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The Fleets

Ellermans comprised a group of several companies and each will be treated as a seperate entity.
Transfers between various companies within the group have been ignored.
Ellerman & Papayanni | Westcott & Laurence | Montgomerie & Workman | City Line | Hall Line | Ellerman & Bucknall | Miscellaneous

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

Wilson Line ships which served with Ellerman without change of ownership

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
City of Ripon   see Lepanto 1915.  
Lepanto 1915 1934 transferred to Hall Line management renamed City of Ripon, 1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.160 off Trinidad; loss of 57 lives. 6,394
Urbino 1918 1934 transferred to Bucknall Line management, 1954 scrapped. 5,198

Ships managed for Ministry of War Transport

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Andrea Gritti 1943 managed by Hall Line for MOWT, 1945 returned to Italy. 6,404
Empire Clyde 1925 ex- Leonardo da Vinci, Lloyd Triestino, 1941 captured by British at Somalia, 1943 renamed Empire Clyde, converted to hospital ship, managed by City Line. 1948 taken over by Admiralty renamed Maine. 7,515
Empire Faith 1941 managed by Westcott & Laurence, 1946 sold to Johnston Warren Lines renamed Jessmore. 7,061
Empire Gauntlet 1944 ex- Cape Comorin, 1945 reverted to US Department of Commerce. 7,177
Empire Irving 1944 1946 sold to Ropner, renamed Bellerby. 7,081
Empire Pendennis 1944 1946 to Cunard-White Star renamed Vasconia. 7,058
Empire Spartan   see City of Cardiff 1942.  
Empire Viceroy 1943 1947 transferred to Counties Ship Management, London. 7,803
Empire Wallace 1946 1947 transferred to Haddon SS Co, London. 7,800
Marine Raven 1944 1948 returned to USA. 11,757
Taiposhan 1901 1940-46 managed by Papayanni, 1946 owned by Tai On S.N. Co, Hong Kong. 2,143

Chartered from Canada

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Fort Constantine 1944 1949 transferred to Admiralty. 7,221
Fort Dunvegan 1944 1949 transferred to Admiralty. 7,220
Fort Edmonton 1944 1947 became Federal Voyager for Federal & Comm. Nav. Co., Montreal. 7,220
Fort Kilmar 1944 1947 became Ironside for Andros Shipping Co, Montreal. 7,220
Fort Providence 1944 1948 became Eastwater for Eastboard Nav. Co., Montreal. 7,220

Chartered from US War Shipping Administration

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Cape Douglas 1944 1947 chartered by MOT managed by JRE, 1948 returned to USA. 7,156
Fort St. James 1942 1947 became Temple Bar for Lambert Bros., London. 7,130
Fort Tadoussac 1942 1947 returned to USA. 7,129

Free French ships managed by Ellermans

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Cap Padaran 1922 owned by Chargeurs Reunis, 1941 seized from Vichy Franch, 1943 torpedoed and sunk by U.596 in Adriatic while trooping. 8,009
Cap Tourane 1923 owned by Chargeurs Reunis, 1940-45 served with Free French, 1946 returned to owners. 8,009
D'entrecasteaux 1922 owned by Chargeurs Reunis, 1941 captured by Royal Navy from Vichy French, 1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.154 in South Atlantic. 7,642

Chartered container ships

Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
City of Lisbon 1980 ex- Eagle, 1985-6 chartered renamed City of Lisbon, 1986 to Manchester Liners renamed Manchester City. 3,598
City of Liverpool 1982 1985 to Germany renamed Campania.
City of London 1981 ex- Mentor, 1981 chartered from Blue Funnel / Elder Dempster Lines renamed City of London, 1981 returned to owners, reverted to Mentor. 16,482
City of Manchester 1984 ex- Hassel Werder, 1984-5 chartered renamed City of Manchester, 1985 reverted to Hassel Werder. 2,778
City of Oporto 1979 ex- Royal Prince, 1984-5 chartered renamed City of Oporto, 1985 reverted to Royal Prince. 1,599
City of Salerno (1) 1981 ex- Nordstar, 1984-5 chartered renamed City of Salerno, 1985 reverted to Nordstar. 1,598
City of Salerno (2) 1977 ex- Peter Knuppel, 1985-6 chartered renamed City of Salerno, 1986 reverted to Peter Knuppel. 1,599
City of Salerno (3) 1983 ex- Ocean, 1986-7 chartered renamed City of Salerno, 1987 reverted to Ocean. 1,599

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