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The Fleets

SocietÓ Veneziana di Navigazione a Vapore

Founded in 1898 in Venice to operate services to India and the Far East. The first ships entered service in 1900 and the initial service was to Calcutta and in 1914 the route was extended to China and Japan. 1915 the whole fleet was requisitioned for mainly North Atlantic service. In 1926 a subsidiary company, SocietÓ di Navigazione 'San Marco' was formed in partnership with Lloyd Triestino. By 1936, after the depression, the services to India and the Far East had ceased and in 1937 the fleet was divided. Two ships were transferred to Italia Soc. di Nav., the remainder placed with Lloyd Triestino and Soc.Veneziana di Nav. was liquidated.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.


  • 1900-1936 Venice - Trieste - Bombay - Singapore - Hong Kong (for trans-shipment)
  • 1900-1936 Venice - Red Sea - Italian East Africa - Calcutta.
  • 1914-1936 Shanghai - Yokohama / Kobe added.

Black with narrow white, broad red and narrow white bands.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Alberto Treves (1) 1900 1918 torpedoed and sunk by U-Boat off Ireland. 3,838
Alberto Treves (2) 1917 ex- War Cobra, 1919 purchased from the Shipping Controller, London renamed Alberto Treves, 1937 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. 5,169
Barbarigo (1) 1904 ex- Citta di Nuova Orleans, 1905 purchased from Cantieri Navale Muggiano renamed Barbarigo, 1928 sold to Biagio Assereto, Genoa renamed Ugolino Vivaldi. 4,365
Barbarigo (2) 1930 1937 transferred to Italia Soc.di Nav, Genoa. 5,293
Birmania 1930 1937 transferred to Italia Soc.di Nav, Genoa. 5,305
Caboto (1) 1905 1917 torpedoed and sunk by Austrian submarine off Piombino. 4,418
Caboto (2) 1919 ex- War Celt, 1919 purchased from the Shipping Controller, London renamed Caboto, 1937 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. 5,228
Cortellazzo 1931 1937 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. 5,292
Dandolo (1) 1906 1916 torpedoed and sunk off Cape Spartivento. 4.977
Dandolo (2) 1921 1936 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. 5,084
Lepanto 1913 ex- Elvaston, 1917 purchased from Harris & Dixon, London renamed Lepanto, 1933 sold to G. Gavarone, Genoa renamed Nino Padre. 4,130
Loredano 1905 ex- Port Caroline, 1915 purchased from W. Milburn, renamed Loredano, 1932 sold to Industrie Navali S.A, Genoa renamed Parisina. 4.076
Manin (1) 1900 1918 torpedoed and sunk by U-Boat in North Atlantic. 2,614
Manin (2) 1921 1932 scrapped. 5,374
Marco Polo 1921 ex- Nelda, 1924 purchased from Cia. Oltremar, Trieste renamed Marco Polo, 1934 scrapped. 5,187
Marin Sanudo 1926 1931 chartered to Lloyd Triestino, 1937 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. 5,081
Mauly 1925 1926 purchased from Soc. Triestino di Nav., Trieste, 1937 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. 5,463
Olivolo   see Vittoria.  
Orseolo 1905 1931 sold to Yugoslavia renamed Gjuro Milosovic. 4,423
Principessa Jolanda 1903 1917 purchased from Fratelli Capellini, Genoa, 1925 sold to Federazione Italiana Consorzi Agrari. 2,873
San Michele 1920 1933 scrapped. 5,157
Veneto 1892 ex- Hungaria, 1910 purchased from Soc. per Azioni Ungaro Croatia, Fiume renamed Veneto, 1913 sold to Soc. di Nav. Regusea, Trieste renamed Zaton. 520
Veniero 1908 ex- Monginevro, 1911 purchased from Navigazione Alta Italia renamed Veniero, 1932 sold to Industrie Navali S.A., Genoa renamed Boheme. 5,162
Vittoria 1920 1925 purchased from Cia. Italiana di Nav., Venice, 1931 renamed Olivolo, 1933 scrapped. 5,187
Volpi 1931 1937 transferred to Lloyd Triestino. 5,292

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