 1946 Admiralty requisition, 1968 scrapped. 6,267
Burnside 1940 1964 sold to Teck Hwa Shipping Co., Singapore renamed Ever Sure. 5,659
Guthrie 1884 1904 purchased from Eastern & Australian SS Co., London, 1912 sold to G. S. Yuill & Co., Sydney. 2,338
Induna 1891 1904 purchased from J. T. Rennie & Son, Aberdeen, 1920 sold to Patrick SS Co., Sydney. 699
Lakatoi 1938 1942 Australian Government requisition, chartered to U.S.Army, Sep.1942 war loss. 341
Macdhui 1931 18th Jun.1942 sunk by Japanese air attack at Port Moresby. 4,561
Maiwara 1924 ex- Schleswig, 1925 purchased from Scottish Frisian Shipping Co., Glasgow renamed Maiwara, 1941 sold to Aulco Pty Ltd, Sydney. 606
Makambo 1907 1935 beached at New Hebrides after springing a leak and sold to Japan. Repaired and renamed Kainan Maru. 1,159
Makatea 1907 ex- Yulgilbar, 1925 purchased from North Coast S.N. Co., Sydney renamed Makatea, 1933 scuttled off Mbengga Island. 814
Malabar 1925 1931 wrecked Long Bay, near Port Jackson. 4,512
Malaita (1) 1893 ex- Antilla, 1905 purchased from Bahamas SS Co., Nassau renamed Malaita, 1914 hulked, 1916 sold to H. B. Black & Co., Melbourne and refitted for trading. 929
Malaita (2) 1933 1965 sold to John Manners & Co., Panama renamed Pilar Regidor. 3,310
Malake 1928 1939 sold to John Burke Ltd, Brisbane renamed Alagna. 750
Malanta 1904 ex- Ripa, 1925 purchased from Canterbury SS Co., Lyttleton, NZ renamed Malanta, 1931 scuttled off Makambo. 405
Malayan 1890 ex- Homerus, 1919 purchased from Houston Line renamed Malayan, 1924 sold to Japan renamed Hakuyo Maru. 3,279
Malekula 1952 1969 sold to Soc. Mar. Caledonienne, France renamed Jacques Del Mar III. 3,768
Malinoa 1906 ex- Brundah, 1925 purchased from North Coast S.N. Co., Sydney renamed Malinoa, 1932 stranded at Aoba, New Hebrides, refloated and hulked, 1933 scuttled off Suva. 495
Mambare 1900 1902 wrecked on Tutuba Island, New Hebrides. 1,218
Mamutu 1938 6th Aug.1942 shelled and sunk by Japanese submarine Ro-33. 300
Mangola 1920 ex- Eudunda, 1938 purchased from Commonwealth Government Line of Steamers, Sydney renamed Mangola, 1957 sold to John Manners, Hong Kong renamed Torres Breeze. 3,352
Marella 1914 ex- Wahehe (Woermann Line), 1920 purchased from the Shipping Controller, London renamed Marella, 1948 sold to Cia de Nav. Baru, Panama renamed Captain Marcos. 7,475
Marsina 1905 ex- Samuel Hough, 1913 purchased from R. G. Hough, Liverpool renamed Marsina, 1932 sold to J. Patrick & Co., Sydney renamed Craigend. 1,932
Matafele 1938 1943 Australian Navy requisition, 26th Jun.1944 sunk by Japanese submarine in Coral Sea. 355
Mataram 1909 1935 sold to China renamed Kwan Ho. 3,273
Matunga 1900 ex- Zweena, 1909 purchased from Mersey SS Co., Liverpool renamed Matunga, 6th Oct.1917 captured by German raider WOLF and scuttled. 1,618
Melusia   see Sydney.  
Merkur 1924 ex- Rio Bravo, 1934 purchased from North German Lloyd, Bremen renamed Merkur, 1954 scrapped. 5,952
Mindini 1905 ex- Iberia 1911 purchased from J. Hall, Jun & Co., London renamed Mindini, 1923 wrecked Solomon Islands. 2,065
Mirani 1928 1941 sold to Australasian United S.N. Co., Brisbane renamed Bulimba. 739
Misima 1902 ex- Dorrigo, 1913 purchased from Robbie, Kaad & Co., Fiji renamed Misima, 1917 wrecked off East Cape, Papua. 302
Mitiaro 1920 ex- Oceanien, 1931 purchased Cie Francaise des Phosphates de l'Oceanie, Havre renamed Mitiaro, 1935 scuttled. 402
Moamoa 1937 1941 sold to Colonial Sugar Refining Co., Sydney. 554
Montoro (1) 1911 1948 sold to Wah Shang SS Co., Shanghai renamed Haven. 4,057
Montoro (2) 1956 1970 sold to Gibbons & Co., Singapore renamed Timur Providence. 2,278
Moresby (1) 1881 ex- Jacob Christensen 1898 purchased from J. Christensen, Bergen renamed Moresby, 1915 sold to Moller & Co., Shanghai, 1916 torpedoed and sunk. 1,763
Moresby (2) 1965 1970 sold to Neptune Orient Lines, Singapore renamed Neptune Jade. 3,175
Morinda 1913 1953 scrapped. 1,971
Muliama 1937 1957 sold to John Manners & Co., Hong Kong renamed Paloma. 689
Muniara 1901 ex- Volunteer, 1908 purchased from Fisher, Renwick & Co., Newcastle renamed Muniara, 1913 wrecked near Ebon Island, Marshall Islands. 837
Neptuna 1924 ex- Neptun, 1934 purchased from North German Lloyd, Bremen renamed Neptuna, 19th Feb.1942 bombed and sunk by Japanese aircraft at Port Darwin. 5,952
Ovalau 1891 1903 puchased from Union SS Co. of New Zealand, 1903 burnt at Lord Howe Island. 1,229
Ralum 1914 1933 purchased from Melanesia Co. Ltd, London, 1938 scuttled. 356
Ratanui 1946 1952 purchased from Northern SS Co., Auckland, NZ, 1970 sold to Rusden & Sofrana (Fiji) Ltd, Suva. 515
Sydney 1902 1917 purchased from Melbourne SS Co., Melbourne, 1918 renamed Melusia, 1927 sold to China Pacific S.N. Co. renamed Shun Tsze. 1,989
Tambo 1892 1902 purchased from Huddart, Parker & Co., Melbourne, 1919 wrecked at Apamama, Gilbert Islands. 732
Titus 1878 1896 purchased, 1908 used as coal hulk at Vila, 1919 scrapped. 760
Tulagi 1939 27th Mar.1944 torpedoed and sunk by U.532 on voyage Sydney - Colombo. 2,281
Tulagi 1955 1970 sold to Soc. Mar. Caledonienne, France renamed Jacques Del Mar. 2,746
Yanawai 1937 9th Mar.1962 wrecked New Hebrides. 434
Ysabel 1886 1896 purchased from Neu Guinea Compagnia, Hamburg, 1907 wrecked on reef at Namu, Marshall Islands. 524

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