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The Fleets

Furness Line / Norfolk & North American Steam Shipping Co.

In 1893 the Norfolk & North American Steam Shipping Co. was founded in Liverpool and traded mainly between Liverpool and Philadelphia with managed ships. The company commenced shipowning in 1899 but by 1910 was in financial difficulties and was acquired by Furness, Withy & Co. After the Great War, the company specialised on London - Panama - Pacific coast of North America routes. Trade continued until 1965, when with the advent of containerisation when the fleet was absorbed into Furness Ship Management.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

1895-1910 Black
1910-         Furness livery.

Fleet: 1895-1910 1910 -     
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Abercorn 1917 1920 sold to W. Wilhelmsen, Tonsberg renamed Mesna. 5,424
Appleby 1917 ex- Sjoa, purchased from Wilhelmsen, Tonsberg by the Shipping Controller managed by Furness, Withy & Co. renamed Appleby, 1920 returned to Wilhelmsen renamed Rinda. 6,029
Cornish Point 1914 ex- Bland Hall, 1916 purchased from Nicholl SS Co., London renamed Cornish Point, 1926 sold to Unterweser Reederei, Bremen renamed Gonzemheim. 4,259
Crown Point 1900 1917 sunk by U.83 in Atlantic. 5,219
Dominion Miller 1916 1916 transferred to Houlder Line renamed Abadesa. 6,572
Eagle Point 1900 1916 captured and torpedoed by U.70 off Bishop Rock. 5,222
East Point 1901 1917 torpedoed and sunk by U.48 off Eddystone Light. 5,234
Glastonbury 1916 ex- Simla, 1917 purchased from Wilhelmsen, Tonsberg by the Shipping Controller managed by Furness, Withy & Co. renamed Glastonbury, 1920 returned to Wilhelmsen renamed Simla. 6,031
Hartland Point 1913 ex- Ardgorm, 1917 purchased from Lang & Fulton, Glasgow renamed Hartland Point, 1919 transferred to Johnston Line renamed Hartmore. 5,131
London Citizen 1918 ex- Valemore, 1930 transferred from Johnston Line renamed London Citizen, 1936 sold to Chambers & Co., Liverpool and scrapped. 5,388
Montauk Point 1899 1912 sold to Shankland, Russell & Co., Liverpool. 4,809
North Point 1900 1920 sold to Societe Maritime Francaise, La Rochelle renamed General Lyautey. 5,216
Northwestern Miller 1915 1927 sold to North German Lloyd renamed Augsburg. 6,504
Pacific Enterprise 1927 1949 wrecked on Point Arena, California. 6,722
Pacific Exporter 1928 1951 sold to Costa Line, Genoa renamed Giacomo C. 6,722
Pacific Pioneer 1928 1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.132 in Atlantic. 6,723
Pacific Reliance 1927 1940 torpedoed and sunk by U.29 in Irish Sea. 6,717
Pinners Point 1895 1903 sold to Houston Line renamed Hyperia. 3,908
Rinda 1916 completed for Wilhelmsen, Tonsberg but taken over by the Shipping Controller and managed by Furness, Withy & Co. 1917 wrecked in Thames Estuary. 5,909
South Point (1) 1912 1915 captured and sunk by U.28 in Bristol Channel. 3,837
South Point (2) 1915 ex- Albert Hall, 1916 purchased from Nicholl SS Co., London renamed South Point, 1917 torpedoed and sunk by UB.32 off Bishop Rock. 4,258
Southwestern Miller 1915 1927 sold to North German Lloyd renamed Giessen. 6,514
Start Point (1) 1912 1915 transferred to Furness Line renamed Maxton. 3,840
Start Point (2) 1916 1921 transferred to Manchester Liners Ltd renamed Manchester Producer, 1939 purchased by the Ministry of War Transport renamed Botwey. 5,106
Tenterden 1917 operated by Furness, Withy & Co. for the Shipping Controller, 1920 returned to Olsen, Bergen renamed Gro. 4,127
West Point (1) 1899 1910 caught fire off Cape Race and abandoned. 4,812
West Point (2) 1912 1916 captured and sunk by U-Boat. 3,847

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