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The Fleets

Silver Line

The brothers Stanley and John Thompson formed a partmership in 1908 to act as managing owners of the St. Helens Steam Shipping Co., London with the SILVERBIRCH which was employed tramping. Other ships were purchased and in 1913 they entered into a contract with America-Levant Line to operate transatlantic services. This contract ran until 1930. In the 1920s, the company began managing ships for the Kerr SS Co., New York and operated a round the world service jointly with Prince Line. In 1930 Silver Line came to an agreement with the Java Pacific fleets of Rotterdam Lloyd and Nederland Stoomvaarts and their combined fleets took the name of Silver Java Pacific Co.
The company lost 11 ships during the second world war and in 1947 the management changed from the Thompson family to the Barraclough family. Under the new management, the company changed their policy from liner services to cargo and tramping work and their modern passenger / cargo liners were sold. In 1957 Silver Line became a fully owned subsidiary of Dene Line Ltd and took their funnel colours. Silver Line Ltd joined the Seabridge consortium in 1965 together with Hunting, Bibby, Bowring, Clarkson and Houlder Lines and operated bulk carriers. Silver Chemical Tankers Ltd was also set up in 1965 to operate in the coastal chemical and oil trades.
In 1971 Silver Line Ltd was acquired by Navcot (Shipping) Holdings Ltd but by 1982 were down to two bulk carriers and some small chemical tankers. Their last ship was sold to Panamanian owners in 1985.

Many thanks to Ted Finch for his assistance in collecting this data. The following list was extracted from various sources. This is not an all inclusive list but should only be used as a guide. If you would like to know more about a vessel, visit the Ship Descriptions (onsite) or Immigrant Ship web site.

  • Routes:
    • 1913 - 1930 Transatlantic services.
    • 1930 Pacific Coast - Philippines - Dutch East Indies - Straits ports - Burma - India.
    • 192? Eastbound round the world via Panama - South Africa - India - Dutch East Indies - Philippines.
    • 1930 Pacific Coast - Philippines - Dutch East Indies - Straits ports - Ceylon - Bombay - Persian Gulf.
      • Worldwide tramping.

White with blue band and blue top.


Vessel Built Years in Service Tons
Silverash (1) 1904 ex- Farringford, 1912 purchased from Charlton & Thompson Ltd, Sunderland, renamed Silverash, 6th Oct.1915 shelled and sunk by U.33 east of Malta on voyage Barry - Madras. 3,753
Silverash (2) 1918 ex- Ardgowan, 1923 purchased from Lang & Fulton Ltd, Greenock renamed Silverash, 1925 sold to West Hartlepool S.N. Co. renamed Aspleyhall. 5,334
Silverash (3) 1926 1955 sold to N.V. Konink. Java-China Paketvaart Lijnen, Amsterdam renamed Tjisondari, 1957 scrapped at Hongkong. 5,299
Silveravon 1977 1978 transferred to Silverdee Shipping Ltd, London renamed Bandama. 10,815
Silveray 1925 4th Feb.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.751 in position 43.54N 64.16W on voyage Liverpool - Halifax - New York; loss of 8 lives 4,535
Silverbeach 1962 ex- Totem Star, 1964 purchased from Fulcrum Shipping Co. renamed Silverbeach, 1973 sold to Yick Fung Shipping Ltd, Somalia renamed Aegean Sea. 11,276
Silverbeck 1960 1965 sold to Jugoslavenska Oceanska Plovidba, Kotor, Yugoslavia renamed Durmitor. 9,542
Silverbeech 1926 28th Mar.1943 torpedoed and sunk by U.172 in position 25.30N 15.55W on voyage Liverpool - Lagos; loss of 62 lives 5,311
Silverbelle 1927 22nd Sep.1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.68 in position 25.45N 24.00W on voyage Durban - Freetown - Liverpool; no loss of life. 5,302
Silverbirch (1) 1905 ex- Wearmouth, 1911 purchased from Evan, Thompson & Co., London renamed Silverbirch, 1914 sold to A & A Callinicos, Ithaca renamed Salamis. 3,638
Silverbirch (2) 1920 ex- Stonewall, 1923 purchased from Garland Steamship Corp, New York renamed Silverbirch, 1924 sold to West Hartlepool S.N. Co. renamed Ardenhall. 5,073
Silverbriar 1948 1952 sold to Cunard Line renamed Andria. 7,242
Silverbrook 1953 tanker, 1963 sold to Olnedo Cia Nav, Greece renamed Manegina II. 11,276
Silverburn 1953 1958 sold to Scindia S.N. Co., Bombay renamed Jalamani. 5,023
Silvercape 1967 1972 sold to Livatho Maritime Corp, Greece renamed Eftychia. 12,669
Silvercedar (1) 1907 ex- Fitzpatrick, 1913 purchased from Burrell & Son, Glasgow renamed Silvercedar, 1916 sold to Brantingham S.S. Co., Newcastle renamed Norma Pratt. 4,416
Silvercedar (2) 1924 15th Oct.1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.553 in position 55.36N 29.57W on voyage Sydney N.S to Liverpool; loss of 22 lives. 4,351
Silvercedar (3) 1943 ex- Samsacola, 1947 purchased from Ministry of Transport, London, renamed Silvercedar, 1949 sold to W. Thomson & Co., Edinburgh (Ben Line), renamed Benwyvis. 7,176
Silverclyde 1970 ex- Baknes, 1974 purchased from Nile SS Co. (J & J Denholm). London renamed Silverclyde, 1979 sold to Argo Shipping (Jersey) Ltd renamed Argo Clyde. 11,523
Silvercove 1967 1978 sold to Fillia Enterprises, Greece renamed Mina. 12,843
Silvercrag 1958 1970 sold to J. Jacobs Ltd, renamed Cherrywood. 10,887
Silvercypress 1930 13th Jan.1937 beached on fire on Guimaras Island on voyage New York - Manila - Shanghai - Hong Kong, towed to Manila and sold to Japanese shipbreakers. 1939 repaired and sold to Kawasaki Kisen K.K., Kobe renamed Yasukawa Maru. 6,770
Silverdale 1952 tanker, 1962 sold to Andina Cia Nav, Greece renamed Ithaki. 11,289
Silverdene 1956 1960 sold to Nigerian National Line, Lagos renamed El Kanemi. 5,657
Silverdon 1973 1977 sold to China Ocean Shipping Co., China renamed Fei Cui Hai. 22,906
Silvereagle 1970 1981 sold to Yau Fook Shipping Co., Hong Kong renamed Yau Fook. 4,039
Silvereid 1969 1975 sold to Wm. Brandts (Leasing), Ltd renamed Eloiseid. 1,596
Silverelm 1924 1946 sold to Hans Fr.Grann, Oslo renamed Grado. 4,351
Silverfalcon 1966 1980 sold to Altanin Shipping Co. 1,310
Silverfell 1957 1963 sold to Corporacion Peruana de Vapores, Callao, Peru renamed Rio Santa. 7,843
Silverfir 1924 16th Mar.1941 sunk by German battleship SCHARNHORST in position 43.40N 43.57W on voyage Manchester - New York. 4,347
Silverfjord 1972 1983 sold to Integrity Shipping Co., Hong Kong renamed Chung Shing. 20,747
Silverforce 1957 1964 sold to Scindia S.N. Co., Bombay renamed Jalagouri. 8,058
Silverforth 1969 ex- Bellnes, 1974 purchased from H. Clarkson & Co., London renamed Silverforth, 1978 sold to Cordoba Shipping Co., Greece renamed Albaforth. 11,198
Silverguava 1927 1952 sold to Fratelli Grimaldi, Naples renamed Orsa. 5,294
Silverharrier 1970 1981 sold to Univan Ship Management, Hong Kong renamed Kyrgo. 4,622
Silverhawk 1969 1985 sold to Sea Cheer Investment Trust, Panama renamed Philchem. 6,771
Silverhazel 1927 9th Nov.1935 wrecked San Bernadino Island, Philippines on voyage Vancouver - Bombay. 5,302
Silverhow 1965 1965 renamed Tower Bridge, 1970 sold to A/S Ivarans Rederi, Norway renamed Sneholt. 22,367
Silverisle 1960 1965 sold to Metcalfe Shipping Co., West Hartlepool renamed Industria. 7,744
Silverkestrel 1965 1975 sold to Broadbray Ltd renamed Carrick Kestrel. 497
Silverkite 1976 ex- Cora, 1979 purchased from Kalmar Varv A/B, Sweden renamed Silverkite, 1982 sold to Westtank Marine Ltd, Singapore renamed Westlake. 1,599
Silverlake 1958 1964 aold to Scindia S.N. Co., Bombay renamed Jalaganga. 8,058
Silverlarch 1924 1947 sold to Angfartygs A/B Bore, Abo, Finland renamed Bore VIII. 5,122
Silverlaurel 1939 18th Dec.1944 torpedoed and sunk by U.486 in position 50.07N 04.40W on voyage Duala - Falmouth - Hull; no loss of life. 6,142
Silverleaf 1963 1968 sold to Marcomando Cia Nav S.A, Panama (Greek flag) renamed Pleias. 10,736
Silvermain 1970 1982 sold to Lacido Shipping Ltd, Hong Kong renamed Shirogane. 18,799
Silvermaple (1) 1927 26th Feb.1944 torpedoed and sunk by U.66 in position 04.44N 03.20W on voyage Bathurst - Takoradi; loss of 6 lives. 5,302
Silvermaple (2) 1945 ex- Colorado Springs Victory, 1947 purchased Ministry of Transport, London, renamed Silvermaple, 1952 sold to Borges Rederi A/s, Tonsberg, Norway renamed Sun Karen. 7,469
Silvermerlin 1968 1980 sold to Altanin Shipping.Co. 1,259
Silverness 1977 1978 transferred to Silverdee Shipping Ltd, London renamed Taabo. 10,815
Silveroak 1944 1955 chartered to Port Line renamed Port Stephens, 1956 sold to W. Thomson & Co. Edinburgh (Ben Line), renamed Benvannoch. 9,487
Silverosprey 1970 1985 sold to Bellestrand Enterprises, Hong Kong renamed Crazy Horse. 4,039
Silverpalm 1929 9th Jun.1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.101 in position 51.00N 26.00W on voyage Calcutta - Freetown - Glasgow; loss of 68 lives. 6,373
Silverpelerin 1973 1980 sold to Amar Line, Saudi Arabia renamed Al Khlood. 4,474
Silverpine 1924 5th Dec.1940 torpedoed and sunk by Italian submarine ARGO in position 54.14N 18.08W on voyage Liverpool - New York; loss of 35 lives. 5,122
Silverplane 1948 1951 sold to Cunard Line renamed Alsatia. 7,242
Silverpoint 1957 1965 sold to Atlanska Plovidba, Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia renamed Hercegovina. 8,833
Silversand 1958 1969 sold to Bishopsgate Shipping Co. 1974 sold to Cia Alecos, Greece renamed Alecos. 10,887
Silversandal 1930 1954 sold to Moller Line (UK) Ltd, London renamed Blyth Trader. 6,770
Silversea (1) 1963 ex- Totem Queen, 1964 purchased from Fulcrum Shipping Co. renamed Silversea, 1973 sold to Yick Fung Shipping Ltd, Somalia renamed Coral Sea. 11,276
Silversea (2) 1967 ex- Columbus, 1979 purchased from I/S Langskip, Norway renamed Silversea, 1983 sold to Barlee Marine Corp, Panama renamed Bargas. 2,759
Silvershore 1960 ex- Aldersgate, 1969 purchased from Bishopsgate Shipping Co. renamed Silvershore, 1975 sold to Coralstone Shipping Corp, Liberia renamed Puerto Madryn. 12,718
Silversky 1967 ex- Marco Polo, 1967 purchased from I/S Langskip, Norway renamed Silversky, 1983 sold to Barlee Marine Corp, Panama renamed Leegas. 2,758
Silvertarn 1947 ex- Riodene, 1951 transferred from Dene Shipping Co. renamed Silvertarn, 1954 sold to Bharat Line, Bombay renamed Bharatbhushan. 4,882
Silverteak 1930 1954 sold to Cie de Navegacion del Plata S.A, Panama renamed Gardigan. 6,770
Silvertweed 1970 ex- Binsnes, 1974 purchased from H. Clarkson & Co., London renamed Silvertweed, 1979 sold to Argo Shipping (Jersey) Ltd renamed Argo Tweed. 11,824
Silverwalnut 1930 1954 sold to Cie de Navegacion del Plata S.A, Panama renamed Samundar. 6,770
Silverweir 1961 1969 sold to Saerdna Shipping Co., Greece renamed Agios Antonios. 10,895
Silverwillow 1930 30th Oct.1942 torpedoed and sunk by U.409 in position 35.08N 16.44W on voyage Lagos - Freetown - Liverpool; loss of six lives. 6,373
Silveryew 1930 30th May 1941 torpedoed and sunk by U.106 in position 16.42N 25.29W on voyage Calcutta - Capetown - Oban - London; loss of 1 life. 6,373
Silver Bridge 1972 1979 sold to North American Transportation Associates renamed Cast Gull. 79,316
Tower Bridge   see Silverhow.  

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