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Arrival of the United States Frigate, "Macedonian," at Cork, with Provisions for the Distressed Irish.Macedonian

The following is from the Illustrated London News of August 7, 1847.

This noble vessel arrived in the Cove on the 16th ult., after a fair voyage of twenty-seven days; and anchored at Hawlbowline.

The Macedonian is a very large and beautiful frigate, carrying forty-for guns, when in commission, and upwards of 1700 tons; she is commanded by Commodore De Kay, Argentine Navy. The cargo, which consisted of corn-meal, Indian meal, rice, beans, and a quantity of clothing, has been generously contributed by the Middle States and Relief Committees of the inhabitants of Boston-the contributions of the city of New York alone amounting to the immense number of 1018 barrels of corn-meal! The cargo is estimated at from 60,000 to 80,000 dollars; half to be discharged at Hawlbowline, and the remainder between Belfast and Glasgow. It was through the interest and solicitation of Commodore De Kay, that Congress granted the use of the Macedonian for her present mission of peace and charity; the gallant and philanthropic gentleman bearing all the expense of victualling, manning, loading, &c., amounting to something over 3000. An American journal, dated June 13, 1847, says:-"The brave and noble De Kay, with a liberality which entitles him to the gratitude of Ireland, and the admiration of the world, has carried out this magnificent undertaking at his own expense; and the cargo, commenced by the Corporation of New York, has been completed by the patriotic sense and good feeling of the citizens of Boston."

The Macedonian is a fine specimen of the naval architecture of the United States: she worked beautifully during her voyage, although six feet deeper than if she had in her armament. The while flag of the Jamestown, with a wreath of shamrock, and the rose and thistle in the centre, floated from the mainmast of the Macedonian, whilst the "star-spangled banner" waved from her mizen.

Nothing can exceed the gratitude of the citizens of Cork to the American people, for their practical and generous sympathy.

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