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The Fleets

State Line / State Steamship Co. Ltd.State Line

Advertised to start services from Glasgow and Liverpool to New Orleans and from Glasgow to New York in the spring of 1872, but the first sailing to New Orleans took place in August 1872 and the first New York sailing was delayed for a year and started in April 1873. Although the State Line was registered in Britain, a large proportion of it's capital had been subscribed in the United States, hence the ships' naming policy. Unfortunately, the Guion, American and National Lines owned ships with similar names and to avoid confusion, the States Line added "State of" to the name of each ship. By 1874 a serious slump occurred in North Atlantic shipping and several ships were chartered to other companies or sold on completion. The New Orleans service was badly affected and was withdrawn in 1875. By the end of 1877, conditions improved and a weekly service to New York was started, but by the late 1880s, trade decreased and the company went into liquidation in 1890. The fleet and goodwill of the company were sold to Allan Line in 1891.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (on-site) ot the Immigrant Ship web site.


  • 1872 - 1875 Glasgow - Liverpool - New Orleans
  • 1873 - 1890 Glasgow - Larne - New York

Buff with red band and narrow black top.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Alabama 1873 1873 renamed State of Alabama, 1891 sold to Allan Line but immediately re-sold. 2,313
Georgia 1873 1873 renamed State of Georgia, 1891 sold to Allan Line, made two voyages, 1893 re-sold to Aberdeen Atlantic Line. 2,490
Louisiana 1872 1874 renamed State of Louisiana, 1878 wrecked in Lough Larne, Northern Ireland. 1,869
Mikado 1873 1879 chartered from D. R. McGregor & Co. for three voyages, 1880 returned to owners. 3,034
Minnesota 1872 1873 renamed State of Minnesota, 1875 sold to Royal Mail Steam Packet Co. renamed Dee. 1,858
Pennsylvania 1873 1873 renamed State of Pennsylvania, 1891 sold to Allan Line but immediately re-sold to Turkey renamed Medina. 2,472
State of Alabama   see Alabama.  
State of California 1891 built for Allan Line. 4,244
State of Florida 1874 1874 sold to Queen Line on completion and renamed Queen Margaret. 1880 made one voyage for State Line and then reverted to State of Florida. 1884 sunk in collision with Canadian barque Ponema, 1,200 miles west of Ireland; loss of 123 lives. 3,138
State of Georgia   see Georgia.  
State of Indiana 1874 1891 sold to Allan Line, made one voyage, 1893 sold to Turkey renamed Ismir. 2,528
State of Louisiana   see Louisiana.  
State of Minnesota   see Minnesota.  
State of Nebraska 1880 1891 sold to Allan Line, 1902 scrapped. 3,986
State of Nevada 1874 1875 chartered to Red Star Line for 7 voyages, 1876 returned to owners, 1891 sold to Allan Line, made 9 voyages, 1891 re-sold to Turkey renamed Mekke. 2,488
State of Pennsylvania   see Pennsylvania.  
State of Virginia   see Virginia.  
Virginia 1873 1873 renamed State of Virginia, 1879 wrecked on Sable Island; loss of 9 lives. 2,473

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