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Transcribed and submitted to TheShipsList by Robert Janmaat, Adelaide, from a variety of sources, cited below.
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ship Confiance, 958 tons, Captain James Tweddle, from Plymouth 6th August 1858, arrived at Port Adelaide, South Australia 27th November 1858

. . . . — 9th ship from England to S.A. with government passengers for 1858 ; —5— births and —9— deaths on the passage ; Dr. Thomas Willmott, surgeon-superintendent.
In the Reports by the Emigration Officer, Dr. Duncan, there was often mention made in regard to Nominee's or General Emigrants ; the list below made a special effort to separate those into two lists, so, I have combined these but made notations alongside the family name, thus, General Emigrants = GE and Nominee = N. — Robert
the South Australian Advertiser, Tuesday 30th November 1858
The Confiance :— this vessel was taken in tow by a steam tug early yesterday for the purpose of proceeding into harbour, but on nearing the outer bar the tide signal indicated a deficiency of water on the bar for her to cross, and, consequently, came to an anchor south-west of the lightship.
The Captain of the Confiance was savagely assaulted by one of the ships seaman (Phillips), who, not being pleased with a rebuke administered to him for what was conceived to be an improper demand, knocked the captain down. On arrival of the vessel in Harbour, intelligence was forwarded to sergeant Dyke, who, with some of the water police, boarded the vessel on Sunday morning, but without being allowed to take his man, inconsequence of Dr. Duncan not having paid his visit of inspection.
“Marine aerated fresh water apparatus”
On board the ship Confiance may be seen one of the novel and most useful machines, the first that has been imported to this Colony. It was erected on board this vessel by the inventor, Dr. Normandy, under sanction of the commissioners of Emigration, and solely at his own expense, for the purpose of proving its fitness for the service of emigrant vessels.
Its construction is very simple, and only occupies a space of seven square feet. It is placed between the emigrants bake house and the ships galley. The boiler is fed by a small donkey engine, which pumps the sea water through a supply pipe from the bows of the vessel, and distils, aerates, and discharges the water into iron tanks placed between deck for its reception. Such is the quality of the water that the whole of the emigrants on board the Confiance used little else, preferring it to that shipped in the hold of the vessel. The Quantity made on board by this apparatus from the 3rd August to the 1st November was 3,770 gallons, and the quantity of coal consumed during that period was three tons, ten hundred weight and seventy pounds, exclusive of a small quantity of wood .
The Surgeon-superintendent of the Confiance, Dr. Thomas Wilmott, who has had great experience on board emigrant vessels, expressed himself highly pleased with this apparatus. He states that Dr. Normandy’s apparatus for distilling and Aerating fresh water from the sea water has worked admirably on board this ship. The water made has been excellent and preferred by the immigrants to that shipped in cask. It filled the tank that holds 400 gallons in the space of twenty hours. Using 420 lbs. of coal of not a very good quality. As there was some misunderstanding or misapprehension about the coal used, the machine was not kept so constantly at work as he imagined the Commissioners desired, but during the first three months of the voyage the whole of the emigrants were supplied their daily drinking water by this machine except on two occasions the supply pipe not being sufficiently long to reach the water when the vessel laid over. The water made by this process acted considerably upon the iron tank in which it only remained for a few hours, and though no injuries to health, yet, in the opinion of Dr. Wilmott, good seasoned cask would be far preferable as receivers instead of the iron tanks. The original cost of this apparatus was 350 pounds, it is now open for sale.
The emigrants on board the Confiance having undergone the usual inspection yesterday by Dr. Duncan, those persons who have friends on board are now at liberty to visit or take them away.
ship Confiance South Australian Government Gazette 13th January 1859

The Ship Frenchman and every vessel since she arrived have brought a certain proportion of emigrants selected by Mr. Moorhouse, the emigration agent in London.
I can state strongly that the class of emigrants selected by that gentlemen are of a very superior description, when compared with those selected by the Commissioners. Mr. Moorhouse has completely disproven the assertion of the Commissioners that no really good domestic servants could be induced to emigrate. In the Melbourne alone there were 86 young women who, to all appearances, were exactly of the class in demand. The same remark refers equally to the single women forwarded by the Bee and the Confiance.
It has been found by experience that a particular inconvenience in England from the present system of requiring no deposit money from selected emigrants. When a ship is about to sail, and selected emigrants are summoned, it is found that nearly 25 per cent are defaulters. This is a serious inconvenience, making it necessary either to detain the ship till full number are procured from other sources , or to summon 25 per cent more than are required. If it happens for that turn to be no defaulters, the 25 per cent, in excess require to be supported at the expense of the colony till the next ship sails.
Mr. Moorhouse suggests that a deposit should be required on selection, which could be repaid on landing in the colony.
At present the labour market is in a very dull state, even for Agriculture labourers. If married, and with children, there is little demand. Single men who are accustomed to farming, and female domestic servants, find ready employment.

The proportion of emigrants from the three kingdoms during the last quarter are in the following decimal proportions:- England ………… .49,211 Ireland………….. .26,532 Scotland………. .24,255

I have the, &c….
H. Duncan M.D.
Immigration agent
The Honorable The Commissioner of crown land and immigration
from Lloyd's Register 1852
Master: Captain J. Price
Rigging: Ship; sheathed in yellow metal in 1852; fastened with iron bolts.
Tonnage: 824 tons using old measurements and 958 tons using new measurements
Construction: 1851 in Quebec using Oak, Hackmatack, Elm & Birch
Owners: Scott
Port of registry: Liverpool
Port of survey: Liverpool
Voyage: sailed for Australia
GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers
Surgeon Superintendent report.
" Deaths on the voyage"
Name Age Date of Death Cause of Death Where buried
Clements, Edith Jane inf August 5th, 1858 Inanation at sea
Bennett, William 1 August 18th, 1858 Jaundice at sea
Aplin, Eliza 1 August 25th, 1858 Diarrhoea at sea
Rowe, George 1 August 25th, 1858 Effusion of brain at sea
Jolly, Emily 6mo August 28th, 1858 Diarrhoea at sea
Richards, Mary 8mo September 3rd, 1858 Convulsions at sea
Bice, Frederick 6mo September 18th, 1858 Diarrhoea at sea
Francis, Albert inf September 24th, 1858 Diarrhoea at sea
Foster, Elizabeth 1 November 2nd, 1858 Diarrhoea at sea
Surgeon Superintendent Report "Births on Board"
Name of Mother   Date of Birth Sex of Infant  
Proudlock, Hannah   August 17th, 1858 female  
McLean, Jane   September 21st, 1858 male  
Crowl, Mary
(Crowe ?)
  September 26th, 1858 male  
Glanville, Mary   October 14th, 1858 female  
Bennett, Amelia   November 29th, 1858 female  

note: where maiden name of wife is indicated, it has been included in the given name column within ( ) ; the passenger list comprises three sections arranged alphabetically, i families, ii single men, iii single women & children ; transcriber notes in italics

Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
N Aplin Thomas 25 Farm Labourer 34/2 Wellington, Somerset  
    Harriett (Norman) 21        
    Eliza 1       died at sea Aug. 25 1858
N Barrett / Barratt Thomas Johns 22 Miner 81/1 Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Catherine 20       Caroline Crago (Mallett ?)
    Elizabeth Jane inf        
N Barrett Edwin 20 Farm Labourer 81/2 St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Gilbert) 24        
N Barton Charles 26 Farm Labourer 88/1 Yeovil, Somerset ? Burton / Bartlett ?
    Ann 28        
    Sarah 7        
GE Bennett Edward Daniel 22 Shepherd 111/1 Tunbridge, Kent  
    Clara Alice (Packham) 20        
    Louisa inf        
N Bennett Joseph 26 Farm Labourer 112/3 Chard, Somerset  
    Amelia (Brice) 27       FreeBMD married 3rd quarter 1854
  Brice Harriet Jane 8 sister or daughter?      
  Bennett Emily Ann 3        
    William 1       died at sea, August 18 1858
    female inf       born at sea, Nov. 29 1858
N Bice William Henry 21 Miner - St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Amelia (Coon) 22        
    Frederick Sands inf       died at sea, Sept. 18 1858
N Brown George Harper 28 Miner 187/1 Cornwall  
    Catherine (Gray) 26        
    Elizabeth 6        
    Catherine 4        
N Chalwell Francis 23 Miner 254/2 St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Mary Ann (Brown) 23        
N Clemes / Clemens / Clements Richard 34 Miner 284/2 St. Austell, Cornwall 1851 census, Clemes
    Jane 35       Jane (Clemo) or Jane (Eastman)
    Richard 11        
    Josephine Jane 8        
    Mary Bray 6        
    Elizabeth inf       died at sea, Aug. 05 1858
GE Crowe / Crowl Michael 30 Agr. Labourer 350/3 Clare  
    Mary 27        
    Ann 5        
    male inf       born at sea, Sept. 26 1858
GE Daley Francis 27 Agr. Labourer 365/2 Clare  
    Mary 21        
N Davey Henry 30 Miner 374/2 St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Edwards) 21        
    Fanny Jane inf        
N Davy / Davey William 30 Farm Labourer 376/1 Wellington, Somerset  
    Mary (Norman) 28        
    John 1        
N Doble James 27 Farm Labourer 409/3 Pontypool, Monmouth  
    Harriet (Tarn) 22        
N Dunstan James 21 Miner 442/1 Truro, Cornwall  
    Ann (Higgins) 21        
N Fawcett / Faucett Samuel 23 Farm Labourer 489/1 Maidstone, Kent  
    Harriet (Excell) 23        
N Fisher William Andrew S. 33 Farm Labourer 503/2 Plymouth St. Andrew, Devon  
    Elizabeth Ann (Bastin / Bastian) 32        
    Emily 7        
N Foster John 38 Farm Labourer 521/3 Devon ??  
    Elizabeth 38        
    Fanny 12        
    John 9        
    Elizabeth 1       died at sea, Nov. 02 1858
N Francis William 21 Miner 527/3 Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Ellen Jane (Serjeant) 19        
    Albert Serjeant inf       died at sea, Sept. 24 1858
N Fittes / Fitts James 20 Farm Labourer 504/2 Truro, Cornwall  
    Catherine (Scoble) 19        
N Garland Samuel 28 Miner 549/2 Bodmin, Cornwall  
    Jane (Lander) 23       married 2nd quarter 1857
    Laura 3       Laura Lander, born 2nd quarter 1855, Helston
N Glanville William 37 Miner 575/1 Menheniot, Cornwall with family
    Mary Ann (Borlase) 38        
    Thomas John 12        
    Selina 10        
    William Henry 8        
    Jane Ann 7        
    Phillipa 5        
    female inf       born at sea, Oct. 14 1858
N Grimstead James 19 Farm Labourer 622/3 Chard, Somerset  
    Mary (Symes) 24        
N Grose Daniel 30 Miner 623/3 Truro, Cornwall married reg. at Bedminster, Somerset
    Lydia (Manfield) 29        
    Daniel 6        
    Elizabeth Ann 3        
N Harris John 25 Miner 678/2 Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 26        
    William 2        
    Mary A. inf        
N Jolly Robert 21 Miner 855/2 St. Germans, Cornwall  
    Jane (Clemas) 20       Clemes / Clemens?
    Elizabeth 2        
    Emily Jane inf       died at sea, Aug. 28 1858
N Kendall John 22 Miner 892/3 Truro, Cornwall  
    Harriet (Paul) 22        
N Knight James 27 Miner 927/1 Devon  
    Elizabeth 26        
    Elizabeth 2        
    Fanny Charlotte Rowe inf       reg. Newton Abbot, Devon ?
N Landrigan John 24 Miner - Camelford, Cornwall ? Langdon ?
    Mary (Rowe ?) 21        
N Langsford / Langford Thomas 34 Miner - Liskeard, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth (Pascoe) 32        
    Thomas Henry 7        
    Elizabeth Mary 6        
N Martin John 21 Miner 1028/2 Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 26        
    James 4        
N McLean / Macklean Thomas 28 Farm Labourer 1078/2 St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Jane (Tucker) 25        
    Thomas 7        
    Mary 4        
    Joseph Tucker inf        
    male inf       born at sea, Sept. 21 1858
GE McNamara Daniel 35 Agr. Labourer 1083/1 Clare  
    Mary 38        
N Meech Robert 35 Sawyer 1091/1 Somerset  
    Mary 25        
N Mumford James Friend 25 Farm Labourer 1149/3 Plymouth, Devon  
    Sophia (Forster / Foster) 23        
N Mutton William 38 Railway Labourer 1160/1 Stoke Damerel, Devon  
    Ann (May) 33        
    George 9        
    Elizabeth Ann 5        
GE O'Loughlin Lawrence 33 Agr. Labourer 1211/3 Clare  
    Bridget 35        
    Andrew 7        
GE O'Loughlin Michael 26 Agr. Labourer - Clare O'Loughlan
    Jane (Fitzgerald) 19        
N Peagan / Reagan ? Henry 23 Farm Labourer 1253/2 Yorkshire Liskeard, Cornwall ?
    Caroline 20       Caroline Ann (Crago ?)
N Phillips John 21 Farm Labourer 1279/2 Somerset  
    Emma 18        
N Pike John 29 Farm Labourer / Mason - Stoke Damerel, Devon  
    Selina A. (Moon) 30        
    Alfred John Thomas 9        
    James Thomas 1        
N Pomeroy William 27 Miner 1297/1 Devon  
    Jane 25        
GE Proudlock John 35 Agr. Labourer 1314/3 Clare  
    Hannah 31        
    female inf       born at sea, Aug. 17 1858
N Randall / Rendall Thomas 34 Farm Labourer 1329/3 Kingsbridge, Devon  
    Mary Ann (Gill) 28        
    Sally Jane 8       Sally Jane Sherra__
    James 6        
N Richards John 37 Miner 1350/1 St. Austell, Cornwall  
    Elizabeth 27        
    Phillipa 8        
    Mark 2        
    Mary / Maria inf       died at sea, Sept. 03 1858
N Roberts Thomas 21 Miner 1366/1 Cornwall Penzance ?
    Caroline 22        
    William 2        
    Samuel inf       Samuel Rodda ?
N Rowe Richard 35 Miner 1395/2 Penzance, Cornwall  
    Fanny (Kelynack) 35        
    Joseph 12        
    Francis James 8        
    Mary 4        
    George 1       died at sea, Aug. 25 1858
GE Shea Martin 25 Agr. Labourer 1473/1 Kilkenny  
    Bridget 31        
    John 4        
    William 2        
N Sibley James 22 Miner 1485/2 Bodmin, Cornwall  
    Susan (Runnals) 21        
    John Reynolds 1        
    James inf        
N Squires Robert 38 Farm Labourer 1528/2 Leighterton, Gloucestershire with family
    Sophiab (Davis) 34        
N Taylor Alfred 28 Farm Labourer 1577/3 Monmouth  
    Harriet (Jones) 34        
    Emily 4        
    George 1        
N Thomas William 34 Farm Labourer 1596/3 Yorkshire  
    Sarah 37        
N Tossell James 25 Farm Labourer 1614/1 Barnstaple, Devon  
    Jane (Way) 24        
    William Henry 3        
    Frederick John inf        
N Widdicombe Henry 21 Farm Labourer 1708/1 Tavistock, Devon  
    Ann (Nicholls) 24        
N Whitford Richard 22 Miner - Truro, Cornwall  
    Maria (Evans) 22        
    Ann Maria 2        
    Elizabeth inf        
N Willaton William 36 Farm Labourer - Devon Willington / Wellington ?
    Mary 35        
    John 11        
    William 7        
    Emily 6        
Names Age Occupation B-index Residence Remarks
  Last Given
Single Men
N Alford William 20 Farm Labourer 15/1 Monmouth  
N Ball Alfred 18 Labourer 66/3 Somerset  
GE Bryan John 24 Labourer 195/1 Tipperary  
GE Callinan James 13 Labourer 228/1 Westmeath Clonan
GE Callinan Matthew 29 Labourer 228/1 Westmeath Clonan
N Craddock Abraham 21 Railway Labourer - Liskeard, Cornwall Craddick
N Curtis John 18 Labourer 361/1 Somerset  
GE Daly John 21 Labourer - Cavan  
GE Daly Patrick 23 Labourer - Cavan  
GE Deery / Deary Edward 19 Labourer 394/3 Derry  
GE Dillane Timothy 20 Labourer 404/3 Limerick  
GE Donnelly James 24 Labourer 418/3 Tipperary  
GE Faughey Thomas 22 Labourer 481/1 Tipperary Fahy / Fahey
GE Fitzgerald Christopher 26 Labourer 504/2 Clare  
GE Gilesman Richard 30 Labourer - Westmeath  
N Glanville James William 14 Labourer 575/1 Menheniot, Cornwall with parents
GE Gleeson Thady 29 Labourer 576/3 Tipperary  
GE Goodridge Enos 21 Labourer 590/3 Wiltshire  
GE Gorman William 17 Labourer 594/2 Tipperary Gormon
GE Gormley Terence 25 Labourer 594/3 Tyrone  
GE Hayden Richard 23 Labourer 701/2 Kings co.  
N Hicks Richard 21 Farm Labourer 733/2 Cornwall  
N Irish John 18 Labourer 813/3 Somerset  
N Kendall Thomas 19 Farm Labourer 892/3 Cornwall  
GE Kennedy John 28 Labourer 894/3 Galway  
GE Lindus William 19 Carriers Labourer - Galway  
GE Madigan Michael 20 Labourer 999/2 Clare  
GE McCann Patrick 14 Labourer 1053/1 Armagh with family
GE McDonald Hugh 26 Labourer - Cavan  
GE Moore George 22 Labourer - Derry  
GE Murphy Edmond 32 Labourer 1153/2 Clare  
GE Murray James 22 Labourer 1157/1 Clare  
GE Murray Patrick 26 Labourer 1157/3 Clare  
GE Murray Thomas 24 Labourer 1158/1 Clare  
GE Nalon Michael 23 Labourer 1163/1 Clare  
N Nevill James 20 Labourer 1175/1 Somerset  
N Pascoe John 22 Miner 1244/3 Cornwall  
N Phillips Phillip 18 Labourer - Somerset  
N Rowe Frederick 20 Miner 1393/3 Devon  
GE Short Henry 28 Labourer 1483/2 Kerry  
N Squires George 17 Servant 1528/2 Leighterton, Gloucestershire with parents
N Stuckey Adam 18 Farm Labourer - Somerset  
GE Sullivan Daniel 19 Labourer - Kerry  
GE Sullivan Michael 19 Labourer - Cavan  
GE Sullivan Philip 18 Labourer - Cavan  
N Terrel William 24 Labourer - Ladock, Cornwall with sister
GE Todd Benjamin 22 Labourer 1608/1 Middlesex  
GE Todd James 33 Labourer 1608/2 Middlesex  
GE Toy James 24 Labourer 1615/1 Tyrone  
GE Vance David 22 Labourer 1641/1 Donegal  
GE Wellington John 17 Labourer 1692/3 Feock, Cornwall with mother
GE Wellington Stephen 13 Labourer 1693/1 Feock, Cornwall with mother
GE Whaling Darby 20 Labourer - Clare  
Single Women & children
N Bath Charity 26 Cook   Cornwall  
GE Brushanon Alley 16 Servant   Limerick  
GE Bryan Margaret 33 Servant   Wicklow  
N Buchanan Jane / Jean 29 Servant   Lanark  
GE Callaghan Margaret 24 Servant   Middlesex  
N Chalken Emily 22 Servant   Kent  
GE Clonan Anne 16 Servant   Westmeath Callinan
N Cromgey Ann 21 Cook   Cornwall  
GE Curless Catherine 20 Servant 358/3 Galway  
GE Curless Mary 18 Servant   Galway  
N Dean Hannah 20 House Maid   Oxford  
N Evans Ann 24 Servant   Cornwall  
GE Farrely Mary 20 Servant   Cavan  
GE Fitzgerald Bridget 24 Servant   Clare  
GE Fitzpatrick Bridget 23 Servant   Clare  
GE Flanagan Honora 19 Servant   Clare  
N Francis Sarah 16 House Maid   Wiltshire  
N Fudge Eliza Jane 20 Cook   Devon  
N Gale Emily 23 Nurse   Somerset  
N Gardener Lucy 21 Cook   Oxford  
GE Gleeson Catherine 23 Servant   Tipperary  
GE Gleeson Mary 25 Servant   Tipperary  
GE Gleeson Mary 18 Servant   Clare  
GE Gorman Bridget 22 Servant   Tipperary Gormon
N Gray Louisa 25 House Maid   Cornwall  
N Hawk / Hawke Emma 17 Servant   Devon  
N Heath Alice 16 Servant   Devon  
N Heggie Janet 27 Servant   Lanark  
N Hicks Jane 24 Dress Maker   Cornwall  
GE Hogan Mary 21 Servant   Limerick  
N Hosking Elizabeth 18 Servant   Cornwall  
N Hosking Mary 17 Servant   Cornwall  
N James Catherine 27 Servant   Cornwall  
N Jones Catherine 14 Servant   Monmouth  
N Jones Catherine 27 Servant   Monmouth  
N Keenan Mrs. M.A. n/a Matron   Lanark did not sail ?
N Knox Margaret 25 House Maid   Glasgow  
N Lambert Matilda 17 Servant   Devon  
N Lines Emily 18 Servant   Kent  
GE Lonegan Margaret 21 Servant   Tipperary  
GE Macourt Ann 24 Servant   Fermanagh  
GE Macourt Rose 22 Servant   Fermanagh  
N Martin Mary A. 18 Servant   Cornwall  
N Mason Barbara 20 Servant   Lanark  
GE McCann Elizabeth 23 Servant   Armagh with family
GE McCann Margaret 25 Servant   Armagh with family
GE McEubert Elizabeth 20 Servant   Tyrone  
GE McEubert Mary 22 Servant   Tyrone  
GE McEubert Roseanne 18 Servant   Tyrone  
GE Murray Bridget 29 Servant   Cavan  
N Nutt Emma 18 House Maid   Oxford  
GE O'Donnell Sarah 21 Servant   Tipperary  
N Pascoe Phillipa 21 Laundress   Cornwall  
N Payne Maria 18 Servant   Devon  
N Pembrook Elizabeth 25 Laundress   Surrey  
N Perkins Caroline 19 Servant   Surrey  
N Perry Jane 20 House Maid   Dorset  
N Phillips Louisa 20 Servant   Somerset  
N Piper Margaret 22 Dress Maker   Devon  
GE Rice Tabitha 32 Servant   Middlesex  
N Scoble Emma 22 Servant   Devon  
GE Short Deborah 24 Servant   Middlesex  
N Sleeman Elizabeth 19 Servant   Cornwall  
N Smith Elizabeth 18 Servant   Cornwall  
N Smith Jane 30 Servant   Glasgow  
N Smith Margaret 20 Servant   Devon  
N Smith Sarah 28 Nurse   Glasgow  
N Soloman Sarah 21 Servant   Cornwall  
N Somerville Susannah 19 Servant   Middlesex  
N Soper Emily 19 Servant   Wiltshire  
N Squires Ann 15 Servant   Leighterton, Gloucestershire with parents
GE Sullivan Catherine 15 Servant   Cavan  
GE Sullivan Deborah 20 Servant   Kerry  
GE Sullivan Ellen 21 Servant   Cavan  
N Taylor Isabella 21 Cook   Middlesex  
N Taylor Mary 23 Servant   Devon  
GE Tearney Bridget 21 Servant   Clare  
N Terrel Maria 22 House Maid   Ladock, Cornwall with brother
N Thatcher Eliza 17 Laundress   Somerset  
N Thomas Matilda 17 Servant   Cornwall  
N Tilemawk ! Elizabeth 20 Servant   Middlesex Tatnall / Tatnell ?
GE Todd Ann 27 Servant   Middlesex  
GE Todd Hannah 59 Nurse   Middlesex  
GE Todd Margaret 20 Servant   Middlesex  
N Towan Mary 21 Servant   Cornwall  
N Trevelyan Elizabeth 26 Cook   Dorset  
N Treverton Jane 19 Servant   Cornwall  
N Walters Sally 23 Cook   Devon  
N Warren Selina 21 Servant   Somerset  
N Webb Keziah 16 Servant   Somerset  
GE Weir Mary 29 Servant   Armagh  
GE Weir Mary 1     Armagh  
GE Wellington Arthur 5   1692/3 Feock, Cornwall  
GE Wellington Emily 11     Feock, Cornwall  
GE Wellington Mary (Stevens) 42 House Keeper   Feock, Cornwall with sons
GE Wellington Thomas 8     Feock, Cornwall  

Sources: State Library South Australia, official passenger lists, mainly of immigrants arriving in South Australia under United Kingdom assisted passage schemes, 1847-1886 GRG 35/48a (formely ACC 313); Sydney Shipping Gazette; South Australian Register; The South Australian Government Gazette; GRG 35/48/2 Crown lands and Immigrant ships papers; Biographical index SA 1836-1885 (the B-index column indicates individuals who may be found in that index, with corresponding reference number for further research) ; FreeBMD ; 1851 UK census'

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