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The Fleets

Currie Line, Melbourne

Formed in 1853 when Archibald Currie acquired a quarter share in the brigantine ELIZABETH and later bought a majority share. Initially traded on the New Zealand coast and then to China. In 1860 Currie bought the barque RIALTO in partnership with T. E. Boyd to carry prospectors to the Port Curtis goldfields. The fleet rapidly expanded and traded to the west coast of North America, India and Japan, but the partnership between Currie and Boyd ended in 1873. In 1885 the company purchased their first steamship, the BUCEPHALUS to operate between Melbourne and Calcutta and the last sailing ship was sold in 1889. Involved in trooping to South Africa during the Boer War. In 1913 the company and fleet were sold to British India Steam Navigation Co.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

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    Sailing Ships  
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Albert Victor 1864 barque, 1867 purchased from Cloid & Cattell, London, 1872 sold to J. Hughes, Melbourne. 384
Catherine 1862 barque, ex- Two Brothers, 1864 purchased from Hitchcock & Partners, Newcastle, Maine renamed Catherine, 1871 wrecked near Newcastle, NSW. 414
Cingalese 1869 barque, 1874 purchased from Kenneth & Co., Glasgow, 1882 sold to C. W. Turner, Lyttelton. 724
Douglas 1862 barque, ex- Orphan, 1863 purchased from J. Edmunds, Providence, R.I., renamed Douglas, 1869 wrecked in Tasman Sea on voyage Newcastle NSW to Yokohama. 330
Elizabeth 1852 brigantine, 1853 purchased from David Masterman, Liverpool, 1858 sold to J. Ramage, Melbourne. 127
Emily 1868 brig, 1879 purchased from A. Brown, Melbourne, 1880 sold to W. Crighton & J. Walsh, Sydney. 296
Hereford 1869 ship, 1881 stranded at Port Phillip Heads and abandoned, refloated, repaired and purchased by Currie, 1882 sold to Nourse Line, London. 1,510
Isabella 1862 brig, 1864 purchased from A. McMillan, PEI, 1870 sold to Grice, Sumner & Co., Melbourne. 256
James Service 1869 barque, 1878 wrecked south of Fremantle on voyage Calcutta to Melbourne. 455
James Wilson 1868 barque, 1871 purchased from Wilson & Co., Liverpool, 1883 went missing with all hands on voyage Melbourne for South Africa. 337
Juan Ferrin 1871 barque, 1873 purchased from Clapperton & Co., Greenock, 1873 abandoned on fire off Montevideo with a cargo including gunpowder on voyage Liverpool to Melbourne. Exploded and sank. 698
Kate Tatham 1863 barquentine, 1874 purchased from Hallings Tatham, Guernsey, 1882 sold to A. Lyell, Launceston. 275
Lady Don 1865 schooner, 1865 purchased from A & W. Gordon, Yarrabank, Melbourne, 1867 sold to T. T. Brownell, Lyttelton. 68
Result 1864 ketch, 1866 purchased from J. Regan, Sandridge, 1868 sold to T. Warburton, Melbourne. 27
Retriever 1858 barque, 1879 purchased from A. Brown, Melbourne, 1880 sold to C. Andrews, Melbourne. 311
Rialto 1852 barque, 1860 purchased from de Pass & Co., London, 1862 sold to L. Rostron, Melbourne. 303
Rollo 1876 ship, 1890 sold to John Jacobs, London. 938
Sea Nymph 1858 barque, 1861 purchased from unknown owners, Victoria, BC, 1862 sold to S. White, Adelaide. 256
T. E. Boyd 1859 barque, ex- Floresta, 1863 purchased from Newhall & Sons, Philadelphia renamed T. E. Boyd, 1866 wrecked in Taiwan Strait. 278
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Argus 1888 1905 sold to Osaka Shosen K.K., Osaka renamed Giran Maru. 2,792
Bucephalus 1884 1901 sold to Handel Maats. Kian Gwan, Samarang, Java renamed Simongan. 1,818
Clitus 1886 1904 sold to K. Oaki, Yokohama renamed Miyo Maru. 2,435
Darius 1892 1912 sold to Government of Western Australia renamed Kwinana. 3,283
Euryalus 1898 1913 sold to British India S.N. Co. 3,570
Fortunatus 1901 1907 destroyed by fire in the Indian Ocean on voyage Calcutta to Australia. 3,425
Gracchus 1902 1913 sold to British India S.N. Co. 3,760
Hymettus 1906 1913 sold to British India S.N. Co. 4,606
Itonus 1898 ex- Anglia, 1907 purchased from Grangemouth & Greenock Dockyard Co. after stranding repairs, renamed Itonus. 1913 sold to British India S.N. Co. 5,340
Janus 1910 1913 sold to British India S.N. Co. 4,824

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