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The Fleets

United Baltic Corporation

Formed in 1919 by an equal partnership between Andrew Weir & Co. (Bank Line) and East Asiatic Co., Copenhagen to operate passenger and cargo services from Poland and the Baltic States to London (East India Docks) where emigrants would disembark to trans-ship to American bound liners. In 1922 the London berth became Hays Wharf in the Pool of London and in the 1930's a service to Newcastle was also inaugurated. Baltic services were suspended due to the outbreak of war in 1939 and in 1946 services to Poland were restarted plus calls at Finnish ports. Due to the Baltic states being Russian controlled, these routes could not be resumed. The Polish service to Hays Wharf was then run jointly with Polish Ocean Lines. The last passenger ship was sold to Greece in 1947 and from then, there was only accommodation for up to 6 passengers on the company's ships, later increased to 12. In 1982 Andrew Weir & Co. purchased the 50% share owned by East Asiatic Co. and became sole owners. In 2002 the company was still operating.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.


  • 1919-1939 London to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. (Newcastle service from 193?)
  • Post war - Weekly ro-ro services Felixstowe to Helsinki and Hamina, Finland
  •                - Weekly container services from Felixstowe and Hull to Gdynia

1919-1939 Light cream with black top
1946-1953 Buff with black top
1953 to date. Light buff with thin black top and a gold edged white disc bearing a red foul anchor and U.B.C. in red.

Fleet: 1919-1939 1946-1953 1953-
Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Baltabor (1) 1911 ex- Libau, 1920 1920 transferred from Russian East Asiatic Co. renamed Baltabor, 1929 stranded on Nargen Island, total loss. 1,320
Baltabor (2) 1924 ex- Cumbal, 1937 purchased from Panama Mail SS Co. renamed Baltabor, 1939 ran aground near Liepaja, Lithuania, total loss. 2,592
Baltallinn 1920 ex- Starling, 1930 purchased from General Steam Nav. Co., London renamed Baltallinn, 1941 torpedoed and sunk in Atlantic. 1,303
Baltanglia (1) 1921 ex- Langfond, 1937 purchased from Sigval Bergesen, Stavanger renamed Baltanglia, 1940 mined and sunk off the Tyne. 1,523
Baltanglia (2) 1944 ex- Empire Ganymede, 1947 purchased from MOWT renamed Baltanglia, 1952 renamed Baltic Pine, 1954 sold to Hellenic Lines, Greece renamed Germania. 1,943
Baltannic (1) 1916 ex- St. Thomas, 1920 transferred from East Asiatic Co. renamed Baltannic, 1925 sold to Skipafelagid Foroyar, Thorshavn renamed Tjaldur for Denmark - Faroes service. 1,147
Baltannic (2) 1913 ex- Westland, 1925 purchased from Scheepvaart & Steenkollen Maats, Belgium renamed Baltannic, 1949 sold to ICI for use as explosives storage hulk at Loch Riddon. 1,701
Baltara (1) 1909 ex- Suntemple, 1924 purchased from Mitchell, Cotts & Co., London renamed Baltara, 1929 grounded off entrance to Weichsee River, total loss. 2,379
Baltara (2) 1918 ex- Glaciere, 1933 purchased from Cie.Maritime de Transports Refrigerique, Lorient renamed Baltara, 1955 sold to Alfroessa Cia. Nav, Panama renamed Nikfil. 3,292
Baltavia (1) 1901 ex- Patricia, 1929 purchased from Swedish Lloyd, Gothenburg renamed Baltavia, 1935 scrapped. 3,452
Baltavia (2) 1924 ex-Chimu, 1937 purchased from Panama Mail SS Co. renamed Baltavia, 1957 sold to Jebshun Shipping Co., Hong Kong renamed Shun Shing. 2,592
Balteako 1920 ex- Heron, 1935 purchased from General Steam Nav. Co., London renamed Balteako, 1946 struck submerged object north of Fehman Islands, capsized and sank. 1,328
Baltic Arrow 1956 1978 sold to Colonial Shipping Ltd, London renamed Doric Arrow. 1,385
Baltic Clipper 1954 1966 sold to Shipping Corporation of Pakistan, renamed Makran. 1,198
Baltic Comet 1954 1966 sold to Shipping Corporation of Pakistan, renamed Pasni. 1,198
Baltic Eagle 1979 1990-91 chartered to Government for operation 'Desert Storm', 1999 chartered to Crowley's American Transport, 2000 chartered to Scan-Orient and then to Ministry of Defence, sold 2002 to Callaghan Overseas Ltd, UK renamed Olympic Star. 6,376
Baltic Eider 1989 2002 in service on Felixstowe - Finland route, sold 2005 to Cie. Morbihannaise et Nantaise de Nav., French Antarctic Territory, renamed MN Eider. 20,865
Baltic Enterprise 1973 1983 sold to Losinjka Plovidba, Yugoslavia renamed Lipa. 4,668
Baltic Exporter 1953 1969 sold to Ankan Shipping Co., Somalia renamed Eastern Dragon. 1,665
Baltic Express 1957 1972 sold to Marastro Armadora SA, Piraeus, renamed Moska. 2,926
Baltic Fir   see Baltrader (2)  
Baltic Importer 1953 1969 sold to Ankan Shipping Co., Somalia renamed Silver Swan. 1,683
Baltic Jet 1959 1981 sold to Mednavi Sarl, Lebanon renamed Navi Star. 1,671
Baltic Merchant 1954 1970 sold to Medov Lines, Genoa renamed Spagna. 1,689
Baltic Oak   see Baltonia (3)  
Baltic Osprey 1972 ex- Atlantic Viscount, 1977 purchased from Nad Prince Reederei & Schiffs, Germany renamed Baltic Osprey, 1988 sold to Far East Faith Nav., Panama renamed Fareast Faith. 999
Baltic Pine   see Baltanglia (2)  
Baltic Progress 1974 1972 sold to Clare Business Ltd, Nassau renamed Tyne Progress. 4,668
Baltic Spray 1948 ex- Ponzano, 1960 transferred from MacAndrews & Co. renamed Baltic Spray, 1963 sold to George Iatrou, Greece renamed Mangana. 1,305
Baltic Sprite 1960 1974 sold to Losinjka Plovidba, Yugoslavia renamed Ustrine. 999
Baltic Star 1961 1977 sold to Sea Duke S.A. Greece renamed Skopelos Sky. 1,769
Baltic Sun 1962 1973 sold to Reefer City Ltd, Singapore renamed Reefer City. 3,505
Baltic Swift 1957 1973 sold to Reef Shipping Co., Norfolk Island renamed Fijian Swift. 1,374
Baltic Tern 1989 2002 still in service on Felixstowe and Hull to Gdynia route. 3,896
Baltic Trader 1954 1971 sold to Medov Lines, Genoa renamed Medov Italia. 1,689
Baltic Valiant 1970 1980 chartered to Crosbie Shipping Ltd, St. John's NF renamed Lady Franklin, 1990 sold to charterer. 2,125
Baltic Vanguard 1966 1976 transferred to MacAndrews & Co. renamed Cortes. 1,905
Baltic Venture 1965 1980 sold to Gulf Maritime Co., Cyprus renamed Melville Venture. 1,844
Baltic Viking 1967 1981 chartered to Crosbie Shipping Ltd, St. John's NF renamed Arctic Viking, 1990 sold to charterer. 1,605
Baltonia (1) 1902 ex- Akabo, 1926 purchased from Elder, Dempster & Co. renamed Baltonia, 1936 scrapped. 3,814
Baltonia (2) 1925 ex- Buenavista, 1936 purchased from Fred Olsen & Co. renamed Baltonia, 1943 torpedoed and sunk off Gibraltar by U.118 2,013
Baltonia (3) 1944 ex- Empire Gallop, 1947 purchased from MOWT renamed Baltonia, 1952 renamed Baltic Oak, 1957 sold to Bock, Goddefroy & Co., Germany renamed Palmera. 1,943
Baltrader (1) 1919 ex- Banka, 1926 transferred from East Asiatic Co. renamed Baltrader, 1940 mined and sunk off Margate. 1,699
Baltrader (2) 1945 ex- Empire Gaffer, 1947 purchased from MOWT renamed Baltrader, 1952 renamed Baltic Fir, 1956 sold to Hansa Line, Bremen renamed Arsterturm. 1,943
Baltraffic 1918 ex- Refrigerant, 1933 purchased from Cie.Maritime de Transports Refrigerique, Lorient renamed Baltraffic, 1952 sold to Pan Islamic SS Co., Karachi renamed Safina-e-Tariq. 3,297
Baltriger 1917 ex- St. Croix, 1920 transferred from East Asiatic Co. renamed Baltriger, 1931 sold to Det Stavangerske D/S, Stavanger renamed Ryfylke. 1,143
Baltrover (1) 1913 ex- Dominica, 1935 purchased from Bermuda & West Indies SS Co. renamed Baltrover, 1947 sold to Hellenic Mediterranean Lines, Piraeus renamed Ionia. 3,960
Baltrover (2) 1949 ex- Marstenen, 1950 purchased from Vilhelm Torkildsen, Bergen renamed Baltrover, 1968 sold to Marine General Transporters, Liberia renamed Angelos P. 2,179

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