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The Fleets

Larrinaga Line / Compaņia de Navegaceon a Vapor Olana, Larrinaga y Cia.

The company started shipowning as Olano y Cia, Bilbao in 1863 but operated passenger and cargo services from Liverpool to the Spanish colonies in the Philippines and Cuba. In 1870 the company was renamed Compania de Navegaceon a Vapor Olana, Larrinaga y Cia. The first steamship entered service in 1871 to Manila and the sailing ships were transferred to the Cuba and Gulf of Mexico routes. Larrinaga lost the Manila mail contract in 1880 and in 1883 Olana sold their share to the Larrinaga family who renamed the company Larrinaga & Co. Routes were re-organised and a New York - Boston - Puerto Rico service was inaugurated. In 1898 a new company, Miguel de Larrinaga Steamship Co. was registered in Liverpool and services to Montevideo and the River Plate commenced in 1900. The two companies merged in 1931 to form the Larrinaga Steamship Co., Ltd, Liverpool. Rising oil prices and political considerations caused the sale of the company in 1974 to George Vergottis who renamed it Vergocean SS Co. and registered the ships at Piraeus in 1978.

MOWT = Ministry of War Transport

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

Black with yellow, red, yellow, red, yellow bands (as Spanish flag)


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Abeja 1881 schooner, 1884 sold to J. Bartlett, Brixham. 198
Cosmopolita 1869 barque, 1881 sold to Morgan Tutton, Swansea. 515
Dona Telesfora 1869 barque, ex- Dona Feliciana, 1875 purchased from Olaquiv'l & Co., Bilbao renamed Dona Telesfora, 1880 wrecked Borneo. 505
Feliz 1859 barque, ex- Romeo, 1864 purchased from Nicholson & Co., Liverpool renamed Feliz, 1876 wrecked Bantry Bay. 402
Gloria (1) 1868 barque, 1874 sold to Swansea Shipping Co., Swansea. 729
Olano   see Orlando.  
Orlando 1863 barque, 1863 renamed Olano, 1883 sold to R. J. Swyny, Liverpool. 488
Trinidad 1866 barque, 1880 sold to Shallcross & Higham, Liverpool. 695
Victoria (1) 1867 barque, 1874 sold to Swansea Shipping Co., Swansea. 670
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Alava 1879 1900 scrapped. 2,244
Anselma de Larrinaga (1) 1898 1915 - 1919 military transport, 1924 sold to Soc. Anon. Maritt Liguri, Savona renamed Chiabrera. 4,090
Anselma de Larrinaga (2) 1914 ex- Moorish Prince, 1927 purchased from Prince Line renamed Anselma de Larrinaga, 1931 laid up, 1934 scrapped. 5,955
Asuncion de Larrinaga (1) 1902 1915 - 1919 military transport, 1929 sold to P. Kydoniefs, Greece renamed Elengo A. Kydoniefs. 4,142
Asuncion de Larrinaga (2) 1944 ex- Sea Triumph, 1948 purchased from Dover Navigation Co., Dover renamed Asuncion de Larrinaga, 1951 sold to Lemos & Pateros, London, registered Panama renamed Katingo. 7,281
Aurrera 1873 1881 sold to Marquis de Campo, Barcelona. 2,526
Bilbao No.1 1875 steam barge, 1886 sold to J. B. Ondaro, Manila renamed Numero 1 Bilbao. 103
Bilbao No.2 1873 steam barge, 1886 renamed Numero 2 Bilbao and registered at Manila, 1890 sold to Aldecoa & Co., Manila. 112
Buena Ventura 1871 1898 captured by USS NASHVILLE during Spanish American war, sold to L. Luckenbach. 1,763
Cadiz 1873 ex- Wallace, 1877 purchased from C. W. Kellock, Liverpool renamed Cadiz, 27th Feb.1892 stranded near Havana and scrapped in situ. 2,294
Castellano 1880 1891 sold to F. Reyes & Co., Manila. 287
Churruca 1878 1881 re-registered at Manila, 1897 sold to Cie. Maritima, Manila. 616
Domingo de Larrinaga (1) 1899 1915 - 1917 military transport, 1928 sold to Th. Liaroutzos, Greece renamed Massaliotis. 4,076
Domingo de Larrinaga (2) 1929 16th Jul.1940 sunk by German raider PINGUIN in South Atlantic. 5,358
Domingo de Larrinaga (3) 1944 ex- Stanthorpe, 1949 purchased from J. Billmeir, London renamed Domingo de Larrinaga, 1955 sold to Cia. Naviera Alvali, Costa rica renamed Vassilis. 7,242
Elcano 1880 1891 sold to Cie. Maritima, Manila. 819
Emiliano 1871 1895 scrapped. 2,009
Ena de Larrinaga 1925 5th Apr.1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.105 in Atlantic. 5,200
Esperanza de Larrinaga 1907 1921 went missing in Atlantic. 4,981
Filipino 1880 15th Nov.1884 wrecked on Rapu Rapu Island. 287
Gloria (2) 1875 28th May 1877 stranded and abandoned between Borneo and Singapore. 2,848
Gloria de Larrinaga 1908 1916 - 1919 military transport, 1933 scrapped. 4,649
Gravina 1878 1881 re-registered at Manila, 1895 sank in typhoon off Luzon. 618
Jorge Juan 1880 1883 sold to China & Manila SS Co., Hong Kong renamed Amatista. 819
Jose de Larrinaga (1) 1913 28th Apr.1917 torpedoed and sunk by U.81 while 150 miles WNW from Fastnet with loss of 12 lives. 5,017
Jose de Larrinaga (2) 1920 ex- Loch Tay, 1927 purchased from A/S Australia, Tonsberg, Norway renamed Jose de Larrinaga, 7th Sep.1940 torpedoed and sunk by U.47 in Atlantic with loss of all 40 crew. 5,303
Leon 1873 1881 sunk in collision with British steamer HARELDA off Cape Roca. 2,555
Lucille de Larrinaga 1911 ex- Burmese Prince, 1927 purchased from Prince Line renamed Lucille de Larrinaga, 1934 scrapped. 4,825
Maria de Larrinaga (1) 1898 1915 - 1919 military transport, 1928 sold to S. Polemis, Andros renamed Theotokos. 4,018
Maria de Larrinaga (2) 1929 8th Feb.1939 sank in storm with all hands in North Atlantic. 4,988
Maria de Larrinaga (3) 1944 ex- Samadre, 1947 purchased from MOWT renamed Maria de Larrinaga, 1964 sold to Marseguro Cia Nav., Greece renamed Meletios. 7,277
Mercedes de Larrinaga 1902 1915 - 1918 military transport, 1928 sold to N. M. Piangos, Greece renamed Maroussio. 4,152
Miguel de Larrinaga (1) 1901 1915-1918 military tarnsport, 3rd Feb.1918 sank in the Atlantic. 4,089
Miguel de Larrinaga (2) 1924 1950 sold to Leonhardt & Blumberg, Hamburg renamed Bernd Leonhardt. 5,231
Miguel de Larrinaga (3) 1944 ex- Jersey May, 1950 purchased from Nolisement SS Co., London renamed Miguel de Larrinaga, 1956 sold to Cia Mare Nostrum, New York, registered Liberia and renamed Tritonia. 7,235
Miguel de Larrinaga (4) 1970 1974 sold to Vergocean SS Co., London, 1975 renamed Vergstar. 9,247
Minnie de Larrinaga 1914 1917 - 1918 military transport, Sep.1940 condemned after bombing damage in London Docks, loaded with blitz rubble and scuttled as blockship in Dover harbour. 5,046
Niceto 1884 1910 scrapped. 2,807
Niceto de Larrinaga (1) 1912 6th Oct.1914 captured in South Atlantic by German cruiser KARLSRUHE and scuttled. 5,018
Niceto de Larrinaga (2) 1916 22nd Sep.1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.103 in Atlantic. 5,569
Niceto de Larrinaga (3) 1959 1973 sold to Navarino Shipping Co., Cyprus renamed Aegis Bounty. 6,251
Pilar de Larrinaga (1) 1902 4th May 1917 torpedoed and sunk by UC.65 off Tuskar Rock with loss of 20 lives. 4,136
Pilar de Larrinaga (2) 1918 ex- War Nymphe, 1919 purchased from the Shipping Controller renamed Pilar de Larrinaga, 1949 sold to INSA Soc. di Nav, Italy renamed Delia. 7,352
Ramon de Larrinaga (1) 1889 1917 sold to Hijos de Jose Sen Cie. 2,773
Ramon de Larrinaga (2) 1920 1942 sold to Ministry of War Transport, managed by Larrinaga renamed Empire Mersey, 14th Oct.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.618 in Atlantic with loss of 16 lives. 5,791
Ramon de Larrinaga (3) 1944 ex- Skipsea, 1948 purchased from Brown Atkinson & Co., Hull renamed Ramon de Larrinaga, 1952 sold to Okeanoporos Shipping Corp, Piraeus renamed Okeanoporos. 7,293
Ramon de Larrinaga (4) 1954 1969 sold to Elxis Maritime Corp, Piraeus renamed Marianna. 5,818
Ramon de Larrinaga (5) 1972 1972 sold to Jade Bay Shipping Co., Piraeus renamed Jade Bay. 9,246
Reina Mercedes 1878 1881 sold to Marquis de Campo, registered at Manila. 3,181
Richard de Larrinaga (1) 1916 8th Oct.1917 torpedoed and sunk by U.57 off Ballycotton Island with loss of 35 lives. 5,569
Richard de Larrinaga (2) 1929 15th May 1941 bombed by German aircraft off Tynemouth, beached and broke in two. 5,358
Richard de Larrinaga (3) 1955 1970 sold to Diamandis Eidiki, Piraeus renamed Adamandios. 5,841
Rupert de Larrinaga (1) 1930 14th Jul.1941 torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine MOROSINI in Atlantic. 5,358
Rupert de Larrinaga (2) 1969 1974 sold to Vergocean SS Co., London, 1975 renamed Vergray. 9,268
Samoa 1892 1898 purchased from Crow, Rudolf & Co., Liverpool, 1901 sold to U.S. Government renamed Dix. 6,839
Saturnina 1884 1910 scrapped. 2,808
Sylvia de Larrinaga 1925 14th Aug.1942 torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine REGINALDO GIULIANI in Atlantic. 5,218
Telesfora 1891 ex- Inchbarra, 1897 purchased from Hamilton Frazer & Co., Liverpool renamed Telesfora, 29th May 1917 sunk in collision with s/s EDOUARD SHAKI near Havre. 4,069
Telesfora de Larrinaga 1920 1949 sold to Oriental SS Co., Hong Kong renamed Oritrin. 5,780
Teodoro de Larrinaga 1899 1914 sold to Sale & Co., London renamed Tung Shan. 3,999
Ventura de Larrinaga 1908 1908 4,648 tons, 1933 scrapped. 4,648
Victoria (2) 1876 1881 sold to Marquis de Campo, Barcelona renamed Vera Cruz. 2,909
Victoria de Larrinaga 1909 29th Apr.1922 wrecked off north coast of Haiti. 4,648
Yrurac Bat 1872 1st Apr.1882 sank in collision with s/s DOURO (Royal Mail S.P. Co.) off Cape Finisterre with loss of 36 lives. 2,037
    Managed Ships  
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Bernilla 1897 ex- Homeric (Andrew Weir & Co.), 1901 purchased by Bernilla SS Co., managed by Larrinaga and renamed Bernilla, 1906 sold to Greece renamed Athina. 2,535
Empire Blanda 1919 ex- Rio Grande, 1940 purchased from Panama by MOWT renamed Empire Blanda, managed by Larrinaga, 19th Feb.1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.69 in Atlantic with the loss of all 40 crew. 5,696
Empire Bruce 1941 managed for MOWT, 1942 management transferred to Christian Salvesen, Leith. 7,400
Empire Clough 1942 managed for MOWT, 10th Jun.1942 torpedoed and sunk on maiden voyage in Atlantic by U.94. 6,147
Empire Elk 1920 ex- Condor, 1940 purchased from Grace Line by MOWT, managed by Larrinaga, 1942 sold to Norway renamed Norvarg. 4,747
Empire Hail 1940 managed for MOWT, 23rd Feb.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.94 in Atlantic with loss of all 49 crew. 7,005
Empire Honduras 1945 managed for MOWT, 1946 chartered to Andrew Weir & Co., 1948 renamed Lochybank. 7,320
Empire Mersey   see Ramon de Larrinaga (2)  
Empire Symbol 1943 managed for MOWT, 1945 sold to Fraissinet, Marseilles renamed Professeur Emile Lagarde. 7,027
Empire Trumpet 1943 managed for MOWT, 1944 management transferred to T. & J. Harrison, Liverpool, 1946 renamed Naturalist. 7,059
Fort Capot River 1943 managed for MOWT, 1946 management transferred to Counties Ship Management, London. 7,128
Fort Concord 1942 managed for MOWT, 12th May 1943 torpedoed and sunk by U.403 in Atlantic with loss of 37 lives. 7,138
Fort Machault 1943 managed for MOWT, 1946 sold to Park SS Co., Montreal. 7,160
Fort Moose 1943 managed for MOWT, 1946 chartered to United Africa Co. (Palm Line) 7,130
Fort Walsh 1943 managed for MOWT, 1947 returned to US Maritime Commission. 7,126
Mount Revelstoke Park 1943 1946 managed for MOWT, 1947 chartered to Aviation & Shipping Co., London. 7,144
Ocean Courier 1942 managed for MOWT, 1946 management transferred to Clan Line, 1948 renamed Clan Macbean. 7,178
Ocean Rider 1942 managed for MOWT, 1946 transferred to N. Kyriakides, London. 7,178
Ocean Story 1942 managed for MOWT, 4th May 1942 grounded off Brier Island, NS, refloated but sank. 7,037
Ocean Venture 1941 managed for MOWT, 8th Feb.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.108 in St. Lawrence. 7,174
Ocean Voice 1941 managed for MOWT, 22nd Sep.1942 damaged by torpedo from U.435 in Russian convoy, torpedoed and sunk by escort destroyer. 7,174

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