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The Fleets

Norwegian-America Line

Norwegian America LineEstablished in 1910 to operate passenger and cargo services between Norway and the USA. In 1914, cargo ships were chartered to supply grain to Norway, which although a neutral country during the Great War, suffered from a lack of foreign imports and also lost many ships to U-Boats and mines. Before the end of the war, the company had purchased several other cargo steamers and even a sailing ship. The company then expanded and in 1920 owned 12 vessels and by 1923 grew to become one of Norway's largest shipping companies with 19 vessels. The economic collapse of the 1920's and new United States emigration regulations caused the company to diversify into other routes and also into pleasure cruising. Heavy ship losses were incurred during the Second World War, but a new program of ship building after 1945 quickly replaced these. In the 1960's passenger traffic was largely taken over by aircraft and the company concentrated on cargo work and cruising. New container ships were built in the 1970's but these made a large loss and were chartered out. In 1980, the two cruise vessels were transferred to a new company Norwegian American Cruises, a joint venture with Leigh Hoegh & Co. and in 1981 the East Africa service was sold to Deutsche Afrika Line. By 1983 no ships were owned by NAL and they operated with chartered tonnage until 1986 when they entered the car carrying business and purchased new ships for this trade. The bulk carrying trade was entered into in 1989 but by by 1993 this activity was disposed of. The company is now involved in the worldwide car carrying trade.

The Times, Nov 14, 1911
A correspondent states that arrangement in connexion with the company which was recently formed at Christiania for the maintenance of a direct service between Norway and the United States are now so far advanced that not only has an order been given to Messrs. Cammell, Laird, and Co., Birkenhead, for the construction of a steamer of 12,000 tons, but tenders for three others of similar type have been invited from shipbuilders on the Clyde and the Tyne.

At present Norwegian emigrants either go by Danish and German steamers* or cross the North Sea to take passage for New York at Liverpool or Glasgow, but the new concern expects to secure the bulk of this business. The vessels are also to be provided with extensive insulated space for the carriage of fish and other perishable products. Application is to be made for admission to the North Atlantic Conference.

In addition to 3,000,000 kronen (£165,000) already subscribed, it is hoped to obtain 1,500,000 kronen (£82,500) from Norwegians resident in the United States, while the Government of Norway has introduced a measure with the object of granting the line an annual subvention of 500,000 kronen (£27,500).

* This statement is not quite correct, as the greatest number of Scandinavian transmigrants through Britain, were carried by Wilson Line, of Hull.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.
For more information about Norwegian-America Line visit
100 Years of Emigrant Ships from Norway.


  • Christiania (Oslo) - Christiansand - Stavanger - Bergen - New York.
  • 1920 Norway - East Coast of Canada
  • 1921 Scandinavia - Suez - East Africa
  • Car / truck transportation mainly between the Far East and Europe

Buff funnel with red, white, blue, white, red bands.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Altafjord 1962 1978 sold to Argentina renamed Punta Norte. 6,299
Armacup Patricia   see Target.  
Audun 1887 4 masted barque, 1916 purchased from A/S Audun, Tønsberg, 1919 sold to A/S Almora, Tønsberg. 2,018
Bergensfjord (1) 1913 1940 taken over by MOWT, London converted to troopship, 1946 chartered for one voyage to carry GI Brides to USA, 1946 sold to Panama renamed Argentina. 10,666
Bergensfjord (2) 1956 1971 sold to French Line, renamed De Grasse. 18,739
Bergensfjord (3) 1977 1981 sold to Liberia renamed Arimbi. 8,060
Bergensfjord (4) 1984 tanker, 1984-1985 chartered from Liberian owners. 16,820
Braunschweig 1987 car transporter, 1991 purchased from Fearnley & Eger Ltd., 1995 still in service. 34,960
Drammensfjord (1) 1911 ex- Chiltern Range, 1914 purchased from Furness, Withy & Co. renamed Drammensfjord, 1924 sold to Turnbull Coal & Shipping Co., Cardiff renamed Raisdale. 4,338
Drammensfjord (2) 1920 ex- Tatjana, 1925 purchased from Canadian American Shipping Co., Vancouver renamed Drammensfjord, 1949 sold to Italy renamed Luciano. 5,339
Drammensfjord (3) 1955 1974 sold to Greece renamed Pistis. 3,812
Ferngolf 1979 car transporter, 1991 purchased from Fearnley & Eger Ltd., 1992 renamed Sea Pride, 1995 still in service. 9,820
Fernpassat 1981 car transporter, 1991 purchased from Fearnley & Eger Ltd., 1992 renamed Sea Premier, 1995 still in service. 9,829
Fidelio 1986 car transporter, 1994 purchased from Wallenius Lines, 1995 still in service. 47,219
Foldenfjord (1) 1921 tanker, 1928 sold to Petroleum Securities Co., USA renamed Larry Doheny. 7,277
Foldenfjord (2) 1921 ex- Remus, 1928 purchased from A/S Baja California, Kristiania renamed Foldenfjord, 1929 sold to A/S Oddsø, Oslo renamed Tivy. 4,900
Foldenfjord (3) 1953 1972 sold to Hong Kong renamed New Ocean. 3,857
Frierfjord (1) 1897 ex- Tresfond, 1915 purchased from D/S Langfonds A/S, Stavanger renamed Frierfjord, 1921 sold to D/S A/S Gudrun, Haugesund renamed Gudrun. 941
Frierfjord (2) 1943 ex- Cape Lopez, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Frierfjord, 1970 sold to Arne Tiegen & Jens Hetland, Egersund renamed Ryttersund. 5,231
Fulvia   see Oslofjord (3)  
Førdefjord (1) 1916 ex- Kaggefos, 1921 purchased from Skibs-A/S Thor Thoresens Line, Oslo renamed Førdefjord, 1924 sold to African & Eastern Trade Corp., Liverpool (Palm Line), renamed Ashantian. 2,116
Førdefjord (2) 1923 ex- Emma Maersk, 1926 purchased from A. P. Moller, Copenhagen renamed Førdefjord, 1937 sold to Bing & Pedersen, Oslo. 5,242
Guri 1923 1946 sold to A/S Inger, Bergen. 219
Idefjord (1) 1914 ex- Storeng, 1919 purchased from A/S Transit, Skien renamed Idefjord, 1921 renamed Lillefjord, 1923 sold to Sweden renamed Tuna. 147
Idefjord (2) 1921 1959 sold to Ila Jernstøperi A/S, Trondheim renamed Ilafjord. 4,287
Idefjord (3) 1960 1981 sold to Singapore renamed New Peacock. 5,616
Kassel 1986 car transporter, 1991 purchased from Fearnley & Eger Ltd., 1995 still in service. 34,960
Kongsfjord (1) 1937 1940 seized by German Navy, refitted as a blockade runner and 1941 renamed Sperrbrecher 15. 1941 renamed Gonzenheim and fitted as a reconnaisscance ship for the BISMARCK. 1941 sunk by HMS NEPTUNE. 4,000
Kongsfjord (2) 1951 1972 sold to Thorne & Co., Singapore renamed Timur Star. 5,934
Kongsfjord (3)   see Vistafjord (2)  
Kongsfjord (4) 1984 bulk carrier, ex- Jasaka, 1990 purchased from Kosmos Shipping A/S, Oslo renamed Kongsfjord, 1993 sold to Greece renamed Ayia Markella. 22,009
Kristianiafjord (1) 1913 1917 wrecked near Cape Race, Newfoundland; no loss of life. 10,699
Kristianiafjord (2) 1921 1955 sold to Marinos & Frangos, Nassau, renamed Aghios Stefanos. 6,759
Kristianiafjord (3) 1981 bulk carrier, ex- Dan Bauta, 1989 purchased from D. Lauritzen, Denmark renamed Kristianiafjord, 1993 sold to Vibeke K/S, Oslo renamed Federal Vibeke. 17,188
Lane 1982 car transporter, ex- Fernstar, 1991 purchased from Fearnley & Eger Ltd. renamed Lane, 1991 caught fire and sank after collision with Liberian ship ASTRO COACH in Straits of Gibraltar. 13,111
Langfjord 1921 1921 sold to Det Bergenske D/S, Bergen renamed Nova. 964
Larviksfjord 1930 1931 caught fire at sea, taken in tow but tug and tow ran aground and wrecked near Stockholm. 3,159
Le Norvégien 1916 ex- Rothenburg, 1925 purchased from Stettiner Dampfer Co., Stettin renamed Le Norvegien, 1934 sold to Colonial Steamships Co., Mauritius renamed Carabao. 856
Le Norvégien II 1921 ex- Proteus, 1934 purchased from Koninklijke Nederlandsche Stoomboot Maats, Netherlands renamed Le Norvégien II, 1952 sold to South East Asia Shipping Co., India renamed Mahakhursheed. 1,058
Le Norvégien III 1954 1971 sold to Singapore, 1972 renamed Cherry Jaya. 1,329
Le Scandinave 1957 1978 sold to Madagascar, 1979 renamed Vatsy. 1,437
Lillefjord (1) 1896 ex- Isafold, 1916 purchased from Frederiksen & Moller, Mandal renamed Lillefjord, 1920 sold to Bodø D/S A/S, Bodø, 1921 renamed Børvastind. 383
Lillefjord (2)   see Idefjord (1)  
Lyngenfjord (1) 1903 tons, ex- Karamiai, 1915 purchased from A.S. Vagliano, Greece renamed Lyngenfjord, 1924 sold to H. M. Wrangell & Co., Haugesund renamed Sigrun. 5,097
Lyngenfjord (2) 1913 ex- Nidaros, 1933 purchased from A/S Krogstads Dampskibs., Oslo renamed Lyngenfjord, 1938 wrecked near Port Elizabeth, South Africa. 5,627
Lyngenfjord (3) 1948 1970 sold to A/S Amronto & Co., Haugesund renamed Amronto. 3,800
Lyngenfjord (4) 1971 1981 sold to South Korea renamed Hae Woo No.2 6,467
Mari 1923 1923 renamed Oslofjord, 1930 sold to Einar Veim, Bergen renamed Vestnorge. 215
Norefjord (1) 1919 ex- Norefos, 1921 purchased as part of the Scandinavian East Africa Line renamed Norefjord, 1949 sold to F. N. Nordbø, A/S, Haugesund renamed Ryvarden. 3,082
Norefjord (2) 1953 1972 sold to Langfeldt & Co., Kristiansand renamed Robin Hood. 5,246
Norefjord (3) 1984 bulk carrier, ex- Sunny Wisteria, 1991 purchased from Liberia renamed Norefjord, 1993 sold to A/S Eidsiva, Oslo, 1994 renamed Vivita. 23,076
Nosac Barbro 1982 car transporter, 1986 purchased from A. H. Mathiesen, Oslo, 1989 transferred to Liberian flag renamed Nosac Rover, 1990 registered at Oslo, 1995 still in service 19,089
Nosac Branco 1970 car transporter, 1987 purchased from Norwegian Ship Management, 1987 scrapped. 14,202
Nosac Explorer   see Nosac Tasco.  
Nosac Express 1984 car transporter, 1987 purchased from Norwegian Ship Management, 1995 still in service. 48,357
Nosac Mascot 1978 car transporter, 1986 purchased from A. H. Mathiesen, Oslo, 1988 transferred to U.S. flag renamed Nosac Ranger, 1995 still in service. 16,568
Nosac Ranger   see Nosac Mascot.  
Nosac Rover   see Nosac Barbro.  
Nosac Sea   see Nosac Tancred.  
Nosac Sel 1975 car transporter, 1987 purchased from Norwegian Ship Management, 1988 renamed Ocean Sel, 1995 renamed Sea Transit, 1995 still in service. 7,494
Nosac Sky 1987 car transporter, 1995 still in service. 49,750
Nosac Star 1987 car transporter, 1995 still in service. 49,792
Nosac Sun 1987 car transporter, 1995 still in service. 49,792
Nosac Tancred 1987 car transporter, 1989 renamed Nosac Sea, 1995 still in service. 48,676
Nosac Tasco 1984 car transporter, 1988 purchased from Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tonsberg, 1989 renamed Nosac Explorer, 1995 still in service. 48,393
Nosac Verde 1972 car transporter, 1987 purchased from Norwegian Ship Management, 1987 scrapped. 14,202
Ocean Sel   see Nosac Sel.  
Oslofjord (1)   see Mari.  
Oslofjord (2) 1938 1940 mined and beached off River Tyne and became total loss. 18,673
Oslofjord (3) 1949 1968 operated by Greek Line as cruise ship, 1969 chartered to Costa Line, Italy renamed Fulvia, 1970 caught fire and sank off Teneriffe. 16,844
Oslofjord (4) 1977 1981 sold to Liberia renamed Ambika. 8,060
Oslofjord (5) 1984 tanker, 1984-1985 chartered from Liberian owners. 16,820
Randsfjord (1) 1914 ex- Kongsfos, 1921 purchased from Skibs-A/S Thor Thoresens Line, Oslo renamed Randsfjord, 1934 sold to Finland renamed Gertrud. 3,222
Randsfjord (2) 1937 1940 torpedoed and sunk off Queenstown by German submarine U.30 3,999
Ranenfjord (1) 1908 ex- Isthmian, 1917 purchased from American-Hawaiian SS Co., USA renamed Ranenfjord, 1933 sold to A/S Krogstads Dampskibsrederi, Oslo renamed Nidarholm. 5,404
Ranenfjord (2) 1947 1969 ran aground at Madagascar, condemned and scrapped 3,801
Ranenfjord (3) 1971 1981 sold to South Korea renamed Hae Woo No.3 6,465
Romsdalfjord 1908 ex- Vally, 1915 purchased from A/S D/S Vally, Bergen renamed Romsdalfjord, 1920 wrecked off Sambro Island, N.S. 4,580
Sagafjord 1965 1980 transferred to Norwegian American Cruises A/S, 1983 sold to Cunard Line Ltd., Liverpool. 24,002
Sea Premier   see Fernpassat.  
Sea Pride   see Ferngolf.  
Sea Transit   see Nosac Sel.  
Skiensfjord (1) 1922 1957 sold to Hong Kong renamed Shun Hing. 5,922
Skiensfjord (2) 1958 1977 sold to Greece renamed Diamant. 3,787
Stavangerfjord 1917 1940 requisitioned by German Navy as a troop depot ship in Oslo, 1945 returned to owners, 1964 scrapped at Hong Kong. 12,977
Stolt Ventura 1977 tanker, ex- Ventura, 1985 purchased from Halfdan Ditlev-Simonsen & Co., Oslo renamed Stolt Ventura, 1989 sold to Liberia renamed Stolt Viking.. 16,866
Stolt Vincita 1977 tanker, 1985 purchased from Oslo Ship Management A/S, Oslo, 1989 sold to Liberia renamed Stolt Victor. 16,867
Sunndalsfjord 1955 ex- Bow Plate, 1964 purchased from A/S Rederiet Odfjell, Bergen renamed Sunndalsfjord, 1973 sold to Bruusgaard Kiosterud & Co., Drammen renamed Hermelin. 4,621
Tanafjord (1) 1900 ex- Castano, 1915 purchased from M.M de Arrotegui, Spain renamed Tanafjord, 1920 sold to Peder Kleppe, Bergen renamed Hallbjørg. 4,513
Tanafjord (2) 1921 1954 scrapped at Stavanger. 5,922
Tanafjord (3) 1956 1974 sold to Greece renamed Elpis. 3,832
Tanafjord (4) 1976 1981 sold to Indonesia renamed Ambalika. 7,365
Target 1974 car transporter, ex- Nosac Target, 1988 purchased from Data Vekst A/S, Oslo renamed Target, 1990 renamed Armacup Patricia, 1995 still in service. 7,274
Tavaratra 1963 ex- Kong Alf, 1968 purchased from Det Sandenfjelds-Norske D/S, Oslo renamed Tavaratra, 1978 sold to Panama, 1979 renamed Kyria. 496
Tønsbergfjord 1930 1942 torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine ENRICO TAZZOLI in Atlantic. 3,156
Topdalsfjord (1) 1921 1955 scrapped at Hamburg. 4,271
Topdalsfjord (2) 1959 1978 sold to Panama renamed Boonkrong. 5,840
Trinity Sea 1984 bulk carrier, 1991 chartered from Saint River S.A, Panama, 1994 sold to KLI, Panama renamed Australian River. 18,639
Trinity Star 1977 bulk carrier, 1991 chartered from Saint River S.A, Panama, 1994 sold to Cyprus renamed Star Mary. 13,257
Trondhjemsfjord (1) 1911 ex- Cotswold Range, 1914 purchased from Furness, Withy & Co. renamed Trondhjemsfjord, 1915 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U.41. 4,248
Trondhjemsfjord (2) 1922 1943 sunk by British aircraft off Ryvingen lighthouse. 6,753
Trondhjemsfjord (3) 1947 ex- Ringerd, 1950 purchased from Olav Ringdal, Oslo renamed Trondhjemsfjord, 1955 sold to Prebensen & Blakstad, Risor renamed Folke Bernadotte. 3,941
Tyrifjord (1) 1919 ex- Ramfos, 1921 purchased from Skibs-A/S Thor Thoresens Line, Oslo renamed Tyrifjord, 1944 sunk by Allied aircraft near Stavenes lighthouse. 3,080
Tyrifjord (2) 1953 1972 sold to Hetland & Teigen, Egersund renamed Ryttersund. 5,243
Vigrafjord (1) 1955 1960 sold to Hong Kong renamed Oceantramp. 6,145
Vigrafjord (2) 1963 1975 sold to Indonesia renamed Djatiwangi. 6,301
Viksfjord 1944 ex- Tysla, 1964 purchased from Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Tonsberg renamed Viksfjord, 1968 sold to Jens Hetland, Egersund renamed Ryttervik. 5,163
Vindafjord (1) 1943 ex- Jerome K. Jones, 1947 purchased from US War Shipping Administration renamed Vindafjord, 1951 sold to Liberia renamed Gladiator. 7,263
Vindafjord (2) 1955 1964 sold to Sweden renamed Ledaro. 8,844
Vindafjord (3) 1959 ex- Thorscarrier, 1968 purchased from Thor Dahl, Sandefjord renamed Vindafjord, 1978 sold to Greece renamed Nordave. 8,742
Vira Gad 1976 VIRA GAS 1976 9,376 tons, Gas Carrier, 1985 transferred from Oslo Ship management A/S, Oslo, 1987 sold to Netherlands. 9,376
Vistafjord (1) 1944 ex- Manx Sailor, 1948 purchased from Kerr Silver Lines (Canada) Ltd. renamed Vistafjord, 1955 sold to Italy renamed Mar Cheto. 7,168
Vistafjord (2) 1960 1972 renamed Kongsfjord (3), 1977 sold to Cyprus renamed Kaadershaikh. 9,945
Vistafjord (3) 1973 1981 transferred to Norwegian America Cruises A/S, 1984 transferred to Cunard Line, registered in the Bahamas. 24,292
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